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I know that Casey was disbarred but this is my imagination!

Olivia stood at Casey's door and she thought about what she was going to do and say. She knocked on the door a few times. Casey answered.

She was wearing a low v necked shaped gray T shirt and blue jeans. She looked at Olivia with no surprise in her eyes and she stepped back to let her in.

Olivia walked in Casey's huge apartment and asked:

"Why do you have it so hot? I know you can't be that cold"

Casey gives a half-hearted chuckle then says:

"I wanted to make myself suffer"

Olivia takes off her jacket and throws it on the couch then says:

"I heard that you were leaving"

Casey sits on the arm of the couch and puts her head down and says:

"I asked for a transfer"

Olivia thinks on that for a minute then asks:


After a few minutes of strained silence between them, Olivia finally says:

"Casey, I heard that you got drunk last night at….."

Casey sighs then says:

"I know….yes, I'm a lesbian"

Olivia doesn't even look surprised at Casey's words. She just walks around a bit then asks:

"Is that why you are leaving? Because Elliot and I wouldn't say anything . I can't speak for Munch and Fin but…." "No, it's not that….."

Tears fill Casey's eyes and she sighs and says:

"I can't work around someone I love when I know someone doesn't love me"

Olivia thinks on those words then asks gently:

"Who is that Casey?"

Seconds turn into minutes and the minutes feel like hours then Olivia walks over to Casey. She gets right in front of her and their lips almost touch and Olivia says the words:

"What makes you think I don't?"

Casey's heart feels like it's going to explode as Olivia pulls her into a deep kiss and they fall into the chair.

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