OK SO! I was watching the movie DEAD SILENCE (which for the people who don't know is about this ventriloquist who comes back from the dead to seek revenge against the people who murdered her, even though she deserved it for killing a kid and turning him into a doll…) anyway there was a part about a perfect doll and that made me think of our dear friend SAI! And so this is the workings of my brain. Sai's PV

I consider myself to be a very complex man. Everyone I've met has assured me of that fact. Commenting on my profession, my clothes, and even my lack of personality. You would think that would make it simple, but it doesn't. It makes everything so much harder. Making contact, having conversations…Everything is so hard because of how I am. I used to think that my difference were going to be accepted one day but I was wrong, it only became worse with all the people I began to met. Many of them called me a monster and horrible man who deserved to be slaughtered like an animal. Of course they would usually say something as hurtful as that as I ripped out their eyes or tore off chunks of their skin and hair but I was just doing my job.

Sure I'll admit that my profession isn't exactly common or ordinary but neither am I so it fits me just fine. I make dolls. But even though I'm very good and have won first place in many contests because of them, they still aren't perfect. Even though the parts are perfect none of them will be perfect because perfection is unattainable…or so I thought.

My breath caught in my throat when I saw him. He was a breathing, living doll. Perfection that could walk and talk with out a string being pulled in the back. Something that's beauty could fade with time and couldn't be repaired by a skilled hand…True beauty in this ugly, cruel world. A light that could help people see through the darkness of their lives.

He was fair haired, like the golden rays of the sun grew from that tanned skin. He also had the softest sky blue eyes, that twinkled in the right light. He was tall but still a few good inches shorter than me, which made me smile a little. The small ones are always feisty. He was also lean but muscular…I could see his toned arms through his tight black shirt. He could prove to be a good fight.

Naruto was my angel's name.

I first encountered him one day after I had entered one of my dolls at the local fair. I won first prize of course but that's not the point. When I was about to exit he came up running to me. I had only seen him from a far away point and I hadn't realized his beauty until we were face to face. I smiled at him and for some reason I knew this one wasn't faked, like all my others. He placed something in my free hand and I looked down at him with a confused look.

" What's this?" I inquired. I hadn't bothered to look down at my hand because I wanted to hear him explain it instead…To hear that voice I knew would match him.

" That would be your wallet. Some punk kid picked it out of your back pocket and my buddies and I saw it. And since my boyfriend is a cop, he decided to take the law into his hands and take the kid down. Heh, it was kinda embarrassing…But anyway I just wanted to return it you."

Boyfriend? Well that could definitely be a problem…Especially since he was a police officer. His friends slowly approached us and I gave another smile. There was a pink haired girl who was wearing all shades of the color on her head, on her body…but she did have rather fetching eyes. Green like jade, quite beautiful. And the other, and who I assumed to be Naruto's boyfriend. He looked a bit like myself only much more regal. Jet black hair, spiked in the back, that matched his cold dark eyes. His skin was a perfect pale, not a blemish or imperfection visible…He also was like a doll, a beautiful China doll. But far too cold for my idealism of perfection. Perhaps if I ever wanted to expand my doll collection I would add him as well. Though something struck me as off about him...He looked eerily familiar. I cringed inwardly when I finally placed his face.

He was the officer who kept finding the parts I didn't want. He had called me savage, ruthless, and cold. Which I guess were all words that could describe my other life but they still hurt none the less. So this was him…Uchiha Sasuke, the detective who was hot on my trail but still not close enough to realizing that the one he was after was right in front of him. Someone he just helped with an everyday situation. Oh the joy I was feeling.

" Thank you for returning my wallet, I appreciate you going out of your way to bring it back to me. But by what name shall I call my saviors?"

" It was no problem, I was just doing my job. No injustice should be left unpunished if you ask me. Anyway, my name's Sasuke, the girl who looks like she's covered in bubblegum is Sakura, and the dobe who doesn't know how to dress himself is Naruto."

I laughed a little bit as Naruto punched his boyfriend in the arm. It was true though…He had no fashion sense. Black skin tight shirt and neon orange pants weren't exactly what I would call fashionable. And her over kill of pink was also very unattractive to the eye. Now what Sasuke was wearing was exactly to taste. Simple white dress shirt with a gray tank top underneath and tight black jeans…quite stylish.

" Sai." We all eventually shook hands and I know my hand lingered on Naruto's a little to long for Sasuke's liking but he didn't say anything. That Sakura girl smiled and pushed past her friends. She walked up to me and looked at what I was carrying.

" Did you make that doll?" I nodded and she examined it more. " Wow, she's really beautiful."

" Yes, she just won me yet another first place ribbon." She smiled widely at me. And Naruto also seemed impressed. " Ever since my grandmother taught me to make dolls I've entered them in contests and won in the top three spots every single time."

" Wow that's amazing!" She said. " Is there any possibility that you can make me a doll?"

I handed her my card and she giggled with delight before sliding it into her pocket. We had a few more words shared between us before we all departed. Luckily it would give me time to plot. And later that week Sakura called, giving me all the details of what she wanted for her doll…That's when I put everything into motion. The first step would be to make her my girlfriend so I could easily slip into their friend circle. And then I could get even closer to Naruto and eventually capture him. Yes…It would all work out in my favor because my dear detective wouldn't notice that I was right under his nose and off the radar.

But before all of that I would have to make her doll.

I closed shop for the night and headed down to the basement where my latest project was waiting for me. It always made me so sad when they were never happy to see me and she was no exception. As soon as I took one step on the staircase, I could hear her sobs. They only got worse as I reached the bottom and struck a match to light the lantern that sat on my work table. She looked over at me and started to whimper loudly. Her name was Mika and she was the latest victim of what the news papers liked to call, ' The Ventriloquist.'

I found the name more than fitting since I did cut out my victim's tongues and rip out their spinal column so I could replace it with the controls a ventriloquist would use to make the doll look like it's talking. Was all that work necessary? No, not at all but I insisted on it anyway. Gave me a gimmick and my victims the appearance of broken dolls, which I loved.

" Hello Mika. Guess what? We got an order and you know what that means? I'm going to need some parts…" I pulled on a pair of leather gloves before grabbing a knife from my table and walked over to her. She pulled back from me and I 'tsked' at her softly. Her eyes were spilling tears and I almost felt bad…Almost. " Aw you don't want to be a prize winning work of art? That's too bad…I want you to be part of my legacy."

I pulled the gag ball out of her mouth and she screamed. I just laughed, no one could hear her. I made sure long ago to sound proof the walls. I brought the knife closer to her and she started to thrash around, pulling at the rope that bound her arms. I hung that rope from the ceiling by a hook. It made the skin much looser and much easier to work since it was being stretched out. I also had to starve her for the same reason, skin starts to hang from the muscle when weight is lost rapidly.

" Please let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone where you are or what you look like. I just wanna go home!" I brought the knife down through her shirt, popping the buttons off. I pulled the blade back up and sliced through her bra. It was barely covering her breasts to the point that I could almost see her nipples. I frowned…if only I had captured a man instead. Oh well.

" You know that you can't be trusted. I don't trust anyone but my children. And look they want you to join them…Don't you want to be perfect like a doll?" I asked as I began examining how much skin I was going to be needing for this specific project. I would probably have to go in through the shoulder and cut down to the small of her back. The skin on her chest wouldn't due since her nipples would greatly affect the quality of the color. I pulled the torn clothes off of her and pushed her forward. She fell to the ground, her arms still tied behind her. I straddled her back and examined it, running a finger along her spine.

" You sick fucker! I'll fucking haunt your dreams, you'll never be able to sleep. I'll come back to fucking get you after I'm dead." I scoffed and grabbed my gag ball from the table. She needn't talk any more. I shoved it into her mouth, trying to avoid her biting me. I hated it when they did that. I took my knife and cut across her shoulders. She screamed against the gag and even more so when I cut down her side. She tried to buck backwards so I put my foot against her head, holding her in place. I glided my knife on the skin right above her ass and brought it back up to where I started.

I looked down at her to see brownish green liquid mixing with her blood. She must have puked, like most of them do when they get too scared. I made no effort to pull the gag out since she was going to die from shock anyway. No point in waiting for that to happen when she could just suffocate on her own vomit.

Now came the hard part. I had to remove the skin from her body by pulling it up and away from the muscle. Luckily the skin was a bit loose and I could pull it up, creating a sort of flap. I took my knife in my free hand and started to make cuts under the skin. She started to convulse under me, and that's when I knew that she was starting to die. That her vomit was now clogging her airways like hair clogs a bathroom drain. Horrible way to die really. She ceased all movement and I knew then that it was over.

I pulled the skin free from her back and dropped it into a bucket of water. Later I would have to soak it in formaldehyde so it wouldn't rot. I would also have to remember to give Sakura a bottle of it so she could spray the doll with it everyday. So many things I have to do to maintain perfection.

I pulled the gag ball out of her mouth and cringed at the sour smell of her vomit as it flooded out. At least blood and urine had a much more pleasant smell. I drove my knife into her back tearing at the muscle tissue. I reached in and started to pull, laughing at the ripping sound. I was able to get into the inner parts of her body much faster than I expected. Her spine was now clearly visible so I had to get up and grab the hedge clippers. I shoved them down into her back and with one snap, I was able to cut through the top of her spine. I did the same to bottom, letting a slight moan of pleasure escape my lips. This was the feeling I loved, that I reveled in, the one thing that made me feel whole. Alive. I loved being wrist deep in internal organs and feeling them squish beneath my fingers, but I needed to save that for later. I had a job to do.

I grabbed a stick of wood that had a slot for the bottom part of her jaw, it had a hinge so that it could move up and down, and shoved it where her spine should have been. I made sure it pierced her skull. I know it broke the bottom part of her jaw and now I had to position the top of the wood so it would split into the muscular tissue that surrounded her jaw. I pushed the button that connected to the hinge and smiled when her mouth opened and shut. Now I had to give her my final mark. I turned her over and looked at her face for a moment. Her eyes were lidded and hazy now. And rigamortis was starting to set in. I pushed her jaw down and grabbed her tongue. With a quick slice I removed her tongue.

" Now I have to leave a little something for Sasuke…"

I went back to my work table and grabbed a piece of paper. I had to write something to antagonize him, make him realize that HE knew who I was but hadn't quite guessed yet. But I also couldn't give my identity away…

I shoved the note into her mouth and made sure to keep her jaw locked so it wouldn't fall out. I sighed and pulled off my gloves. I grabbed the chunk of skin from the water and placed it into a similar looking bucket of formaldehyde. I would have to let it sit for about six hours.

I walked back into the basement and pulled the skin out. I flopped it onto my work table and moved to the back corner of my basement. I grabbed a bucket and shook out porcelain powder into it. I made sure it was a quarter of the way filled before I filled the rest of it with water. I mixed it adding more porcelain as needed until it was at the perfect consistency. I pulled the bucket back over to my work table before pulling out the molds for the doll parts. I cut proper sized strips out of the skin and poured the porcelain on top of it. It would act like bones when it solidified so the skin would take proper shape. I did that repeatedly so that there were four limps and a head.

This was my least favorite part of making a doll. I had to wait for so long to create the perfection I wanted. I slipped my gloves back on and turned towards Mika's corpse. I had to dispose of her anyway. I grabbed her arm and slung it over my shoulder. I pulled her over to a large black trash bag and shoved her body inside. It was kind of difficult since her body was so stiff from the wood I had implanted. I pulled the yellow strips that closed the bag and started to drag Mika's body up the stairs. It was simple enough to get her into my car and drive off into the night, but the difficult part was not being seen when I dumped the body.

I had to drive two hours out of town to get to my favorite dump site. It was serene really. Wild flowers growing up the Sakura trees in tangled messes and the way the wind swept the through the grass on a hot day. It made me wonder if they noticed that I only killed during the warmer months of the year, Spring being my favorite. I tossed the bag into the middle of the field. And turned to leave, my job complete.

Once I had returned to my shop I pulled off my gloves. My porcelain had no doubt set up and I was ready for the second step. I smiled a little bit to myself. I might actually be able to finish this doll by morning since I had already finished the doll's dress, gloves, and shoes a couple hours after Sakura called. Heh, I was actually kind of proud of myself…I've never made a doll this fast before. I descended down the stairs and sat down at my table. I started to sew up the skin and fitted it tightly to the porcelain. After I had finished that I grabbed what would soon be the body. I shoved the arms and legs through and finished it off with the head. I took a scraping tool and started to carve out the sockets for the eyes. I finished and reached up to grab the eyes. Sakura wanted her to have green eyes.

I gently pushed the balls into the socket, trying not to break the porcelain. I rolled them a little bit to make sure they were facing just right. I nodded with approval and grabbed a blonde wig of hair. Sakura said she wanted it pink like hers and just as short. So I had to make some minor adjustments in length and color. I sewed the hair into the skin layer of the head. I brushed the stray hairs from the table and pulled out some paint. I dipped a thin brush into the red paint and filled in the doll's lips.

I grabbed the doll's dress and pulled it over her head and did the same with her gloves. I pulled out the pair of shoes and tied the laces in perfect bows. I looked up at my work. Sakura's pink hair and jade green eyes. She wore a crimson dress with white ruffles and white gloves to match. Her shoes were a lighter shade of red and her lips matched perfectly. She blinked and looked up at me. She gripped at the sleeve of my shirt.

" Daddy!"

" Yes Daddy's here Mika. Listen to me, you have a special task that you need to perform." I said as I petted her hair, smoothing it. " I'm going to give you to a woman named Sakura…She has a connect to a person who is very special to Daddy. His name is Naruto, if you hear anything about him remember it ok? Daddy wants to know everything about him, do you understand?"

" Anything for you Daddy!" I cradled her in my arms as I carried her upstairs. I looked over at the clock. It was eight in the morning. I had been up all night making two very special dolls. I grabbed the phone and punched in Sakura's number, Mika giggling the entire time.

" Hello Sakura, it's Sai. I just wanted to let you know that I've just finished your doll. And I know it's a little early to be calling but I was wondering if you would like to go out for coffee this morning." She excitedly told me to met her at the Jazzy Cat café. "Great, I'll be at the café in half a hour. Ok bye."

This couldn't have been going any better than it was. Sakura was playing right into my hand and so was Sasuke. And because of their downfalls I would have Naruto before they even noticed my genius. I laughed a little bit to myself as I went upstairs to change into clothes that weren't soaked in blood.

Oh ho! What could have written to Sasuke and an even better question is…Is that doll really talking or is Sai just way fucking crazy and imagining it? Guess you'll have to wait to find out.

Naruto: I don't want to belong to Sai! He's creepier that fuck!
Me: Seriously…And what the fuck is up with him and his dolls…their so creepy and their eyes follow you around the room!
Naruto: -shudders- I hate them too!
Sai: I believe you'll learn to love them Naruto…This was Hitoko-Sama.