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The Church Bells Rang.

Ruth was pleased the weekend was coming. She was looking forward to spending some time with Harry away from the Grid. She was also looking forward to seeing Catherine on Sunday. She wasn't sure what Harry would make of the new boyfriend she was bringing with her. Smiling to herself she hoped he wasn't too difficult when the young man arrived. She tapped a few keys on the computer as she compiled the weekly security report, aware that things had been too quiet recently. She hoped it stayed that way. It was almost exactly a week until Lucas and Ros would be getting married but to look at them you'd never have guessed. Ruth smiled to herself as she watched the Section Chief head off through the Pods with Harry. Yet another meeting with the new Home Secretary meant both would be out of the Grid for most of the morning. Ruth sighed as she tapped away at the keyboard. She really wanted her friends to have a good day. She smiled slightly as she recalled her own wedding day. Not exactly memorable for the right reasons she thought, a car bomb had seen to that. Shaken by her thoughts as Zoe dropped herself in to Zaf's chair next to her.

"So" Zoe watched as Ruth continued staring at the screen.

"So?" Ruth repeated. It was clear Zoe wanted to say something.

"So this time next week Lucas and Ros will be married. We should do something" Ruth gave up trying to concentrate on the screen in front of her.

"No" She stared at her friend "No surprise hen nights. She'd go crazy. Look Zo, it's second time around for Lucas and everyone knows her and Jack Colville were married in all but name. No fuss yeah? She said herself it's a Registry Office do"

"Even you and Harry had a reception" Zoe raised her eyebrows as she rested her head on one hand.

"A month later" Ruth involuntarily glanced at Harry's office. She knew he wasn't there but it was a subconscious habit. She was also aware that Lucas was watching them from his desk. "Anyway it'll be you and Zaf next, then we'll see how much you like other people meddling" Zoe pulled a face as she stepped away from Ruth's desk.

"I, er should go meet that asset." She gestured towards the Pods as Ruth smiled.

"You do that" She turned her attention back to the weekly security report she was going through. Shaking her head, she knew her friend meant well but knew Ros would hate any of the fussing most brides that be would love. She tapped out her report, aware that Special Branch had also requested she send them a copy. Leaning back in her chair she smiled as a cup of coffee was placed on her desk.

"What are you two planning?" Lucas smiled as he took the chair only recently vacated by Zoe.

"Not me" She picked up the cup. "Her"

"Ok, what is she planning?" Lucas smiled, he had liked Ruth from the moment she returned to the Grid. Having her around had made things easier. Not only was she a brilliant Intel Analyst, she kept Harry sane which in turn made the Grid a better place to work. Ruth smiled slightly as she shook her head.

"I'm not 100% certain but I think she want Ros to have a hen night" She screwed up her nose.

"Oh, is that all? Great idea. Adam has been going on to me to have a stag night. Ros would never organise one for herself. You didn't bother with one either, did you?" Ruth shook her head.

"No, not exactly my thing. Not that Catherine didn't try. Ok, if you think Ros will go with it I'll talk to Zoe. Maybe get Carrie and Sarah to come too. You can look after Amy" She smiled as Lucas nodded.

"Yeah, sounds great" He stood up as Ruth watched him leave. The computer caught her attention again as it signalled that she had email. Sighing Ruth tapped on the keyboard as Harry and Ros returned. Adam caught Ruth's eye and shrugged both Harry and Ros entered the office deep in conversation. Ruth turned her attention back to the email, finally reading it through properly.

"Oh no" She tapped on the keyboard as Tariq walked through the Grid. He could see the Intel Analyst studying something on her computer screen, through the office windows he could see Ros and Harry deep in conversation. Even Adam and Lucas seemed to be absorbed in something. He opened the can of pop he was carrying as he walked towards Adam.

"Alright?" He sat as his desk as Ros and Harry emerged from his office. Neither looked happy. Ros walked towards the Briefing Room as Harry sighed. He stepped in to the main area of the Grid.

"Briefing Room now!" He followed Ros as the others began gathering their things. Adam glanced at Lucas as they approached the room.

"Not a clue mate, think Ruth does though" He turned to see the Intel Analyst bite her lip as she sat down. Whatever she had found on the computer was enough to worry her. Ros and Harry looked more angry than concerned. Lucas silently wished that whatever she had found and whatever Harry and Ros were so worked up about it wouldn't delay the wedding.

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