Draco's heart was about to explode out of his chest in excitement and anticipation; the stern voice of his father that was trying to break through his senses to tell him that a Malfoy most certainly did not kneel for anyone, was cast aside. Draco was the head of the Malfoy family now, and if he wanted to kneel before Blaise and Harry then he damned well would.

Acutely aware of the eyes that followed him; he gracefully climbed onto Blaise's bed and knelt in the middle, his bottom resting on his feet, his erection reaching for the sky, unsure then if Blaise had meant to simply kneel or to go down on all fours. He didn't have to wonder for long as both of his companions joined him on the bed, Harry in front if of him, Blaise to the rear. Harry gripped him by his elbows and pulled him upwards so that he was fully exposed to his perusal, lazily dragging his eyes along the length of Draco's body, pausing at his cock and licking his lips before continuing higher and locking his green eyes with Draco's.

Harry shuffled himself closer, his body flush to Draco's, calloused hands sliding down his back to rest on his hipbones, fingers running circles over the sensitive flesh there as he bent his head and dragged Draco's lower lip between his teeth, stifling Draco's surprised gasp as the smoother hands of Blaise Zabini traced their way over the pale globes of his arse, and a long finger slipped forward and breached his virgin hole. Draco moaned at the unexpected intrusion, and his shaft began to revive faster than he would have thought physically possible.

Blaise gently guided Draco's upper body forwards a little to allow himself better access to Draco, resulting in closer contact with Harry. Harry's erection pressed into Draco's abdomen, eliciting a muffled moan from Harry as he explored his mouth with a fervour that surprised and excited Draco.

Kissing Harry back, Draco's own hands explored his taut bottom, his gut twisting at the knowledge that this was Harry kissing him, Harry whom he'd wanted for so long: and Blaise, who had always looked out for him, always been there...Blaise who was exploring the outer rim of his hole almost reverently with his forefinger, dipping it back inside again and confidently curling it, the slight burn soon forgotten as Blaise's finger grazed over something that made Draco scream with pleasure as he tore his lips away from Harry to cry out, "Oh Merlin..."

Harry grinned wickedly and closed his hand over Draco's cock, slowly pumping the length, and from behind him, leaning into his ear Blaise said, "You like that, Dray?" and Draco could only nod as he fought off the instinct to moan as the hand on his cock tightened and Harry's lips found his collar bone, then his nipples, and then Blaise was paying his full attention back to Draco's entrance as a wet and warm sensation began to slowly run a path around it, before stabbing purposefully inside, swirling once, withdrawing and repeating over and over...

Draco was lost in sensation; his breath coming in spurts as he struggled to maintain some semblance of control. Two tongues, one fucking his hole and the other currently working its way down to join the hand around his member; Harry's hand. Merlin, this was too much, he was going to come again soon if he didn't keep his cool. How could a person keep their equilibrium when their body was being worshipped like this, two people seemingly intent on pleasuring Draco to within an inch of his life. "St..stop," he managed to breath. "I can't...for much longer."

Harry removed his hand from his prick and brought his mouth back up to Draco's, plundering it again, his hands framing Draco's face as Draco joined him in the battle. The tongue in his arse thankfully became the tongue on the backs of his thighs as a finger found its way inside him again, and Draco stabbed himself back on it, wanting more, wanting to be impaled, loving the feeling of being stretched as one finger confidently became two, the stretch burning slightly as Blaise moved his fingers in and out, finally adding a third and curling them again causing Draco to drag his lips away from Harry long enough to say, "More...I need more..."

"That can be arranged," Blaise said, driving his fingers deeper inside Draco. "Harry?"

Harry pulled away from Draco, and he swayed forwards slightly at the loss of contact. Harry reached down and gave Draco's cock another swift tug before crawling around behind him, replacing Blaise who moved in front of Draco and arranged himself against the headboard, legs splayed, his hand gripping his own cock as he met Draco's gaze, "On all fours Draco." His brown eyes glittered with need as he watched Draco drop, offering his arse to Harry who was running hands over the silky skin and raining tiny kisses along his spine.

One of Harry's fingers tentatively circled Draco's hole, and Draco heard him mutter a spell followed by a low moan as he parted Draco's cheeks and nudged the head of his cock at his waiting entrance. Draco held his breath in anticipation as he saw Blaise nod at Harry over his shoulder, and slowly he felt Harry pushing into him.

It hurt and Draco but his lip to stifle the cry, not wanting Harry to stop, but he must have sensed the hesitation as he paused, kissed Draco's back and whispered, "Just relax. Tell me if you want me to stop."

"Don't stop," Draco found himself saying, instinctively pushing back. He looked at Blaise who was eagerly stroking his own cock, his eyes fixed on Draco's bobbing manhood as it strained towards him. Draco made himself relax and Harry's cock pushed further into him, filling him, until Draco could feel his balls bouncing against his.

Harry stilled there, and Draco wondered what he was waiting for, he was ready now, the feel of Harry inside him was almost too much, he wanted to move, wanted Harry to move, he craved the friction. This was amazing, this was...

"Fuck him hard, Harry," said Blaise, his eyes meeting Harry's again. "He wants it."

It must be written on his face how much he needed this, how much he wanted it. He pressed back against Harry even further and that seemed to be all the encouragement he needed as he pulled back, almost completely and slammed himself back into Draco, hard, as he had been instructed.

Draco groaned and closed his eyes and the intensity of it, and Harry did it again, more swiftly, thrusting back again vigorously. Draco bit his lip, wanting to beg for Harry to go harder and faster and deeper, but his Malfoyness held him back, that voice telling him Malfoys don't beg, but then his eyes flew open, and there was Blaise, licking his own lips, his gaze fixed on the apex of Draco's thighs; at his cock and Harry's as it pounded Draco's arse, Blaise's dark hand speeding up as he wanked himself...and Draco lost all coherent thought, "Gaah, Harry – MORE!"

Harry's hands were firmly gripping onto Draco's hips to steady him; and every few strokes he would lean down and nip Draco's shoulder. Draco almost screamed in disappointment when Harry withdrew completely, until he flipped him onto his back, leaning in and taking Draco's lips in a fierce kiss before sitting back on his heels, arranging Draco's legs over his shoulders and drilling back into him with a satisfied moan, twisting the angle until his cock brushed over that spot again, and Draco screamed, his hands going to his own cock in response only to be batted away by Harry as Harry pushed closer. Draco feeling like he was being bent in half and Harry pounded into him, their eyes locking together, green meeting grey, Harry unable to contain the filthy moans escaping from his lips and Draco sensed he moved closer to orgasm.

Unable to help himself Draco's own uncensored cries flew from his tongue in a chorus of fucks, Merlins, more, faster and yes, yes, yes. He could feel a familiar yet completely alien tingling in his abdomen that indicated he was close, unfamiliar because nothing had felt like this ever, and he had been with many girls and always got off on it, but this was new, this was right, this was so fucking fantastic that he knew he'd never be with a girl again, or anyone other than Harry or Blaise.

As he thought of Blaise then, he twisted his head slightly, and Blaise was still there, manically pulling his cock, watching the two in front of his with passion darkened eyes, and seeing Draco looking for him, his lips curved into a smile and he pushed himself off the headboard, his hand still gripping his cock, and bent down to kiss Draco, moving round to the side and taking Draco's poor neglected cock into his other hand and pumping it in time with his own.

It was too much for Draco to stand; he never wanted this to end, wished he could delay his orgasm forever, always be with these two beautiful boys who both filled and surrounded him, but it was too much, too intense, and as Harry's moans increased in volume, and Draco's own breathing became heavier still, he gave in to the pleasure and let his orgasm take him with a guttural cry, his come coating Blaise's hand and his own stomach as he rode it out, registering that Harry was following him, filling him with his own essence as Blaise leaned over Draco and kissed Harry's full moaning lips.

"Oh, ah, fuck, yes!" Blaise brought himself to completion, spilling himself over Draco's stomach in never ending spurts of white. "I fucking love you," he groaned as Harry pulled out of Draco leant over his stomach, lapping up the come that was cooling there then with his wet pink tongue. Draco watched with fascination as Harry Potter, still between his legs, smiled like the cat that got the cream at Blaise, tipping his head up for a kiss and receiving his request.

Something almost imperceptible twisted in Draco's gut as he watched Blaise meet Harry's loving gaze and lean over to kiss him, but it was enough to deflate the bubble he'd been in. Almost immediately he felt the need to get away...far away.


Blaise gently ran his tongue around the outline of Harry's lips, trying to suppress a beaming smile that was threatening to burst out. He couldn't recall a time he'd ever felt so happy, so whole. He'd thought that when Harry had fallen in love with him, that the first time he'd told Blaise 'I love you' that he'd been ready to hand him the world on a platter; and he had been, but this was more. This was something extra, something better – if that were possible – and he wanted to wrench open the window and shout from the rooftops...Blaise Zabini loves –

Draco twisted away from them, untangling his limbs from Harry's, almost falling to the floor in his haste, and began rummaging around for his clothes, wrenching on his pyjama bottoms and t-shirt and grabbing his wand.

"Draco, what -?" Blaise flashed a concerned look at Harry who was watching Draco with nervous green eyes.

"Don't talk to me!" Draco protested, already at the door and gripping the handle, his cold grey eyes flashing a furious warning to anyone who might try to stop him.

"Draco, come back to bed," said Harry hopefully, one arm raised towards Draco in as if trying to reach him.

"Fuck you, Potter," spat Draco. "Fuck you both and your twisted little games. Don't either of you come near me again or I'll hex you into next week!" He flung the door open and slammed it behind him, the sound of him stomping down the stairs echoing in Blaise's ears, matching the uneven beating of his heart as he watched his future, his family, breaking up in front of him.

Blaise grabbed his wand and busied himself casting a cleaning charm on himself and Harry, not wanting Harry to see how affected he felt by Draco's departure. When he was done he turned to Harry, his heart breaking as he saw a lone tear making its way down Harry's flushed cheek as he sat facing the door with his chin resting on his knees.

"Harry?" Blaise wrapped an arm around Harry and pulled him down to lie beside him on the bed, turning him to face him, stroking his cheek with the back of his hand. Harry closed his eyes and more tears made an entrance as Harry bit his lip to fight back the sob that was threatening to escape.

Blaise pulled him closer and kissed the top of his head, trying to stay strong for both of them.

"He doesn't know does he?" whispered Harry after a few minutes of silence.

"Know what, baby?" Blaise watched as Harry nibbled his lower lip as if pondering whether to say what was on his mind, and Blaise tipped his chin and met Harry's watery gaze. "Harry..?"

"He doesn't know we want to keep him." With those few words Blaise relaxed. He and Harry were so in tune most of the time, and he'd thought when this happened with Draco that Harry was on the same page, but in the cold harsh reality of 'the moment after', when Draco had left them and Harry had seemed so broken he'd wondered if Harry really did feel the same...did he want Draco and Blaise as a package as Blaise was just realising he wanted Harry and Draco...or had he realised he wanted Draco and not Blaise? After all, it had been Harry and Draco who had kissed first; Blaise had not been part of that little equation.

"No, I don't think he does." Blaise's eyes flickered to the door willing Draco to reappear. The door remained closed, taunting him.

"Why do you think he...you know...with us if he was just going to freak out afterward?" Harry laughed bitterly. "He fucking hates me," he sighed, closing his eyes. "After everything, even after we just - he still thinks I'm nothing."

Blaise pulled Harry closer. "I think one thing we know for certain about Draco is that he has never thought you were nothing." He managed to untangle the bed covers and throw them over himself and Harry. "You're exhausted, try to sleep," he soothed, and was satisfied when Harry snuggled into him and relaxed slightly. He watched lovingly as Harry drifted off to sleep in his arms, unable to find the same solace himself, thoughts of Draco whirling round in his head. Where was he? Was he OK? Who was he with? Why? Why had he let them in and then cast them both aside, hurting not only Harry but Blaise too – perhaps even more so – because due to Harry and Draco's tempestuous past, Harry was hurt but not surprised by Draco's rejection, but Blaise was Draco's best friend, and Draco's actions had kicked him right in the gut, hard.


Harry let Blaise think he was asleep. They both needed some time to think; but at the same time Harry needed to be exactly where he was, in Blaise's arms, where he knew he belonged...but now there was another pair of arms, someone else he wanted to be close to, who he also belonged to...and now everything felt wrong again, for Draco had rejected them.

His mind ran over the events of the evening, Draco's kissing him...the intense rightness he'd felt when his lips were meshed with his. Then Blaise's arrival, and Blaise kissing him, and that still feeling like home...and the realisation that Blaise seemed to be feeling the same, inviting Draco into their bed and into their life; into their relationship. They had opened up for him; and he had reverted back to type and thrown it back at them.

Harry wanted to mourn. He couldn't see Draco ever accepting him...had he done it to get to Blaise as he had originally thought? The conversation he'd started on the subject had been cut short by Malfoy's advances and culminated in this empty hollow feeling.

He could hardly believe after all this time he'd been kissing Malfoy, fuck, he'd been inside Malfoy. He'd filled him. He'd never felt so turned on as he had when he was balls deep inside Malfoy with his Blaise watching. It hadn't felt weird or kinky, the three of them were meant to be together...

How was he...were they...going to convince Malfoy that they hadn't been playing with him, that they loved him? Could they do it? Even if he believed them, would he want to be with them? Would he want Blaise for himself, leaving Harry out in the cold? Harry shuddered as a vision of himself alone on his birthday, blowing out a lone candle on a sad looking cake by himself, assuaged him...he half smiled – at least there was cake – when he'd been growing up he'd been lucky to any food at all birthday or not.

He wanted to believe that something that felt so right couldn't be wrong. Tomorrow he and Blaise were going to work out a plan to convince Draco they were serious.

Feeling a little better that he had some kind of plan to formulate a plan; Harry fell into an uneasy sleep.


Hermione had an idea. It was a bloody fantastic one at that. She was fed up of this single sexless existence... Harry seemed to have cornered the market in hot Slytherins, and with Harry himself being the only Gryffindor worthy of a look now that Ron had defected...Hermione had needs. She'd researched it...a girl her age needed some stimulation...it was perfectly normal. Unfortunately, although she was a confident girl when it came to speaking her mind about the rights of house elves, or giving her opinion in class, she had no confidence whatsoever in approaching the opposite sex. Even Dean, who allegedly had a thing for her and might be receptive to her advances...Hermione couldn't bring herself to do it.

So – this idea was perfect. She could get her needs met with no strings and no consequences. Sometimes she amazed herself with her own intelligence.

She had waited until a weekend, deciding she was going to treat herself to a whole day of pure pleasure. She worked hard, she deserved it didn't she? All she had to do was get out of the dorms and through the common room without being accosted by Ginny, who was rapidly becoming a royal pain in Hermione's arse. Always wanting to know where Harry was, always wanting to talk about Harry; did Hermione think Harry would like Ginny's new jeans, did she think Harry would like her more if she dyed her hair blonde...and so on and so forth. Hermione was dying to tell her Harry was with Blaise and much preferred cock, but that was Harry's secret.

Thankfully, there were few people in the common room as it was a Hogsmeade weekend and most of the students were getting ready for the day out. Hermione made it all the way to the seventh floor without being accosted, and upon arriving at the Room of Requirement she made the necessary passes, her mind full of what she required to make this one hell of a special day for her.

The door appeared and she eagerly wrenched it open and slipped inside, keen to see what luxury the room had provided her with. Expecting a set up much akin to the Muggle health spa her Mum had taken her to over the summer, she frowned when she took in the sparse furnishings, a simple green sofa and a coffee table; the sofa facing away from the door and facing an enchanted window that looked out over a stormy seascape.

Sighing with disappointment that her plan hadn't worked, she walked over to the sofa intending to throw herself onto it and think about where the plan had gone wrong. She stopped dead when she realised that the sofa was occupied already, but none other than a sleeping Draco Malfoy.

Hermione's heart jumped into her throat as she allowed herself a brief moment of wondering if the room had indeed fulfilled her needs in a roundabout kind of way, after all only yesterday she had been making a doomed effort to chat him up. A sleeping Draco was even more breath-taking than the awake version; but then she noticed the tear tracks on his face, and the way he was lying, curled into himself as though protecting himself from unwanted attacks. This was no fantasy.

A thick blanket that he had obviously thrown over himself for warmth had slipped to the floor and Draco wore pyjama bottoms and a thin t-shirt. Hermione glanced around for evidence he had some other clothing with him but saw nothing, which led her to wonder why he would be alone in the Room of Requirement in his pyjamas having cried himself to sleep.

He looked so vulnerable in his sleep, and despite herself her heart melted. She perched on the edge of the sofa near Malfoy's feet and placed a tentative hand on his shoulder, "Malfoy?"

He jerked awake, reeling back from her touch and scooted to the far end of the sofa, "Granger, what the fuck?" His eyes widened in horror.

Ignoring the sneer and the look of hatred that materialised on Malfoy's face, Hermione pressed on, "Malfoy...are you OK?"

He puffed up his chest, taking a deep breath and Hermione braced herself for him sniping and flouncing out in a trademark Malfoy huff. Instead he seemed to wilt and hang his head, refusing to look at her, but not biting back either.

"Draco?" she reasoned the use of his first name might soften him a little.

"This room has a sick as fuck sense of humour," he snorted, half to himself, shooting a wary glance at Hermione.

"What do you mean?" Hermione could only agree with him...where was her sexy masseuse?

"I...I wanted someone to talk to when I came here last night, and now it gives me you." Laughing bitterly he straightened himself up and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his palms. "As if I'd talk to you."

Hermione rolled her eyes, clearly she wasn't getting her needs met today, "You already are, Malfoy, you might as well spit it out as I don't see anyone else queuing up outside to be your confidant."


What was he, a bloody Hufflepuff? Sitting there with Hermione Granger, of all the people to find him like this, admitting that he'd wanted to talk to someone. He didn't need anyone, he'd be fine on his own, he was used to it after all.

"Is it Blaise..?" Hermione probed gently, and Draco started, jumping to his feet and heading for the door, not caring he had no shoes on and no cloak and it was the middle of the day. "Malfoy, wait!" Granger followed him to the door where he hovered indecisively; she placed a hand on his arm and offered him a smile.

Her glared back at her, his inner Hufflepuff wanted to smile back, but the Slytherin wouldn't allow that, "Why do you even care, Granger? It's not like we're friends."

"I'm Harry's best friend; you're Blaise Zabini's. They're together; that kind of links us by default don't you think?" She was watching him closely, probably looking for a chink in his armour to use against him. He blinked, and met her brown eyed gaze, genuinely surprised to see concern reflected back at him; one of his carefully erected barriers fell down.

"Was," Draco muttered. "Was Blaise's best friend, not anymore."

Somehow she had led him back to the sofa and he found that he was now perched on the edge, about to spill his guts to a Gryffindor. Strangely it didn't feel as alien as he thought it might.

"What happened?" she asked carefully. "And don't try to tell me nothing did because I won't believe you, Ma-Draco."

Logically Granger was the only person he couldtalk to about this, if he had to talk to anyone that was. Pansy was too wrapped up with Michael Corner to care about Draco, and his only other friend was Blaise. Granger knew about Blaise and Harry, and Harry had obviously told her what had happened the other night as she'd used it to taunt him yesterday, and Draco couldn't even find it in himself to care about that. After everything he'd said to her over the years she deserved a little come back.

He felt as though he'd imbibed some Veritaserum as something about her demeanour made him want to spill the whole sorry story, maybe it was the concern in her eyes; it was a long time since anyone had looked at him like they gave a shit. So he told her: how Harry had found him when looking for Blaise, how he hadn't been able to stop himself from kissing Harry, what had happened when Blaise had turned up, his verbosity faltering when he tried to explain why he had left. Somehow telling her about the sex was the least intimate part of the whole sorry tale, confessing how seeing the look and the kiss Harry and Blaise had shared had broken him into pieces; that was the sticking point and he paused, hoping she wouldn't notice his hesitation.

Granger's eyes nearly popped out of her head and were lit up in interest. She shifted closer to Draco. "You slept with them both...at the same time?"

Draco nodded, watching her closely as she bit her lip and sighed heavily...and did her eyes just go all dreamy? "That's what I just said."

She didn't reply, the faraway look in her eyes magnifying as she seemed to fixate on his mouth where he was nervously chewing his lower lip.


"What? Oh, sorry, right..." Draco's nerves turned to amusement as she blushed prettily and had the good grace to look a little sheepish. "Er, so what's the problem, you enjoyed it, right?"

It was Draco's turn to blush. "It was a mistake," he whispered sadly. "I've fucked everything up." He hung his head, unwilling to look at her. How could he explain? She couldn't understand that, yes the sex had been amazing, but that wasn't what had made the experience for him; it was the belonging, being part of something, feeling wanted, loved and safe; in love. He wanted to grab the feeling and keep hold of it forever. He wanted to be with Harry and Blaise as an equal.

He felt the tears trying to push their way to the surface again and willed them away desperately.

"You want more," said Hermione in a voice that indicated she'd had a eureka moment. "Oh Merlin, I can't believe I didn't see it before, you...Harry -" She laughed to herself, shaking her head. "Boys."

Draco looked expectantly at Hermione, half wondering when she'd morphed from Granger into Hermione...

"Okay, Draco, I'm going to tell you something..."


Harry watched the sunset over the lake with a sinking feeling in his heart. He and Blaise had spent most of the day looking for Draco, and now the day was almost over and they were no closer to finding him. He could tell that Blaise was sick with worry but was trying to hide it; which was probably why he was sitting in silence at Harry's side, their hands the only physical link between them, Blaise's thumb rhythmically rubbing the back of Harry's hand.

This was Draco's favourite spot; something Harry had discovered in sixth year when he's been Draco's shadow. He'd loved watching Draco as Draco watched the sun saying goodbye to the day...he'd loved Draco. He didn't know why he did, he didn't even know him, not really, but he'd wanted to protect him from whatever it was that tormented him, even when he'd been deep in his conviction that he was an evil Slytherin and up to no good.

From that obsession came Blaise, always in the background, the quietly brooding Slytherin who had slowly captured Harry's attentions, won his heart and possessed his body. He'd convinced himself that his Draco obsession was done with; how he'd deluded himself!

What was this? This need, this want to curl himself up between both of his Slytherins? What did this mean for Blaise and him if Draco never came back to them? Merlin, he had never felt so confused. As recently as two days ago he had been blissfully happy to be with Blaise and only him, then Draco had burst in and everything had changed for both of them. He and Blaise could be happy without Draco, but they could never be complete, not after last night.

He squeezed Blaise's hand tighter, both of them staring unseeingly at the glittering orange of the lake, not hearing someone approach from behind until they spoke.

"Is it true?"

Harry's head whipped round at the question, his heart sticking in his throat as he saw Draco walking round to face them, his white blond hair shining like gold in the light of the setting sun; his stance defensive with crossed arms. Beside him he heard Blaise gasp at the incomparable beauty of the boy in that moment; his defensive stance translating into a vulnerability that only Draco had.

"Is what true?" Harry replied, trying to keep his voice steady. This could be it, the moment that decided the rest of their lives and he didn't want to mess it up.

"You testified for me...you're the reason I'm not festering in Azkaban?" His voice was shaking, and Harry noticed his eyes had darkened to steel grey...and they were rimmed in red.

"I -" Harry faltered, he'd kept this to himself because he never wanted Draco to feel beholden to him in any way; he couldn't lie about it now though, not when confronted directly. "Yes."

Draco seemed to deflate. "Why?" he whispered, his eyes boring into Harry's soul.

Harry gulped and glanced at Blaise who was looking at him with pride stamped all over his face. This was news to him as well; only Hermione had known about this. He'd be having words with her later. Harry turned his attention back to Draco, "Because I couldn't let them lock you away. You didn't deserve that."

Draco didn't respond, he simply stared at Harry as though really seeing him for the first time. Harry stared right back at him, a tiny bubble of hope pinging in the pit of his stomach at the look in Draco's eyes.

"Tell him the real reason Harry," Blaise broke in, leaning closer to Harry and wrapping an arm around his shoulders. "He deserves to know."

"Blaise what -"

"Harry, tell him the truth."


Blaise didn't blame Harry for not telling him about his testimony, but now that he knew of it, it was as though the fog had cleared and everything fell into place. Of course Harry wouldn't have wanted Draco to go to Azkaban, not least because he'd been as much of a victim of the war as anyone else but because –

"There was another reason," Harry said to Draco. "I couldn't let you go to prison – I loved you, I couldn't see you suffer like that."

"I -" Draco faltered then, his attention turning to Blaise, his expression a mixture of guilt, joy and something akin to pain. "I didn't believe her when she told me," he muttered to himself so quietly that Blaise had to strain to hear him. Draco moved as though to step nearer to Harry and then stopped himself. "Thank you, Harry." His expression morphed to confused and he began to back away.

Harry, froze beside him, squeezing his eyes shut at Draco's newest rejection and leant into Blaise. It was then Blaise realised that if this was going to happen, he was going to have to be the one to take control.

"Where are you going now, Draco?"

"I'm in the way here, I -"

Blaise snapped, releasing Harry from his embrace he was at Draco's side in a moment, his hand wrapping around Draco's forearm tightly. Draco didn't struggle, his eyes darkening at the contact.

"Stop this, Draco," he murmured into his ear, his lips ghosting over the soft flesh of his ear lobe. Draco gasped.

"What do you want from me?" he said softly, defeated.

"We want you," said Harry, appearing in front of Draco, his hand sliding into Blaise's again. "We – want – you," he repeated, his free hand nudging Draco's chin upwards forcing him to look into his eyes.

Draco floundered. Blaise stepped in, offering clarification, "We've let you in, Draco; we're a three now." He allowed his eyes to run over Draco, admiring his lean figure clad in tight black trousers and a black polo neck, his perfect pale skin and immaculately styled hair; his groin tightening as he took in the soft pink lips that had always fascinated him. "Harry's been in love with you for years, Draco, and so have I – you're what brought us together. It's down to you now; either you let us in too, or we part ways, because after last night – well, we've crossed that line now and there's no going back to 'friends' after that."

Blaise watched Draco closely, looking for a sign, for anything that might indicate how he was feeling but he had regained his shuttered expression.

Blaise pressed on, "So, Draco – yes or no?" He held his breath then, the gravity of what he – they – were asking of Draco weighing down upon him. His and Harry's future happiness lay in the hands of Draco Malfoy.

An awkward silence descended, and Blaise felt his hope draining away as he and Harry both watched Draco with questioning eyes. Draco's mask fell away and he seemed to be struggling as he played ping pong between them, but then his face split in half with the biggest, happiest smile Blaise had ever seen him express, and he gave a tiny laugh to himself, his eyes sparkling with emotion. "Fuck yes."

Blaise felt Harry relax beside him as he felt his own tension abate. He leant forward and drew Draco into a languorous kiss, slipping his tongue into his mouth gently, lovingly, and Harry pressed himself flush to his back, snaking his hand around his waist to palm his cock through his jeans.

"Let's take this back to our room," Harry suggested, and Blaise knew then that Harry would never sleep another night in the Gryffindor dorm, and quite probably Draco's bed would remain empty until they graduated. Going back to their room sounded like a very good idea if the hardness of his cock was anything to go by.


The Hogwarts wards meant that they couldn't Apparate back to their room; thus a very fast and uncomfortable walk to the Slytherin common room followed, with Harry entering under the invisibility cloak behind Blaise and Draco.

Locking the bedroom door behind them, standing facing each other, there was a brief moment of uncertainty as to what to do next; last time the three of them had been together it had been spontaneous, this time they knew they were about to have sex. Blaise was shifting uncomfortably as his cock strained against the denim of his jeans, and Harry didn't seem to be faring any better. With a grin Draco waved his wand and muttered a few words, and to Blaise and Harry's surprise, their clothes vanished, as did Draco's, leaving the three of them standing in a circle, stark naked and fully aroused.

Harry was impressed by the ingenious nature of the spell, and by the magnificent sight in front of him, "What – where did you learn – mmmnng! Fuck." Blaise had obviously decided there was too much talking and had closed his hand around Harry's cock, and judging by Draco's loss of composure, he was on the receiving end of similar attentions.

Blaise edged them both over towards the bed, pushing both Harry and Draco into a sitting position beside one another, "Both of you spread your legs," he said, licking his lips in satisfaction when they wordlessly complied. He dropped to his knees in front of Draco and licked a line along the underside of his member, teasing his balls with his fingers, working his way back to the tip and engulfing it, teasing the weeping slit with tiny flicks of his tongue. His forefinger dragged a circle around Draco's exposed hole and dipped teasingly inside.

Draco groaned noisily and his head fell back. Blaise released him and moved over to Harry, repeating the same actions on him, loving the familiar taste and the cries of pleasure that he emitted. Letting go of Harry, Blaise climbed onto the bed, crawling between them, and lying on his back, his toned body splayed for them both to admire.

Wordlessly Draco and Harry followed him, Draco leaning down to kiss him, Harry nibbling and biting around his abdomen, one hand slowly pumping his cock, his thumb stroking the head reverently before he replaced it with his tongue. Blaise closed his eyes and enjoyed the attentions for a couple of minutes until a prevailing desire overtook him and he pulled back from Draco, "Kiss Harry," he rasped, and Draco pulled Harry upright, each of them kneeling on opposite sides of Blaise, and wrenched him across for a demanding kiss, tongues battling, hands fisting in each other's hair, Blaise's hands on each of their cocks, slowly stroking their lengths in awe; awe that he was in such a position, two fucking gorgeous boys above him, devouring each other, each the perfect contrast to the other; one pale and fair, the other tanned and dark.

Harry knew what Blaise wanted; he could read him so well – and in time he hoped to be able to anticipate Draco's every want too. Almost reluctantly he broke his hold on Draco and summoned his wand, casting the preparation spell on Draco and himself; no time to do things the slow way. Draco moaned as the spell hit, an understanding smirk crossing his face as he nodded at Harry; they were already more in tune than Harry could have hoped.

Harry straddled Blaise, bent down to kiss him, his fingers pulling on his nipples and enjoying the reaction as they hardened and he bucked beneath him, taking the opportunity to impale himself on Blaise's hard length, not needing time to adjust because the spell had done its job well, moving himself up and down rapidly, unable to hold back the tirade of moans and 'so fucking goods' that escaped his lips.

Draco almost came from the sight of Harry fucking Blaise's cock at such a furious pace, his cock bobbing flat against his stomach as he rode him hard. Draco resisted the temptation to wrap his hand around Harry's cock instead, sensing he was getting close; he leaned in for a kiss, needing to signal his turn, stilling Harry. Harry's tongue shot out and fucked his mouth for a few seconds before he pulled back, and with a wet pop, he climbed off Blaise's shaft to make way for Draco.

Less used to sex with another man, but no less eager, Draco lowered himself onto Blaise's waiting member with a contented sigh and began to slowly ride him. Blaise gripped his hips and began to ram himself into him, encouraging Draco to increase the pace. He loved the feeling of Blaise's cock inside him, different from fucking Harry, Blaise's prick was a little longer; Harry's thicker. His eyes met Blaise's briefly, seeing lust reflected there, but also love. "Oh fuck, so close..." he uttered, feeling his release start to build, wanting to hold it back and enjoy this for as long as he could, but when Harry moved closer to Blaise, and Blaise twisted his head and engulfed Harry's hardness to the hilt, Harry fucking his mouth with a pace to match Draco's it was too much, and Draco came in ropes of white hot come that coated Blaise's chest and neck. Instinctively Draco dismounted Blaise, and Blaise released Harry's cock from his mouth and motioned for him to mount him again.

Harry grinned wickedly and lowered himself back onto Blaise. Blaise gripped his hips tightly, watching the pre-orgasm expressions chasing across Harry's face, then watching Draco watch Harry before Draco turned his attentions to Harry's cock and wrapped a pale hand around it, his tongue appearing from between his raspberry lips and lapping at the slit like it was a liquorice wand.

Blaise prided himself on his stamina, always making sure his lover was satisfied before he was; but this was two lovers...extra visual stimulation, extra sensations...and he felt his impending climax and knew there was no way he could hold it back. His usual obscenities began to fly from his lips and just as he thought he had failed in his goal of Harry coming first, he felt him tighten around him, "Fuck, fuck fucking yessss!" Harry's orgasm claimed him, Draco's willing mouth swallowing down his come as he convulsed around Blaise's aching prick, just as his own release took him, and he was coming and coming and fucking coming until he thought he must surely have nothing left.

Blaise sank back into the bed, utterly sated and closed his eyes. He felt Harry moving and a familiar weight curling into his right side, nuzzling his neck, and sighed with complete contentment when Draco did the same on his left. "That was fucking amazing," he managed to say as his heartbeat slowed enough to allow speech. Sounds of exhausted agreement came from each side as the three of them drifted off to sleep, contented to have found one another; three lonely boys becoming one family.

The End