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This story is a lot like the 'Water Princess' challenge by Namikaze 09. The difference is that Hinata will be in the Harem. Naruto is going to be different as that Naruto and Jiraiya will go to Kiri to help out Mei Terumi then find Tsunade.

The Namikaze and the Hyuga Princess

Neji Hyuga was about to finish off Naruto Uzumaki. Neji Hyuga is One hundred sixty centimeters or five foot two. He weighed forty-six kilograms or one hundred pounds. He has black hair. He also has white eyes. The thing about his eyes is they lack pupils. It is a kekkei genkai (bloodline Limit) called the Byakugan. It is known as the White Eye or All Seeing Eye. It has the ability to see three hundred fifty nine degrees. The only degree that it cannot see is the back of a Hyuga's head. The giveaway other than the noticeable lack of pupils is the bulging veins on their temples. It can see a person's chakra points and organs and everything.

That is why the Hyuga style of stopping a person by their chakra points is highly effective. The Hyuga style uses chakra on their fingers tips and hits a person on their chakra points. If there was too little chakra in their strike the chakra point will close. It there is a huge amount of chakra in their strike then the chakra point can grow double in size effectively exploding the chakra point. The problem with the second option is the Hyuga could get in the crossfire of the explosion.

No back onto the battle Neji Hyuga was about to strike his opponent Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is about one hundred forty five kilograms or four foot seven. He has sun kissed blond hair. It meaning his hair has crimson red and darkness black tips. Naruto has the deep ocean blue eyes that some people say they can see years through. Naruto had an orange jumpsuit on that kept becoming blurry and a lot of static every now and then. Naruto was seemingly like all bones but no meat child. He held an abundant amount of chakra. It was way more than four kages. The problem is Naruto Uzumaki has extremely horrible chakra control. There is a reason he has horrible control more than having a large amount of chakra. Naruto was smarter than most people thought he was.

Naruto Uzumaki at the age of thirteen was able to learn an A-rank jutsu known as the Kage Bushin. That is all he knows well for now anyway. Well right now his eyes were wide as heard Neji's strike. "Eight Trigram: Sixty Four Palms. Two Palms (two strikes in his right arm) Four Palms (Two strikes in his left arm, two in his left shoulder) 8 Palms ( two in his right shoulder, three on his right thigh, and three on his legs) 16 palms (three on his left thigh, three on his legs, one on both of his knees, two on his left biceps, two on left triceps, and two on his left kidney) Thirty Two Palms (Two on the right biceps, two on the triceps, four more on the left biceps, four on the biceps, two on his right kidney, six at the ribs on the right, six at the ribs on the left side, four on the right peck, and four on the left peck) Sixty Four Palms! (four on the clavicle, five on his right wrist, five on his left wrist, ten on his on his left foot, ten on the right foot, three on his right thumb, two on his right pointer finger, three on his right middle finger, two on his right, two on his right pinky finger, three on his left thumb, two on his left pointer, three on his left middle finger, two on his left ring finger, two on his left pinky finger, two at the sternum, one at liver, one at the pancreas, one at the head and one at the stomach).

The power of the chakra strike on the stomach was so strong it pushed Naruto all the way into the wall. Naruto 'oofed' as you can see a whole where Naruto's body was. Naruto's body hit well actually slumped down to the ground. Everyone who hated Naruto as they thought of Naruto as the Kyuubi No Kitsune was cheering and rejoicing as they saw Naruto hit the ground with the smoke from the broken debris. Neji had a smirk on his face as he turned around to the proctor of the exam, Genma. He said to the proctor, Genma, "Call the match the loser is done for. He should remember who are his-"

"Betters, is that what you were going to say Neji-teme" Everyone looked at where the voice was. They looked at where the dust and debris was. They were shocked at what they are seeing. They saw when the dust cleared, Naruto in lotus position with a new look. Naruto was wearing a black no sleeve shirt with a fire on it that had the level of the immense energy and heat. It went from yellow, then to orange, then to red, then to blue, then purple, then finally black. The shirt showed an extremely ripped eight packed body of Naruto Uzumaki. He had a jacket on. It was red, black, and orange. It had a fire on the back with the Kyuubi No Kitsune chasing its tail making the Uzumaki symbol. Naruto's left eye had a gold ring around it. The right eye had the rinne' gan. Naruto had grown another six inches. He had a deep calm voice instead of the whiny voice. Naruto's black whisker marks were darker and more refined.

He had this aura that demanded power but also a calming relaxing feeling. He closed his eyes as he said, "well Neji Hyuga son of Hizashi Hyuga the brother of the Hiashi Hyuga, the Hyuga Clan Leader, are you going to answer my question earlier? I guess I have to repeat it don't I? I asked you a simple question. How far would a caged do to get free?"

Neji just like everyone who was in the crowd were shocked at Naruto. Everything has changed about him it is like he has schizophrenia. He still had to be a Hyuga though, emotionless. He scoffed as he said, "Dead-last, that is an extremely easy question. He would do anything to get free. Why what would you know about that loser?"

Naruto had a little smirk on his face. He then said with a jovial voice, "Ahh very good answer, Neji-teme. Yes that is very true, a caged bird would do anything to get free. Now I have another question. If a caged bird had help and only had to wait a few days or something could he just wait and help that help anyway the bird could hmm?"

Neji didn't really get where Naruto was going with this so once again being the arrogant ass he is he scoffed and said, "What is the point of these questions. No matter you are avoiding the inevitable. You cannot beat me. The answer is the bird will do what it can to help. That bird should be grateful for what it has."

Naruto's eyes opened finally. His eyes displayed seriousness that could make Hiashi look like a clown. Neji flinched at this. Naruto then said, "You are absolutely right but yet if you know this then why are our approaches in reverse? You see right in the stands, there are three people who are trying to help you but you are acting like a vicious caged animal. Look at what you did. You attacked you cousin the soon to be Clan Head and you literally tried to kill her. If it wasn't for the fact that she begged me not to kill you, you would be dead. Hiashi tried to help you but you are act like a robot. I know about you having a green headband.

I'm sorry you have it but you were doing something so asinine as to try and killed the very pretty Hinata-chan who is trying to bring the clan together. Now that mark is easy to manipulate. Yet I have never seen or Hinata try or use the mark on you. The reason is she is too kind to do that to you. Now I on the other hand had no one. Yet I am grateful for what I do have.

I have a deep appreciation to those who deal with snot nosed brats like you. Look at yourself. Tell me who trained you in the Hyuga Arts. The clansmen taught you, didn't they? Who gives you three square meals and snacks the clans people. Who accepts you as you? The Hyuga prodigy is all the rage with inclusion of Sasuke Uchiha. The question I have for you Neji is are you ready to wake up and see the people who are trying to help you or are you going stay in this delusional warped up mind and act like a victim for everyone to see. By the way do not say to me oh I don't know what happened because I was there."

Silence ensued. A small pin dropped was heard at the stadium. Everyone had their jaws on the floor. Everyone was shocked at Naruto basically told Neji stop being a big ass bitch. Naruto got up and took off his coat. With his coat off a lot of Fan girls were trying to stay in their seats. Now Naruto's arms had a few tattoos on them. He put some of his chakra on his hands. Suddenly 'poof', a grey smoke appeared. When the smoke cleared to trench knives were in hands. The left trench knife was red and black. The blade was crimson red. The knuckles were gold. The handle was black. The right trench knife was just as beautiful. The knife was royal blue with an Uzumaki swirl on it. The knuckles were gold and the rest is white. "Remember when I said I am grateful for all that I have. I guess Orochi-teme did something good for me. He gave my all mighty teammate Sasuke Uchiha a hickey. That is right ladies Sasuke plays for the same team as you guys. Orochi-teme unlocked my abilities. I guess my true self has finally been revealed. Yea, Neji-teme, my greatest gift I was given free will. Maybe one day you will understand it. Believe me Neji-teme it is an amazing feeling. So Neji-teme, as a nice guy, I am willing to give you a glimpse of it. I am giving you a chance to fight or flight. This is really against all the rules of a ninja but hey who gives a fuck. Now let's really fight. I mean it is the great Hyuga prodigy, Rookie of the Year versus the loser that can't do anything Dobe, Naruto Uzumaki. You know you should be able to win, right? But as we all know deception is such a great tool. Honorifics mean shit and we both know it don't we? A Jonin can easily be killed by an experienced Genin. So if that is the case then why can't a dead last or Dobe beat a Prodigy or Rookie of the Year?"

Up in the stands the controversy and gossip started to grow. The main topic for today is the blond enigma known as Naruto Uzumaki.

"Sakura, have you ever seen Naruto like this?" Ino Yamanaka asked. Ino Yamanaka is the gossip queen of the new generation. She is about five foot even. She light platinum blond hair. She has ivory skin. She has light like sky blue eyes. She had red lips. She was naturally toned but was a little on the skinny side. It was very obvious that she diets constantly.

She has fooled a lot of people even her own parents. Many people believe that Ino Yamanaka was deeply in love with 'The Great Sasuke who survived only because Itachi Uchiha let him live but we would deny that Uchiha'. In reality Ino despised Sasuke. She saw the darkness that was impregnating him. She had her eyes on that blond enigma Naruto. She truly wished that she could be more like him.

She had seen how he was treated. She had seen him swinging on the swing by himself. She had seen him try to play with himself. She had seen him protect a person and get beaten for it. She had seen a lot of things that has been done to Naruto. Her heart breaks even now. The thing that caught her was his perseverance.

Even after all this, he still got up and just worked harder. He always seemed to have a smile on his face. He had endured so much but always kept getting back up. He also was cute too she thought. Now she sees him as a hunk that is smarter and has more power than almost every person she has ever known.

She was having a good daydream about her and Naruto making a baby. She was sporting a hug blush when Sakura screamed in her ear. Sakura Haruno also known as 'PB'. PB stood for many things like 'Pink Banshee', 'Pink Bitch', 'Piggy's Bitch' and the famous 'Porking Boar' (Translation Fucking Whore). Of course she didn't know that. She thought it meant a 'prince's baby'. Porking Boar. She is an inch taller than Ino. She has pink hair. Now most people believe her hair color is exactly like her sex life is going to be, open. She had long hair going down her none existent butt. She was straighter than a piece of cardboard. She had no shape, no ass, no tits not even bug bites.

She does have a screeching voice that Raikage could hear in Kumo. Well she is in love with the Great Uchiha. Anything people would say badly about the Uchiha is blasphemy. She hated Naruto because she truly believed Naruto was the reason Sasuke never noticed her. So she degraded him, to get back at him. She really did not know whether or no she like him because she was condition by her mother to try and bag a rich one, or was it that she needed someone like the Uchiha to feel better about herself.

"Ino-pig! You were daydreaming again. You were probably dreaming about Sasuke-kun" Ino and the author of this story cringe at that. Ino had to keep appearance which she really envied Naruto of. "Y-yeah, I was daydream of Sasuke-kun" Once again the both of us cringed at this. "Hey PB, I never see Naruto (she was doing her best not to say 'kun') like this before. Have you?"

Sakura scoffed as she said, "Who care about that stupid Baka" When she said this Hinata Hyuga, Ino, Shizune, Mei Terumi, Sayani Uchiha, Tsume. Inuzuka, Yoshino Nara, Chi-Chi Akimichi, Fuu, Yugito, Garan (female Gaara), Ten-ten, Karin and Temari all sneezed. "I mean look at him. Who would want that when they could get the sexy Sasuke-kun" Ino and author cringe. The ladies again sneezed including Ino. Sakura notice Ino kept sneezing. She asked her, "Ino-pig, are you okay you are sneezing a lot lately." Ino said, "Yea I'm fine."

Sakura then said, "Yea who would even think of even have sex with Naruto-baka?" The girls were having a sneezing fit.

Naruto waited for Neji to attack. Neji ran as fast he could towards Naruto. Naruto looked towards Neji with a look of boredom. When Neji came close towards Naruto, he was repelled all the way back towards the wall. He came back ready to do the same attack earlier. He said, "You are in my range of divination Hakke Rokujūyon Shō "As he was about to strike Naruto, Naruto using wind chakra blocked his attack he then did something that shocked everyone. He poked him in the head. When Neji tried to move he realized he couldn't move at all. Naruto laughed at Neji's expression or lack thereof. He said to Neji, "What I did was stop the neural part of your brain. This allowed me to stop the control of your body. So your mind can't even help your body especially after this assault."

Naruto then got into the Hyuga Clan's fighting style also known as the Gentle Fist. The winds were going every which way. Naruto was gathering the energy around him. It was then the winds collided at one spot. The spot is above Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto then said to Neji, "Now Neji-teme this attack is something I learned from a great Hyuga, Hitomi Hyuga. Now you are actually in my range of divination, FUUTON: Hakke Rokujūyon Kaze Kirinuki (Wind Technique: Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Cuts). Two Cuts (two slashes in his right arm) Four Cuts (Two slashes in his left arm, two slashes in his left shoulder) 8 Cuts ( two slashes in his right shoulder, three slashes on his right thigh, and three slashes on his legs) 16 palms (three slashes on his left thigh, three slashes on his legs, one slash on both of his knees, two slashes on his left biceps, two slashes on left triceps, and two slashes on his left kidney) Thirty Two Palms (Two slashes on the right biceps, two slashes on the triceps, four more slashes on the left biceps, four slashes on the biceps, two slashes on his right kidney, six slashes at the ribs on the right, six slashes at the ribs on the left side, four slashes on the right peck, and four slashes on the left peck) Sixty Four Palms! (four slashes on the clavicle, five slashes on his right wrist, five slashes on his left wrist, ten slashes on his on his left foot, ten slashes on the right foot, three slashes on his right thumb, two slashes on his right pointer finger, three slashes on his right middle finger, two slashes on his right, two slashes on his right pinky finger, three slashes on his left thumb, two slashes on his left pointer, three slashes on his left middle finger, two slashes on his left ring finger, two slashes on his left pinky finger, two slashes at the sternum, one slash at the liver, one slash at the pancreas, one slash at the head and one slash at the stomach).

He then did an uppercut into Neji's chin. It forced him to go all the way up. Naruto growled as he said, Neji-teme, we are not done yet." He jumped up to where Neji was. He said, "I'm going to show you a brand spanking new jutsu. Well it will be brand spanking." Naruto went from being one to being nine. Eight wind clones were summoned. They all had the trench knives ready to strike. Naruto then said, "It is time for this match to end. FUUTON: KYU KOUKUUKOUGEKI (Wind Style: Nine Air Strikes)!" The First Clone stuck him in his back and exploded. The Second Wind Clone Struck on his arm exploding causing miniature wind cuts. The Third Wind Clone followed pursuit. The Fourth Wind Clone did the same. The Fifth Wind Clone cut him three times on his right arm but instead of exploding he held onto Neji's hand. The Sixth Wind Clones cut him three times on his right leg and grabbed on. The Seventh Wind Clone cut Neji four times on his left arm. The Eighth Wind Clone cut Neji five times on his left leg and held on. The original jumped onto Neji's sternum with his chakra cloaked feet.

It effectively made Naruto go up. It also pushed Neji down at a fast rate. The original Naruto had put an abundant amount of chakra into the knuckle part of his right trench knife. Naruto put so much into it that his knuckle turned light blue. Neji on the other hand hit the ground. The he was back in the air courteously by the Wind Clones. He was going up at the fast rate. He then saw Naruto started to spin. Naruto was looking like a huge tornado. Then it was as if time stopped for everyone. This was a spectacle to see. Naruto's knuckles collided right into Neji's head. There was a sickening sound. "Squelch" It was as if Naruto squeezed a jelly stress ball.

Then all the clones exploded. Neji fell to the ground he barely had anything left. As he hit the whole stadium arena was obliterated. There was dust and smoke everywhere. Finally Naruto dropped on to the ground. He looked around at everyone's faces. He saw the amazement, the fear, the awe in this young man. He then looked at the dubbed Konoha Twelve. Their faces said it all. Naruto turned to look at the proctor and said,"Call the match. He is not getting up any time soon"

Everyone watched as Naruto walked on air stairs to the contestants' corner. They all thought one thing "Is this Naruto Uzumaki?"