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Sick Of Layin' Down Alone

Chapter Ten:

I Just Wanna Be With You

As Tommy walked in Adam can't help but to recall last night's dream. Adam just stares and Tommy and Kris; eyes wide, for what seems like forever. Eventually, Tommy decided to cut some of the tension that hung in the air. Adam had never been so relieved.

"What is he doing here?" Tommy hisses.

"He spent the night." Adam says carefully as Kris gets up and walks over to where Adam and Tommy are.


"Cause you got me kicked out of my own house!" Kris hollered at Tommy, inches away from his face.

"You deserved it!" spat Tommy.

Kris lunged at Tommy, but Adam stopped him, jumping between the two. It wasn't too hard to restrain Kris.

"Stop it! Both of you!" Adam commanded.

They both stared at Adam with menacing eyes. Adam pointed towards the couch, motioning for them to sit down.

"Play nice."

"Why should I?" Kris snarled.

"Because fighting won't solve anything."

"You sure about that?" Tommy said, tensing up.

"Yes." Adam said, looking at them both, searching for any sign that one of them was going to make a move.

"Adam, did you ever pick?" Asked Tommy.

"Uh…." Adam didn't know how to answer that.

"Wait, what? You asked him to chose?" Kris asked, a look of pure pain in his eyes.

"Yeah, 'cause he needs to."

"No, he doesn't, and besides, who says he would choose you?" Adam's jaw dropped when Kris said that. Tommy just snorted and stood stock-still.

Then, before Adam could think; Tommy was jumping on Kris, pulling his hair, and hitting him. Kris fought back vehemently. Soon they were on the ground, switching back and forth as to who was on top. All Adam could do was watch in awe, he didn't want to get between it, and yelling at them wasn't working. They didn't last long; Tommy pinned Kris down and made him forefit.

"You two done?" Adam asked as they stood up, rearranging themselves.

"Yes." They said in unison.

"But, you still have to pick." Tommy stated.

Tommy and Kris turned to Adam, arms crossed across their chest, waiting. Adam was speechless; he couldn't pick and that dream did not help at all. He opened and shut his mouth so many times that Tommy and Kris started to look worried. He simply shook his head and shrugged. Tommy let out a sigh and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Adam, you have to. It's the only thing that's going to solve this." Tommy said with Kris nodding his head in agreement.

"Come on guys…" Adam whined.

"No, Adam, pick." Demanded Tommy.

"I can't."

"You have to. You can't have both of us." Kris said plainly.

"Why not?" Adam asked, pouting.

"Because its unfair to us, that's why!" Tommy said standing up.

"What if we are all friends first, then we can go from there?" Asked Adam, looking hopeful.

"No." They said together.

"Oh…." Adam whispered, looking at his feet.

"You know what? I can't do this. I've done a lot for you Adam, I've gone through a lot for you. And if you can't pick between me and a fling, then I have nothing more to say to you." Tommy said, beginning to cry.

Before anyone could say anything Tommy stormed out of the house; leaving Adam and Kris alone. They looked at each other for a while before Kris got up and left. Adam sat all alone in his big empty house thinking about all that had gone on. He loved them both, but the one person he wanted the most was Tommy. He couldn't believe he had let him go so many times because of Kris. Kris was his little fantasy fun and casual fuck, but nothing long term. Tommy was his sweet, sweet Glitterbaby, and he always would be. They had gone through so much together, it seemed like a waste to let this come between them. Adam wanted to be with Tommy forever, if he would have him. After everything that had gone on Adam wasn't sure Tommy would want him anymore. And he couldn't blame him either. But Tommy wanted him to pick between him and Kris, so, maybe if he finally told him how he felt he would come back. That was Adam's plan; go tell Tommy he wanted him more than Kris.

He drove over to see Tommy as fast as his little car would take him. He was in luck; no traffic, all the lights were green, it was like the universe wanted them to be together. When Tommy opened the door, Adam grabbed him and said, "I pick you, I always have." Tommy started to cry immediately, then Adam started to do the same. They sobbed together in each others arms; never letting go, nor ever wanting to.

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