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Dresses and Messes

Yaya's and Kairi's wedding ceremony is today and it's also the day that things are most probably going to end up terribly wrong. Except thanks to a certain person I am not focused on that bit of important information that I should be. Nope.

"So Amu when do I get to see you in your dress," Ikuto asked directly in front of the dark purple curtain I am changing behind. Of course he had to be using his seductive voice causing my cheeks to flame up red with heat.

"Go away you pervert," I shout wondering for the fourth time why he is the only one around the dressing room.

"Amu my love those words are hurtful things to say toward your beloved boyfriend. Besides shouldn't you be done dressing up by now," Ikuto teased.

"I…I can't lace up and tie the back of the dress by myself," I whisper embarrassed at my predicament. Where the heck was the maid that was supposed to be helping her out with tying the dress up in the back for her?

"Ah yes, I wonder where that maid ran off to," Ikuto muttered, "We'll be late if we wait for her to show up."

Before I could respond Ikuto quickly shoved the curtain aside strode into the changing room then closed the curtain behind him.

I blushed furiously and kept my exposed back against the wall. Ikuto smirked widely. Damn him he is clearly enjoying this way too much.

"Now, now Amu dear you know that this will not do," Ikuto said making a 'tutting' noise as if he was slightly disappointed with me.

"Who do you think you are? My father," I retorted.

"Well since you asked, I think you are my beloved girlfriend who is going to be by my side forever. Forever, includes when you are changing as well as when you are sleeping," Ikuto said closing the short distance between us in three steps.

"Y-you are not going to watch me every time I dress," I argue trying to cover up how scared I was he actually meant every word he was saying. Even I knew I was doing a poor job at it no need for him to look at me like that.

"I beg to differ we have been together for quite some time. Don't you think I have been patient enough? All of our friends have plans of their own for settling down and we have yet to even discuss are relationship because of everything that has been happening," Ikuto responded his playful smile gone.

Crap he was serious!

"I'm not ready for that kind of relationship just yet Ikuto," I plead.

"Why do you not love me," Ikuto asked nearly choking on the thought.

"I love you, damn it! I love you so much," I half sobbed, "I'm scared of letting people in. Most of my life I have been trained to kill. People always have treated me like a monster and I can understand why! It is terrifying the things I can do. I'm just scared that if you get to know me more you will think of me as a monster again. I'm also scared because I am a slave to my duty to my kingdom, and especially to my Queen and King."

Ikuto pulled me tightly into his arms causing my face to be buried in his chest listening to his erratic heartbeat. He was so nervous. He loves me.

"I'm so sorry for what they did to you. Those people who took your family away, those people who trained you to be a killer, those people who judged you and those that think of you as a slave. I'm sorry that my immature self freaked out and felt useless against your strength and I lashed out by calling you a monster, but please Amu please have some faith in me! I won't let anything keep me away from you. If we were to be separated I would devote all my heart into finding you. I love you, the girl with a brave soul who saved a wretch like me. Screw the prophecy."

I squeezed my arms around his back and as tears streamed down my cheeks, now red from crying I asked, "You promise? You won't let anything tear us apart?"

"Never, nothing will tear us apart. I promise," Ikuto smiled warmly and used a finger to brush away my tears.

"Okay, then I am all yours," I smiled back just as radiant as Ikuto.

"Now how can we let you attend the wedding with red buffy eyes and cheeks," Ikuto teased playfully, "I almost don't want to go with your dress seductively trying to slide off of you."

I blushed and thought about hitting him, but decided it was about time I be truthful with him. "Ikuto can you just hurry up and help me tie the back of my dress," I tease.

"Of course, my love," Ikuto said turning me around. Suddenly he placed a soft kiss on the middle of my back. I squealed with surprise and it had tickled.

"Don't do that so suddenly," I mutter beat red with embarrassment. How come he doesn't get embarrassed doing this sort of stuff? Oh well I guess it is part of his charm.

"Awe, but I know how much you liked it," Ikuto grinned as he worked on tying the dress.

"I'm free," I laughed after my dress was tied and properly staying on I ran out of the changing room.

"Not just quite yet," Ikuto smirked grabbing me by my waist and planting a terribly intoxicating kiss. His lips rubbed up against mine for so long they felt bruised and I was panting for air when we finally parted.

"You—you brute," I gasp.

"Oh was it too much for you Amu," Ikuto teased setting off a vein in my forehead.

"Oh no of course not Ikuto," I smiled sweetly while in my head an evil plan was formulating. My lips feeling bruised and puffy made me wince when I brushed my tongue against them.

I could hear hurried footsteps in this direction and turned my head just in time to see the maid run into the room.

"Sorry my dear sir and lady I was held up and give you my sincerest apology. Oh my, what happened to your face my lady," the maid fretted.

"She is so happy for her friends dream wedding to come true that she started crying just thinking about it," Ikuto answered before I could even open my mouth to answer.

"No matter come with me and I'll see what I can do," she sighed quickly grabbing my hand and out of the room, while Ikuto followed along.

Ikuto's POV

I wasn't really in love with the tux the palace chose for me. I mean I think I look good in it, but did it really have to fit that tight on my body? It's really uncomfortable and I would prefer to wear a black tux, but no here I am in a white one.

"Ikuto, does my face look okay now," Amu asked as she poked her head out from behind a door.

I don't know what that maid did, but she worked wonders.

"You look lovely. I cannot even tell just a moment ago you cried," I smiled. Her eyes had light pink eye shadow on and her eyelashes seemed longer and more noticeable. Her lips were really shiny and light pink…oh how I wanted to kiss her all over again. No I wanted to kiss her so hard she could never forget me.

This is going to be a long day. She is just too cute.

"You don't have to look so long," Amu's face flushed and she bowed her head slightly.

"Well I don't want you to not think I don't appreciate your beauty," I smiled giving her a hug. The dress she was wearing was long stopping at her ankles and it was as pink as her makeup.

"Thanks. You look handsome yourself she," whispered. I smiled and kissed her on her cheek.

"You can probably look good in anything, but I think that the dress the palace picked out for you doesn't really suit you," I said while offering out my arm. She accepted it with a smile.

"Same to you, I find it a little strange to see you wearing so much white," Amu chuckled.

"Not only that, but this thing is so tight it's uncomfortable," I sighed.

"It's too bad I can't be Yaya's maid of honor because she must assimilate into her new kingdom, but the wedding will still be very beautiful," Amu smiled sadly.

"You worried about your little sister Ami," I asked.

Amu simply nodded yes.

"I'm surprised Rima and Nagihiko didn't come even though they were invited," I said not used to seeing Naghihiko decline any offer to a party. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amu flinch.

"Well…they both have a duty to their kingdom to stay and protect the people as well as their own safety," Amu answered.

"Yes, of course you are right Amu. I'm just used to the Nagihiko I grew up with not his new role," I frowned.

"To be honest the changes in both Rima and Nagihiko have surprised even me a bit," Amu quietly added.

"Here is both of your seat numbers. The two of you are at table number eight," Saaya one of the few maids names I could remember stated.

When we got to our table I was surprised to see the only other person that was from our kingdom at our table was my sister Utau.

"Hey Ikuto and Amu don't you two look good together," Utau smiled.

"Thanks I think so too," I grinned.

"Utau do you know where Hiro and the others are sitting," Amu asked as she glanced around the huge dining hall.

"Well I think I saw Hiro at the table toward the front sitting near Ami. I know that Uhara Hiromi is sitting at some table directly in the middle. Honestly this seating arrangement makes no sense," Utau informed.

"No it makes perfect sense," Amu whispered so low I am pretty sure I imagined her saying it.

"I thought they would group us together not give us some prime seats," I sighed, "I don't really mind either way, but I wanted to hang out with Hiro."

"Yes, I as well but we shouldn't make a big deal of it and ruin this beautiful wedding day," Amu smiled.

"You're probably right Amu, but I really wanted to sit next to Kukai. If only he wasn't the best man then he wouldn't have to be stuck with this Ri chick who was picked to be the maid of honor," Utau sighed.

"It will be alright Utau I'll make sure that you and Kukai can get some alone time," I grin.

"Don't worry about Ri she isn't going to get with Kukai and honestly she has no interest in him as a man," Amu offered.

"How can you be sure," Utau asked.

"She is the same as me, a hired guard or in reality a slave to her master," Amu whispers to the two of us. I glance behind me to see the others at the table were trying to eves drop on our conversation.

"Well I am still worried," Utau whispered back.

"Of course you are, but don't worry I will protect you," Amu smiled.

What does she mean protect? What is with the weird word choice? Why has she seemed a little on edge today?

Utua's POV

An image, no a memory springs into my head of a girl with curly brown hair and grey piercing eyes. "Don't worry I will protect you," she told me firmly looking into my eyes.

"Melodia you can't that man will surely hurt you if you try. He hurt my parents so how can you save me," I pleaded.

"Trust me. I'll be alright," Melodia answered with a small smile.

"I don't want to lose the only friend I have made down in this cell just because of an abusive guard," I tried to reason.

"You're strong Utau you will be just fine. Believe in yourself one day you will escape this cell," the twelve year old girl ignored my pleas.

"I'm not strong," I mumble.

"Yes you are. You just won't allow it," she argued.

"Run he is coming," I shout at her when I hear metal clanking on the stone ground.

"This isn't goodbye Utau for I hope to remain in your heart as long as you shall live," Melodia sadly smiled, "You shall forever be in mine."

She turned away and ran in the direction of the guard. That was the last time I ever saw her. She only worked there for a short time feeding the prisoners, but she was so sweet and kind. Somehow she had managed to kill the guard and the reports said she was dead.

I had cried for months just thinking of her. The only kindness I had ever received in that prison. I thought she was dead, but in front of me was a girl who looked completely different from her.

Yet this girl had the same conviction in her eyes and a very similar voice just a bit more grown up.

I hadn't thought it possible when I first uttered the name to Amu, but now I couldn't be convinced otherwise.

"Amu just who are you," I asked.

Ikuto turned to look at me with shock and surprised. Amu didn't even change her expression as she turned to look at me.

"I am Amu Hinamori, I am the Pink Flare, I am also no one, but everyone," she simply stated as if it wasn't such a crazy answer.

"What are you talking about," Ikuto glanced at the both of us with worry.

"Oh, but to you Utau the no one you knew was named Melodia," Amu answered with a blank expression.

"Who's that," Ikuto asked his worry increasing.

"Melodia is no one."

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