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Chapter 24

Two days had passed since they had started off for El Dorado. Each day had been the same. Ride all day and camp on the trail tied to a tree at night. Henry didn't know how far they had left to go, but he knew they had to escape soon. He knew the stories of El Dorado as well as historians.

He knew they would be offered as sacrafices the second they got to the city. Sure, Kate and Jeff acted like their was no such thing as the "protecters of E Dorado', but Henry could see their nervousness and excitment and knew they were lying.

"How much farther is it?" Jeff asked the elder Griffins.

"We told you, the trail seems to move." Rosie answered.

"Or the city does." Zafer added.

"But if it hasn't moved," Rosie continued, "We should be there in another hour or so."

Jasper groaned when he heard that. He didn't know what waited for him at the city, but it couldn't be worse then this endless riding, or so he thought. Having never been much of an outdoors person, Jasper had only been horseback riding once in his life, and that was at the circus when he was three. Needless to say, the constant riding was begining to hurt. Being tied up and not allowed to move didn't help any either.

"How you feel, Jasper?" Henry asked quietly from beside him.

"Oh never better." he replied sarcastically. He puased before asking, "You got a plan to get us out of here?"

"Nope." Henry chirped cheerfully.

"No?" Jasper looked at his cousin in shock. Of all of them, he had figured Henry would have something planned.

"Nope." Henry replied with a goofy smile. "I figured I'd just arm it."

"It's wing it." Jasper groaned.

"But I don't have wings." Henry said in confusion.

"It's a figure of speech." Jasper explained. "It doesn't literally mean...oh forget it."

Henry shrugged and started looking around. Although he appeared to be just looking at the scenery, he was actually watching Robert who was directly behind him. The man had, he noticed, dropped several pieces of chalk and food wrapped up in cloth. No one else had noticed and Henry awtched as he did it once more.

Henry turned back to studying the forest to his right. He thought over all that he ahd noticed about the quiet man whose only words had been of concern. Henry was completly sure on what to think of the man. Was he a friend? Henry wanted to think so, but he wasn't sure.

The next hour passed by in silence. The only talking came from the nervous chatter of the two natives. No one could understand them, not even the kidnappers, but their nervousness was evident in their quiet voices.

"Would you two shut up?" Miles finally snapped.

One of the natives looked over and said something in his language. Miles stared at him angrily.

"Quit that babbling!" he ordered. "Speak English!"

Neither native said anything. Silene reigned once again. It wasn't until thirty minutes later that they got their first clue of how close they were. In the middle of the path was a spear with a human skull on the top.

Everyone stopped, but the two natives slowly backed their horses away.

"Well that's a stupid warning." Will spoke up. "What's a silly spear suppose to do?"

"It's not suppose to do anything, idiot." Kate growled. "It's a warning. And a bad one at that."

"Stop! Hey! Stop! Come back!" Jeremy shouted.

Everyone turned to see the two natives spurring their horses backwards and taking off at a gallop down the trail.

"Cowards." Miles shouted after them.

"Leave them. We're better off without them." Jeff snapped at them. "Come on."

He spurred his horse forward and pulled up next to the spear. With one pull, he had it out of the ground and tossed it to the side. The captives all looked at each other nervously, knowing what was probably coming next.

Jeff looked back with an evil grin.

"On to El Dorado."