"Daisy charms and bracelets"

Daisy trudged through the now-brown grass that lay over the dead city. Her bare feet, some

skin showing through the edge of her chain-mesh leggings, trod down a particular insolent

blade of grass that stuck out like a sore thumb against the landscape of the ex-city.

The abandoned skyscrapers touched the grey sky, as if to point out that torrential rain was a possibility, and that it was to be expected. Like everyday in Mortown.

It was once booming with people, families, women expecting children to be born and bred in a happy environment such as Mortown. Everyone wanted to work there, make a family, grow old in a little cottage on the outskirts, right by the lake.

That was no more.

Since the arrival of hell, everybody ran. To wherever they thought was the most sane place. If they stayed, they could die. If they left, they'd probably be turned into a chaotic moron.

"Arrival of hell.." Daisy ran the words around her mouth as she remembered it all. Those horrific creatures.. bodies lying all around the road, almost dead, but incapacitated with the pain of having their limbs torn apart. Thanks to those.. monsters that came from hell. But not from the core of the planet, no. From Phobos.

Daisy clutched her old pistol from 2012 – nearly two centuries ago. It was an antique. But it worked so well. It was like an old friend. As Daisy considered this, she spat out the remainder of her saliva, and aimed at the brown grass beneath her feet. All was so silent after two years of trauma. Both the city and Daisy had suffered great, great trauma.

She had previously woken up on her old hospital bed, which, when she had opened her eyes, seemed dusty, bloody, and smelly. She lay in the ward named Curat, after the latin word, meaning to heal. It was for the traumatic patients – ones who were close to facing death or for those who were so mangled that all they could do was be placed onto an IV drip, life support machine and be left to 'repair' themselves. Like robots.

Daisy had no recurrence of what had happened to her. Why she was there, how she got there, but she eventually realised that she had been in a coma for two years. According the the file, at the end of her bed, she was found unconscious and heavily injured in the city, and suffered amnesia, then entered a coma. Daisy, obviously, still had the amnesia, as she couldn't remember her life before the coma. All she knew was that her name was Daisy, and there was hell on earth.

Suddenly, a ramble filled the ground, shaking everything that lay in it's path, including Daisy. She groped at her pistol and crazily moved it from side to side, ready to kill anything that could pose a possible threat. Though, what was to come, served a purpose that could only describe her 2012 pistol as useless.

"Oh my God.. hell on Earth..."

The creature, which had rose from the ground in a terrifying manor, held Daisy to extreme fright. It's horns that shadowed it's huge, bullock-like body were ready to strike Daisy. She could feel it in her fragile bones.

The monstrosity made it's way towards her, grunting, flaunting it's height of approximately eight feet. Daisy could do nothing apart from attempt to run, or fire. And, at this rate, the bullock would catch up with the young girl. Easily.

"Minotaur!" she screeched as Daisy aimed at just above it's temple. She knew these bullets were going to do it no harm, but she was going to die anyway.

"Die!" the bullets leaped from her gun into his head at light-speed, but as they threw themselves at his temple, they were absorbed into his skin.. and then thrown out again, to Daisies' horror. But, this was no surprise. Nothing could shock her more than the mere sight of the 'assumed' minotaur.

"Daisy. You will enter the eternal arena of warriors."