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.::Navy Blue Crayons::.


"Ne, Sasuke-kun, can I borrow your crayon?" a five-year-old Sakura asked. Sasuke looked down at his navy blue Crayola crayon. Then at Sakura. He stared at her for a long moment and sighed.

"Fine, just make sure to give it back, okay?" Sakura smiled and nodded, rushing off to her play table. She placed the navy crayon in the box and took out a different crayon from hers. She scribbled on a couple lines, making sure it looked used. Then she smiled and ran back to Sasuke's table, clutching the crayon. She held out her hand and bowed slightly.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun." Sasuke looked at the crayon for a long moment, and reluctantly took the crayon from the girl's hands.


Sakura then walked away, a devious smile tugging at her lips. Now Sasuke-kun's crayon is mine!

A fifteen year old Sakura lay on a bed, with her head hanging off the edge. She had her iPod in her ears and her head bobbed rythmatically to the beat of the music. Her long pink tresses hung loosly over the bed dangling to the floor.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was sitting at a desk, on his computer. His fingers tapped the keyboard quickly.

Tap, tap, tap.

Sakura looked at his slender back and noticed his precise posture. She sat up abruptly, and attempted to imitate his sitting position. Much to her dismay, she didn't quite grasp Sasuke's aloof-ness in the way he sat. There was a blanket of silence that draped over the atmosphere, but it wasn't akward. It was comfortable. It was them.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked quietly, while turning her iPod off. Sasuke didn't move, or flinch. But a low grumble rose up in his throat and Sakura assumed that it was a sign for her to continue.

"Aren't you the slightest bit nervous to be starting sophmore year? It's smack dab in the middle of high school. Which most likely means that there will be the most drama this year." Sakura stated matter-of-factly. Sasuke shrugged and shook his head. Sakura sighed at his quasi social skills and stood from his bed. "Do you know how to speak?" She advanced towards him. Sasuke turned away from his computer and watched her.

"I'm not worried about anything. Besides, I never get involved with drama." he smirked as Sakura bent down to capture his lips with her own.

Sakura watched detachedly as Sasuke walked past, arm around some other girl's waist. She sighed, remembering the good ol' days and began to wonder where things went wrong. Sakura and Sasuke, it had been. Their entire life. They were paired together, inseperable. Now he wouldn't even spare her a passing glance. Where did things go wrong? Well, she knew exactly what went wrong. But it was Sasuke's fault for not believing her. Not trusting her. He should have trusted his girlfriend, shouldn't he have? Instead of assuming like he had...

She walked to lunch and immediately continued outside, to sit under a tree. This tree was so old and quaint and big and just...there. This was Sakura's tree. Sakura pulled out a sketchbook and a pencil. She let her fingers flow with the pencil, gliding gracefully across the smooth paper. Various lines and shapes and curves, painting a perfect picture; a perfect life. She sat alone, with nothing but her and her tree to gain comfort from. Often times she would cry just thinking of her old friends. But Sakura realized a long time ago that crying doesn't get you very far. So she sat here, alone, and somewhat apathetic. Her mind wandered away from the picture she was drawing. Soon, too soon, (always too soon) the school bell rang and lunch time was over. Not bothering to look at her picture as she usually did, she stuffed it in her bag; forgotten.

Sakura casually walked off to English class, her favourite. English was one of the few classes she had a friend in. As Sakura entered and stared at Naruto's somber smile, she knew that she would be loosing another friend. All because of Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura frowned, she loved Naruto.

"Hey Naruto." she greeted.

"Sakura-chan..." Naruto nodded in response. He took a deep breath and decided that it would be better to get this over with. "Sakura-chan, I'm so sorry, really I am...but I don't think, we can be...friends," Naruto choked out the words,"anymore..." Sakura smiled in understanding; this had happened too many times already. It made Naruto want to rip a certain raven haired teenager limb from fucking limb.

"That's okay, Naruto. I understand. I won't bother you anymore." With that, she took her books and walked to a familiar place in each classroom she sat in; the far corner, away from everybody. Thank Kami, Naruto didn't see the tears that threatened to fall.

Sakura-chan, you never bother me.

Sasuke Uchiha strode in the hallway, with Ino, his girlfriend. Ino wasn't the type who had any sort of interesting personality. Or any sense of smarts, but God, was she hot. When you're as hot as that, you don't need intelligence.

Unless you actually want to get somewhere in life. Beauty doesn't last forever, and it only runs skin deep.

But that didn't matter to him.

Sasuke wasn't the type to stay in a relationship for very long. Not after...

All he needed, dare someone say, was a good screw once in a while. He didn't need anyone. He didn't love anyone. And if he couldn't be happy or loved, then he'll be damned if she could be. Ever since...he hadn't loved again. He abhored her.




It was all her fault. An arm draped over his shoulder jostled him from his thoughts.

"Sasuke-kun..." Ino purred. Sasuke smirked and dragged her into an empty janitor's closet.

Way too easy...

Sakura clutched a worn and tattered object to her chest. It was a crayon. Navy blue. It was considerably used and was even broken in half. Sakura remember trying to tape it back together. She didn't use it after that. Sakura looked at the crayon for a short while as hot salty tears streaked down her pale cheeks.

Sakura Haruno was broken.

And it would take a lot more than a piece of tape to fix her.

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