AN: Ok, so I've had this little story rumbling around in my brain for a week or so now and I've got writers block with my other story, When My Time Comes, so thought that maybe if I got this one out now it would help unblock me:)

It's set about 20 yrs after Bella and Edward are married but the timeline is weird. It's only going to be a series of journal entries that each of them have made, basically to each other over the years of their lives together. They are writing the stories of their lives, to each other.

Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed thinking it up. Don't think it'll be very long, but we'll see what kind of life it takes on.

Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer and do not own Twilight or anything remotely related unless you count all the merchandise I own/cherish and/or my wickedly crazy obsession for Edward Cullen!

Edward Journal Entry


Today you agreed to become my wife. Words can never express the depth of love, devotion and happiness that I feel. To know that I get to spend eternity with you has expanded my heart beyond what I ever imagined that I could ever feel. As a man I never thought that I could find my counterpart in anyone, yet there you were that fateful day. You make me feel like my life has purpose, reason and an unbounding amount of fulfillment.

Your beauty, inside and out, astounds me. Your heart is pure. Your love fills me. Your faith in us is the catapult that allows us to continue moving forward. The fact that you have agreed to become mine for forever is astonishing to me and almost takes my breath away to think about.

I want to give you the world. I want to experience life with you. I want to be your safe place to fall, even though you know I'd never let you fall:) I want to be the warrior in battle that protects you to no end. I want to be your best friend, your confidant, your lover, your husband.

Husband. You will be My Wife. I can't stop the grin from overtaking my face when I think of calling you My Wife. Do I sound a little girly? Hmmm, I don't care. Your love just fills me with such happiness I can't stop myself from letting it shine through.

I hope to never fail you. I hope to never disappoint you. I hope to please you always. I hope to bring you much joy. I hope to make you smile. Overall, I hope to make you happy every day of your life.

When I think of our future together, I see our home filled with family, love, laughter and children that will continue on our love for one another. To share our love in creating a new life, again, I can't stop smiling to know that you will one day grow our child, made from our love, in your womb. Though I know it will be a few years before we make this dream a reality, I can't wait to see the perfect combination of the two of us in the faces our of children. That warms my heart and fills me with excitement. As well as arouses me to think of all the practicing we'll be able to enjoy. I must stop thinking of your body this way or I fear that I will wake you to soon and ravage your delicious body, once again.

Bella, knowing you has opened me up in ways that it's hard to explain in words. Your touch brings me calm and turns my skin to fire. Your passion ignites a slow burn inside of me that only combining our bodies can quench. Your kiss conveys the depth of your love to me. Your voice is like a beacon in the dark guiding me home. You are truly my everything. You truly are made for me. As I sit here writing and watching you sleep it brings me such overwhelming feelings of love that I feel as if my heart might explode. Having just made love to you over an hour ago I miss your touch, the feel of your body under mine, the connection and intertwining of our bodies. But I had to get all these feelings on paper before it filled my mind to capacity.

As I said, these words could never truly convey the depth of my feelings for you, But I hope that someday when you read this, you'll think back to the moments of this day and remember exactly how it was when these events happened.

I love you Isabella, forever and a day.

Yours, Edward.

Bella Journal Entry


Edward, wow, you asked me to marry you tonight. As if I could ever say no to you. I cannot imagine what my life would be without you. I was a shell of a person before you came into my life. Having no hope for love and having built so many walls around my heart. You slowly made me realize that giving up hope on love was no way of existing. But you see, I feel like I didn't exist until you came along and showed me how to live. You breathed life back into me again. You opened my heart and filled it with your love. My heart feels so full when I think of you, I feel like it might beat out of my chest.

When I walked into that gazebo and saw you under the lights, on your knee, I thought that I might explode with the magnitude of feelings that were coursing through my veins. I cannot wait to be your wife. You will be My Husband. Wow! Husband...this is Edward Cullen, My Husband. Oh My. That makes me want to run over and shower you with kisses, amongst other things:)

Oh Edward, I love you, so deeply and more and more each day. When I think of our lives together I see devotion to each other, our families and hopefully, someday, our children. Oh just think of how beautiful they'll be with your green eyes, floppy bronze hair and my smarts, ha ha. I know that they'll be a combination of the two of us but oh how I hope they look like you. To have a life growing inside of me that you planted there, it makes me tingle all over to know that someday, YOUR child will be in my belly. When can we start? Just kidding, I know that I need you all to myself for a little while, we still have some fantasies on that list, he he, and they aren't very kid friendly, I don't think!

You make me so deliciously happy, Edward. Your touch soothes me and releases my panic when it starts to set in. You always know how to touch me, how to speak to me and how to guide me when I need you the most. You protect me and keep me safe and secure. You make me feel like there is nothing I can't do. So many things that I've accomplished these past few years are only because you were by my side supporting me and encouraging me to follow my dreams. Even when I had no faith in myself. I can only wish that I do the same for you. You are such an important part of my life.

I want to make you proud. I want to make you feel loved. I want to make you feel happy. I want to be a good support system for you. I want to provide you with a home filled with laughter and love.

Please know that I will do my best to listen to you, to show you devotion and keep you satisified in ALL ways.

Yes, Edward, I want to make love to you again, even though we've had three rounds of the best love making of my life, tonight alone. I can never get enough of you. My thirst for your body is unquenchable, I think. You make my body sing and your touch excites me even in the most innocent of touches. Seeing you in our bed, naked, just sends electric pulses through my body like I've never known. Watching you sleep brings me such peace. Like all is right in the world around us. Simple. Easy. Love.

I hope you think of this day and remember it with all the emotions that I'm trying to convey on this silly piece of paper. It will never be enough to tell you but I hope to simply show you, everyday.

Always and more,

I love you, Edward.

Yours, Bella