Chapter 10

Once Monday, rolled aout I still hadn't heard anything so I guessed that Barron still hadn't had any luck with the police and now I was currently sitting in my classroom with Mitchie and Tess who both had their heads on the tables as Mr Diamond yep you heard right taught us about something I didn't really care about. Not when he taught anyway.

Once the bell rang for the end of the day, I was happy as it meant that I could go home and not have to see Mr Diamond again until tomorrow.

On the way home, I could see a van that looked as if it was following us but it couldn't be.

Saying goodbye to Mitchie and Tess, I began to walk the short distance to my house seeing that the van was still infact following me.

Stopping and turning round, I became wooried when it stopped too then started when I started walking again.

Giving I turned into my house just as the van stopped again and two men stepped out.

"Shane Gray?" They said and I nodded wondering what I had done.

"We're here to report that Mr Jason Hale is being charged with child abuse and could face a long time in prison unless you say that it didn't happen" The guys said but I knew if I said that, I'd be lying.

"I can't tell a lie sirs" I said back hoping they understood and they nodded so I guessed they did.

"Okay then Mr Gray, you will have to come with us" One of the guys said lifting me up and I began to scream and kick him wondering where he was taking me and why my mom and dad weren't coming out to see what was going on.

Once I was in the van I found out why, mom and dad were also in the van but they didn't look as scared as me.

"Shane" Mom said hugging me and I wonderded what on earth was going on.

"Move" The guy said and the other guy began to drive whilst I sat in between my mom and dad still trying to tie my head around all this. Why did they need me for something that Jason was in trouble for.

Finally we arrived and I got out to see Mitchie and Tess standing there but neither of them as scared as I was. Infact they looked as if they knew something.

Once we reached them, the guys opened my bag and pulled out the picture that I had kept before turning it around and showing it to me.

Looking down I read the words,

Normally people say what happens in vegas stays in vegas but it's different this time.

I was stuck right away. What on earth did this mean?

Looking back up, I saw that mom, dad, Mitchie, Tess and the guys were looking at me as if to say, well...

"Look I don't get it, what is this?" I said but instead of answering the guys turned me round and I saw that I was outside my school.

"Go on in and go to classroom 112, you'll understand" One of the guys said and I headed inside, heading for my classroom.

Once I reached it, I turned the door knob opening the door and walked in to see that the classroom was dark but looked empty.

Sighing I flipped on the light switch and Nate, Barron and Sander all jumped up smiling.

"Huh?" I said just as the door to the side of the school was opened and Jason entered looking just he had the last time I had seen him but in more clothes.

"What's going on?" I said just as Nate nudged Sander who nudged Barron then they all shouted.

"Jason is going to be a full time teacher at your school and the police are okay if you want to date him or whatever but no marriage until your 20" Nate said and I smiled running over and hugging him then I ran to Jason and hid my head in the crock of Jason's shoulder as I had missed him.

"What about the police and the fake photo and Barron outing Jason to the police and everything" I said pulling away from Jason and wondering where this had all came from.

"Well it was the only way we could get Jason off to one place and tell him the good news without you knowing, he wanted it to be a secret and the photo well it's actually stuck together as it's the same person, Barron" Nate said and I nodded glad that that had been explained.

"So none of it happened, Jason didn't get arested and all that" I said and Nate shook his head.

"Nope, it was just to make you end up back here so we could tell you the big secret cause even Jason didn't know until yesterday that he had been given a full time job and he wanted to tell you but we got everyone else in on it, your mom, your dad, Mitchie, Tess, the police, Caitlyn and your prinicpal but they all know now and Jason can have a realtionship with you just not in school but anywhere like parties and such which reminds me. There's a party tonight at our place to celebrate Jason's job promotion and your welcome to come" Nate said smiling and I smiled back glad that something good had come of this.

2 Years Later.

It had been a whole two years since I had first met Jason and now I was in college whilst Jason was still a teacher in the high school which Mitchie's sister, Mandy was now attending.

That day I had woken up in Jason's house as I lived there now as my college was closer to where he lived so I went to stay with him but right now we were still dating as we were following Nate's rule.

Sighing I had gotten up and went to get something to eat seeing that Jason was already away as his classes started at eight so he had to be there earlier whilst Mitchie gave me a lift to College every day.

I'd went to College, sat in lectures all day and now I was going back home whilst Mitchie was singing along to the new Nate Hale cd she had just bought.

Over the last two years, Nate had went back to LA been dropped then found another record company here in New York and they had taken him on then he had made a new record which Mitchie was singing along to.

Once Mitchie dropped me off at my house, I went up and went to unlock the door but was surprised to see it was already open.

Shrugging it off, I went inside to see Candles everywhere lighting up the dim room and Jason was standing in the middle of the room on one knee and in his hand was a box with a gold silver band.

"Shane will you marry me" He said and I nodded although Nate had told us to wait, I was one day away from turning 20 and Jason was currently 29 so I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

"Thank you" He said getting up and slipping the ring onto my finger and I smiled back happy.

I had finally found what I was looking for. The one person for me and the best life for me.

But also I had found my own happy ending.

The End.