It was a few days later, Olivia walks into Casey's apartment and lays her keys down on the table, clearly exhausted as she blows her cheeks out of exhaustion and she sits down in a comfortable chair and she closes her eyes then she hears the sweet voice of Casey,


Olivia perks up as she hears Casey calling her and she answers back:

"Yes, it's me honey"

After a few more seconds of silence, Casey asks her,

"Honey, do you see the mail on the table?"

Olivia looks over and sees a small pile of letters, bills and whatever else and she says,

"Yes, it's here" "Would you go though it and see if there's anything important?" "Oh, Casey, I don't want to go through your mail…"

Casey then pops her smiling red head out and she then says,

"I want it to be our mail"

Olivia looks up at her in shock and surprise and asks,


Casey comes over and sits on Olivia's lap then says,

"Yes, I want it to be our mail, I want you to move in with me…if you want"

Casey just keeps looking at Olivia so childlike and innocent and a million thoughts run though Olivia's mind and finally she manages to say,

"I, I…just don't know….."

Casey puts a finger over her lip and says,

"Shh, you don't have to say anything now, I know this is big…."

She gives her a kiss then says,

"Why don't we look though that mail now?"

Olivia, still stunned, sits back while Casey retrieves her pail of mail and begins sorting though it. She says in a slight disgusting voice,

"Bills….electric bill, gas…"

As she says each one, she throws them down on the sofa then she says,

"Oh, here's a interesting one…"

Olivia asks her,

"What is it?"

Casey shows her a little yellow postcard with the letters in black and she reads it out loud to her girlfriend ,

"It's a invitation, it says 'You are invited to the Grand reopening of Charmed, formerly, Pink Cage. Please be there at 9:00 tomorrow night and bring a friend to have fun!' Oh, that sounds interesting"

Olivia asks her,

"Why would they send you a invitation?" "Oh, I had a friend's birthday party there two years ago, my name is probably on some computer list" "Well, I probably have one of those in my mail slot, I was there about five years ago, I think"

Casey thinks of something then her face brightens up and she says,

"Let's go to this" "What?" "Well, I know how your mind has been so wrapped up on the Krait case that you might just need this to unwind"

Olivia starts to shake her head then says:

"I don't know Casey" "Oh, come on! A grand reopening of that little dingy place, aren't you a bit curious?" "Well…."

Casey then squeals then kisses her then says.

"Good, now that it's settled, I'll go finish fixing supper" "What are we having?" "Stuffed pork chops"

Olivia watches Casey's every move as she leaves and sits back and shakes her head and smiles. She then picks up the invitation, thinks about Alex and throws it on the sofa.

8:56 The Next night:

Olivia and Casey walk hand in hand up to Charmed. Outside, the building looks almost the same except for a fresh coat of paint,

Olivia asks,

"Casey, are you sure?"

Casey turns and looks at her and with a roll of her eyes, she sighs then straightens Olivia's rock necklace then asks,

"Sure about what? If I didn't know better, I would think that you were trying to keep me from going in there but for what?"

Olivia shrugs her shoulders and they join hands again then walk in. The room looks rather dully decorated and you would think that it's almost the same except for black walls and the runway is cut off and gone from the stage.

Alex then walks up to Olivia and Alex and she says,

"Detective, I'm glad you could make it"

Olivia looks slightly uncomfortable then says,

"Um, this is Casey, Casey, this is Alex Cabot, the owner"

Alex shakes Casey's hand with a firm grip and she says with a lilt in her voice,

"I know the place is looking a little drab but if you will wait a few minutes, you will be amazed"

Casey and Olivia shake their heads and Alex says,

"Please, go get yourselves a drink, drinks are free for a hour"

Casey and Olivia look at each other and start to go to the bar, Casey goes on ahead and Olivia starts to go but then Alex grabs Olivia's arm and leans in and in a husky voice says,

"You can join me later, if you want"

Olivia looks at her in surprise then thinks,

'Did she just put the moves on me with my girlfriend here?'

Alex smiles and walks away.

Without them knowing, Casey sees the small exchange and a gleam of worry comes in her eyes but she turns around to order her drink and then Olivia comes up and orders a Gin and Tonic.

After they get their drinks, they begin to go sit down at a table when they hear Alex talking in a microphone,

"First, of all, I'd like to say; Welcome to 'Charmed', the club formerly known as 'Pink Cage', some welcome changes have been made. One you'll see very soon but as you can see we took that long runway out of here to make more dancing room and drinks are on the house until 10:00 then you have to pay"

Everybody laughs then Alex says,

"So, let's get started celebrating!"

Alex steps off the stage and goes over to the light switch and flips it then the room becomes dark but only for a second, along the center of the walls and at the top and bottom , a long glow in the dark lines show like laser beams and a burst of rainbow colors enter the room!

Everybody oohs and ah's, and start enjoying themselves immensely!

Couples begin dancing and even Casey and Olivia take a whirl out at the dance floor then in about 30 minutes, Olivia notices Alex dancing in the middle of three ladies in very tight dresses. Quite suddenly, Alex openly kisses one of the women with a steamy, sultry kiss then she turns her head and winks at Olivia and they all four go back to grinding in the dance.

Olivia turns her attention back to her date. She looks at Casey more closely and she realizes something….that Casey only has eyes for her. Her eyes are full of love and trust for her.

Olivia then takes Casey's hand and kisses them and Casey looks at her slightly puzzled then Olivia says,

"Let's go home….to our apartment"

Casey smiles and they go out but outside the doors, Olivia turns to Casey and they kiss then walk off hand in hand to home.

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