Falling into the darkness

Chapter 14

Stupid Vampires

Jasper Pov

It's been days, weeks, months that I have been searching for her. It feels like so long that I've lost track of time. I've been planning in my head what I was going to do when I found her. I have spent most of incalculable time thinking about it and still have no clue what's going to happen.

I have ended up somewhere in fucking Wyoming looking for her, when I was about to move to the next state I caught on to a vampires scent. I have been tracking this shit for the past two days and its starting to piss me off, just going around this little town everywhere.

I finally picked up one stray trail that led me into a small forest. I was a few miles into the forest when I came upon a little cottage just big enough for two people. I slowed down my pace and lightened my steps. I opened up and tested the emotions within the cozy little dwelling.

From what I could tell there was only one vampire there, they had no idea I was here judging from their emotions. They were calm and I didn't hear any footsteps so they had to be sitting. It had to be a female by the scent. There was another scent old but familiar.

I smiled at the thought, knowing it was actually him because I'm sure he knows where she is. Joy was cursing through me at being able take get some of my aggression out on him. I slowly made my way to the house and looking through a window sure enough there was a small woman with chin length black hair lounging on a couch with a book in her hands.

I mustered up all the fear I could and threw it toward her enough to freeze her in place. I sped through the door and got in her face. She was shaking and I could see the fear firing in her eyes and most of it wasn't even from my doing once she felt recognition of me, it was all her fear and it should be.

"M…Major" She said and her head lowered in submission.

"What is your name?" I growled at her.

"L…Lisa sir" She stuttered out still shaking even though I freed her from my forced fear.

"Lisa where did he go? And don't say nobody else is here, I've already smelt him" I seethed venom dripping from my teeth. I waited a few moments and she started shaking her head bringing her legs up to her chest. I leaned into her ear and spoke in a low dark seductive voice, almost whispering.

"You know, I am much worse the he is. I will do things to you that he could only imagine doing. You know he only moved up because I left. You know no one will ever be as bad as me. Now, he knows where someone is that I'm looking for and you are going to tell me where he is, okay?"

"Out h…hunting, h…he'll be back in few hours" She muttered out and smirk made its way across my face, I will just wait.

"Good girl Lisa, I think I will just wait for him to come back and if you stay a good girl I might let you go unharmed, okay?" The smirk still on my face as her shaking was letting up but only a little.

I plopped down in a chair across from her, just watching her. She hid her face in her in her knees. She should even be here she's just a girl nothing special, she has no power that much I can tell, but I figure, that's exactly why she is here. She doesn't have a power to use against him. She can't fight back. She was here for his own needs and sick pleasures, much like Bella was, just a vampire version.

I sighed and rubbed my face, Bella, I needed to find her and I have no idea why; she probably doesn't want to be found. I just I needed to find her; I don't know what I would do after I found her, if I found her.

I broke out of my thoughts; I could hear footfalls about a mile away coming from the north. I came from the south so he wouldn't catch my scent until he was really close, I would wait until then to hit him the same as I did with Lisa. I could do it now even with him so far away but where would be the fun in that. As soon is I'd use my gift he'd know it was me and I want to see his face when that happens.

Lisa's fear spiked and I knew she heard the footsteps too; she was still sitting on the couch and the trembling started again.

"You will stay here" I said in a stern voice and looked at her dead in the eye. She franticly nodded and I stepped out into the clearing just as Damon did.

His eyes widened slightly as he saw me than a smirk crossed his face. "How is my sweet Isabella treating you major, Is her hot little body as good to as it was to me?" I snarled and hit him with as much pain as I could. My smirk grew as he cried out and crumbled to the ground. I put my hands behind my back and paced in front of him.

"Damon so nice to see you again, now I am looking for someone; you know who it is, the quicker you tell me where she is the quicker we will be done" I said in a cheery voice.

"Fuck you" He grunted out. I walked to where he was on his hands and knees and grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulling his head up. I could see all of the tendons in his neck straining under the pain and brought my knee up to meet his face causing him to fly back landing in the dirt making the air dusty.

"Ready to try that again?" I smirked as he groaned and rolled on the ground, I let up on the pain because there was plenty of his own ay the moment, he also had fear and was slightly angry.

"You know living with piss poor excuses for vampires has made you go soft major" He chuckled while trying to push himself off the ground "Is that why you're looking for her? So you can get your ass back in-shape?"

I grabbed a fist full of his hair and pulled him up to his feet "You will not talk to me like that" I hissed and landed a right hook to his face and he stumbled back a few feet. I ran at him grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to a tree.

"Now where the fuck is she?" I snarled in his face venom dripping down my teeth.

"I don't know what she ever saw in you, you have always been weak. First you let your little buddies run away what are there their names?...Ah yes, Peter and Charlotte I think it was?" I hissed at the mention of my brother and sister.

"And then you ran off with that little veggie vamp, Alice? And started drinking from animals, do you know how pansy that is? The God of war drinks animal blood? Pathetic!" my hand tightened on his throat, and he let out a strangled chuckle. I leaned down to where his neck meets his shoulder and bit down, he let out a cry of pain as I pushed as much venom into his body. When I finally pulled back he was hissing and breathing hard trying hard not to show he was breaking but I knew and it made me all kinds of giddy.

"Now maybe you will think twice before you talk to me that way again" I hissed back in his face almost nose to nose. He brought his fist up to try to hit me but I caught his arm and countered his action with one of my own and I knees to his stomach.

He grunted as his knees gave out and he fell to the ground landing on all fours. I split second later I set a kick to his face making him lie face down in the dirt, I put my foot on the middle of his back and grabbed his arms in both of mine and pulled back.

A snarl of pure pain shot out of his mouth as I pulled back harder. I could already hear his tendons tearing apart in his shoulders. I heard rustling around the house until I could hear Lisa's footsteps quickly headed toward us, ten seconds later she was ten feet away from us and she gasped.

"Please! Please, I know where she is and I'll tell you just let him go!" She screeched and I could hear Damon let out an irritated growl at the girl.

I pulled back on Damon's arms harder "You will tell me now and I'll think about letting him go" I hissed and looked her dead in the eye, she shook with fear, some for Damon but mostly for herself.

"Colorado! N…North Colorado, I think the town was called Boulder!" She stuttered out and I smirked sensing only the truth from her I pulled back on Damon's arms as hard as I could. The metallic screech of the flesh being torn apart was music to my ears.

I dismembered him after that not quickly but not as slow as I'd like, but I needed to be on my way. After lighting a match that was in my pocket and throwing it on his body, I approached Lisa.

"I will let you live for now but if I ever see you again I will not hesitate to do the same to you, Do you understand?" I hissed and she nodded franticly. I waved her off and she took off toward the east.

I headed inside the cabin to grab my bag that I dropped on the couch earlier. After I threw on some clean jeans and I grey t-shirt I looked around the house for anything that might be useful.

On a side table there was a set of keys, I swiped them off the table, even though I can't get physically tired I was mentally tired of running. I grabbed my bag off of the couch and walked outside. On the dirt road leading away from the cottage was a car under a cover.

I quickly removed it and smirked at what was under it, a 1969 Chevy Camaro custom rebuilt V8 super engine and pimped out black with white racing stripes. The darkest tint, illegal but required for my sparkly ass when the sun was shining bright. The interior was immaculate black leather. She's an orgasm on wheels, one of the sexist cars I have ever seen, I may just have to name her Kitten `cause she's sure to purr for me. I hopped in the driver seat leaning over to the glove compartment to see the registration papers, sweet, a little finagling with a bit of forgery and this baby is mine. I turned the ignition and the car rumbled to life purring like the kitten she is, after a small pause to appreciate her sounds I pealed out of the dirt road.

XXxx(Somewhere in Colorado) xxXX

I don't know how long I had been driving or where exactly I was, the only reason I knew I was in Colorado was because I saw the huge sign telling me that I was.

I had been lost in my thoughts most of the drive, thinking about how much I had changed in a short time. The darkness always lingered, waiting for a weakness to caress me once again like it did so long ago.

In trying to keep away the darkness I had become weak. I locked away myself and became someone else. Someone, who lets other people make the decisions, Someone, who people walked over.

But, somehow, in the past few months' pieces of me have been seeping back in but without the darkness. I could now embrace the Major, the god of war; without losing everything. I was back in control and I was ready to find my woman.

The small sign on the side of the road told me I was finally here, the place I've been looking for. Boulder Colorado.

I needed some gas so I stopped at a small gas station. It was getting late, maybe ten at night so the sun was down long ago and I didn't have to worry about shimmering like a fucking fairy.

The cute girl at the counter flirted with me as I fought for control, trying not to jump over the counter and quench the fire in my throat. I plastered a smirk on my face and flicked some money at her and walked away. I could feel her hurt as I walked back out the door, better she felt hurt rather than the searing pain of my teeth sinking into her neck. Can't have your cake and eat it to, suga.

After filling up and paying the sweet, sweet Lil` lass behind the counter, I quickly and hopped inside Kitten driving until I found a good place to hide her while I hunted. I parked the car behind some trees in the woods and took off. Since I was in a new town I didn't want to raise any suspicion by killing someone so I'm going to grabbed a deer or two.

After hunting I threw on a new t-shirt since mine was bloodied and torn and then headed on the road again. I have no clue where I am going or even where to start looking for her. After driving around the town for about twenty minutes I came across a small bar. She always had a thing for bars and it couldn't hurt to look.

I quickly parked and slipped through the door. It was dimly lit and was pretty full but not too crowded. Carrie Underwood's 'Before he cheats' played in the background with some human woman singing along.

I smiled slightly; this was my kind of place. It made me miss my old life but that was long ago and I don't feel like dwelling. I slowly made my way to the bar and sat down on a stool, the guy behind the bar asked me if I wanted anything and I ordered a beer, it wouldn't hurt to keep up pretences.

I had been there no more than ten minutes when I felt a cold presence behind me seconds later leather, Spice and the smell of sunrise surrounded me. I slowly closed my eyes, for years I worshiped that scent now it just makes me cringe.

Olive skin toned arm encircled my shoulders and laid her head on my shoulder, cold breath fanning across me neck. Memories flashed behind me eyes, blood, smoke, cries, screams. I clamped it down with everything I had; I couldn't be weak in front of her, I couldn't show any emotion.

"And so the Major has come back home" She whispered, her Spanish ascent rolled. I used to long to hear that voice; it would bring me pleasure now, it makes me sick.

"Hello Maria" I drawled my own ascent showing through.

"I've missed you" She sighed "What brought you back into my arms my love" Raw hate ran through me, I was not hers, not even Alice's'. I didn't belong to anyone anymore. Her face flashed across my mind, the reason I was here…..Isabella, maybe I belonged to her.

I shook through my thoughts remembering she was waiting on an answer. I twisted in her arms so we where face to face now. I wound my arms around her waist and leaned in my lips scrapped across her jaw to her ear.

"You're going to tell me things I need to know" I growled lowly, letting her know I meant business. Her fear and anger spiked as she shuddered.

"Well then, maybe we should take this somewhere more private Major" She hissed turning away and walking through the door.

I followed silently as she stormed into a patch of trees. We were a few feet in when she stopped and whirled around to face me. She was seething; I leaned against a tree just watching her. It had been over sixty years since I last saw her. She was still as beautiful as she was to day she took my life.

"I knew you wouldn't come back willingly, that bastard Peter and his skank took you away from me!" She screeched. I just crossed my arms acting bored. I sent a shit load of pain to her and she fell to her knees screaming.

"Remember who you are fucking talking to, you no longer own me and I will not hesitate to hurt you" I hissed circling her. "Now I am going to ask you some questions and I will know if you are lying"

"Fine, what do you want?" She said between clenched teeth.

"You were working for a woman named Victoria, I want to know why?" I asked calmly easing off the pain.

"She came to me asked for my help, said she had a way to hurt the Cullen's. She said that you were a part of the coven so this would hurt you too" She hissed.

"And what was her plan to get back at us?" I asked but I already knew.

"She had some human bitch named Bella, she was one of Cullen's mates" I growled as Bellas' name rolled off her tongue.

"What did you do to her?" I hissed and shot more pain at her.

"We went to kidnap her, her dad was there so I thought I would have a little fun. I tied her to a chair as I oh so slowly killed her little daddy" She ended in a fake sympathetic voice, hate built back up and I sent it to her.

"Keep going" I seethed.

"Then we killed her mom and step-daddy, Victoria had the most fun with that one. We had her for almost a year doing all kinds of shit to her but it looked like none of y`all where coming back and I was running out of patients so I killed Victoria and brought the girl with me" She said simply like we were just talking about the weather.

"Why did you take her? Why not just kill her?" I didn't want to know the answer but I asked anyways.

"She was already broken so I figured what the hell; I knew I could use her somewhere." I finally broke and grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to a tree.

"What did you do to her?" I growled inches from her face.

"I brought her back here and had some fun, then some of your old buddies came to visit" She smirked "Do you remember Adam? How about Gabriel? And maybe Sean?" They were all guys that where in the wars with me, never as good but still useful.

"They wanted her so I let them. Did you know she was a virgin, Jasper?" She whispered the last part and I froze. "Sean was the first to have her, then Gabriel and Adam. They would take turns every night" She whispered in a sadistic tone, my hands squeezed harder.

My phone stated buzzing, I snarled and I knew it was Peter and he never really called, it had to be important. I let go and snarled "Get out of my fucking face before I end you" and she was gone.

I snarled into the phone "This better be fucking life or death Peter and I will track your motherfucking ass down and tear you apart piece by piece and burn them one by one"

"Get to an airport get the first flight to Italy, Edwards gone to the Volturi. We will meet you there" He hissed. It had to be something more than just that. First, Peter hates Edward as much as I did, he would just have let him die and second, they were meeting me there. They would never do that for just Edward, something else must be going on.

I shut the phone and headed back to the car.