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There are stories of a better time. A time when people ruled the earth and vampires were only a myth. A time long ago before me or any I knew existed. Humans fell to the vampire nations and a time of war followed. It was a dark time for the human race living in fear of annihilation. Many decades later a treaty was formed. One that allowed the humans to come out of the underground and live normal lives without fear. The only ones killed by vampires now are the humans that are sentenced to death for crimes against other humans or vampires.

Vampires and humans kept different circles very rarely intermingling with one another. Very few humans ever even saw one much less spoke to or touched one. Even fewer humans were mated to a vampire but when a debt was owed or a vampire fancied one, often the family would give that male or female to the vampires in exchange for protection under that Coven. Each coven was made up of multiple vampires which "ruled" over the land or region they were given by the Vampire high council. The dominant vampire, which was usually one of the original vampire guard that was active when the treaty was made, ruled the covens and the lands surrounding the covens. When he or she spoke people and vampires alike listened. To ignore a request was certain death.

We were at the beck and call of the vampires so to speak. If they chose to claim us we went without question. Many times vampires from other covens would wish to mate with a human of another area and the request was not made to the humans but the ruler of the vampire coven in the area. Then the human and the family would be moved from one location to another. Many humans worked for the vampires cleaning homes and caring for the lands. If you served them well, and made them happy you perhaps would be rewarded with immortality. Although I failed to see the reward in having to live for eternity on blood.

It was not uncommon however for vampires to use humans to satisfy their carnal desires. Women taken as concubines usually died a painful death, some years after being taken, others only months. It really depended on the person's ability to handle the mating with a vampire. The males would usually last longer but eventually their bodies would wear out. Sometimes they opted to die naturally but other times if they had pleased the vampire claiming them, they would be drained by choice. Some males even made it through this period to be released back into the human population to live out their lives and die of old age.

Our "Master" in this region was one of the scariest most powerful of the vampires. The vampire known as the Reaper. He was the one that the high council sent out to annihilate entire sectors of humans and vampires when the need arose. He was a killing machine. He was never opposed and if he came for you there was no way out other than death. My mother and my sister both worked at the main house as house keepers. My Father was the head of the grounds team that cared for all the land around the mansion. My sister told me many stories of the one known as the Reaper. He was fierce and unyielding. I also knew of his aversion to young beautiful women human and vampire and heard often of his gatherings of many partners to have what my mother referred to as fun parties. A few of the girls that attended classes with me had been "invited" to attend those parties. When they returned, days sometimes even weeks later, they were never the same. One or two never returned. The very mention of the party could send them into hysterics.

I was sitting in class paying attention to the civil war lesson we were being taught, I loved this particular class, when the vampires came in. That could only mean one thing, they were there to summon for the "Master's" fun party. I ducked down in my seat trying to remain invisible even though I knew I was not the type they would be searching for. They wanted curvy big busted girls that were drop dead gorgeous. I was plain and even though I was, as some of the boys here put it, stacked I wasn't pretty enough. The leader of the group, the Reaper's second in command Peter, stood just inside the door looking around as our professor continued with the lesson as if they had not entered. I wondered briefly who exactly he was looking for. To take this much time it must be someone specific. I gasped softly as my Dad appeared behind them.

My eyes widened in shock and I shook my head as Peter turned to my Dad and he pointed sadly to me. "Ms Swan, come with us." I met my Dad's sad eyes as I moved to stand. I had no choice. I had to go. I slowly made my way to them as they began to leave the room. Peter placed his hand gently on the small of my back guiding me from the room and out into the corridor. I walked in the circle of the vampire guard as Tasha one of the most horrid humans here smirked at me. She had been on many occasions called to the main house for a fun party but she was a known slut here. "Avert your eyes human." Peter hissed as we passed her and her gang of friends in the hall. I looked down assuming he was talking to me.

Tasha and Ramona giggled. "Now she'll get what's coming to her." Tasha shot out.

"Alec, Michael round up the others. Make sure those two are among them. Apparently they need a lesson in respect." Peter growled. "Come my sweet." He smiled down at me and he dazzled me. I didn't balk just followed orders as I knew I should.

I heard Momma gasp softly as I was led up the stairs past her and Chloe. I didn't make eye contact with either of them. I was frightened and I knew if I did I would break. Humans were gathering all around as we continued up the stairs. "Relax." a loud voice boomed making me jump and shake slightly. "Come." I looked up to see him. He towered over me and his gorgeous golden eyes never left mine as I moved hesitantly towards him. He reached his hand to me as the other vampires who had stayed behind came in followed closely by the human girls. "Welcome my pet." He held his hand out and I reluctantly took it. He looked over my shoulder at Peter questioningly.

"Given comments by the common girls, I felt a lesson in manners was called for." Peter responded and Jasper nodded turning to lead me from the room.

"Come my pet. We need to talk." The blonde vampire spoke his deep voice calming me instantly. I walked beside him as he still held my hand guiding me through the hall and into a room at the end. "I am Jasper. You may address me as such. I am the "Master" of this sector and you are the one I have chosen to be at my side. I do not talk to hear myself talk. When I give a command I expect you and all others to follow that command. As my chosen mate, you will be responsible for the house. I expect you to handle all issues that arise including discipline of any who fail to do their jobs." I dropped into the chair across from his desk as he took his seat. I couldn't be hearing right. "If you have questions about discipline, you are to come to myself or Peter only until you learn the ways of the house. Your Mother I understand is one of my housing staff, she will be able to help and guide you. This I will allow for a short time.

Make no mistakes, I will guide you but if you disobey I will punish you accordingly. You must learn to be the mate I require." He paused watching me. You are to follow my instructions each day to the letter and see to it that the staff does as they should."

"So basically I am to be a glorified house keeper?" I asked in confusion.

He chuckled. "No my pet. You are my mate and this," He waved his hand. "will all be yours as much as it is mine."

"I don't understand."

"How could you not understand? I am laying it all out for you. It is crystal clear my pet. You will take your place at my side. In four days you will turn 18. In four days I will take you as my mate. You may choose the time of your awakening but in four days we will mate."

"Mate? As in, sex?"

"Yes, and as in marriage. You will be Mrs Jasper Whitlock in all rights."

"So why in four days? You are bringing me here now but yet you will wait for four days instead of now?" I mentally slapped myself. What the hell was I thinking? Was I trying to end up dead? Yeah smart move moron, challenge the freaking Reaper already. It's not like you're not in enough trouble goof ball.

"Is that what you wish?" He raised an eyebrow at me as he stood and walked around the desk to me.

"No, Yes, No I mean. Hell." I sighed and he chuckled.

"I understand what you are saying. I made a deal with your Father. I would wait until your 18th birthday to claim you as mine. I will not go back on my word now. In four days you will turn 18 and in four days I will officially claim you as mine."

"Wait." I gasped as he took my hand pulling me to my feet. "My parents knew about this? How long?"

"Since you called to me at four." He gently brushed my hair from my face holding my hand tightly. "Come, there are things you need to know before our mating. You will not like what you see but understand this is for your own good. I am not your average vampire, I am more aggressive. You need to understand what the mating will be like."

"Is it always the same?" I asked as he led me from the room which was obviously his study into a large central room on the second floor. "The mating?"

"No it isn't but this will give you a general idea as to what to expect." He smiled down at me.

"You aren't going to actually make me watch vampires have sex are you? Please I don't want to see that. It's intimate and private." I gasped.

"No, not completely but you need to understand the nature of the vampires. You need to see how primal the initiation is." He led up a set of steps to a balcony area that was enclosed in glass. He sat down in the large chair there and pulled me down into his lap. I felt oddly comfortable where I sat. He pulled me back into his chest and I snuggled in against his massive hard chest as his arms snaked around me. I watched as the human girls and even a few males stood in the center of the room. I watched as Peter and the other vampires came in. I saw Peter look up to where we sat watching. He nodded quickly then I saw him swoop in to Tasha. In moments she was stripped of clothing.

I gasped as Peter grabbed her and bit into her neck from behind. He leaned pushing her forward against the table directly in front of her. "See my pet, this is Peter's way of dominating her. He will drink from her and the burning in her neck will remind her that she is his. He has not chosen her as a mate so he will not let her turn but he will keep her in check. His venom will also repel all others. She is a common concubine that willingly surrenders herself in hopes of one day being one of us." I watched as Peter rocked into her with his hips. He pulled her up by her hair and turned her forcing her to her knees. I gasped softly and turned my head away as she looked up before taking him into her mouth. I tucked my face into Jasper's neck.

"Please don't make me watch this." I whispered.

"Come Bella. I'll get you settled into bed for the night. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make Peter want to keep her forever." H stood lifting me and carrying me quickly from the small enclosure.

"Will you make me?" I swallowed fighting the butterflies that threatened to overtake me and spill all over Jasper.

"Eventually yes but while I will dominate you and demand you full fill my needs, I will always be as gentle with you as I can be and I will always make sure you are full filled as well my mate."

I didn't say anything else until Jasper set me down in a beautiful bed room. The bed was amazingly large and soft looking. I walked over and ran my hand over the black satin bed spread. The room was all white except for the black accents. It was beautiful. I could feel him watching me as I walked around the room looking at everything. "Is this the guest room?"

"No, this is our rooms. Through there is our bathroom. Of course this is your closet." He pointed to the door next to him. It's a walk in and should be more then adequate. If not we can adjust it." He smiled. "Come, get cleaned up and I will call your Mother to send you up your food for the evening meal." He motioned to me and I followed him into the bathroom. He started my bath water before leaving me to bathe.

I slid down into the nice hot tub Jasper had ran for me. I was terrified of what was to come yet I felt oddly safe and at peace too. I looked around the massive bathroom. Even though my family was fairly comfortable, we certainly did not have the money to have things like this. Any moment now he would realize that he had made a massive mistake. I didn't have a clue how to be his type of female much less his mate. I jumped when I heard him speak. "What has you so worried my mate?"

I gasped softly. "I think you have me mistaken for someone else." I slid lower into the hot tub as he took his shirt off walking across the room.

He smirked. "And why is that? Do you not find my life style to your liking?" He unbuckled his belt and released the snap on his jeans and I averted my eyes from him as I heard his zipper. "No need to be frightened my mate. I've given my word I will not touch you until you are 18. You will become my wife before I claim you. My word is my honor. I will never break a promise to you. My body however you will have to become accustom to." I blushed and wanted to crawl under the hot tub. I had never seen a male's body. Hell, I had never been kissed.

I jumped and looked up as a knock sounded on the door. He called for them to come and I looked to him realizing he was naked as he slipped into the hot tub across from me. My Mother stood there holding my tray as a gasp left her. I smiled at her and I'm sure she could see my fears. "Major, where would you like my daughter's tray left?"

"Place it on the table on the balcony. Thank you Marissa for bringing it so swiftly. Once you have put that down, come back here please. We need to discuss a few things." Jasper indicated the balcony that was just outside the massive doors in the bathroom. Mom quickly did as he instructed and returned. "I feel your fear, I have given my word that I will not touch her until we are married and I will not marry her until she is 18. I will not break that promise to your family. You will now be my family as you are my mate's. I would like you and your husband to make the arrangements for your family's move to my home. As family I will provide for you and your husband and other children. Also, you will no longer be staff here, you will locate a suitable replacement for your position and teach your daughter what to look for when locating staff. I also would like you to assist her as she learns the way of the house. I expect you to teach her how to deal with all aspects of what must be handled here. If you have any questions or issues, you may come to me or Peter at any time. My door is never closed to you. If I am away, Peter will be here. You will not be left vulnerable at any time." He looked to me. "You my mate, will work closely with you Mother, myself, and Peter through out the next week. If there are any special requests you have for our wedding, Alice will make sure they happen. She has everything in hand so you are not to stress over anything. The tattoo artist will be here before night fall. He will be placing my crest on your back between your shoulder blades. It is uncomfortable I am told but a necessary discomfort. I will be close by to assist you with the sensation and remove as much of it as possible. I will heal you once it is complete so that your dress will effectively display it. Vampires will smell my scent on you and know you are mine. Humans will need this to identify you as their superior. My mark will keep you safe even in my absence. Any questions?"

"My dress? You mean my wedding dress?"

"Yes, Alice found what she claims to be the absolute most perfect dress of all time for you." He smirked. "Of course once you are done and fed, I will send Alice to you. I have not seen the dress however I'm sure it must be amazing. It better be for what it cost me." He smiled and motioned for me to move to him as he picked up a fluffy ball and began to lather it. I moved to him unsure what he expected and he turned me beginning to wash me. He gently worked moving my hair aside. "You may go Marissa, I will send for you once she has eaten." Mom nodded and left the room quickly. I didn't speak just remained still allowing him to do what he wanted. When he indicated for me to stand I did so and blushed slightly as he moved down over my body washing me intimately. "This is something I rather enjoy doing for you. It is our nature to care for our mates in all ways. While I will be dominate with you at times, this to is a perk of being mated to me. Do not feel ashamed of your body, you are exquisite." He spoke softly as he pulled me down on his lap. He adjusted me so I straddled him and I could feel his massive male anatomy underneath me and I was shocked to find that my thoughts turned to what it would be like on our wedding night. I gently touched his chest and he purred and I jumped pulling my hand away. "No." He took my hand in his and placed it back on his chest. I could feel his chest move slightly as he breathed. You may touch me all you choose. You need to become familiar with my body as I will yours." I looked down at my hand still held against his chest by his own. "Talk to me my mate. Tell me what you are thinking."

"I'm scared." I whispered. "I've never." I broke off.

"Never what?" His voice coaxed me softly.

"I've never seen a man. I've never been kissed, what if I'm not what you truly want? What if I can't give you the pleasure and the fulfillment you require?"

"You are exactly what I want. If I need to be more aggressive than I think you can handle, I will seek a suitable replacement. One that her loss will not matter."

I gasped. "You will take others to our bed?"

"Never. That is what the chamber I took you to earlier is for. I will never dishonor you that way. You are mine, I will not share you but I will not harm you either. There are times when my needs will require extreme force or pain. I will not subject you to that. I will not hide that from you either and you will always be taken care of even if I am with another." I felt a sudden surge of jealous rage building up and he smiled. "I feel your jealousy, never misunderstand, you are the only one that matters. When I take another it is purely physical and will be nothing more. I am and will be tied to you and you alone. The animal in me will be less likely to injure you if I keep you away from that side of me. Once you are changed that will not be required. You will be virtually indestructible. However, that is still not a side of me I wish for you to endure."

"If I ask you to show me?"

"Show you as in you want to see it or you want to be subjected to it?"

"Both." I whispered.

"I will concede to allow you to witness it. I will not concede to have you subjected to it. Once you are changed we will again discuss it but not before then. If you choose, I will never not allow you to be present." I nodded. "I will never take another without your knowledge." I leaned forward tucking my head onto his shoulder against his neck. He wrapped his arms around me rocking his hips and I felt his manhood slide against me intimately. He purred and I giggled as I felt the vibrations against my skin. "Always remember my mate, you are the only one to bring that from me. Only your touch and your happiness will make me content enough to purr."

"Good. I don't think I like the idea of some...girl touching you and hearing what I think is now my favorite sound in the world." I smiled and kissed the side of his neck as I closed my eyes. His purr got louder as my lips touched his neck. I realized he hadn't been washed and sat up to pull away but he pulled me back to him locking his iron hold around me. "You haven't washed yet." I giggled.

"I don't want you to move yet." His lips brushed my temple.

"I want to wash you." I sighed pouting slightly.

"By all means my mate. Wash away." He released me but kept me firmly in his lap. I took the little fluffy thing he had used on my and lathered it up. I began washing over his neck and shoulders and across his chest. As I washed him his purr filled the room and did funny things to my body feeling him vibrate against me so intimately. I could feel an odd slick sensation between my legs as his body moved against mine. I rocked my hips and he smirked. "Easy my mate. In time." His lips against my lips gently and I wanted to attack him. Once I got to the water line, and couldn't move any lower I slid back and he stood. I continued to wash his body avoiding his manhood. When I got there I blushed slightly avoiding looking at him. He tipped my face up to meet his eyes. "It's okay, you can touch me anytime you wish." He took my hand and lowered it to him. He purred as I gently washed him.

Once I was done I continued down his legs to his feet. He watched me as I bathed him then lowered himself back into the water instantly pulling me back to straddle him. "Do you trust me my mate?" I looked into his eyes and found that I absolutely did. I nodded. He pulled me back so that he once again pressed against my core. He rocked his hips sliding against me. "Have you ever had an orgasm?" I shook my head. "hmmm," He smirked. "You'll love this then." He continued to rock his hips sliding against my center and I felt an wonderful butterfly sensation fill me. Next thing I knew it was like an explosion pounding through my body. My head exploded as I quivered in his arms and I gasped panting through the sensation as he kissed my neck and shoulders. His purr continued making him vibrate deliciously. I couldn't help the gasp and the yelp that escaped my lips. His lips claimed mine and I opened my mouth letting him slide his tongue inside. He held me until I finally began to come back down from my cloud of bliss. He chuckled softly. "Don't ever hold back from me." He kissed me again tenderly before standing up holding me. I wrapped my legs around him as he stepped from the tub and grabbed a robe wrapping it around me. He walked me outside with him still naked and sat me down to eat. "Eat your food my mate. I will summon Alice to come and talk with you. I think she'd like to try your dress on if you are up to it." I nodded and did as he instructed as he left me to dress himself and call Alice to me.