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Chapter 1

Private Drive was a nice normal street in a nice normal neighborhood. Every house in the area looked the same, and often times passer-bys wondered how the owners could tell their home from their neighbors. The fourth house on the street was no exception. Outwardly, there was no sign that unspeakable things were occurring to one, Harry James Potter, the youngest, and smallest, resident of the home.

Currently, Harry was lying facedown on a dingy mattress, trying desperately to hold in the cries of pain as his whale of an uncle brought down his belt again and again onto the boys already crisscrossed and bleeding back, all the while hurling insults and degradations at him.





It continued in this same painful rhythm for several more minutes before it stopped, and the only sounds to fill the small bedroom were Vernon's harsh breathing and the stifled sobs of the bloody mass that was Harry Potter.

"There freak, that ought to teach you to use that unnatural ability around us again, especially on Marge!"

Harry let out a quiet 'yes, Uncle Vernon' as the man let out a satisfied grunt and left the room, practically slamming the door behind him. Harry heard the clicks of the many locks clicking shut, wondering when he was going to be let out next. Soon after, Harry let the darkness pull him under; refusing to let his mind contemplate the events of the end of the Tri-wizard Tournament or the information that he had overheard in the hospital wing later that night.

Harry woke with a groan the next morning. His back felt like it was on fire and every tiny movement, every breath, was agony. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Harry was rather used to waking up in agony over the summer holidays. He took a moment to focus his magic inward and directed it to the wounds on his back. Harry thanked Merlin that the Ministry could not detect the wandless magic he had to use to help heal himself after one of his Uncle's 'punishments'. If they could, it would be highly likely that he would have been dead at his relatives hands several times over by now.

When his back was sufficiently healed so that he could move around, but not enough that would cause Vernon give him another punishment so soon, Harry got up off the bed and picked up a shirt and carefully pulled it over his head. He then went to the door, only to find out that it was still locked.

'Well, I guess that answers the question of if I'll be let out today.'

Harry then went back to sit on his bed. With nothing to occupy his thoughts, they strayed to the end of his fourth and most recent year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Tri-Wizard Tournament had been a harrowing experience, but none of the tasks were as frightening as the unexpected port-key trip that ended in the death of fellow champion Cedric Diggory and the rebirthing of the Dark Lord Voldemort. However, it was not only the fact that his arch nemesis had come out of that half-life state that had Harry tossing around in nightmares, but the conflicting emotions that arose within himself.

Yes, there was fear and a whole host of other negative feelings swirling through his body at the time, but there was also a few that had Harry very frightened. For under the fear was a longing, a longing to break the bonds that had held him to that gravestone and run, not away from the newly risen Lord, but into his arms. And the other feeling that had surfaced...well, that feeling made Harry want to vomit any time he even vaguely thought about it. There was absolutely no possible way that he had felt any kind of sexual attraction to the Dark Lord!

Harry didn't know if Voldemort had picked up on Harry's feelings or if he had similar feelings of his own, because if he did, the Dark Lord did a damn good job of hiding them. They had fought eventually, and Harry had just managed to escape with his life and Cedric's body. The Tri-Wizard Cup had taken them back to Hogwarts, where chaos had ensued and the next hour was just as terrifying as the last had been; what with the polyjuiced Mad-Eye Moody trying to kill him and having to relive the experience all over for the Headmaster.

However, as horrible as all that was, nothing could have prepared Harry for what he had overheard in the hospital wing when everyone had thought he was sleeping.


Harry came around slowly, his other senses taking in his surroundings before opening his eyes. The sharp smell of antiseptics alone told Harry that he was in the hospital wing and the steady breathing and low murmur of voices told Harry that there were several people nearby. He opened his eyes and was a bit surprised to see Luna Lovegood, a girl he had met on the train at the beginning of the year and had become friends with, sitting in the chair beside his bed instead of Ron or Hermione or even Sirius.

He went to say something to the blue-eyed blond, but she reached over and put a hand on his mouth to silence him and nodded in the direction of the closed curtains. It was then that Harry could make out what was being said and wishing that he couldn't. Luna grabbed his hand and held it tightly while they listened to

"Now, Ron, Hermione, I expect you both to keep in contact with Mr. Potter over the summer and report back to me anything he tells you."

There was a huff of annoyance as Ron replied.

"I don't see why we have to keep in contact with the little bastard over the summer. Isn't it enough that we have to keep tabs on him during the year?"

"Ron, you know why we have to!" Hermione hissed, "If we don't, then Harry won't trust us anymore! Plus we won't get our pay! I for one have plans for that money and I know that your family counts on that money every month!"

Harry had gone pale and was trying to deny the words that he was hearing. There was no way that Ron and Hermione were just using him for his money! He wanted to scream and shout that it wasn't true, but the Slytherin part of his mind was telling him every word was true. The hand that was holding his tightened, bringing his focus away from the people outside the curtain and back to the girl sitting beside him. She had a sad look in her eyes, but under the sadness was an anger that both comforted Harry and left him a little afraid.

Luna got up quietly from her seat and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

"Watch out for the Nargles and the Crumple-Horned Snorkack. You mustn't let them know that we heard them or the Snorkack will destroy us both. I will contact you during the summer, expect my owl."

Harry gave a tiny nod of his head to show that he had heard and understood her words and would do his best to be careful around his supposed friends and the Headmaster. Luna left then, sneaking out without once alerting anyone to her presence. He briefly wondered how the blond was able to go unnoticed until it suited her purpose.

He pushed that thought from his mind and settled back into the hospital bed, closing his eyes and willing his body to relax so that no one would suspect that he had been listening in to at least part of the conversation. Harry then tried to prepare himself to act the part of naive friend and trusting pupil.

****End Flashback****

The memory made a shudder pass down Harry's back, which in turn made a wave of pain pass over his abused body. Deciding that thinking about that night was a bad idea in general, he focused on the one bright spot- the letter Luna said she was going to send. She hadn't said when she was going to send it, only to expect her owl and Harry decided to cling to the hope of the only honest contact from the outside world he would probably get all summer.

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