My Boyfriend is a Pop Star

Summary: He's my half sister's stepson…wait what?

Chapter one: Two ends of a spectrum

'Da-da-da-da… Da-da-da-da…'

The school bell rang in its typical, boring Big Ben sound. Class was over, and the kids were leaving for lunch.

"Roxas." Sora shook his friend. "Roxas!"

Without a sound, Roxas' head fell from his palm and he woke up.

"Wake up, it's lunch time!" Sora hurried.

Roxas rubbed his eyes quietly. He couldn't quite open them from sleep.

"Look here." A voice behind Sora said contemptuously, "Didn't know Mr. Cool would have lagging times."

Roxas frowned. Riku.

"Look, Riku." Roxas began groggily, "Don't you stand there and talk like you're fine when all you want to do is f-"

"Roxas!" Someone at the door called for him. "The Assistant Principal wants to see you. You gotta head to the office now."

All the other kids turned their glances to the one blond kid sitting next to the window. Roxas was fully awake now, standing up and walking right through the gazes. His back was straight, and he looked straight ahead, unwavering.

"Roxas!" Sora called.

"I'll be okay, guys." He smiled, and left.

'Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' 'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' 'Oh my God!'

"Hey everybody, are you ready tonight!" The place was dark. The lights were booming. The screams were piercing. There was nothing about this place on this night that didn't give people the goose bumps.

"Alright, here we go!"

The lights lit the whole place up. There were fireworks spurting out from the jets embedded into the stage, and dry ice gas drifting down from the duct pipes. His voice lived through the amplifying speakers.

'Axel! Axel! I love you!'

"Out of town?" I repeated. "What do you mean she's out of town?"

"We-Well, I- I don't know!" The Assistant Principal said, fretting. He was a round man into his mid-forties with vertex baldness. "She just left a call, and says she's out of town. She says, when school is over, someone will come pick you up. You'll be staying with that person for the time being."

"Sir, with all due respect, you're not actually letting me go with a stranger, are you?" I said. "If anything happens to me, you'll be responsible for it."

"Re… Respo- What? No, no, no!" That seems to do the trick. His face was paler than milk mixed with cream cheese and slopped over vanilla ice cream. "I can't get into trouble! I still have my-"

"Wife, two lovely children, one boy Tom and one girl Christina to feed." I said, smiling. "Right?"

"W-Well, you should've told me if you knew in the first place." He stopped cowering. "Do you have a solution?"

"Yes, Mister. Everything will be just fine if you just let me make a phone call." I said. "Just a moment, outside, hm?"

"Don't go too far, and don't talk for long!"

Yeah, blah blah blah.

"What is this thing?" I asked her.

"Oh, baby, baby." She answered. "Roxas, it'll be fine. Trust me."

"No, I'm done believing in the crap you keep feeding me every single time I ask you something. I don't know what you're plotting, and I'm not going to be a part of it until you tell me what's going on!"

"Oh, so much for taking care of you all these years and being your only family left." Yeah, right. Like you ever really did. Keep that bullshit in your mouth, I don't need it. "Just believe in me. Go with the person who'll pick you up. I'm your sister! What can I possibly do to you?"

Only half of a sister, mind you. "I'm not going with anyone until you tell me what's going on."

"Oh, if you insist." I can tell she rolled her eyes at the other side of the line. "I'm going on a belated honeymoon with my hubby because we never got to go when we married. I won't be here to take care of you anymore and I'm worried about you, so… I asked my stepson to take care of you for now."

"What?" First off, she never took care of me nowadays anyway ever since she got married—or even when she dated that man and moved in with him—other than giving me money, and second, "Did you even ask me about this before? I mean—"

"Oh, Roxas—"

"No, really." I could feel myself shaking with anger. "That's why I hate talking to you or have anything to do with you! It's because you never ask me for my opinion, you never think of things my way, and you never think of my feelings! All you care about is your feelings—"

"That's enough!" She shouted. "Who do you think I'm doing all this for, huh? Why do you think I married this-this sixty-year-old man when I could've married someone else-!"

"Yourself!" I said it but I didn't mean it. "'Cause you're selfis—" Something clicked behind her in the background just before she sounded like she was going to yell at me again.

"I will not tolerate this anymore, Roxas." She said, her voice shaking. "You are going to get picked up, and you will go with that man, whether you like it or not. I sent his picture to the Assistant Principal's office. You will listen to me, Roxas, and you will go with him."

Then she hung up on me.

On the other side of the city, in a crowded district, on a road, ran a limousine.

"Hey, hey, Axel." A guy with dirty blond hair climbed upward from his seat with a beer bottle in his hand. "Did you hear the fans yesterday night? They were crazy, man! What a good show!"

"Yes, yes, Demyx." Axel said, smirking, and sipped champagne from a glass. "I heard them. Now don't get too drunk."

"I won't." Demyx said giddily. He already did.

The limo pulled into a stop in front of Grand Hyatt. The manager in the shotgun seat got out and hustled the superstars towards the entrance of the hotel. An entire crowd of teenage girls had already staked their positions there waiting. They screamed when they saw Demyx and some others got out of the limo.

'Hello, everybody. How're you doin'? Hey there, pretty. Oh, an autograph? Of course.' 'Alright, alright. They just came back from the world tour. They're exhausted, they need some rest. Th-Thank you, okay, alright. Security! Get over here!'

"Whoa, you hold up." The manager raised a hand against Axel's shoulder when he tried to follow the rest of his band mates to the hotel. "I have orders from one of the Big Bosses. You were supposed to go pick up this kid."

"What?" Axel looked at her incredulously.

"I don't know the details. Your family's limo is pulling in. Go ask your chauffeur."

Axel turned around and found his limo pulling over behind the band's. He walked over and got in.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"I have direct orders from madam to go pick up her brother—eh, half-brother to be exact."

"Half-brother? Since when did she… Anyway, why am I going to pick him up?"

"Sir, please look at your screen, she left a video message there."

Axel glanced from the chauffeur to the monitor imbedded into the headrest of the seat in front of him. With a few touches he opened his mailbox.

"Hi, Axel."

Oh God.

"Your father and I are finally going on the honeymoon we never got to go to. I know I'm asking a big favor of you, but you wouldn't mind taking care of my brother, would you? All you have to do is just let him stay at your place for three months until we come back. He's a really nice kid, very quiet and gentle. You guys will definitely get along. Your father had no problem with this, so Mommy's counting on you. I know I can count on you. You're such a good boy. See you in three months!"

First off, you're not my mother—Axel could feel steam gushing out his nostrils—Second, did you even bother to ask me beforehand?

"U-turn! We're going home!" Axel yelled.

"Eh? S-Sir? But, I can't defy madam's orders… I… I'd lose my job!"

"I told you t—wait a minute." Axel leaned forward to his chauffeur. "Can I take a look at the kid?"

"O-Oh, madam should have a picture along with her message."

Axel pulled up said picture. Tch. He's just a kid, ain't he? And what does it say on his shirt…? High School? He goes to—no, he still goes to high school? That makes him younger than me! Then…

"Aah!" Axel exclaimed.

"W-What's wrong, Sir?"

I have a step-half-uncle who's younger than me…

Tsh. Who the hell is this guy? He's taking so long. Roxas thought as he waited at the gate of the school. He glanced at his watch for the third time and the person still hadn't showed up. He was almost figuring that he'd have more chance hitchhiking in the middle of the city.

Just then, a car turned the corner and Roxas looked. It was a limo. Roxas sighed and started to walk towards the nearest bus stop, I guess he forgot to come. So much for taking care of me, big sister.

"Hey, are you mister Roxas?" Somebody asked.

Roxas looked over. The driver of the limo stopped and got out of the car. "Are you Roxas, Sir?" He asked again.

"Who are you?" Roxas looked at him with a skeptical look.

"I've come here to pick you up." The driver smiled. "I have orders from madam—your sister."

"How can I trust you?" Roxas backed away from the driver.

"If you wanna go home, then get in." Someone else said. The tinted window of the limo's back seat rolled down. "I don't have all day, mister Roxas."

He's the guy from the picture! Roxas looked at the picture in his hand. There was no mistake—a head of unbelievably red hair, weirdly tattooed cheeks. There was no one else on earth who would look like this guy.

"If you don't get in now, I'll leave without you." He said. That ticked on Roxas' nerves and he straightened his back.

"Who do you think you are?" Roxas said loudly, declaring his stance. "It's not like I want to go with you."

The guy chuckled in disbelief. No one had ever refused his offer to sit in the same car with him. "Who do I think I am? I'm the front man of this city's hottest band. No one says no to me."

"Well, I'm sorry, Mister I'm-so-goddamn-cool." Roxas huffed derisively. "Unfortunately, I can do just fine without you, so quite frankly, NO." And at the turn of his heel he continued his walk to the bus stop.

"S-Sir!" The chauffeur fretted. "Mister Axel, what should I do? I have to bring him home. It's madam's orders!"

"Don't worry about it." He said, fire burning at the ends of his nerves. "If she seeks responsibility, I'll handle it. Just drive me home now."

Roxas collapsed to his bed after he got home. The apartment was quiet, as always. Of course. What was he expecting? Noises? People's chatter? No. That won't happen anymore. He lives entirely by himself now. All his sister does is drop in calls now and then and transfer money to his bank account regularly so he won't starve to death. Besides, this wasn't even the apartment they lived together in before. This was just a high-class, single-person, magazine-catalog-sample-like studio apartment that she got him.

The phone rang to bring him out of his trance. He blinked, grabbed his phone, and looked at it.

Caller: The Devil Queen

He rolled his eyes. Yes, he gave her that nickname. It fits her perfectly.


"Baby Roxas." She greeted. "How is it? Did you meet Axel?"

"Yes, great, great, fantastic sister," He said sarcastically. "I met your great, great, fantastic son."

"Oh, isn't he a handsome jewel?"

"I'm going to tell you this, and I'm only going to tell you this once—in this world, I HATE ARROGANT PEOPLE THE MOST!"

And then he hung up on her as revenge for the one she did last time.

Just when Axel thought he could have some peace taking a bath in his Jacuzzi tub, somebody dared to call him in the middle of his relaxation time.

"Argh, goddamn…" He raised his arm and pressed a button on the phone panel installed in his bathroom. "Hello?"

"Hi, Axel?" It's her.


"Where is Roxas right now? I called him and he sounded so mad! Is he okay?"

She doesn't know where he is? So she doesn't know he didn't come with me? Okay, I see I can make up something here.

"Oh, that was nothing. He… came with me. We just had a small misunderstanding, but it's all fine now."

"Can you give him the phone?" She asked.

"Uh…" Axel scratched his head. "He's… in the bathroom taking a bath right now."

"Oh…" She mused. "Alright. Axel, I really don't want to be like this, but if anything happens to Roxas… Your father's on my side."

"Of course." Axel said nicely but he heart was cursing her at a million miles per hour. And don't you mention that person in front of me. I don't ever want to hear anything about him.

The next day when Roxas headed home with Sora and Riku, a crowd was gathering at the gate of the school. Curious, they stalked up there and tried to maneuver through the crowd.

Standing there, leaning on a parked Lamborghini, was the unbelievably noticeable redhead with huge Fendi shades on.

"Oh my goodness!" Roxas exclaimed and fought his way through. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Came here to pick you up." He smirked.


"Roxas, do you know Axel?" "Oh my God, can you get me an autography from him?" "Kyaah! He's so hot!"

"Come on, let's go." Axel said.

"Wait, what? I'm not—"

"If you don't want the media to come here and become a bother to your school," Axel gritted his teeth and whispered to Roxas' ear. "You better come with me."

And so Roxas was dragged into the shotgun seat of Axel's Lamborghini before they drove off.

"Where are you bringing me?" Roxas demanded.

"I take it you're not the sociable kind of guy at school, huh?" Axel smiled.

"That's none of your business." Roxas narrowed his eyes. "Now tell me where we're going or I'll call the police!"

"For what?" Axel was shocked by Roxas' far-out claim.

"Abduction." Roxas said, tasting the words in his mouth. "It's illegal. 'Axel, front man of the city's hottest band, kidnaps a high school kid'. How do you like that newspaper headline?"

"It's too long." Axel, despite being shocked at Roxas' bluntness, laughed.


"We're going home." Axel said. "My home."

"Why yours?" Roxas frowned.

"Because your sister said so."

"Are you…" Roxas started, and stopped, as if he could not believe Axel, "You're going to tell me that you'll listen to her."

"Yes, I will."

"You're kidding me." Roxas rolled his eyes. "Do you not know what she's made of—what's wrong with you? Are you afraid of her or something?"

"That's not very nice of you to say that about your sister."

"Answer my question."

Axel blinked, hesitated. "No, I'm not afraid of her. I just can't afford to piss her off."

"Why?" Roxas asked, then decided to guess, "Wait… does it relate to your dad?"

"Yes." Axel admitted.

"What, are you going to lose your position as front man of the band if she asked him to fire you?"

"No." Axel said. "I was specifically afraid something like this would happen, that's why I worked independently from him."

"Then what's the problem?"

"Our guitarist." Axel said. "Demyx."

"You mean… Demyx from the former band Frontier?"

"Yes, you know him?"

"Of course!" Roxas answered enthusiastically. He was a long-time fan of Frontier. "Uh-I mean… He did have several big hits under his hand."

"Yeah." Axel nodded. "Well, that would not be anymore if your sister gets pissed off on me and decides to ask that person about it."

"'That person' who?"

"You know, the one you were talking about just now."

"Your dad?" Roxas asked, and glanced at Axel. The redhead nodded. "Why?"

"He doesn't own any of my stuff but…" Axel hesitated. "Oh forget it, you won't understand."

"Don't just stop in the middle! Try me." Roxas said. Axel shook his head. "Axel…" Roxas said daringly.

"Alright, alright." Axel chuckled nervously. "He doesn't have anything on me, but he's a person of heavy influence on Demyx's dad's company. Their company isn't like my family's, not a big corporation with safe footings. If he decides to pull out, Demyx's dad would go bankrupt."

"But… isn't Demyx making a lot of money?"

"But just think about it." Axel said. "Just all the bad press and debts and Demyx having to go home and help out. He'd never have time to work with us anymore."

Roxas mused for a moment. "I see. So you're doing everything to keep my sister and your father happy?"

"That's right."

"Well, at least we have one thing in common."

"What?" Axel asked.

"We both don't like my sister… or your step-mom, so to speak." Roxas answered, and Axel chuckled. "But… they're not here right now. Why couldn't you just pick me up and drive me home and leave it at that?"

"If I could've, I would've." Axel rolled his eyes. "Yesterday when I got home she called me to check up on you. She even asked me to have you answer the phone. I managed to lie through this one but if we keep on living separately she'll find out eventually."

"Can't I at least go home during the weekends?"

"Roxas." Axel glared at the boy. "Do you really hate me that much?"

"Well, no, that's not what I meant…"

"Then just come here for a few months." Axel sighed. "It'll be okay. We'll still live our lives separately. We won't probe into each other's privacy. No nothing. Treat it as your pre-college dorm experience."

"Alright…" Roxas said, pouting out the window. "But we can at least go back to my place right now so I can pack some stuff up, right?"

Axel glanced at Roxas, and smiled. "Show me the way."

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