(And here readers is the final chapter I hop you like it.)

(We see the It's Man with his landed biplane he runs off into the distance only to be hit by a child's tricycle we then cut to Alistair Crowley's profess house.)

Alistair Crowley: (walks in) beloved frators and sorors…

(a shot is heard ad he slumps over dead the Author then walks in.)Author: that was surprisingly easier then I thought it would be.

(Bobbies burst in)

Chief: freeze your under arrest.

Author: what for?

Chief: the murder of Alistair Crowley.

Author: (yelling) BUT HE WAS A F****** SATANIST.

Chief: that doesn't make it right.

Author: geez first they don't the death sentence very much and now this? What next Jack the Ripper gets declared innocent? (Runs off)

(We see the Author run off into the distance with the Police close behind the words "THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS THAT THE POLICE ARE A BUNch OF F****** P******…oh and don't shoot Satanists unless you get a permit (which this bounder forgot to get)" appears on the screen before fading to black with the words the end.