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Jasper and I sat in the front row as Annabella and Devin took their vows. I smiled sadly. It had been a rough 20 years but we made it. Our boys were already married. Both to wonderful young women. Annabella was the last of our children to leave the nest. Braxton had been the first to marry and three months later, Isabelle and Hayden came into our world. They were the light of our lives. I adored my Grand babies and as much of a hard ass as my husband was and where the kids didn't succeed, the Grand babies did. He was gentle and loving and gave the grand babies anything they wanted.

Cooper had been next surprising us all out of no where however, it wasn't much of a shock when he brought her home from Vegas pregnant. Suddenly his rapid wedding made sense. Surprisingly, he was the one to have a single baby. Stephen was spoiled by everyone. He was the energy at every gathering much as his Daddy had been. He was always in trouble and I loved every last second of it. I lived for the days when we had all three of the kids together. It reminded me how amazing watching my three grow up was.

Rose immediately fell in love with Isabelle, whom by the way her Grandfather named. She was the girlie girl that Rose always wanted. Alice and Rose would spend hours and hours playing Izzy barbie. She lived for it. She would beg her Mom and Dad to let her come and stay the weekend. Jasper had tried convincing them all to stay home and we'd just expand the house but that wasn't happening.

It didn't take Kayla, Cooper's wife, long to figure out how to handle him. She had taken Jasper's heart when she defended him to Peter. She had been so angry at Peter if a human could be scary she damn well was. Peter had actually cringed when she went off on him. Anytime Cooper stepped out of line, Kayla called Daddy and Daddy ripped into him. She adored Cooper though and Cooper loved her and that was what really mattered.

Alisha was a little more difficult for Jasper to get attached to, she was quiet and reserved. Jasper had been convinced that her and Braxton wouldn't make it past the first year but thank fully he was wrong. She loved with a passion that rivaled my own. In the end that had been what won Jasper over. Even pregnant and human when a band of nomad vamps had wondered through, she had been the first to get physical. She ended up with a broken hand for belting one of the nomads. Even though Jasper chastised her for being so careless, his pride in the fact that she was willing to give up her life for our son sealed her place in our family.

Of course now Devin had a much harder fight. Jasper wasn't willing to give up his baby girl without a fight. He disliked Devin from word go. Nothing Devin could have done would have changed that. He still resented the fact that Devin was taking his little girl but it was what Annabella wanted and of course Annabella always got what Annabella wanted. Jasper had however told Devin in no uncertain terms that if he ever hurt her, he would dismember him and hide his body parts all over the damn planet. Devin had actually almost called off the wedding and Annabella had been furious with Jasper over it. She didn't speak to him for almost three months. Those three months almost killed Jasper. He had finally gone to Devin and some what made peace but he did tell him he would be watching. Nothing had best upset or hurt his little Princess.

Emmett had tried to get Rose to go on an extended vacation to Africa but that so wasn't happening. Rose was to wrapped up in Isabelle and truth be told, Emmett was too attached to the boys to leave them behind. Oh he pouted and acted like it was the end of the world but we all knew better.

Jason and Charlotte had gotten married shortly after the whole "Wolf war" incident and were currently somewhere in Brazil. They came home regularly to visit but would soon leave again to visit and explore some other country. It was actually the ideal thing for both of them. They fought like cats and dogs and regularly Charlotte would kick Jason's ass just because she could. Those two would never change.

Peter and Brianna had Colton and he is the light of their lives. Colton is enrolled in college but last week had called to say he was bringing a girl home to meet the family for the wedding. I could already hear wedding bells in the near future. The way the two of them looked at each other we all knew it was coming. It was much the same way Peter and Brianna had been. She wasn't what any of us had expected for Colton but she was an adorable tiny little thing that could make the earth shimmer with her anger. Needless to say, she is a vampire and that actually is her gift. When you piss her off, she actually makes the earth quake. Colton aggravated her for shits and giggled and that had earned him a swift ass kicking from Brianna. Peter had just laughed which resulted in his ass kicking as well.

Alice and Edward were happy. They had finally found a mid point where they weren't trying to kill one another all the time. It was funny to watch Edward piss her off though. Her little Pixie rants and fits were priceless. Edward never won though, she would put his ass in his place then go shopping and cost him a small fortune. I often wondered if he did it intentionally. He would get her riled up and sit back and laugh and joke about it once she left to shop. His biggest punishment was when she blew almost 2 million dollars in one day. I thought that He was going to dismember her.

Carlisle and Esme had spent the last 20 years traveling intermittently. They would fly out for a few weeks to each location before coming back home to spend time with their great grandchildren. My parents accompanied them all over the world. 10 years ago Carlisle changed my parents in payment of their life time of loyal service to the family. They were all very close and traveled together most times.

Jasper and I were never happier than when all of our family was together. Those moments in life is what made me the happiest. I could feel the joy radiate off of Jasper too regardless of the fact that he tried to hide it. My husband was the most amazing man in the world. He was the perfect mate. He was loving, dominant, tender, caring and the Reaper feared by all. He never left me behind and he never tried after that first time. We were a team and a formidable team at that. No one stood against us and survived. We dominated and decimated any opponent. We fought as a family now, even our kids at our side. We were unstoppable.

Life truly was amazing.


Jasper paced back and forth glaring at Devin as Annabella screamed once again. I had tried sending him away but that wasn't going to happen. He would come to the door, look in and then pace again throwing daggers at Devin. I kept waiting for Jasper to try to kick his ass. Carlisle had changed him two weeks after the wedding and he had adapted to our life easily. However, with him being vampire, and Annabella being half vampire, pregnancy was inevitable. "Push Annabella, hard." I yelled as Carlisle caught the first of three. I smiled happily as he handed the baby off to Rose. He was so beautiful. Next was a little girl who came in kicking and fighting. Definitely her grandfather's. The last one came in peacefully. She opened her big green eyes and smiled at me. She looked just like my baby girl. You could see the intelligence in her eyes.

"Okay, Momma, all done." Carlisle smiled at her as he finished up and covered her letting her legs down so she could relax. "What are we naming our new additions?"

"Jasper. Jasper Devin Williams." I smiled at her. "Amber Rose Williams, and Esme Alice Williams." She smiled at me.

"All beautiful names Princess." I smiled. "Daddy will be so happy." I held Jasper and looked into the beautiful green eyes my husband once had as a human. "Ladies, will you carry the other two down before my husband kills my son in law." I carried Jasper down to see his family. Jasper stopped pacing and was in front of me in a flash. Devin beside him. "Meet your Grandson, Grandpa. This is Jasper Devin Williams." He looked up at me with wide eyes. I handed him the baby. He looked down at him and smiled.

"Welcome to the family my grandson." He kissed me. "You're going to be a strong soldier just like your grandpa aren't you? You're going to take care of you sisters just like a southern gentleman should."

"Grandpa this is Esme Alice and this is Amber Rose." I introduced them. He looked down into Amber's eyes. "Just like her Mother." I smiled.

"We did good Momma." Jasper kissed me.

"Very good Daddy. We have 6 of the most amazing children in the world and 6 of the most adorable grand kids. Life truly is fantastic."

Colton and Bethany had adopted two children whose parents had been killed while they were still in college. They had been friends of the couple so the kids were comfortable with them. They loved them as if they were their very own. They would be given the choice as to whether or not to be changed. Peter and Brianna couldn't have been happier. They snatched the kids every chance they had. Peter still chose to hunt humans that were a threat to the human population but there was no way in hell he'd ever harm his grand babies.

As we sat around that evening Jasper with Isabelle in his lap reading to her much as he had done with Annabella night after night and holding Esme in his other arm I looked around the room. All the people that mattered in my life were sitting here in this house at this very moment. The love radiating was amazing. Hayden and Stephen were sitting in my lap next to Jasper playing X box against Emmett. Some silly game where they jumped on one another and tried to steal each others stuff. "Grandpa, can I have a pony?" Isabelle asked as he closed the Black Stallion book they had been reading.

"Of course Princess. Grandpa will buy you a whole herd of Ponies." Jasper kissed her forehead. Oh shit, here we go again. I rolled my eyes.

"Dude, you're wrapped." Emmett chuckled.

"Damn sure am and I wouldn't trade it for the world." Jasper chuckled and kissed me. "I love you Momma Whitlock."

"I love you Daddy Whitlock."

"I love everybody." Isabelle piped up causing us all to chuckle. Yes, life was amazing. This was heaven. Our lives were complete.


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