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Chuck was lying on his side, facing the wall. He was happy he woke up early. He could roll over slowly and look at his sleeping wife. It was the favorite pats of Chuck's day.. Without opening his eyes, he placed his hand where she would be. Unfortunately, all he felt was a sheet. Chuck never could wake up as alertly as his beloved. That's when he heard an unusual sound. It sounded like a female Wookiee.

Suddenly it hit him. "Sarah, are you OK?" he called out to her.

Chuck got up and started for the bathroom, but stopped when he heard the faucet running. When he got to the bathroom, he slowly peeked inside. Chuck saw Sarah brushing her teeth, trying to get the morning sickness taste out of her mouth. Sarah stared at Chuck. It was not a happy look on her face.

Sarah bent over and rinsed her mouth out. "You know this is your fault. We could have gone to the drugstore, but NOOO! Chuck wants to 'live in the moment'!"

Chuck couldn't help himself; a slow giggle left his body. Sarah had been wrong that first night when he met her. She had a great sense of humor. He was also glad, however, that she never wanted to cook fava beans and drink a bottle of Chianti.

Sarah straightened up and looked at him. A smile grew across her face. "I never thought I would do that."

"Do what?" Chuck asked her as Sarah stepped into his arms.

"Blame you for something we both did." Sarah separated herself from Chuck, as she walked back into the bedroom. "We need to get dressed. Beckman will be here in ninety minutes."

"Beckman, Beckman, right. Not that I mind meeting people, but General Beckman?" They had worked with her for a long time, and he trusted her completely. But she was definitely not someone he wanted to see. Beckman had him tranqed, which prevented him from getting a message to Sarah when she really needed it.

Sarah looked at Chuck and smiled. She knew what he was thinking. "Chuck, I think you will be a little surprised with Diane."

Chuck looked at the love of his life as if she had just spoken Swahili. "Diane? Are we speaking of the same person? Short hair in a bun. Angry demeanor? Hook on right hand?"

Sarah laughed and then looked intensely at him. "Yes, that Diane. Chuck, we have something a lot more important to talk about. She'll want to know what we want to do about me. As I see it, we have two options. First, we could get you a new cover and disguise. In a few months we could meet and fall for each other. Then, a few months after that, we get married. The problem is we couldn't see each other for months."

"Sarah, there is no way that is going to happen. I had to be sedated after one day! A month? Not gonna happen!"

"I know. Remember, I had to spend a week without the Bartowski eyebrow dance." Sarah put her hand up to quiet Chuck. "Chuck, I don't blame you. In fact, I am proud of you. You made a quick decision that saved your life, and very possibly mine and the baby's."

Sarah had to get back to the topic at hand. "Chuck, we have to make some decisions quickly. We need to finish this. The other option is to fake my death. That way, we could both be off the radar. We could do whatever we wanted within reason. I have a huge problem with it, though."

"Ellie and Devon," Chuck replied.

"Yes, Chuck. She is my sister now. She is my best friend. I don't want Uncle Casey to be the only family..." Her words drifted off.

"Sarah, are you OK?" Chuck looked at Sarah's face intently. She had a look as if she was a million miles away. Slowly, a smile formed on her face and she refocused on the man she loved.

"I'm fine, Chuck," she said softly. "I was thinking how to make it work."

"Sarah, we are going to have to go with option two. Our baby will never be safe as long as the Intersect is valuable. It worked on my father, it worked on me... Ellie. Oh, God. Ellie."

Casey's Apartment

Colonel John Casey was sitting down on his couch. Alex had just left with her husband and their son, Stephen. In spite of the images that continued to go through his head of greying old men making silly faces at little babies, he was glad to be a grandfather. The military and the NSA robbed him of being a proper father, but he was determined to be a good grandfather. Casey even enjoyed being around the Gimli wannabe. Although he was forced to concede Morgan would never be an action hero, no matter how hard he tried.

Casey had to admit Lord Of the Rings kicked ass. Casey thought Chuck was going to dance a jig when he discovered Casey had watched the entire trilogy several times. Casey smiled when he thought of how he got him back.

"Chuck. Yo, Chuck! Would you give her the damn ring already? Either that or keep it in your frigging pocket. You're gonna lose it, and I don't want to hear any whining about it. Although I think you might wanna wait till after Walker seduces the mark."

Casey enjoyed seeing him wince. He knew this part of the business was hard on Chuck, but he was getting better at it. Chuck had come a long way. You could take the nerd out of the Buy More, but you couldn't take the Buy More out of the nerd. So when he grabbed the ring again and showed it to Casey, Chuck waved the ring inches from Casey's face. Casey was not amused.

"Put your precious back in your damn pocket before I go Middle Earth on your ass."

Casey grunted to himself in amusement. The look on Chuck had been classic. In fact, just remembering it made him think he earned a reward. With the Bartowski's at the safe house, a conversation with Johnny Walker sounded like a good idea. He put the glass to his lips when the phone rang.

Crap, who is this? Casey thought. When he looked down at the caller ID, he was not happy. Why isn't Bartowski getting his peanut butter in Walker's chocolate right now?

"Casey, secure."

"Bartowski, secure. This is Sarah. John, what are Ellie and Devon up to?"

Casey tried to figure out what barb to use. Although, since Sarah had called him John, it might not be a good idea right now. "Hang on Sarah,. I'll check." Casey glanced at the monitors. "They're in their sitting in the living room. Why?"

"Casey, we just realized that Ellie is the only person genetically tied to Chuck left alive. We don't know if she's in danger because of the intersect."

"I'm on it. I'll be at Ellie's new house in no time. Sarah, it'll be fine. Just make sure you and the nerd are OK."

"Casey, one more thing," Sarah said with hesitation. She looked at Chuck. Chuck looked over at Sarah and slowly nodded his head. "Speed is important. We are going to have to have a conversation. The conversation."

Casey pulled the phone from his ear and looked at it. Damn, he's actually going to do it. He is finally going to tell his sister what he does for a living. I can't wait to see this, Casey thought to himself. He put the phone back up to reply to Sarah.

"Sarah, tell the nerd everyone will be at the safe house in five hours."

Morgan Grimes' Vehicle

"Casey, what can I do for you Big Man?" asked a relaxed Morgan on his mobile phone.

After a long period of not-so-hidden hostility since marrying Alex, Morgan was able to have a conversation with his father-in-law. He was glad. He needed a lot more people to talk to, now that his best friend, Chuck, was dead.

"Can it, fuzzball. Drop Stephen off at your mother's. I need you here in thirty minutes. Make that forty minutes. Ellie's house. We're evacuating Ellie and Awesome."

"What happened, Casey? Casey?" Morgan looked at his phone and saw his father-in-law hung up on him.

When Alex looked at her husband, she saw a man who was lost. She had seen that face on Morgan a lot in the last few weeks.

"Don't worry, honey. I'll call your mom. You know Bolonia loves seeing Stephen."

Hospitality Industries - Main Office

Andrew Patel was sitting down in his desk chair. He paid an obscene amount of money for it, but that was the price of an image he had to keep. Being the owner of hundreds of properties was a dream come true. But that dream incurred a heavy toll. He had lost his family. His wife died twelve years ago. Just last week his daughter had been killed.

His constant work had kept him away from his family. His quest for power drove them away. His only daughter tried to join him in his other business, but now she was dead. First captured, and then murdered. Now, all he wanted was revenge. He knew what he wanted. Andrew was about to learn the who.

Mr. Patel looked at his desk and hit the intercom. "Please send him in."

Andrew Patel looked up and saw the man with the answers he needed. He was of average height and build. He looked like any mid-level bureaucrat. The difference was his eyes. There was no life in them. When Andrew had worked with his friend, Ted Roark, he had seen a lot of eyes like these. It had been a while since had seen those kind of eyes. Patel needed those kind of eyes to help him avenge his Lizzy.

"Hello, Mr. Adams. I hope you have the information for me. Before we get into the plan, I just want to know one thing. Who is the target we are looking for?"

Mr. Adams opened the folder in his hands and bent back the cover, revealing a five by seven photo. He lifted the folder and faced it so Mr. Patel could see it.

"The target's name is Sarah Walker," Mr. Adams said.

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