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Lonely Girl

On the night when it was darker outside than usual a group of men riding huge black horses stood outside of a kingdom's walls. "Okay men we our going to enter from the Southeast gate where I have posted several of our allies on patrol. Remember to obey your orders. Capture as much commoners as you can, but make sure that you leave one person behind for each family so that their rage can get noticed by the king," the commander of the group ordered. The army barged through once the gate was open causing chaos wherever they went. Children were crying, parents were screaming, and teenagers were yelling with shock. Several commoner men tried to fight off the members of the army, but all died from sword wounds. Many towns' people of all ages were captured and taken away yet always one family member was left behind. Not too far from the chaos was a pink haired 6-year-old girl named Amu. She was twitching from a bad dream she was having and suddenly bolted straight up into a sitting position. Just then she heard the banging of the door trying to be smashed down and she screamed. Tears ran down her cheeks as her parents ran into her room holding her little baby sister Ami in their arms.

"Amu take Ami and hide in that spot okay," her father whispered forcefully.

"Take good care of your little sister," her mom whispered and then ran down stairs with her husband. Amu ran and pulled open a hidden dirt door in the ground and then placed Ami down gently before shutting the door and go to spy on what was going on down stairs. She heard the loud crash of the front door being smashed into pieces causing splinters to fly into the air and land near the opening. Two husky men barged in and grabbed her parents then locked them in a wagon with a bunch of her neighbors. Amu picked up a piece of scrap metal then ran at the two men.

"Give me my parents back," Amu shouted with tears in her eyes. She slid under one of the guys and then whacked his side with the scrap metal causing a small cut to appear and then slammed the metal rod into the other guy's ankle causing a snapping sound.

"You bitch how dare you," both of them shouted at the same time. They reached for her, but she dodged and they missed her by a centimeter.

"You guys are the bad guys so don't go calling me words like that," Amu shouted then ran for a straight attack. Her attack would have been perfect had it not been for one of the husky men who accidentally tripped on a rock. He took a step forward to brace himself for the impact and he fell on top of the little girl causing her to take short shallow breaths until he got up and pulled her by her hair.

"Little girl you are lucky that we have orders to leave one person behind for each family because otherwise you would be along for the ride," the one with her hair in his hands said. Amu was screaming her hair was barely holding onto her scalp finally he threw her into the corner of the house and then left going out of the village. Amu sucked in air with huge gulps after having the wind knocked out of her. She slowly got up and felt the pain in her back and held her head in her hands. Her head ached and she knew she was going to have bruises on her back later. She wanted to wail out her misery, but she had a more important job than that. Amu started packing a big bag full of her families most treasured items and then she grabbed another one a bit smaller filling it with a lot of Ami's clothes and other important materials. Amu grabbed her little sister and then told a neighbor to look after the house for a little bit until she was back. After several minutes of walking Amu knocked on the door of a small white and brown colored house. The door opened slowly and through the crack Amu saw the familiar orange pig tailed hair of her best friend Yaya.

"Hey Yaya can I talk to your mom it's important," Amu asked.

"Sure you can come in. That break in sure was crazy wasn't it? Is your family okay," Yaya questioned as she entered.

"No Yaya my parents are gone. They were captured," Amu managed to choke out as she finally let the tears pour down her cheeks. Yaya cried with Amu and gave her a hug until her mom came to the front to find out what all the commotion was.

"Amu what' wrong," Yaya's mom asked. Amu stopped sobbing and whipped away her tears.

"My parents were captured. I want to ask you a favor will you raise Ami since abandoned children end up in bad places. In this bag are most of her stuff and a few pictures of our family. Truthfully I think it's best if she doesn't know she has another family it might cause too much stress," Amu ranted with puppy dog eyes.

"Amu it's fine I'll take her, but you know I wish I could also take you. Sadly money is pretty tight these days and we don't have enough room," Yaya's mom answered with sadness.

"That's fine just as long as you watch over Ami and give her lots of love," Amu said putting on a smile that brightened the emotions inside of her. Amu gave Ami and the smaller bag to Yaya's mom then set off back to her house.

"May thanks for watching the house for me," Amu said giving her a hug. May just nodded her head and then walked back into her house right next door. Amu searched around for her new necklace it was a black chocker with a big heart locket in the middle of it. She found it in her dresser on the third level on the left hand side and then chose her favorite picture of her whole family then placed it inside. She put it around her neck and then searched for other items she would want to keep. Finally she had found enough to fill three bags and then made herself make if fit into two bags. Amu fell asleep near the door still holding her two bags one in each hand.

"Hey wake up! Wake up girl," a man shouted shaking me violently.

"I'm up," I responded my eyes wide open.

"Get up the King has commanded the programs for abandoned kids to make more room and take you kids in," the man said grunting. The man had huge muscles in fact so huge it looked ugly like a body builders.

"Where am I going," I asked quietly.

"To the institution of Fighting Army," the man grunted and then dragged me to the wagon. I sat next to many other kids while the man locked my house with several different locks. "It's the law incase your parents ever come back within 12 years the stuff remains locked in the house," the man snorted from lack of air. As soon as he got in the wagon it started to take off into the setting sun that was way too red for comfort and felt like a bad omen.

8 Years Later

"Ready set go," shouted the familiar voice of the examiner. My sword clashed against the metal of my opponent's sword. I hopped back several yards away standing near a pile of barrels filled with drinks or food. My opponent stared at me with a look of challenge, but still I wouldn't budge. Slowly they crept forward and slowly I crept backwards until I had nowhere to go. I was backed up into the barrels as far as I could go when they decided to attack and that is when I made my move. I back flipped onto the barrels just as the sword went down on were I was just seconds ago. The opponent's sword sliced through a barrel filled with beer that leaked out onto their shoes. I then picked up some stray flour and threw it in their face then hopped over them. I landed on my knees and both hands then swung my right leg around hard even harder when it connected with the opponent's legs. My opponent fell to the ground and landed on their back. I put my sword above their chest and then lightly scratched my initials into their stomach instead of killing them. "Match over! Winner of round 1 is Amu! Will she win the next round," the commenter shouted as if it was a surprise I won.

"Hey my name is Shota. I'm your next opponent not nice to meet you," he said holding his sword up.

"Amu and I agree it is not nice to meet you," I said lifting my sword up to his height.

"Ready…Set…Go!" We both charged at each other with high speed and then the loud clang came. I felt blood drip down the side of my left cheek and saw that the shoulder of my opponent was bleeding as well. We glared at each other and then ran again at each other. He sprang his legs ready to jump over me causing me to come up with a plan. I slid at a fast rate toward the wall of the fight arena and then bounced off of it going to the complete opposite side of the arena and then crashed my back against the wall as a way of halting. He ran toward me jumping over the place I had just crossed avoiding a small thin thread, but only landing on several other threads and tripping. I had placed them there from round one without drawing attention to it. Then I purposely put the thread out clumsily giving him the idea that he knew where it was, but in the end he fell for the trap. I walked over and slashed my initials into his back and then let him go off to his room. "Last, but not least the round where she has to kill and evil guy. He will definitely want to kill her," the commenter shouted. The gate opened for a brief second before I noticed how big this guy was. He was bigger than two Saint Bernard's put together. I gulped in a huge amount of salvia and then pulled out my sword high above the heavens. Before the match begun out of the corner of my eyes I saw some rich guy watching with excitement at this new development. I turned my vision back on the huge maniac villain who looked ready to kill me. If I want to live I better win this one. "Ready…Set…Go!"

"I won't lose," I shouted as I ran up and artfully drew my sword around me. He ran to my side and accurately targeted my right arm that held the sword. I threw myself out of the way of the blow and then rolled away from him. He swung his sword around and then let it go flying toward me. I stood up and threw my sword at his causing them both to clang toward the rightful owners. I swiftly grabbed my sword seconds before the villain and I strike his arm hard with my sword. Blood squeezed out of the cut and he groaned in pain, but kept his attacks going at the same pace. I dodged his attacks easily until he threw a rock behind me and caused me to lose balance. His sword connected for the briefest moment with my upper thigh causing me to wince in pain. Blood leaked out and I wiped it onto my fingers and then threw it at his eyes hitting them just in the right spot to make him blind until he rubs it off. I ran at him and kicked him with my uninjured leg. He fell to the ground, but before I could react he got a good slice of my shoulder and blood splashed out falling onto him. I screamed in pain, but before he could do anything else I stabbed him hard in the chest causing blood to spout out and drip into my hair. I felt dirty and drenched in blood. At the age of 14 I was already a killer. I wiped some blood of my cheek and then turned to see why the crowd was so silent. They started at me with shocked and scared faces. "You all think I'm a monster don't you," I whispered my eyes going wide with surprise. "I'm not the monster I was just fighting for my life the dude was a villain," I started shouting out in my defense. Tears ran down my eyes, but still all of the crowed stayed a far distance away except for the extremely rich looking wavy brown haired guy. His dark brown peering eyes stared into mine calmly and somehow that made me feel a little calmer. I stared back at him with my yellow golden sunset colored eyes.

"How much you want for her," his calm voice echoed in the complete silence surprising everyone including me. I put my arm around my shoulder to slow the bleeding thought it wasn't working that well. The medics made me throw my sword far away before coming to patch up my wounds. They then handcuffed me and then started to fix my wounds with bandages and ointments.

"You actually want this child of the devil. She has killed several guards this year trying to escape," the guy who first found me said, "I mean look at her hair it's covered with blood making it red. She looks like a demon child to me." A chain that was connected to a metal ring around my neck forced me to move behind the medic who held it. I bent down my head and covered my face with my hair too embarrassed to face the stares. I feel like I am an animal. The crowd now feeling safe started to taunt me and through food at me still I avoided looking up. I stared at the ground in front of me and never once looked into the face of the crowed. Anyone please take me away from here! I am a good person I saved my little sister from this pain I am feeling now and I never kill unless I truly have to.

"Yes I want this girl. She is not a monster just a talented girl who has the passion to fight with everything on the line. Name your price," he answered with the same calm voice and seemed to not notice all the gossip going around him throughout the whole crowd. The man grunted and then wrote down a number that seemed to take a while to write out and then handed it over. "I can pay that," the rich guy said and pulled out a huge stack of cash and then handed it over. It took him a while to count it, but when he finished he motioned for the medic to hand me over to him.

"Here are the keys to the shackles and handcuffs. This key is for the ring around her neck the other two work for the shackles and handcuffs," the man said handing them over. The man nodded his head and then took the chain and started walking off to his fancy coach wagon. I followed behind my head hanging low. I carried the two bags I had brought with me 8 years ago and sat in the wagon when addressed to.

"Lift your head up darling for there is nothing for you to be ashamed of," the man said putting his hand under my chin and lifting my head up. He pulled out the keys and unlocked all of the metal off of me.

"Who are you," I asked as the metal parts fell to the ground. I looked him in the eyes showing him I wasn't a scared little girl.

"I am the King of this kingdom," he said holding out his hand. I put my hand in his gently and then we shook.

"You don't look like the King," I murmured.

"That's because I am in disguise of course," the king said pulling off the mask and revealing his true identity.

"Y-Your Highness what do you want from me," I asked bowing my head ever so slightly.

"My daughter the Princess was kidnapped when she was young and she doesn't have much friends, so I was wondering if you would take it as your job to protect her," the King said bowing his head down to me.

"You shouldn't bow down to me such a lowly commoner," I said averting my eyes from him.

"So will you protect my only daughter Rima from harm," he asked his head still bent down. I paused for a minute and really looked at the King and his humbleness.

"Only if you try to rescue those who were kidnapped 8 years ago by the enemy," I replied seriously. The King lifted his head back up and then smiled.

"Well then it looks like we got ourselves a deal. Oh, but we need to come up with a disguise so no one recognizes you," the King said ordering out orders to a fashion designer of the royal court.

"What a disguise," I asked in shock.

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