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A/N: * STEAM WARNING * Bly and Aayla finally get to have a proper honeymoon. So, understandably, this is a steamy chapter. Aw, heck, this whole story has been steamy. It's a love story. But, you could boil some tea in this one.

More Than Just A Clone

Chapter 32

Bly woke up slowly, confused at first as to where he was. But, there was no mistaking the sexy body intertwined with his.

"Aayla," he murmured happily, scooting himself in just a little bit closer against her backside. He realized he didn't care where he was at the moment. The fact that he was wrapped up around Aayla was more than enough for him. The details could take care of themselves.

He'd woken up heavily aroused, as usual. The difference now was he could actually do something about it. He still couldn't believe Aayla was his, and he could make love to her like this freely whenever he wanted. He pressed himself hard up against her backside, wishing she wasn't dressed. She was wearing an attractive, well-fitting garment he'd never seen her wear before. He wondered where she'd gotten it. She had such a curvy figure that he didn't think she could borrow clothes from just anybody and have them fit so well. Then again, she was so beautiful he figured she would look great in the leftover packing material from a shipment of D-15s. He ran his fingers along the hemline of the garment, noting the colors suited her blue skin perfectly.

"Where'd you get this?" he asked, never having seen anything like it.

"Laseema," Aayla murmured, her voice still sleepy and now starting to sound a bit distracted as well.

He continued to follow the stitching of the garment around, trailing a light tantalizing line with his fingertips. He followed every line and stitch, around her sleeves, down her rib cage, and then slowly followed all the lines of decorative stitching around the breasts. Aayla let out a gentle sigh of pleasure.

"Remind me to thank her next time I see her," Bly's voice was a low throaty growl.

She opened her eyes just a slit, and looked out at him through heavily lidded eyes. She gave him a sexy smile which took his breath away as much as the revealing garment she was wearing.

"Aayla," Bly groaned, still overwhelmed at times at the effects she had on him. He puts his head down for a moment, and buried it in the crook of her arm. She stroked her fingers through his hair, relishing the softness against her fingertips.

It was a slow tender moment, and for once, they both felt as if time was on their side. He raised up his head again and continued his exploration of the sinfully beautiful garment she wearing. She allowed him to touch her freely. He continued to explore her reverently, tracing out each and and every stitch with his fingertips. He trailed his hands down her opposite ribcage, and followed the stitching down to her legs. He reached down as far as he could, without getting up, tracing the stitches along each of her hips. Aayla scooted up on the mattress, a willing participant, so he could reach her more easily. Bly chuckled, and continued with his light, gentle caresses. He trailed his fingers along the stitching between her legs. Aayla sucked in her breath, and then flipped over onto her back. Bly laughed, and then continued, tracing the lines of stitching than ran between her buttocks. He loved touching her like this, freely, slowly, and without inhibition. He finished with her buttocks, and then began trailing his fingers up her back. The garment had a low, generously scooped back. When Bly reached her exposed flesh, he gently raked her skin with his rough calloused fingers. Aayla moaned, and pressed her back up into his hand, demanding more.

Bly shifted his body so that he could deftly massage her back with his strong, dexterous fingers. Aayla sighed happily with pleasure, sinking deeper into the pillow.

After several long moments of this, Bly peered down at her, "You better not be falling asleep on me. We are not done here."

"Less talking. More massaging," Aayla sighed happily, pushing her back up into his hand again.

Bly shook his head and continued to work out the knots. But, he was too heavily aroused to be content with just touching her back. He worked all the tense muscles out of her spine, and then his hands began to wander to more interesting areas. He trailed his hand around to slip inside her top.

"Yes," he groaned happily, "I can't tell you how long I wanted to do this."

"You and the rest of the 327th Star Corps," Aayla laughed, rolling her eyes, "I can read minds, you know."

Bly frowned, not sure he liked the thought of the entire Legion having lewd thoughts about his General. It was one thing when he was doing, but knowing that everyone else was also lusting after Aayla was-

Seeing that his thoughts were turning dark, Aayla immediately moved in to distract him. "It is not an unusual thing for a Twi'lek to be thought after in such a manner. I have dealt with it all my life."

Bly was not placated, "I still don't like it."

Seeing that words were useless, Aayla decided to go for more direct means of distraction. She reached down and immediately unhooked her pants, sliding them off of her hips. Naked from the waist down, she pressed her body tightly up against Bly's erection and pulled him in for a full sensual kiss.

Bly immediately gave up all attempts at speaking and ground himself against her with satisfaction, pleased that there were less layers of clothing between them now. He reached one hand back to cup her naked buttocks, and keep her pulled tight up against him. Aayla resumed kissing him, as she ground her body up against his. Bly could feel she was getting just as much pleasure from this grinding as he was. Her sensitive female nub was rubbing up against the heavy duty cloth just the right way.

Bly's hand wandered under her sensual garment again, reaching for her breasts. Aayla took the hint, knowing Bly was anxious to have her completely naked. She undid the fasteners that held together the tight-fitting garment. Bly instantly swarmed in with his hands, running his hands over her breasts.

"You're absolutely beautiful," Bly murmured to her, as he caressed her. Aayla's eyes met his, and she could see the sincerity of his words. Bly truly was enraptured with her, and his Force signature radiated both his passion and his sincerity. Aayla found this combination to be absolutely irresistible, and her body cried out for Bly. Even just one night away from him was enough to make her crave his touch again.

She reached her hands down into Bly's pants and pulled him free, stroking his stiff, heavy shaft. He was already so engorged, and ready for her. She ran her fingertips lightly up and down his length.

Bly groaned at her touch. Aayla continued to explore him, one hand inside his army fatigues. She was amazed at how much power she held over him, simply by touching him. But, then again, his fingertips did the same thing to her.

She circled her fingers around his tip, and felt his entire body shiver in response. A small drop of wetness squeezed out of him. Aayla circled her fingertips in the droplet, and continued to rub circles on his tip. "Aayla!" Bly gasped, his entire body shivering in response.

Without undressing him any further, Aayla pulled him completely free so that his entire length was in her hand. She ran both her hands up and down his shaft, stroking him.

Bly positioned his hands on top of hers, and showed her exactly how he liked to be touched. She was a fast learner. Bly's breath hitched, and as he stared at Aayla, while she stroked him. He still couldn't believe that this gorgeous woman was his wife. He reached his hand up, teasing and stroking her breasts, and then reaching down to touch her between her legs. As he teased her body, she increased her pace of stroking him. He practically came off the bed with the waves of pleasure rolling through him.

"Aayla," he warned, gasping out her name. She nodded in understanding, knowing he couldn't hold back much longer. He could see the desire in her heavily lidded eyes. Aayla repositioned her body, sitting up on top of him. Bly's eyes widened as she sat down on top of his shaft.

Bly gasped in surprise, and then moaned in pleasure. He was still dressed, in the borrowed pair of pants, clothed, except for his naked shaft emerging out from the crotch panel. The erotic contradiction of being both clothed and naked at the same time, and feeling Aayla brushing up against the cloth, was almost too much to take.

"$#! Aayla!" Bly gasped out, reaching his hands up to grasp her hips.

Aayla laughed, and reached a hand down and put it over his mouth, "Bly! We are going to clean up that mouth of yours!"

Bly looked up at her breasts longingly, "I could think of something else I could put in my mouth instead-"

Aayla laughed again, shaking her head. She leaned down and kissed him instead.

"You're going to kiss me everytime I curse?" Bly whispered huskily, a sly smile on his face.

Aayla didn't answer, just leaned down to kiss him again.

"And, this is supposed to deter me from cursing?" Bly asked, his voice thickened with desire.

Aayla begin to ride his shaft, moving up and down on its' slick length. Bly couldn't speak anymore after that. Aayla felt herself quickly reaching her peak, a result of too much pent-up sexual passion. Unwilling for it to end so soon, she stopped. She held herself there, and let things calm down. Bly's eyes had closed. When she stopped, he peeked just eye open and looked at her questioningly. She reached out, making a mental connection to Bly, just as she'd done on the ship. The mental question felt amazing. Her bold moves in undressing and riding him had greatly excited him. She loved feeling his passion. She lay her head down on his chest, exploring his sensation, and sharing her own. Still naked, and still connected in the most intimate manner possible, they allowed themselves a moment of rest. Then, Aayla leaned forward, and captured Bly's mouth in a sensual kiss that continued on with the kiss they'd started in medbay. Except this time, she pressed her tongue between his lips, and she really kissed him. Their tongues locked and dualed, kissing each other breathless. As the kiss heated up and grew more and more passionate, their bodies naturally started moving again. The pace of their lovemaking began to pick up, becoming more and more frenetic. Aayla couldn't believe how long they were both lasting. She could feel her climax building, and knew it was going to be huge since they had managed to delay it for so long. Connected as she was to Bly through their link, she could feel his climax building as well. She continued to kiss him breathless as their bodies moved against each other. When their climax finally hit, they both cried out together. Their bodies shook from the intensity of it. Aayla held onto Bly, feeling the waves of pleasure grip her. She grabbed onto Bly. Bly followed her, his hands gripping her hips tightly as his body finally released itself into Aayla. He ground his pelvis up against her, crying out her name hoarsely, and loudly, not caring who might be in earshot. He'd held his breath as he released, so when it was over, he was gasping for air. Aayla collapsed against his chest. She could feel how rapidly her heart was pounding, and could feel the fast pace of his heartbeat under her fingertips. She was worried at first that perhaps the exertion might have been too much for Bly with all he'd been through. It sounded like he was having difficulties breathing. But, when she lifted her head up from Bly's chest, and peered at his face, he was smiling down at her.

"Wow," Bly said quietly, his shiny black hair beaded with small drops of sweat. He gave Aayla a lazy, charming smile and ran one hand idly down her lekku. He gave her a look bordering on wonderment, "that was amazing."

She smiled tiredly up at him, "OK, we are definitely doing that again."

"Agreed," Bly said, as he began to stroke her back again, his voice was hushed and with a tone that bordered on reverence, "and thank you."

# # #

A/N: A nice moment for Bly and Aayla before our brave Jedi heads out on her big mission... (sense of foreboding...)