I'm not sure whether or not this will be finished in this chapter or if it will be two. But as I write this I believe all of us will find out. I mean, I kinda want to finish it now; I have the skill and ability to wrap this up in one whole chapter but as I mention earlier it depends on time constraints and if I wish to prolong this any farther. But for now, I will say. Regular PV, Sai's pv when he's around.-

Being tricked wasn't exactly what Sasuke had in mind when he had come here. He had believed that if anything were bound to happen, it would happen out in an open place. But then again it seemed far more like Sai to trap them in some kind of place where he could do with them what he would without fear of interruption. He gulped a little. He had played into Sai's hand perfectly and from what he had seen and the extent of his obsession, it was not boding well for Sasuke. Who knows what a psychopath like Sai was capable of when at full rage and when in possession of what he wanted….It wasn't that thought that frightened Sasuke the most though; not in the least.

Not being able to see Naruto or having the blond know that he failed in such a critical moment was the thing that seemed to be eating away at him the most. Though he had come under the guise of finding information his actual mission was to find Naruto and rescue him. Not that anyone who knew him on a personal level couldn't figure that out for themselves.

He wondered if Itachi had even noticed if he had gone. He probably had but there was no telling of whether or not his brother would come gallantly to his rescue or if it would be too late. Sasuke shook his head of that thought; the last thing he needed was Itachi being more depressed than he apparently was, he needed to think of a way to get out of here, a way that would make sure he and Izzy would be safe from whatever Sai's dark purpose became.

It wasn't a doubt in Sasuke's mind that Sai was controlling Shizune or that she knew him or something of that nature. It probably was far easier to convince her since Sasuke was an interloper in this community and she, even though it may go against her better judgment, has to be put what Sai says above all else. Tsunade, though she never admitted it aloud, made it clear that Sai had this village underneath his thumb and that all the people living here were obedient to him.

Sasuke glanced over to Izzy who was staring at the door as if it were an ancient puzzle. There was no way to open it from this end which meant that the person who unlocked it very well may have been Sai or Shizune, who could obviously not be trusted. But this did give him, within all of his legal rights, the ability to shoot whoever it was that entered the room. Izzy was a witness to the lock in and it was obvious that in the face of this serial killer, it would have been a life or death situation. He would take Sai's life if the need be necessary.

A thought dawned on Sasuke then. What if Sai sent Naruto into the room knowing Sasuke may try to kill him upon entry. The Uchiha gulped. It was not only mentally torturing for the two of them but it may turn far more deadly. He felt a bead of sweat drip down his brow but realized he was not hot, nor was he sweating anywhere else. He glanced up at the ceiling where a drop of water hit him square in the cheek before sliding down his face and dropping off his chin. Fire sprinklers littered the ceiling like small dots of civilization in a forest.

The Uchiha smirked a little as he got on top of one of the filing cabinets. They were the perfect height for him to get into the tiled ceiling above. The water had to becoming from somewhere such as a pipe system, which meant that the ceiling had to be someone hollow on the inside. Sure enough the tile broke loose and Sasuke moved it out of the way, shoving his head through the gap. There were pipes and insulation, but something else, something of far greater use to them. A heater. Vents would have been scattered all around the complex; this was a way to get out. A way for him to still be a hero to Naruto and pull some of the strain off Itachi.

Izzy finally noticed all the commotion and looked up to see what it was that Sasuke was doing. Half of his body was on the filing cabinets while the rest of it was looking around in the ceiling. Izzy hopped up and stood next to Sasuke. "So after all this time, this is your brilliant epiphany of how to escape?"

"The best I could come up with, unless you managed to think of something." Izzy shook his head and looked around, testing his hand on one of the tiles; they seemed pretty sturdy and that they wouldn't crack or break under their weight but there was no telling how old they were.

"This is good, I like it. But were you just planning for us to crawl around in the ceiling? Because walls will become a problem." Sasuke rolled his eyes and pointed towards the vents for the heaters. He pulled out his keys and started to unscrew the bolts holding the walls of it together. When he was finally finish it fell free landing on one of the tiles and making it fall onto the floor below them. They looked at each other and shrugged. "Oh well, I doubt that woman will come running if she hears mysterious bangs."

"Yes but she will get suspicious if she hears too much noise in the vents. We need to be as careful as possible otherwise she might catch onto our escape." Sasuke muttered as he got into the vent, testing his weight in it first. He was taller than Izzy which meant his frame was naturally a little heavier. It supported his weight and when he got far enough down he signaled for Izzy to follow him.

"This is so much better than my idea. I just thought about faking a seizure and making her come into to check on me, but then I realized it would never work since I can't pee myself on command." Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"There is also the problem of she wouldn't come in, I was still completely fine and could take her out. Besides, how would she even know you were having a seizure? It's not like she's watching us with a camera or something. Now be quiet, our voices will probably travel through vents." Sasuke was whispering and Izzy buttoned his lip. There was no way he was going to allow his big mouth to sabotage everything they had worked for; mostly because he was sure Sasuke would kill him himself if that happened.

Izzy felt a tickling in his nose and had to stop for a moment to grab his face. This was not happening, not at such a crucial time. He wanted to tell Sasuke what was about to take place but before he could form the words on his lips it was far too late. He sneezed, loudly. The heating vent actually shook from the force that wracked his form. Sasuke glared back at Izzy who had a distant look on his face and was breathing heavily one again; he sneezed three more times before finally managing to get a grip on himself.

"Really Izzy?" The white haired man just smiled sheepishly until he heard the strong moaning of the vent. Both of them looked around and realized that when Izzy sneezed it managed to shake the entire vent so hard that more than likely a few bolts came loose. The assumption was confirmed when the vent, who could no longer hold so much weight, gave one finally groan before plummeting through the ceiling and onto the floor.

Sasuke had been forced up into the top of the shaft, smacking the back of his head on the metal before slamming his face. Izzy had suffered a similar fate only he had held out his arms to catch himself; the crunch of bone had been covered up by the explosive loudness of the landing. Sasuke crawled out of the broken shaft and looked around, wondering why Izzy was still inside. He glanced back and saw the fracture of Izzy's arm standing out from his skin. The scarily brilliant white bone stood out from the shocking amounts of crimson pouring out from his arm. Sasuke could tell now that Izzy was in shock and ran over to the other side of the vent, flinching as he felt a searing, hot pain going through his entire leg. He looked back and saw a trail of blood behind him. Startled, he glanced back at his leg. The vent had broken where he had landed and besides the damage to his face, which he could feel starting to swell up, he had also got a shard of metal imbedded in his right calf muscle. The adrenaline in his body had been canceling out the pain of it.

He bit back a cry of anguish, not really knowing why, Shizune had undoubtedly heard them crash through the ceiling. Sasuke threw the shard to the ground before returning to his task of freeing Izzy from the metal vent. He moaned when Sasuke dragged him out, helping by kicking with his legs, but other than that he was absolutely not helpful. Izzy was dead weight now because of his shock which meant Sasuke had two options.

One: Leave Izzy here but hide him. Out of the question in Sasuke's mind. Izzy couldn't just be tossed aside because he was of no use to him now. Though it may have slightly been the better option in a sense because he would have to drag Izzy around without medical attention. His fracture was open and that meant he had to either refit the bone and then dress it or let it bleed. And he was currently in a hospital and when Izzy came too he may be able to do it himself…

Two: Bring Izzy with him. It was far more within Sasuke's sense of right and wrong. Izzy had come with him as back-up and was risking his life by being here, he couldn't just abandon him. Besides that injury was going to need more than one hand to fix; if Sasuke was able to administer some of the first-aid he knew then Izzy may be able to help him, or better yet get to the squad car and call for help.

Option two seemed to be the best in Sasuke's mind and he managed to throw Izzy's limp body over his shoulder. He was hoping his white haired friend wasn't suffering a concussion on top of everything else. That would be just another injury to add to this horrid incident.

The added weight on his injury made him stumble a few times as he neared window. He clenched his teeth as he felt the blood soaking through his pant leg. He was lucky, however, they had stayed on the first floor; he would have felt like a complete monster if the need had been to throw Izzy out the window and then jump himself. There was no telling how well that would have went. He opened up the window and managed to push Izzy out so he wouldn't land on his injured arm; he grunted when he hit the ground. It was a good sign to Sasuke.

He sat on the window sill and moved himself out of the window so that he would not hurt his damaged leg any more than it already was. He grabbed Izzy again and made his way to his squad car, which would have been an easy couple minute walk but was made exceedingly difficult by the weight on his shoulder and the injury. He made it though and sat down triumphantly in the front seat. There wasn't much time now, Shizune would be coming soon or examining what had happened; he needed to patch himself and Izzy up before she could find them. He turned on his car, making sure to keep his traveling as quiet as possible as he drove down the street of this ghost town. He spotted a lake after a few seconds and headed towards it, thanking whatever god was up there for the tree and brush cover. It would be perfect for laying low.

Sasuke turned off his car and sighed a little. This was no time to relax though, Izzy's arm needed to be reset and cleaned. He grabbed the first-aid kit from under the seat and opened it.
Sai's PV

Fury was not the correct adjective to describe what I was feeling at this particular moment. There was such a burning, wrathful hatred growing in my heart for Shizune's incompetence that it made me sick. She had a task; an extremely simple task which should could not accomplish for me. And now I had to worry about where my lovely detective was. He could be storming my door at any moment and kicking my teeth in, or he could be hiding and waiting to strike like the strictest martial art doctrine dictated. Let the enemy sweat and become paranoid before attack. Oh so very much like a style Sasuke would employ.

He wanted me to worry, to be fearful, to be so full of emotional turmoil that I could not function? I think not. I would not bend to such a power like his; it was a power no doubt but I would not raise my white flag of surrender just yet. No, I have let to begin to fight. Sasuke will not know the meaning of suffering until I finally get my pale hands on him. His body looks so fragile, so delicate in such a corruptible way. I will ruin him, break his spirit, spill his blood, and eat his soul. All of him, will be mine.

And with his remains? Ha! I would do what I always have; make him into my perfect vision. Bring back his innocence in such a way that he will be so angelic yet darkly demonic. He will embody the human condition; the human struggle. His body will be undoubtedly the greatest piece of work I will ever be able to create.

Soon, very soon, I had to remind myself, I would have him. His tormented life would finally act out its final scene, dancing like an imbecile upon my stage where I would judge his performance. And who says it is not rewarding to be the judge, jury, and executioner?

My phone vibrated before ringing out; annoyingly enough breaking my train of thought. I was rather enjoying the image of Sasuke struggling as he played out his last moments in front of me. I could hear the begging of voice, so arousing and torturous with its pleading. 'Mercy is not my gift to give…' is what I picture I would say to him. It sounded perfect.

I grabbed my phone and noticed the call was from Shizune. I answered without hesitation just in case she had managed to find my prize. "One of them is bleeding."

Interesting. It appears during their wonderfully thought out escape they managed to get hurt; at least one of them. It was enough for me to work with. "Call them Shizune. I don't doubt that they can track down Sasuke or his partner from a blood sample. It gives them such a strong sense blood; they crave more you know and it just makes them such efficient hunters. Tell them, when they arrive, that not one hair on Sasuke's head should be moved out of place. I want him alive and unharmed…for the most part. Breathing, I suppose would be the best way to express my desires…" I paused for a moment loving how sadistic my comment had been. I would prefer if Sasuke was conscious but I could live with breathing. "Understand?"

"Yes, of course. I understand completely."

I smirked to myself. The hunt was on. Sasuke would be standing before me within moments and I could finally fulfill my destiny as a predator.

Sasuke finished wrapping his and Izzy's wounds. He had woken up right as Sasuke reset his arm and the pain from the bone being shoved back into place made him pass out again; he had figured as much. Something like that would make the body go back into shock. He made sure to keep Izzy's legs elevated as much as possible before finding his phone lying in on the floor; he had placed it there so no one would steal it and so he wouldn't have been tempted to answer one of Itachi's calls. He turned it on and waited, waited very impatiently for the start up screen to allow him to do what he wanted. He needed to call Itachi, needed to get some help out there for them, and perhaps learn how far away his brother was. It didn't take a genius to figure out that Itachi would be on his trail within a few hours of him being missing and not answering the calls.

He dialed Itachi's number; he waited then too and when it said the phone was out of service he could only guess something had either happened to it or that Itachi had shut it off, or worse, that Itachi wasn't getting service either.

He laughed a bit shakily to himself. What else could go wrong? What else? Sasuke scrolled through his contacts and landed on Kisame's number. He was hoping he was with Itachi since the two of them were inseparable. It wasn't a long shot, but there was always the idea that Itachi had decided to come alone. He hoped that wasn't the case.

Not even two rings into the call and Sasuke could hear the tone of his very angry brother on the other line. "Why the fuck are you in Kohona Sasuke? And why did you go without any back-up? If Sai is there, he could have killed you! Do you know how worried I've been!" Something about the concern in Itachi's voice settled him; there was no doubt in his mind now that Itachi was coming for him. He thanked his lucky stars and almost wanted to cry. He had lucked out this time.

"Itachi, listen to me. We need medical attention out here." Sasuke muttered trying to settle his own voice but pain throbbed through his leg and was pillaging his nerves. He could barely focus on the words coming from his own mouth. "I didn't go alone, Izzy is with me. But I know that Sai is here, he had someone lock us in a room. We were able to get out but we've suffered some injuries. Izzy broke his arm and I'm bleeding like nobody's business."

"I'll call the medical team and have them come out as soon as possible but I don't know how soon they'll get there. We've been driving for four hours and have yet to get to Kohona." Sasuke almost sobbed aloud. They were still about an hour away. Kohona was on the fringe of Japan and it was so difficult to get to. Sasuke felt his heart sink a little but he knew he could hold out for at least another hour. He had a gun, plenty of ammo. He could hold Sai off.

"Fine. But please Itachi hurry…" Sasuke voice trailed off when he saw a group of people gathering in the distance. They had torches and some were carrying guns; all had wicked expressions on their faces as they approached the parked car. How had they found him so fast? Sasuke swore pulling his gun out of the holster on his hip.

"Sasuke? Sasuke? Answer me!" He hung up on Itachi and got out of the car. He was still a police officer; he had rights and if this village thought they could bring him down, they were sadly mistaken. If the need be he would shoot them all. He got out of the car, walking around to where the passenger side was and stood in front of Izzy's window. The last thing he wanted them to know was that Izzy was incapacitated.

"Freeze or I will shoot you where you stand." Sasuke's voice called out and the people all turned to look at each other, laughing heartily at the comment. They continued to approach and Sasuke decided that a second verbal warning was not going to work. He turned off the safety and shot into the crowd, hitting a man in the knee cap. He didn't make a single sound as his body fell forward; he just laid there for a second before he started to drag himself across the ground, gripping the dirt with his hands as he pulled his way forward.

Sasuke figured that the must have been on some kind of drug; something they could all easily attain from a certain doctor. If he wanted this crowd to stop he would have to do something far more drastic to get their attention. If they could not feel pain, it was obvious the fear of the death would put them in their place and make them disperse. Sasuke fired again, hitting a woman right between the eyes. She fell to the ground and everyone paused looking down at her; they all looked up again when her body started to twitch. She stood back up.

He couldn't believe what he had just saw. He had shot that woman right through the head and she was still walking, still moving forward. He didn't know what to do then. There was something wrong with these people something inhuman…The thoughts of Sai actually being able to do witchcraft or black magic was slowly registering in his mind….Tsunade hadn't lied to them. These things were the real deal and he had no idea of how to defeat them if they were immortal.

"Shit!" Itachi swore as tried to dial Sasuke's number again but he only got rings. Sasuke wasn't picking up; something, Itachi feared, must have happened to him. The lights and sirens of the car blared loudly as cars moved out of their way. They weren't going fast enough. He needed to be with Sasuke at that very moment. If something happened to Sasuke…He didn't know. He just didn't know what he would do if he lost Sasuke and Naruto and Izzy all in one swoop of that murderous bastard's claws.

"Kisame, we need to go faster." Itachi muttered aloud to his friend as he put Kisame's phone down.

"Itachi, we can't go any faster, we might hit someone if they can't get out of the way." Itachi looked over at Kisame. There was a fury, a desperation, something that he rarely ever saw in Itachi's eyes. It made the man swallow as though he had seen his own death.

"Pull over." Kisame didn't hesitate to follow with Itachi's commands. He pulled onto the shoulder and Itachi got out of the car and Kisame followed his lead, getting in the passenger seat, not wanting to start a fight with the Uchiha. He would lose, no matter what. Itachi pulled back onto the road and when there was a small clearing of cars gunned them forward.

Kisame knew from experience that Itachi was one of the best drivers in the force, probably better than most professional stunt drivers. He could handle a car like nobody's business. It was like an extension of himself.

The black man let out a slight yelp when Itachi weaved in between cars, using the shoulder and other parts of the road to his advantage. He was determined, he was desperate. He would save Sasuke no matter the cost.

About an hour later

Itachi and Kisame pulled down a dirt road and were shocked by the small, almost quaintness of Kohona. But one could tell right away that something about this place was off. It wasn't bustling with life, it was like a personification of death. There was a stillness about the place that gave not only Kisame the creeps but Itachi as well. The hair on his arms were standing on end.

They parked on the outskirts of town, guns drawn before they even got out of the car. They slammed the doors as they exited looking around as though any small movement of theirs would cause an ungodly horde to come upon them. Itachi had believe some of what Tsunade said, but there was a part of it that he rejected. It was part of the human condition to be superstitious and wonder about the possibilities man brought to the table when he delved in the world of possible and impossible. Itachi had a feeling this place was where all the answers to his questions, to his dreams, and even to his nightmares would finally come to light and allow him to finally pass his final judgment.

Kisame was flanked right next to him, their steps in perfect rhythm as they moved forwards into the town. Deathly still. All of it was too quiet, as if the life had been stolen from it. Itachi heard a slight noise and turned like a whip to face it; there was a man standing with his back towards Itachi. He was looking over something; from a distance it looked red, like a giant puddle of blood.

Fearing the worst, unfortunately, made Itachi act quite rash. He shot the man three times in the back before getting closer to investigate. Kisame was horrified. He hadn't even issued a verbal warning; Itachi was loosing it. He rushed up behind the Uchiha and grabbed him by the shoulder before he saw what was on the ground.

A shirt. A blood soaked shirt. There was dirt and rips throughout the fabric but something stood out about it more than that. Kisame recognized it right away. That shirt…Belonged to Sasuke. It was just his size, and he had been wearing a white shirt before he left for Kohona. The older Uchiha didn't doubt at all that Sasuke had been taken captive or may even be dead.

Itachi choked on a sob that was trying viciously to cut its way through his throat. He was too late…Too late. The Uchiha couldn't hold back the sobs anymore. He had failed Sasuke, let him get hurt, let him, maybe, die. Kisame stood there and wanted very much to pick Itachi up but the man would just shake from his grasp or push him away.

"Itachi, it's just a shirt. We can't just assume anything." Itachi didn't say anything, he looked broken and defeated. He got to his feet then, with tears streaming down his cheeks and he glared at the man he had shot, bring his gun out once more. Three more times Itachi fired into him, his anger far too much to maintain. Kisame grabbed his arms and held him close to his body, cutting off the Uchiha from any more movement. "Stop it! What's wrong with you? Wasn't it you that told Sasuke to get a hold of himself in situations like this? Shooting a corpse is not going to bring Sasuke back! We need to go find him before Sai does away with him, don't you see? Do you really think he would just let his underlings kill Sasuke? No, that's not Sai's style. He wants Sasuke alive…And I think I know where to find him."

They both looked up at the mansion in the distance, so showy and luxurious for something that would be contained in a village like this. Itachi took a deep breath. He couldn't keep letting his emotions run away with him like that. It wouldn't just be Sasuke's death he would have to worry about; his head would also come to rest on the chopping block.

"They probably have some kind of perimeter set up around that place. It won't be easy to get into." Kisame nodded and Itachi reloaded his gun. They were about to set out when the man, who they believed to be very much dead, moved to grab Itachi's leg. His grip was tight and he actually managed to get the Uchiha on the ground before he knew what was going on. The man's neck cracked in an ungodly manner as he looked up at Itachi.

"Smells the same…Brother possibly…Father will be…So happy with a complete set." Itachi didn't know what the man blathered on about because of the fact that all of the blood in his body had turned to ice at the sight of the man moving. He had put six bullets in this man, three in the back and three in the head. He was still moving, still alive.

Kisame grabbed Itachi pulling him from the ground and from the monstrously tight grip the man had on his ankle. He stood up but not long enough to stick around; he grabbed Kisame's arm and started to run. There was no way he was going to stay to see what else this person was capable of.

The man got on his feet and screamed a deafening wail that actually made them both cover their ears. It was inhuman, that sound was nothing they had ever heard before. Itachi turned back for a second and he gasped a little when he saw that people were exiting their houses. They were sluggish in movement coming to stand beside, in front of, or around the thing that had summoned them.

"They smell the same…" One muttered as he smiled up at Itachi. It looked fake, like something someone would paint onto a face…A doll face.

Epiphany struck Itachi at last. Tsunade wasn't crazy…Sai wasn't either. These people…They were actually living dolls. Impervious to bullets, to be stabbed, to everything. They were immortal because their souls were sealed into bodies. Itachi had a brief flash of genius. How does one kill something that is immortal? Dismember it.

He spied an axe by a pile of wood and grabbed it, swinging it in his hand to get a feel for it. "Yes, this will do nicely." One of the dolls rushed forward, a sinister smile on her face as she reached out for Itachi. He wasted no time in bring the axe through her neck, her head flew to the side and he went to work cutting the doll completely apart. She did not bleed, she didn't even seem to feel the pain. She only seemed angry about her body being ripped apart.

Kisame got what he was doing right away and thanked his lucky stars that he had brought a shotgun instead of a simple hand gun. He smirked a little and fired into the crowd.

Sasuke didn't know what was going on. He was being dragged through the town and at some point, his shirt had come off. All he remembered before this moment was a being mobbed on; just a crowd of those immortal…Things. They had rushed him all at once and it was impossible to fight them off. His gun wasn't working, he couldn't thin their numbers with head-shots or fatal blows to the chest or neck. They would just get back up again and join the crowd.

He moaned a little as one of the creatures picked him up to carry him through an arched doorway. After a few seconds they slammed him on the ground, knocking the wind out of him. He rolled onto his side just in time to see a pair of feet approaching him. He looked up, expecting to see more of those monsters but he was shocked to see, Sai. He was finally face to face with that murdering bastard. The doll handed him something that Sasuke didn't see but he was too busy seeing red to even really care or notice what it was.

Sasuke found his feet and strength within a moment and he got up, head-butting the man before he could react. Sai stumbled back for a moment before laughing wickedly. Blood was coming out of a small gash on the side of his face but other than that he had no other injuries. He grabbed the back of Sasuke's head and smashed it into the wall. The crack of his nose filled the silence of the room and it was followed by his body falling flat on the ground.

He coughed. Blood was dripping from his nasal cavity down the back of his throat and filling his mouth with the unsavory copper. He spit up blood and Sai got on his knees before Sasuke, wiping up a bit of the blood with his finger and putting it up to his mouth. The taste of it made his head swim. Sasuke's blood, his fear, tasted just as sweet as he had hoped.

"Leave us." Sai said to the doll who was still looming over Sasuke. The doll nodded and left back out the door. "I've been waiting for you, you know. It is quite rude to keep me waiting."

"If you'd have given me a sign to your identity, I wouldn't have allowed you to fester in your lie of a life longer than necessary." Sai smiled wickedly at that statement. He believed himself to be lucky though, Sasuke's arms had been tied behind his back and if he had free arms then there was no telling what the Uchiha would do. He could easily strangle him, Sai knew. But this was not the moment where he would succumb to the Uchiha's power; the opposite was his goal.

"My dearest detective, today is the day where our power struggle finally ends…" Sai muttered as he bent down, grabbed Sasuke. He was surprisingly strong, Sasuke thought since he was able to pick the Uchiha up bridal style. He flopped him down on a couch and stood their for a moment. "Do you feel it Sasuke? Do you feel yourself knocking at death's door?"

Sai's PV

Oh such wonderment. There was nothing but pure bliss spreading through my body as I looked down at my lovely detective. He may have been bound and Injured but dear gods was he beautiful. The blood matched so well with his skin, bring the lovely paleness of his face to light. He was just so…I don't even know. The beauty of the Uchiha clan was quite wonderful in my opinion.

I stood over him, the rush of power I was feeling…It was like an indescribable lust. I wanted him farther beneath me, completely broken, begging for death. But, he was proud. Far to proud to beg me. But I would take him anyway. All my sickest fantasies of him would finally come to life. Oh the blood spilling from his broken form. My head swam with lust as I got on top of him. His body was tense, all the muscles were telling him to push me away but he had been bound with his own handcuffs; his hands were quite tightly around his back. Oh how I wanted those hands to touch me in a weak pushing manner. Such a prehistoric bliss would encompass that touch.

I leaned in next to his ear, brushing the stray strands of hair from that pale marvel. I bit once, savoring the way his skin felt beneath my teeth. He gritted his teeth as blood fell from the new wound and lapped at it, tasting more and more of him. Sweet blood, sweet sweat, all of it was mingling on my taste buds as if they were dancing together. I laughed hotly in his ear and I could feel him flinch beneath me. Oh yes, this was going to be fun.

"Father…" I turned towards the arched doorway and saw one of my implanted children looming there with a smile on her face. "I have captured the other." She threw Sasuke's partner Izzy into the room and he instantly cried out from the impact with the floor. His arm was in a make-shift sling and it was started to soak through with blood. I smirked a little and got off of Sasuke. He could wait.

I grabbed the back of Izzy's head and lifted him from the floor; his back arched as I dragged him too his feet. "Well, well. Can't have you distracting us, can we?" I opened the basement door where I was greeted with the chorus of laughter from my children. They knew they were going to get to play. "As for you my dear, I leave you to the mercy of my children." I tossed him inside; he hit the concrete stairs harshly, bouncing off them like a ball. He looked like a broken doll as he lay on the floor, moaning with pain. There was no doubt that fall hurt. Concrete usually did. Before I could close and lock the door, my children were upon him.

"IZZY!" Sasuke rolled off the couch but crumbled under his own weight. His legs sprayed blood onto the floor and went over to him.

"My poor Sasuke…" I muttered grabbing his injured leg and letting the blood soak my hand. It was quite interesting to see him in a position where he was not the complete dominant. "I should fix this for you…I don't want you bleeding to death because of my negligence."

I got up from my stop and strode into the kitchen. I knew with an injury like that he would be woozy and probably unlikely to get back on his feet without some amount of rest. It was good for me since he would be weak.

Admittedly, of course, it was weak and pathetic of me to wish for him in a condition in which he was not at his best but I was a coward. I could not fight Sasuke off at his full strength. He had to be bound, injured, in a position in which he relied on me to do things for him. Of course that's how I liked it. If he could not fight me, I could do whatever I wished to his body. Take him, mutilate him…Hurt him. Oh yes, I would quite like to just hurt him, make him bleed everywhere, and revel in the feeling of his blood covering my skin.

Though, I was mad my children had let him get in such a condition. I had told them not to hurt him and maybe he had gotten that injury under unforeseen circumstance but it bothered me. No matter, I suppose. I could sew him up without much thought. I wanted his body perfect for when I completely the ritual.

I came back into the room and he was sitting up against the couch, panting a little as he stared down at his leg. He had probably closed or wrapped up the wound earlier and because all of the sudden commotion it had come undone, started to bleed furiously. I had grabbed a first aid kit in the kitchen and I was going to put it to very good use. I opened it up and smirked a little as I grabbed the small pair of scissors, cutting the fabric away from the wound. Too bad, his jeans accentuated his calves in such a beautiful way. The creamy skin of his leg was caked with drying and wet blood as it poured from the long gash.

It wasn't that deep, luckily for him, but it was deep enough to cause a problem. Oh the tears of the muscle tissue were delicious looking to me. I could finally see inside my lovely detective.

"Father…" I glanced back at the doorway and she was still standing there. I must have gotten too caught up in my excitement to even notice that she had not left yet. I looked back at her.

"What do you want?" She paused for a moment, a wicked smile came to her lips.

"The other Uchiha is here too. Do you wish for me and the others to capture him as well? He's causing quite the large amount of havoc." I smirked at her.

"Yes. Daddy wants a full set, bring him to me." She nodded and left. I turned back towards Sasuke and he had an arrogant smirk on his face.

"You'll never be able to pin Itachi down, he's a far better officer than I am."

"Agreed, but he is up against supernatural forces now. My children will bring him to his knees and before you know it, you'll see the doll making process first hand. First your lovely older brother then I'll turn the knife on you and your delicious body…."

"Why wait?" Sasuke said with a narrowing of his eyes. "You have me where you want me. Why would you wait? To mentally torture me with the sight of my brother's death? To physically and mentally scar me?" He laughed smugly then. "You seem to forget that I was there when I cleaned up the scene at Sakura's house…You've already brought scars to my mind."

I couldn't help myself. I wanted to hurt him so badly; the urge was filling me with such desire that I grabbed his face and brought it to mine. I kissed him then but then bit into his lip, drawing the blood into my own mouth. I lapped at his lip but before I could pull back he caught me with his teeth, tearing a chunk out of my own lip. I smacked him across the face making him hit the side of my coffee table, the wood made a thunking noise as his head bounced off it.

He winced a little, blood sprouting like a budding rose from his temple. His entire body shook a little with the shock of the impact. I sat back down next to him and pulled the needle and medical thread from the kit.

Hurt him, hurt him, was the mantra screaming through my head. Oh and I would. That smug, delicious bastard. I would hurt him until he couldn't feel anymore. I wanted to fry his nerves and destroy all of what Uchiha Sasuke was. He would be nothing more than a form when I was through with him. Nothing more than a perfect doll.

I shoved the needle through his gash, bring the two open end together and he screamed. Finally I got to here that voice in the midst of pain. Oh the sheer tingles that it brought down my spine were incredible. Oh the pure deliciousness of that pain was intoxicating. I continued to sew, he was shaking underneath me, his breath coming in strained puffs. I wish I had more time so Sasuke could heal properly but this would have to be the best. I could not waste anymore time, especially with Naruto around. I couldn't have him discovering his gift while he was still a human.

"What are you doing?" Naruto was in the doorway, staring down at us. Recently, I've noticed, he had moved past emotionless to just cold. There was no innocence left in that body of his, I had sapped it away from him with my cruelty but I cared not. He was still perfect. He took a step forward into the room and looked down at Sasuke. Their eyes met and I could feel that electricity between them. Sasuke seemed to have a more relieved state about him now that he knew Naruto was still alive. I smirked a bit as I continued my work bringing a scowl of pain to Sasuke's face. "I asked you a question."

Once I finished I stood up. Since Sasuke hadn't moved as much as I thought he would it had been relatively quick. I walked over to Naruto and kissed him. He pushed me away wiping the still dripping blood from my lip off his. "What does it look like? I'm patching Sasuke up. He's been injured you know. It would have been rude of me not to…What are you doing downstairs? You've ruined your surprise."

"Allow me to guess the rest, Sasuke is to be turned into a doll so I may have him."

"My brilliant light, you're correct. Now please, leave me to my work." A scream ripped through the calm air and Naruto turned towards the basement. He looked back at me and shook his head a little.

"Been busy?" He asked in such a sarcastically brutal way and a spark of anger went through me. He was started to rebel against me again and I had a feeling Sasuke was the cause of this strange shift in attitude. Naruto wasn't happy with me anymore, he was no longer content. That wasn't good.

"Izzy…" Sasuke muttered as he slumped forward, using his knees to propel himself forward. He was getting closer and closer to Naruto and I yet he was not moving fast enough. I grabbed him by the handcuffs, bringing him up to his feet. He winced at the weight on his leg but tried to shake me off. I growled lowly in my throat as I shoved him into Naruto. The two of them were knocked off their feet as I stood over them.

"Listen to me…I can give you everything you ever dreamed of Naruto, a life with me, the most powerful man in the world all you have to do is sit and be happy. That's all. But no, you're disobeying me and I hate it when my things do not wish to be with me." I was furious. I could feel something inside me snap as I reached down and grabbed Sasuke. I threw him back into the living room as Naruto sat there in the hallway by the basement door.

The pounding on the basement door was becoming extremely distracting and I was about to go and tell my children to keep it down when the door was kicked in. Izzy stood there in his full glory with Rye and Dante on his shoulders. He approached me slowly, keeping his distance, a gun in his hand. I laughed a little as I stared at my children. The seals on them were too weak, I had let them taste and revel in human blood far too early. That was my fault. I was slowly realizing that perhaps this was all a lost cause.

Of course, I also had a back-up plan.

My lovely children, they were so resourceful. I pulled the gun out from my pocket and shot Sasuke in the chest, causing Izzy to become shocked by my action, but apparently not enough. He shot me twice before I was able to land a shot on him through his good shoulder. He fell to the ground clutching his injury.

Oh no…I could feel it. My death. He had managed to strike my heart which meant the deals I had made were coming to an end. Everything about my life was over now. A vast darkness was soaking into my vision and I could see the hand of the devil as he reached out and sucked the life from my body…

Hell was far colder than I ever imagined.

Izzy moaned with pain and Rye and Dante fell from his shoulders completely unmoving. They had saved him from the massive hordes of Sai's mad dolls and now…They had finally moved on to the afterlife. They had passed on the information to him that once Sai was dead the curse on them would be lifted and all the dolls would die…in a way. He was heaving as he crawled over to Sasuke.

He let out a small cry when he realized the Uchiha was dead. The shot had perfectly pierced his heart and he was dead. He shook his head. Why hadn't he moved faster? Why hadn't he been able to save Sasuke? Why?

Naruto stood up, looking around. There was a small vase on the table next to the door and he grabbed it. He walked up to Izzy who was draped over Sasuke sobbing in a manner in which he should have been. Of course that was before, this was now. He could do things now that Izzy couldn't. He could bring Sasuke back to life. Naruto smacked Izzy over the head with the vase and he ceased to move, the impact being hard enough for him to pass out. He kicked the man out of the way as he kneeled next to his fallen lover.

"No one will be able to separate us again." Naruto kissed Sasuke on the lips before covering his hands in the Uchiha's blood. "I promise."

He started to draw a circle on the floor out of Sasuke's blood. In the middle he drew thick interconnected lines. Since it was his first time bring someone back to life he had to adhere to the strict rules of the ritual. Sai was able to accomplish this with the mutilation of the bodies but Naruto could not go that far. He loved Sasuke to much to do anything like that to his body. He got up and ran down to the basement grabbing multiple colors of chalk dust and headed back up the stairs. It would be only a matter of time before Itachi would come to Sasuke's rescue. He had been listening the entire time to the conversations between Sasuke and Sai, between Sai and his dolls. He knew everything that was going on. He smirked a little as he filled in the lines of the circle and finished the eye like design on the floor. In the pupil of the eye was three concentric circles surrounding a triangle with three lines stabbing into it.

Naruto dragged Sasuke's body into the middle of it. He cut into his thumb with the small pair of scissors from the medical kit and drew on Sasuke's eyelids the same eye in the circle. He dabbed his finger in Sasuke's blood and streaked it down his tongue, standing at the edge of the circle. He had studied the scrolls, performed the branding on himself just for his moment. He would give life back to Sasuke.

Itachi and Kisame looked around confused as the bodies started to fall around them. They had been in a heated battle with these dolls and now it seemed as though the puppet master strings had been cut by an unseen force. Kisame was panting, dripping with sweat with a large axe in hand. He had found it when he ran out of shot gun ammo. Itachi had two smaller hatchets in hand since the axe he had earlier dulled to where he couldn't cut through the bodies.

They knew they had to take a chance and run to Sai's mansion. Both of them ran as quickly as they could, their lungs already burning from the fighting they had been doing towards the mansion in the middle of the town. Itachi hopped the gate with Kisame following, and it all seemed eerily quiet. Itachi redrew his handgun, knowing Sai was human and could be brought down by a bullet, unlike his creations. He kicked in the door and ran inside, turning every way before looking into the living room.

The relief that flooded him was astonishing. Sasuke was sitting up with Naruto who was hugging him tightly. Izzy was passed out on the floor but he seemed as though he would live. Sai on the other hand, was a different story. He was lying in a pool of his own blood, eyes wide with a kind of fear or shock that he couldn't describe. It looked as though the very soul had been ripped from his being and banished to the very deepest, hottest reaches of hell.

Itachi limped into the room with Kisame following behind him, holding his shoulder. The two of them looked up. "Itachi…" Itachi couldn't hold back his emotions any longer. He ran over to his brother and embraced him and Naruto. There was such a happiness flowing through him that he couldn't have described. Sai was dead. They were alive. It was finally over, all of it was finally over.

Naruto and Sasuke passed a glance between them and the blond smirked a little as he almost opened his arms enough to include Itachi in his embrace. What Itachi didn't know, wouldn't hurt him.

Itachi sighed a little as he could finally stamp the 'case closed' on the file sitting in front of them. No one believed them. No believed at all the dolls were alive. Itachi knew they wouldn't but he didn't care much. He would let them believe whatever they wanted to. He had seen the truth with his own eyes and he would never forget it.

Tsunade had been locked up in federal prison for trying to murder Botan and for assisting Sai in his experimentation with humans, as it was called by the judge. She was given two life sentences. He found that slight cruel since she had given the information about Sai's whereabouts, but that didn't matter. The wicked had been punished.

A knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. It was Izzy. Today was the day he was finally going back to America because his work here was done. He smiled a little as he entered the room. The medical teams were able to save both his arms, even though he had come close to loosing the one he broke. He, unfortunately, would have permanent nerve damage in his right arm but other than that he would live. He sat down in the chair in front of Itachi.

"I guess this is finally goodbye." He said with a slight smile. Itachi nodded.

"Indeed it is. Are you going to inform Rye's and Dante's families when you get back?"

"Well they've already been informed but I hope I can provide a little more closure for them…" Izzy said with a slight shrug. He looked up at Itachi for a moment. "Though, there's been something that's been bothering me since we finally came back. I mean this had been on the back of my mind for months."


Izzy laughed a little. "I could have swore Sasuke died. I swear I remember Sai shooting him in the chest before I was able to kill him myself. I don't know if it was my own delusions or what but I just have this memory of him being shot before I completely blacked out…"

"Izzy, the medical team examined Sasuke, remember? Besides the sewn gash in his leg, he had no other injuries." Itachi stood up and walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "You had a pretty bad concussion, I'm not surprised that you saw things that didn't really happen…"

"Yeah…Well, you're right Itachi. I'm just crazy or something."

"Finally you admit it." Sasuke voice rang out and the white haired man glared back at the younger Uchiha as he entered the room with a smirk on his lips.

"Such a nice goodbye you're giving me, Sasuke. Especially since I saved your ass!"

"Yeah, yeah." Izzy got up and he hugged the younger Uchiha, breathing a little heavily.

"Don't cry Izzy, this is not forever. Who knows perhaps we'll get a Sai copy-cat and get the team back together."

He scowled a little bit and that, Itachi joining in on that. "God forbid. We could barely handle one." Itachi muttered as he shook his head. All of them chuckled a little before Izzy looked down at his watch.

"I better be going. I have a plane to catch." He hugged Itachi and Sasuke one more time before heading towards the door. "Don't be strangers you guys. America is quite the fun place; strip clubs as far as the eye can see!"

"We'll keep that in mind." Izzy waved a little before exiting out the door. Sasuke and Itachi sighed a little as the younger approached the desk. "It's finally over Itachi…"

"Yes…And we've proved to father that we do not need him. We've killed two birds with one stone with this case." Both of them were silent for a second. "I assume you heard about what happened to Botan a few days ago huh?"

"Yeah…I can't believe her parents pulled the plug on her. She could have pulled through…" Itachi patted Sasuke on the shoulder.

"Unfortunately we have to respect their wishes."

"Yeah…" They stood together awkwardly before Sasuke looked at his own watch. "Well I'm going out with Naruto for awhile. Man the fort while I'm gone?"

Itachi smiled and ruffled Sasuke's spikes. "Of course. Go have fun." Sasuke nodded and he left Itachi there to file the case. It was solved now and of no use anymore.

Ever since Sai had been killed, Tokyo was strangely calm. Families could breath a sigh of relief that no crazed killer would be looming in their doorway waiting to kill them. But that didn't mean there still wasn't work to be done. Crime would never stop and eventually another killer would come along, preferably one that couldn't use black magic.

Naruto was waiting outside the station and Sasuke walked up to him, instantly tangling his fingers with the blond's. "Sai has changed you." The blond nodded a little, laughing slightly at the comment. It was impossible to not be changed by an experience like that. He had been mentally and physically tortured by that man but none of that mattered now.

"My change has allowed you to live...How would I live without the one I love? I would sooner die than live in a world without you, my most cherished being. You are my everything Sasuke and I love you dearly." Naruto paused for a moment as he stopped in front of Sasuke, planting a small kiss on his nose. "I'll gladly give up my soul for eternal damnation as long as it meant that in my life I was allowed to spend as much time as possible with you. All of my happiness will make up for the torment I feel in the next stage of existence."

Sasuke pulled Naruto closer to him. "At least Hell will not be so lonely." They shared a kiss, their lips coming together in a heated way. Naruto shook from the sheer neediness he felt running through his system.

"As our tattoos say, 'Love will be the connection between us, even in death' isn't that right Sasuke?" He back burned a little as Naruto said those words to him. 'Even in death' were the words on his back and it seemed to be the perfect phrase for such a situation like this. Yes, even in death when their souls were being tortured for the sins of their lives, they would be connected by love. And that bond, could never be broken.

Ohhh it's finally done. Thank the lord.

Naruto: You killed Sasuke!
Me: And brought him back to life...
Sasuke: oh yeah thanks for that...making me a living doll!
Me: Hey, if anything this is a bonus. You're gunna be like 80 and still sexy.
Sasuke: While Naruto is old and gross.
Naruto: HEY!
Me: True enough I suppose. Well, this fic is done and I'll eventually get a new one. but until then...This was Hitoko-sama!