Title: Three's a Crowd
Pairing: Blaise/Draco/Harry
Rating: NC17/Adult
Word Count: 15,000
Warnings: Threesome!
Disclaimer: The characters depicted herein belong JK Rowling and associated publishers. I make no profit from this endeavour.
Author's Notes: Enjoy!
Draco walks in on Harry and Blaise and realises too late what - or rather who - he really wants.

"It's been two months, Harry. I don't want to hide anymore. I want the world to know that you're mine...and I'm yours," Blaise Zabini traced circles around Harry's belly button with his thumb, his expressive brown eyes pleading with Harry's reluctant green ones. He knew how Harry felt about being the centre of attention, but this was about more than just Harry, it was about both of them.

"Blaise, I don't know... We'll be out of here in a couple of months and then it won't matter. It's nobody's business but ours. You know how I feel about you; isn't that enough?"

"Not anymore. I feel like your dirty little secret, Harry."

"Well," replied Harry with a teasing grin. "You are quite dirty."

"Harry -" began Blaise with a sigh, his ability to speak abruptly leaving him as Harry reached a hand over and stroked the length of his cock. That it could even react at all after such a toe curling blow job five minutes earlier never ceased to amaze Blaise. Harry always had that effect on him.

Harry sat up and in a swift move straddled Blaise. The renewed interest in his cock stepped up a pace as Harry slowly pumped him with a firm grip, before leaning forward to nibble his lower lip, his tongue easing its way into Blaise's waiting mouth. All thoughts of persuading Harry to go public forgotten as their tongues tasted each other with slow languorous strokes as Blaise pulled back the control and with a groan, rolled Harry beneath him.

"Fuck Blaise," murmured Harry as Blaise began an assault on his collarbone, working a trail of bites and nips down to his nipples before treating them both to a laving of his tongue. Harry's legs found their way around Blaise's waist, his green eyes pleading now as he stared up at him. "I need you now."

Blaise didn't need any further encouragement as he grabbed his wand off the side and muttered a lubrication charm, his fingers immediately starting to tingle with his favourite brand of lube. Without breaking eye contact with Harry he sat back on his heels, shifted Harry's legs down and ran his forefinger down Harry's shaft, eliciting a strangled gasp from his lips, letting his finger gently trace over Harry's balls on its way to its destination.

Harry's entrance, pink and inviting, was breached by Blaise's questing finger, causing Harry to buck his hips with a curse. "You like that, Harry?" Blaise curled his finger and expertly found the spot that would send Harry wild with need.

"Fuck, yes!" hissed Harry. "Give me more."

Blaise withdrew and replaced the solitary digit with two, stretching Harry in preparation for his cock. He loved how Harry writhed and moaned beneath him. He'd been very surprised to discover that Harry was such a screamer.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard, baby," promised Blaise as he added another finger. "Who do you belong to, Harry?" He scissored his fingers inside Harry and watched the lust in his eyes as he gripped the bed sheets and bucked upwards with another moan.

"You, Blaise, only you...mmmmnng...oh Merlin, fuck me, Blaise. I can't wait, I -" Blaise grinned as Harry started to beg. This was his favourite part.

"My pleasure," he said hoarsely. "Turn over," he commanded, and Harry was on his knees offering his arse to Blaise in a heartbeat. Blaise crawled a slow circle around him until his now fully ready cock was level with Harry's raspberry red lips. A pink tongue snaked out and circled the tip, causing Blaise to gasp throatily, his hands fisting in wild black locks as Harry engulfed the entire length, laving it with saliva. A couple more thrusts into Harry's talented mouth and Blaise pulled out, turning Harry round and dipping his head and ran his tongue around the edge of Harry's entrance. "Blaise, you're such a tease," Harry managed to croak as his knees nearly gave way beneath him. "Now!"

Blaise lined up his cock up, and without further preamble, thrust hard into the welcoming heat. "Harry, you're so fucking hot," muttered Blaise and Harry thrust backwards, taking Blaise's length into him up to the hilt. He didn't waste time making sure Harry was okay with the intrusion as Harry preferred it when he just got on with it.

He pulled out and thrust back in, setting up a steady rhythm, keeping his hands steady on Harry's hipbones, watching with awe at the sight of his own member moving in and out of Harry's perfect backside; and it was...perfect that is. His Harry was perfect in every way; scarred and battered he may be, but that only added to his attractions as far as Blaise was concerned.

"Mnng, Blaise..." Harry dropped down and rested his head on his arms, the position offering a better angle as Blaise swivelled and grazed his cock over Harry's prostate. "Fuuuuuck! Blaise...harder...oh Merlin...please, Blaise."

Blaise picked up the pace, loving the mewling sounds that were escaping Harry's lips as he fucked him into the mattress. "I love fucking you, Harry," he rambled. "I love your tight little hole and the noises you make for me. I love it when you come screaming my name."

He reached round and took hold of Harry's cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts, listening to Harry's reactions as he climbed towards his release. Blaise always made sure Harry came first when possible; he leant forward and ran his tongue over Harry's earlobe, whispering, "I want to feel you come, Harry," and as reward he felt Harry start to tighten around him as he gave in to the command, the furious strokes assailing him both inside and out.

"Blaise! Yes, oh Merlin yes!"

The door opened and Draco Malfoy walked in, head down as he rifled through his bag for something. He froze when he heard the noises coming from Blaise's bed, the curtains wide open to reveal the naked couple in full glory.

"Shit!" cried Blaise when he saw Draco; they'd forgotten to cast locking charms as they usually used the Room of Requirement that locked automatically as they required. Harry's head shot up at Blaise's exclamation and locked eyes with Draco in horror.

It was too late for both of them, too late to stop what they had started.

Harry came then, as Blaise gave him one final stroke, unable to hold back his cries of ecstasy as he rode out the orgasm, even with Draco standing frozen and open mouthed with shock watching them both.

It was too much for Blaise and his climax was ripped from him violently as he spilled his life force inside Harry, his orgasm seeming to go on forever; Draco's presence not detracting from it, if anything, it added to it. As the last spasm shook his body he collapsed on top of Harry, who had now buried his head in his arms and was muttering, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," under his breath, presumably in reaction to Draco's presence.

Draco finally seemed to gather his wits and close his mouth, only to open it again, "How long has this been going on?" he whispered. Blaise had expected worse, like 'how could you fuck Potter/a Gryffindor/in our room without locking the door?' or for Draco to freak out completely and leave the room, never this though; Draco's expression was more hurt than angry, more confused than condemning.

Blaise sighed, he was still inside Harry, and Harry couldn't be too comfortable pinned as he was beneath him as he was the smaller of the two. There was no way he was moving and revealing Harry's vulnerable position to his house-mate and best friend. Harry had other ideas though, squirming beneath him and somehow dislodging his cock as he wriggled out from beneath him and grabbed his wand from the floor, not seeming bothered that he was in his altogether in front of Draco.

"Two months, Malfoy," he answered for Blaise, before casting a cleaning spell at himself, Blaise, and the bed. He began pulling on his clothes off the floor, not once taking his eyes off Draco. Blaise saw Draco turn a shade paler, the trademark Malfoy cool obviously unsure how to react in such a situation. Draco swallowed, and Blaise could see the effort it took him to do so, his Adam's apple bobbing above the clasp of his robes. Draco's eyes flicked to Blaise as Harry turned away and began searching the floor for his shoes. Finding them he shoved his feet quickly into them, without redoing the laces, bent over and kissed Blaise softly on the lips. "See you later okay?" He cast one final glance at Draco and left the room, pulling his invisibility cloak over his head as he did so.

As the door closed behind Harry, Draco seemed to collect himself and find his favourite sneer. "You've been fucking Potter for two months, Blaise?" The Malfoy mask finally dropped into place, rendering his expression unreadable. Blaise nodded, deciding he might as well sit up now, it wasn't as though Draco hadn't seen it all before over the years. He rocked back onto his heels and reached round for a pillow to hide his manhood, only resulting in drawing attention to it as Draco's cold grey eyes flicked downwards with a gasp. The pillow was in place, but Draco was staring at Blaise's abdomen, the lower part of which was covered in tiny bite marks where Blaise liked Harry to nibble before sucking his cock. "You're disgusting," ground out Draco, throwing his bag onto the only other bed in the room before wrenching the door open and storming out, calling behind him, "You make me fucking sick."

Blaise closed his eyes and sighed heavily. He supposed he'd get his wish now; the whole of Hogwarts would know about him and Harry by dinner that night. It was what he'd wanted, but not like this. Harry would be furious.

Getting off the bed and pulling on his boxers, Blaise began to pace the room. He'd just had the best sex of his life. Harry did that to him; he fucking loved Harry to distraction. Harry was the bravest, most beautiful person he had ever met, and he wanted Blaise back. Blaise didn't feel worthy of him; but he wasn't going to tell Harry that. Harry Potter could have anybody he want wanted and he chose to be with him. He was a lucky man and he knew it.

What was the matter with Draco? Yes, it must have been mortifying for him to witness that, but he'd been frozen to the spot, and before he'd regained his senses, he'd looked so betrayed. Blaise guessed he was hurt that he hadn't told him about Harry sooner; but what would he have said? Draco loathed Harry Potter. Harry loathed Draco Malfoy. How was he supposed to tell his best friend that he was dating – and was in love with - his arch nemesis?


Hermione was enjoying a moment of quiet in the corner of the common room before dinner her nose buried in a book and a small smile of contentment on her face; until Harry came flying in through the portrait hole and flung himself into the seat opposite her with a gigantic sigh. Hermione immediately cast a silencing charm to stop anyone from overhearing their conversation.

"What's wrong, Harry? You look terrible." Hermione liked to get straight to the point, as she had when she'd sussed out about Harry and Blaise a few weeks ago, promising not to tell Ron. Things were not so great between the two of them since he'd drunkenly cheated on her with Hannah Abbot anyway, so Harry had trusted she wouldn't be telling Ron very much about anything for some time to come.

Harry closed his eyes and sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose wearily. He no longer wore glasses since discovering Muggle contact lenses; or rather Hermione discovered them and encouraged him to get some. Opening his eyes and looking directly at her she felt her breath catch in her throat. Harry was totally unaware of his own attraction. Now eighteen years old he had blossomed into a toned, lithe, good looking young man; he'd grown into his looks and Hermione could safely say he was bloody gorgeous. She occasionally had to give herself a talking to when she found her mind wandering down the Harry daydream path, because although she now found that she did find him more than just slightly attractive, she knew he thought of her as a sister and nothing more...and there was the fact that he mostly batted for the other team. He claimed to be bisexual, but he definitely preferred boys.

"Malfoy caught me and Blaise together." Harry said the words but Hermione sensed that being caught wasn't the important thing here.

Hermione suppressed a groan as the image of Blaise and Harry fucking whilst Malfoy looked on assuaged her mind. Merlin that was hot. The three of them were the best looking boys in school by a long shot.


"Er, yes, sorry, Harry!" Hermione snapped out of her reverie and gathered her wits about her, deciding to store up that image for later use. "What did he say – Malfoy I mean?"

"He asked Blaise how long, and Blaise kind of froze, so I told him two months. I kind of left them to it after that. I panicked a bit." Harry was worrying his lower lip nervously.

"So you just left Blaise to deal with Malfoy by himself?"

"Blaise is one of the few people Malfoy actually likes. If anyone can persuade him to keep his mouth shut he can."

"I'm sure you're right," said Hermione, doubt ringing in her voice. "But this is Malfoy we're talking about here. He hates you, Harry. He loves making you squirm, and now he has the perfect ammunition,"

"Blaise is his best friend; will he want to make him squirm?" Harry pulled his legs under him and sat cross legged in the chair. "Besides, if he tells everyone then so be it...Blaise was only saying earlier he wanted to go public, and although I, er, changed the subject, it would make him happy, which would make me happy so..."

"You really love him don't you?"

"I really do," Harry answered, his eyes softening as he thought of his brown eyed Slytherin. "I should thank Slughorn for making me supervise that detention..."

"You never did tell me what happened," Hermione prompted hopefully as visions of Blaise fucking Harry over Slughorn's desk popped into her head.

Harry blushed. Hermione surmised she probably wasn't that far off the mark.

"So you're over your Malfoy obsession?"

When she and Harry had been hunting for Horcruxes last year things had changed between them. They had always been good friends; that year cemented them as best friends. Harry had confided in her that there had been more to his sixth year obsession with Malfoy than suspecting him of being a Death Eater. He'd been half in love with him since third year.

Harry looked uncomfortable. "Not exactly...I kind of liked it Mione, him seeing me like that." He blushed again. "I love Blaise, but part of me still wants Malfoy. His watching us turned me on."

Both Hermione and Harry had been certain Harry had no chance with Draco Malfoy. He was straight; there were enough rumours about his prowess with the ladies to quash any doubt about that; oh, and he loathed Harry.

Ironically enough, Harry had started to notice Blaise through his fruitless observations and obsessions with Malfoy.

At Harry's confession Hermione pursed her lips to stop the excited gasp from escaping. "Harry Potter -"

Harry grinned. "Sorry, couldn't help it."


"That was odd," commented Harry, as he relaxed on Blaise's bed, a perplexed look on his face. "I expected Malfoy would have told the whole school about us by now."

"I don't think he will," Blaise pulled Harry onto his lap and nuzzled his neck gently. "I think he'll keep it to himself."

"What did he say after I'd gone?"

"He told me I was disgusting and left in a huff; typical Draco like reaction."

Something twisted in Harry's gut. "Disgusting for being with me?"

"No – yes – I don't know!"

"He wasn't at dinner." Harry knew he was stating the obvious. "Do you think he's avoiding you – us?"

"Most likely; put yourself in his shoes, Harry; he, Pansy and I are the only Slytherins from our year to return after the war, I'm supposed to be his best friend and I've had all this going on without telling him..."

"Did you lock the door?" Harry suddenly asked with a start. They were back in Blaise and Draco's room, figuring they'd already been caught by Blaise's roommate once so it was the safest place to meet up.

"No he fucking didn't!" growled a voice as the door opened to reveal a very pissed off looking Malfoy. He glared at Blaise. "Has Potter moved in now?"

Harry scrambled off the bed hastily, "Look, I'd better go," he said for both their benefits.

"No, don't let me ruin your little shagging session," Malfoy sneered with a bitterness Harry would never have anticipated. "I'll leave." He grabbed his bag off the bed where he had thrown it earlier and left as quickly as he had arrived.

Harry looked at Blaise and found he looked very downcast. "He'll forgive you eventually," he promised, hoping for Blaise's sake it was true. He glanced at the door and immediately felt guilty for the small part of him that wanted to go after Malfoy; to dig out the Marauder's map and follow him like he'd done all that time in sixth year. "You know, Blaise, I used to have a huge crush on Malfoy," the words escaped his lips before he really realised what he was saying.

To his surprise, Blaise laughed, sitting up and pulling Harry back down onto the bed, "So did I, Harry. In fact it was because of his obsession with hating you that I began to notice how you'd 'bloomed'."

"Do you still...have feelings for him?"


Blaise searched Harry's face for a long couple of minutes before taking his hand in his and brown eyes met green, "Yes and no," he said slowly, trying to work it out in his own head as he went. "He's my best friend and he's bloody gorgeous. I'd be lying if I said I was immune, or that when he found us earlier that wasn't -"

Harry coughed, blushing. "Er, I'm with you there."

Blaise sighed in relief. Harry had found Draco catching them an enhancement to their activities as well. "You naughty little pervert," Blaise teased.

"I have two words for you Zabini," Harry unzipped Blaise's fly and slid his and inside the Muggle jeans he'd bought him for his birthday because they made his arse look fantastic.

"Mmmhm?" groaned Blaise, already losing interest in the words coming out of Harry's soft pink mouth.

"Yeah," Harry began to ease the jeans down to Blaise's ankles. "Pot and kettle."

"Huh?" His jeans landed on the floor with a soft thud; what was Harry on about, pots and kettles? Another thud as Harry's jeans joined his. Blaise was already hard, had been since Harry had confessed he'd liked Draco finding them fucking.

"Shhh," Harry ordered, covering Blaise's mouth with desperate kisses before grabbing his wand and muttering the spell that both lubricated and prepared, his hand wrapping firmly around Blaise's cock as he lowered himself onto it with a satisfied smirk.

Blaise nearly came at the sight of Harry impaling himself on his member. Harry, still half clothed in his desperation to get to this point, tipped his head back, showing Blaise the curve of his throat as he began to moan his name. Harry lifted himself off Blaise and slowly lowered himself back down again, leaning forward and running a stripe with his tongue from Blaise's ear to his nipples, circling them with his tongue as he rode him; sitting back and picking up the pace rapidly until they were both breathless and on the edge of coming, Harry's hand wrapped around Blaise's as he fisted his cock, unable to break eye contact as they climbed together towards their goal. Harry biting hard on his lower lip to stifle a scream, and Blaise not caring, filth spewing from his lips as he told Harry how much he loved fucking him and how tight he was, and what a fucking little slut he was for him; only for him. They both exploded around one another, Harry failing miserably at holding back his screams as he spasmed around Blaise's pulsing cock, coming all over his stomach.

They collapsed side by side on the bed, silly smiles fixed to both of their faces.

"I love you, Blaise."

"I love you too, Harry," returned Blaise, his heart pounding quickly with the truth of the words. He pulled the covers over them both, pulled Harry close and began to drift off into a contented sleep.


Outside the room, slumped with his back against the door, sat Draco Malfoy, who five minutes after leaving the room had a change of heart and had come back to talk to Blaise and Harry; smooth things over, say it was okay and that he wouldn't tell anyone about them. He'd had his hand on the handle, about to enter, when he'd heard Harry sshhhing Blaise and then sex noises had started; hot hard fast sex that culminated quickly in suppressed screams...and declarations of love. Draco had been rooted to the spot, utterly unable to move for the second time that day.

Draco squeezed his eyes shut as hot fat tears escaped and fell silently down his flushed pink cheeks. He'd never felt so alone. He was too late. Harry and Blaise had found each other, and Draco was left out in the cold again.