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The Great Escape


I had gotten too captured by Kuakia's attention while dancing that I jumped when a loud bang of the door opening hit the wall. I really didn't have to look to know it was King Roth and his men so I didn't. I kicked Kukai aside before he could even think of getting a good grip on me.

Then I ran like hell snatching Ikuto, Utau, Hiro, and Uhara.

"What the hell is happening," Hiro freaked out.

"Uhara you are in command of getting everyone that attended this wedding from our kingdom out of here do not trust anyone from the Landslide Kingdom okay everyone. Luckily we only have two more people somewhere in this crowd from our kingdom. Find them and escape through the window. I will stall them away from you until you make your exit. This is an order," I said quickly before running out into the open.

I didn't even have time to say goodbye to Ikuto or even a see you later.

"Well, well, well if it isn't my runaway pet Amu," King Roth smiled down at me. I pulled out the dagger I had hidden underneath my dress attached to my leg with a belt.

"And here I thought you were trying to give us a show," he smirked at the dagger in my hands.

"Not quite. I'll give you a show just not that kind of show," I growled as I charged at him.

It wasn't a surprise that a human wall surrounded him and my attack only hit one of his knights. The knight cursed in pain.

"You're not as scary without a sword," King Roth smiled. There was a slight buzz in the air and my head automatically by instinct dogged just in time to avoid a dart with some sort of poison maybe. Sadly it only hit a knight in armor then fell to the ground.

"Tadase you'll be punished for missing," King Roth smiled darkly, "That is unless your next shot doesn't miss."

Shit. I had done a background check on Tadase when I first met him and it had claimed he came from Belgicia Kingdom a land surrounded by water on all four sides. The Belgicia Kingdom was known for staying neutral and uninvolved in the quarrels and wars that happened to the Kingdoms in this land.

"I won't," Tadase answered furiously as he slightly paled.

"Knights surround her. Tadase don't miss," King Roth shouted. I turned my head and turned around looking for a weakness in the human barrier. It wasn't that there weren't a lot of openings it was just too many knights to beat up and escape without getting knocked out.

Still that wasn't going to stop me from trying. I knocked one knight to the ground and charged into the one behind him making him loose balance. I hoped over him and into the next knight's sword with my dagger in front to block his attack. Then I dropped to the ground and rolled past him just as I was about to beat the last three knights in my way I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

My vision started to blur and all I could think was how much I would nearly rather die than be stuck as this man's slave again.

"You nearly missed and let her escape Tadase, but since you have managed to succeed I won't kill her," King Roth glared, "Pick her up we are leaving the others have already escaped and I have sent a few men after them."

"I'm sorry," whispered a voice in my ear. Before I passed out and was lost to a world of darkness.

Hiro's POV

Amu had just ran off to distract the enemies. I don't know how long she can distract so many of them so I quickly glance for the coach driver from my kingdom and find him quickly behind the long curtains of one of the big windows across the room. I could tell because of the shoes he was wearing.

"Uhara sir I have found the coach driver may I go and retrieve him," I ask.

"Yes, I will have Ikuto try to find the doctor that was invited. Go and escape through the window. We will meet up in the stables," Uhara commanded.

I can't hear anything other than the loud beating of my heart beat. This situation is bad, very bad and I'm scared, but I force my feet to keep moving. I grab the man, protect his head with my hand and jumped into the glass shattering it causing women to scream.

I really was faster without all that knight armor, but it hurt when I landed on my back protecting the man I had rescued from capture.

"You all right sir," I asked as I quickly got up and dragged him along with me to the stables.

"Oh my god I was honored to be invited to attend the wedding, but I don't want to die my children and my poor wife would starve without me," the man hyperventilated.

"Well then it's a good thing you're still alive," I state. I just hope the others will make it out of the castle without harm as well.

Utau's POV

Everything happened so quickly. One minute I was dancing with my brother and the next a loud bang startled me. Before I could even choke out a noise of surprise Amu snatched us away toward a wall of the castle.

"Ikuto did you find the Doctor yet," Uhara asked as the two of us followed Ikuto.

"Yes last time I saw him he was over here, plus look at the ground there are traces of medical powder he dropped in fright leading over here," Ikuto answered in a detached voice. He must get this way while working.

"Good work. That is a fine powder I'm surprised anyone can spot it in this chaos," Uhara replied with shock.

"Here he is behind this statue," Ikuto said pulling out the man from his hiding place.

"Time to go," Uhara said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. Then he and Ikuto jumped out the closest window a few of King Roth's knights stopped right behind us unwilling to jump out the window. Glass shattered and I was too scared to even scream.

"Kukai," I sobbed as I saw his figure looking down at us from the broken window. Why was this happening? How could the Landslide Kingdom betray us?

"What about Amu," Ikuto asked looking sick with worry.

"She said to escape and get everyone to safety. It is an order so we must obey since she has a higher rank than me," Uhara explained as we picked ourselves up off the ground and ran toward the stables.

"How could they betray us," I sobbed while seeing the stables in sight.

"A war is brewing there has been trouble with the kingdoms and bartering for a while now," Uhara explained, "However, it is unexpected that they would use the wedding as a ploy to take away Amu our strongest knight."

"If they hurt Amu I swear I will personally go and kill them," Ikuto growled.

"There you guys are we need to go pronto," Hiro raced up to meet us along with the guy who drove the carriage here.

"Are we going to take the carriage with us," Utau asked as she grabbed a horse and sat side sadle.

"Nope it will slow us down and we need to go now," Uhara explained as he hoped on his horse.

Once all of us got settled we raced into the woods and avoided the trails.

"How much longer are those guys going to follow us," Utau asked.

"Until we get them to lose our trail or kill them and since it is a no brainer where we are headed I suggest we kill them," Hiro voiced his opinion.

"Go ahead then Hiro I will continue on with Ikuto and Utau to report to the King and Queen," Uhara smiled, "Stay safe and live."

"Gotch ya," Hiro smiled as he hoped down from his horse and pulled out his sword, "They'll be dead before they know it."

That they were…

Amu's POV

I sat up and looked dizzily at my surroundings. Not that I could tell you much it is pitch black and is only big enough to fit me sitting down. I wouldn't even call this a room. I checked for weapons, but all of them were removed.

I hope the others made it out okay and didn't try to come back for me.

Well life sure is going to be interesting from now on. I still can't believe I am back in this man's clutches.

Shivers start to rack my body and before I can stop them the door opens shining a bright light that burns my eyes against my face.

"Well, well it looks as if my little pet needs to be retrained just after I got it back," Roth smiles darkly at me.

"I can't wait to see you break down again."

I growl at him knowing that even as I do so it is pointless. If this is anything like last time I most surely will break at some point.

"Just for that I'm going to make it ten times worse than last time," he smirks.

I think I'd rather die.

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