It was cold, too cold for me anyway.

Cement City was notorious for its bitter winters, harsh summers, and little rain fall. No plants could grow here, let alone survive. Which is why it didn't come to anyone's surprise that the city was completely covered in concrete and metal.

I shivered in my thin, olive green jacket and I pulled my black scarf tighter around me before shoving my freezing hands back into my jean pockets. I was on the side walk, staring at the one plant that could survive the harsh enviroment that this city had the offer. Practically the tallest oak tree you could imagine, drawfing the icy buildings around it, was bare of all its leaves.

No body could tell but me, the tree had died. It died as soon as all its leaves had blown away, it was sick. Lack of water most likely. And by the time spring would come, other people would notice the large corspe, and cut it down.

I wanted to cry, the only shred of proof that this town was once healthy. Gone.

The wind stung my face and woke me from my daydream. I let my hand fall from the dead bark. It was only getting later, and later meant colder. I had to move.

My apartment was not far from here, and you could see the branches of the tree from my room on the 15th story, all I had to do was go down the nearby alley way to the back door of the building and I would be inside.

I slipped by the tree and squeezed into the alley. It was dark and damp, but that was how it normally looked. Why am I having a bad feeling about it today of all days?

I rubbed my frozen ears under my short, spikey, orange hair and continued down to the far side towards the door.

Half way down, I heard a trashcan hit the wall behind me. I jerked around to see a shaded figure, no doubt a tall male, at the opening. Blocking what was left of the space that the tree didn't block.

The only way out of the alley way.

"Hey there girlie..." He wheezed, his eyes seemed wild and reckless, like he had nothing left to lose.

I froze, staring at the knife gleaming in his right hand, "I think you got something for me, don'tcha...?"

He edged closer, and I bolted for the door. Not fast enough.

I felt an arm knock me so hard into the wall, I saw stars. A hand quickly covered my mouth and the other dug into my coat pockets.

"Keep your mouth shut and do everything I tell you, and I won't be needing this here knife, got it?"

The stars faded and I noticed he had me pinned to the wall, a few inches off the ground as he searched me for cash.

Without thinking, I kneed him.

I heard him gasp, then the sharpest, most painful ache erupted in my side. The flesh twisted, and something slid out slowly.

I gripped my side, my eyes wide with terror as I stared at his bloody knife.

"No...Please, no..."

"S-shut up!" The obviously shaken mugger struck my cheek so hard, When I hit the ground my glasses snapped in two and fell aways off.

I coughed up what felt like a pint of blood, He flipped me over and looked through my jean pockets. He cursed softly when all he found was pocket lint.

I'm dirt poor. This guy is a joke, what made me look rich? I gave a small chuckle, thinking it might be my last.

"You laughin' at me?" He stood up and stomped my stomach, "Laugh at that!"

I was so numb, I didn't feel a thing. I watched him run out of the alley in a daze.

I tried to get on my feet and call for help, but I could only make it to my knees. My face, my hands, the ground around me, everything seemed covered in blood. My blood. Too much of my blood.

In a few minutes, I'll be dead.

I shivered and tears weld in my eyes, "... B-but I don't want to d-die..."

"Then you won't have too.."

My head rolled foreward, and in my extremely blurry sight I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Her hair was a deep green, and in a whip-like braid. She wore some kind of blueish-green dress, and my poor eye sight wouldn't allow me to see her eyes, but I was sure that they were priecing into the soul I was quickly losing to an untimely death.

"You can not die just yet. For your the one who will save the farm."

/ ***************** *** * * * *

My head snapped foreward, drenched in a cold sweat. Gasping for breath, I gazed around and saw I was in my small apartment, on the couch. I pulled the dusty, old quilt off me and swung my legs over the side.

"Ash!" My mother screamed, getting up from the broken armchair and hugging me in a vice grip, a hug that should have caused my stab wound great stress, but the only thing that hurt was my cheek.

Once she let go, she ranted, "I was so worried! Someone found you on the ground, shivering and shaking and, Oh god, I was so scared I was going to lose you! But the doctor said that you only had a busted cheek, I'm so glad your ok!"

My eyes finally came to focus, "But what about my stab wound...?"

"Stab wound? Honey, the doctor examined you all over, you didn't have a stab wound."

"W-what?" I lifted my black T-shirt up to see.

No stab wound, no blood, just a scar.

"Ash... What happened there?"


... What? I said I liked Harvest Moon...

I have always wondered what it would be like if I was in a HM game, ever since my cousins first brought over their Harvest Moon 64 game and left it. I'm writing a story about it, Ash is me, and my real name. (You'd know this if you've read my profile)

And just to let you guys know early on, I'm using the Wonderful Life/ DS Cute verison, using both aspects of the game to liven up some future chapters.