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I will have major Dursleys bashing and same Weasley too mostly Ron and Ginny but one of them will come around and be friends with Harry again.

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Ch 1

Harry sat in the Great Hall slowly eating the small amount of food on his plate, trying to read from the Potion textbook, which was propped up on the large bowl of scrambled eggs trying to grasp the potions theory, for the potion they were supposed to be making in potions class today. He had been back at school for nearly two months now; people were still staring at him and whispering behind his back. He sometimes just wished they would just get over it. So what is he had defeated the Voldemort at the age of 12. He had come down to the Chamber of Secrets just as Voldemort was completing the change. He only just managed to save Ginny.

Suddenly, an owl swooped into the Great Hall, dropping a letter, first into Harry's lap, and then into Snape's. The owl was very late, as the post had already come that morning. As Harry picked up the letter, he didn't recognize the hand writing on the front of the letter; slowly opening the letter, he pulled the parchment out of the envelope. Silently he read through the letter.

My dear Son,

As I sit here writing this letter, I wonder what drove me to it. Writing in secret away from my husband; I feel sure that you have been raised by my sister and her intolerable husband, as if all of our friends betrayed us and we are dead.

I will not refer to James as your father as he is not. True I love James with all my heart, but there is someone else of who, not only captures my heart, but every living cell and atom within my body. However, we could not be together, because he is a spy for the light posing as a Death Eater.

Your Father is Severus Snape. Your true name is not Harry James Potter, but Alexander Severus Snape. I don't know what happened to your Father, but if he is he will have received a letter explaining this to him along with the guardianship papers, not that he will have a problem with his wealth.

Please go to Professor Dumbledore and show him this letter, he will help you track him down. Albus knows about your heritage but made an unbreakable vow not to tell anyone until you got your letter.

I hope you find Severus and know that I love you with all my heart Alexander

Your Mother,

Lily Evans-Potter

By the time Harry was finished reading the letter, he was as white as a sheet. He didn't even want to think about the possibility that it might be true. He muttered one word so quietly that only those closest to him heard it,

"Malfoy!" He stood up and stormed over to where the Malfoy and some other Slytherins were just leaving, the Slytherin Table to go to their first lessons.

"Think it was funny Malfoy?" He said, venom erupting in his tone, pushing the blond boy against the wall.

"Think it was clever to impersonate and mock my Mother and Father, saying that she slept with your greasy git of a Head of House?" he continued yelling. "Think it was smart to write that letter?" Grasping the Slytherin boy, he shoved him against the wall, and hammered him with every one of his questions. His two best friends were looking at the shocking scene playing before their eyes.

Harry was sick of everyone saying how he was turning into a mini Snape look-alike. He pushed his hand against Malfoy's throat, raised him slightly, and slammed him against the wall again. Almost as soon as the boy was slammed into the wall, Harry felt a pair of strong hands pulling him away from the blond Slytherin. As Malfoy's breathing eased up, Harry turned to see who had stopped his attack on Malfoy. Behind Harry stood Snape with one hand still placed on the angry teen's shoulder.

"Get your Greasy hands off of me," he yelled at the teacher, then looking around at the Slytherins he continued in a quieter voice,

"You all have a sick sense of humour." With that final remark, he turned on his heal and ran out of the hall, down to the lake.

As soon as he sat down by the lake's edge he started to shiver, but he didn't care. He just wanted to curl up in a ball and never wake up. His father was alive; Dumbledore was a lying git and his Father hated him. He lay there in the cold not caring about the heavy rain/snow pelting down or the fact that he was missing lessons.


Severus Snape stormed along the corridors to the Headmaster's office. After picking up Harry's discarded letter he knew what was written in it was true. He had only ever slept with Lily once and that was in September, around the time Harry had been conceived. Also, when Lily asked him what he would name his son, he had replied Alexander, and she had obviously taken into account that he was a direct descendent of Salazar Slytherin. The handwriting on the letter was also a dead giveaway. No one could write like Lily.

As he reached the stone gargoyle, he muttered the name of the Headmaster's latest favorite muggle sweet and ascended the stairs. When he reached the door he didn't bother knocking, but stormed straight into the office. The headmaster was sat behind his desk, sucking on a lemon drop.

"Headmaster, care to tell me why you felt it unimportant to share Alexander's parentage with me sooner?" He asked the old man. The Headmaster began to open his mouth but was stopped by his potions' master,

"No Headmaster, I do not want a lemon drop. Is it true them? I take it he is my son." he nonchalantly said, his black eyes boring into blue sparkling ones.

"Yes my boy, it is true. You must know that I made an unbreakable vow with Lily that I wouldn't divulge anything until you got your letters," the Headmaster explained gently.

"She made the charm so it would break at midnight on Christmas Eve night; at that moment, Harry Potter will cease to exist and Alexander will take his place." Dumbledore stopped a moment to let Snape process all of the information.

"He will have to be resorted after Christmas," Dumbledore carried on, "I wasn't sure if you were aware of the fact that Draco's Godmother was Lily and she picked Lucius and Narcissa as Alexander's Godparents; she thought it would be someone you trusted, what with you two being spies,"

Severus looked up and said in his normal silky voice,

"He will be removed from his Aunt and Uncle's care and an extra bedroom and bathroom will be added to my quarters. We will be at my manor for the Christmas holidays and I expect all of his punishment to be dealt with by me whilst we are at school," he looked up to make sure that the Headmaster was listening and said continued saying that as they had no lessons tomorrow his son and himself would leave as soon as breakfast was over.

Leaving, he headed down to his first class of the day, double potions with the 3rd year Slytherin and Gryffindors. As he approached the line of 13 and 14 year olds he knew that Alexander wasn't there. As he motioned for the class to go in, he stopped the last two, of whom happened to be the other two of the golden trio. Looking down at them, he growled,

"Where is he?" The duo looked slightly shocked, and Hermione replied,

"Um, we don't know sir. We haven't seen him since the incident in the great hall." Severus waved them in and made sure to give that boy what was coming to him when he next saw him.

As the rain poured down from the heavens mercilessly as the sun dipped behind the lake's surface, Harry lay on the ground, still curled up in a ball, not realizing the 9 hours that he had been missing. He silently prayed that the letter was wrong, and it was all some big joke that he could laugh about some day with Ron and Hermione.

As the rain started to pelt down harder, Harry didn't notice the black figure stalking towards the lakes edge, nor the small search party that was looking all over the castle for him. He only noticed when a hand clamped down on his shoulder causing his torso to become immobile.