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Summary: Edward takes off to Alaska after he meets Bella and struggles with her scent, as well as other 'feelings'. Meanwhile, James is passing through town looking for his next meal - Bella. What happens when Jasper saves her...sort of? Will she hate him for it?

**This is a slightly darker Jasper...not to say he'll always be that way. But yeah, don't go expecting fluffy bunnies. You've been warned. ;)


Edward leaped from the car before it had even stopped and took off running to the house.

"He's going to Alaska," Alice explained sadly.

"Why?" I asked, confused at his behavior. Not that it wasn't unlike Edward to run away from a problem, but it seemed odd over something that happened in school...I mean what the fuck could be so bad?

"Bella Swan," she stated, as if that held all the answers.

"Spit it the fuck out, Alice," Rose said, rolling her eyes at her sister's theatrics.

Emmett grunted his agreement – he couldn't really speak anyway what with Rose's ear in his mouth and all.

They really are unfucking believable – can't they wait like ten more minutes so we don't have to watch them? Maybe I'm just bothered by them because my own sex life is so unsatisfying...a fact that confuses the fuck out me. I mean, I know how to please a woman and Alice isn't bad – she knows how to ride and suck a cock with the best of them, and yet there just is something missing when we are together. Who the fuck knows what it is though, I don't, and I'm the fucking empath.

I had to agree with them, anyway. Alice was always one to draw things out in order to gain the utmost attention. Her visions were a great asset, don't get me wrong, but it could be downright fucking annoying at times. Right now being one of those times. She looked over to me, as if I should defend her or some shit – yeah that wasn't happening darlin'.

Alice made an annoyed huffing sound and crossed her arms over her chest as she fucking pouted in the passenger seat.

So fucking typical and I was getting mighty sick of her lately. Why does she constantly have to play these fucking games. Now she wants us to beg for the information she knows. She won't tell us until we've 'earned her forgiveness' or some happy horse shit. Seriously, she's my wife and yeah I care for her but I'm about ready to tear her fucking ass apart. Peter and Char would be fucking amused by that, that's for sure. They can't fucking stand her and they don't hide that fact. Char says she's not my mate, an argument we've had countless times. She is my mate so yes, while she annoys the fuck out of me...I have to put up with her... and our unsatisfying sex.

"Don't be that way, Ali...come on, tell us. He's our brother too," I reminded her, playing the concerned sibling card. Yeah right, Edward can make his own fucking decisions, he's not a baby for fuck sake.

"Fine. He's having problems controlling his blood-lust around her," she informed us.

Wow, Mr. Control was having control issues, who'd of thunk it. No wonder he took off like a bat out of hell. God forbid he take a little taste, I'm not sure his self-loathing could get any fucking worse. Nor would I like to find out, his emotions are hard enough to be around as it is. Maybe Tanya will finally deflower his ass and make him into a happy vampire. One could only hope.

"So, we take her out, make it look like an accident...end of problem," I state with a shoulder shrug. Why do they insist on making everything so complicated – seems simple enough to me.

"Jazz!" Alice gasps in horror. "We can't kill her! She's Chief Swan's daughter."

"Why not...accidents happen all the time," Rose said, adding her opinion. Which I happen to agree with – have I mentioned how much I like Rose. She doesn't bullshit or beat around the bush – a quality I admire.

"Yeah, what's he gonna do...hide in Alaska until we move again?" Emmett questioned, having finally removed his mouth from her ear.

"I don't know. He keeps changing his mind," Alice replied, sounding frustrated.

"He's changing his mind about leaving?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No, he's had thoughts about draining her at her home," she whispered reluctantly.

Ahh, yes. Edward is infallible in her eyes. He could do no wrong and it must be killing her that he just may slip up this time.

"No fucking way! I am not moving again...we just got here!" Rose yelled.

Alice shook her head in annoyance at her sister's disregard for Edward's crisis. Yeah, crisis my ass. The girl smells irresistible to him? He's a vampire. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how that should go. Can't say I could sympathize.

"It's always all about you, Rose," Alice sneered.

This was funny as hell because it was always all about Alice not Rose. Alice dressed us. Alice made us go shopping with her. Alice and her visions made decisions for us constantly. And when Alice didn't get her way...well I swear she lies about her visions at times, but I've had no proof. She's quite good at hiding her emotions when she wants to.

Why am I with her again? Oh right, mate, wife...unsatisfying sex. Fuck, I need to get laid and good for once. I'm no cheater I guess my hand will have to do; it's actually more satisfying I find and it's not always bitching at me.

Rose was fuming and about two seconds away from tearing a limb off her. Emmett sensing this, wisely dragged Rose from the car.

Once they were gone, Alice turned to face me in her seat.

"Jazzy, why didn't you stand up for me? Don't you love me?" she pouted.

"Of course I do, darlin' - you know that. I just happen to agree with them," I told her, rolling my eyes at her in my head.

"But, Jazzy...I'm your wife, you should be on my side," she purred, rubbing her hand over my cock through my jeans, trying to convince me.

I moaned because yeah, it felt good. It just always ended the same way...unsatisfying.

She popped the button on my jeans and unzipped them. Reaching her small hand inside my boxers she pulled me out and slowly stroked me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the head rest.

I felt her tongue dart out and begin licking the head, then she took me fully into her mouth and I opened my eyes to look down at her. I did love the sight of her lips wrapped around my cock. I grabbed her hair the best I could and attempted to fuck her pretty little mouth. I found myself wishing for the thousandth time that she had longer hair that I could wrap it around my hand while I did so. It was unfair, I's not like she could grow it out – but I couldn't help but think it each and every time.

She moaned around my cock which helped me over the edge and I pushed my cock all the way to the back of her throat and shot my cum straight down it.

Unsatisfying. Yes I came, but it was such a weak orgasm. Just enough to shoot my load basically.

She sat up looking extremely proud of herself. If she only knew the truth. I managed a grin and a kiss for her – the least I could do for her attempts. I felt bad for feeling this way – I shouldn't feel this way. Maybe the problem was me...I just don't know how to fix it. None of the other Cullen couples have problems...I can sense their emotions just fine and they are always fully satisfied after they've been together.

"There's a fashion show on in five minutes, want to watch it with me?" she asked, looking hopeful.

"No thanks, Ali...I told Esme I would pick up that design book for her, then I'm going to go hunting," I explained. Thank god I really did promise Esme...she just saved me the hell of watching that crap.

"Okay. I love you," she chirped with a peck to my cheek and exited the car.

I waved goodbye to her and headed to the bookstore. There's only one bookstore in Forks and they didn't have the one Esme wanted so I needed to head to Port Angeles to get it. I didn't mind doing it for her – she was always going out of her way for the rest of us, I kind of felt I owed her.

Arriving at the bookstore, there was no parking available anywhere close, so I pulled down an abandoned alley – figuring I'd only be a minute and could leave the car here. If anyone tried to steal it, the alarm would sound and then they would be fucking sorry they ever touched it. I wasn't worried.

I hopped out of the car and that's when I smelled him - vampire. He was close too. I looked around, the buildings on each side of the alley were tall and it was possible he was on one of the roof tops. I reached out with my gift to find his location and found that his emotions were actually coming from further down the alley and he was...excited and thirsty? Fuck, he was looking to feed and apparently had found his next meal.

What to do...this is kind of close to home base and I'm not sure we want the bad press so close to us. At the same time, what business is it of mine who he feeds on? Well I guess it will be if we are implicated...that decides it then, I need to stop him and tell him to leave. And if he doesn't leave, I'll just have to kill him.

I stalked silently down the alley, towards his emotions. I'm not looking for the element of surprise...he'll smell me before he sees me and know I'm there. Just before he comes into view, I hear a girl's muffled scream and his emotions switch to pure bliss...which can only mean he's feeding from her already. Fuck! Now what do I do?

He sees me approach at the same time I see him. He has the petite brunette clutched to him tightly, his teeth buried in her neck as he moans in delight from her taste. She does smell fucking amazing and I find that venom is pooling quickly into my mouth. He's just started because her heartbeat is strong and loudly fills the space between us.

I crouch and his eyes widen. He withdraws his mouth from her neck and drops her to the ground, knowing she won't be able to run away. He crouches and growls a warning at me to stay back and away from his kill.

"You can't feed here...leave," I tell him firmly. I send him some fear as well, hoping to encourage him and get my point across further.

"I can feed where ever I fucking want. You gonna stop me, boy?" he sneered.

So he's looking for a fight? Well he's in for the fucking surprise of his life.

I straightened out of my crouch and raised a single eyebrow at him cockily before slamming him with pure agony and causing him to fall to the ground. I chuckled darkly and walked over to him, writhing silently on the pavement.

"I'm no boy...I'm the Major. And you are?" I growled at him.

"James," he gasped out.

I crouched down in front of his writhing form and grinned. "Well, it was a pleasure to meet you James," I said before reaching out and twisting his head, removing it from his body.

I quickly tore him apart and tossed his limbs into a nearby dumpster. Pulling a lighter from my pocket, I set the contents on fire and watched him burn to ash.

Turning my attention back to the girl still moaning in pain on the ground, I walked over to her. She gazed up at me with wide, fearful eyes. Smart girl. Though what do you expect, she just watched me tear poor James apart.

She smelled so fucking good and I couldn't resist standing her up and pulling her into my arms. There was blood running down her neck from James' bite and I reached out with my tongue and licked up one of the blood trails, running my tongue the length of her creamy warm neck. Fuck she tastes just as amazing as she smells. I found myself very aroused from it...which was a first for me. I've never been sexually aroused when drinking from a human before. I pulled back and looked her over...she had a tight little body on her and her skin was so soft and warm. She had long thick brown hair with auburn highlights and the biggest deep brown eyes I've ever seen. She was beautiful...and very vaguely familiar? Hmm. I couldn't quite place it. It would come to me though – vampire memory and all that, we never forget a face.

Another trail of blood formed from the wound and I licked that up too. I placed my mouth over James' wound and began to suck lightly...I wouldn't get much this way but I wasn't biting her technically, right? Her blood was pure heaven – no wonder James was moaning in delight. I found myself doing the same exact thing, until she started whimpering in pain. The venom had just begun to work through her system because there wasn't much venom in her body. When we feed, we suck, not pump...which means I can enjoy her some more before she is further into the change. Change? Was that what I was going to let happen? What choice do I have...if I kill her, Carlisle will surely be upset with me. That's the whole reason I got involved in this in the first place – to save her so we wouldn't be implicated. Change it is then. I need to move her quickly though – before we draw attention. Her whimpers and moans are becoming louder, someone is bound to come by soon.

Picking her up, I ran us to my car and laid her in the back seat. Getting in the driver's seat, I started the car and contemplated where to take her...back to the house? Yes, I suppose that would be the logical place for now. Though for some reason I had the strongest desire to hide her away from them...I'm not sure where that came from or why.

Making my way back towards the house, I had an interesting idea. She would suffer much longer than the three days at this rate...with as little venom as there is in her system – and we couldn't have that, right? Logically, I should bite her and inject some of my own venom to speed it along – that would be the merciful thing to do. Yes, yes it would, and while doing so I could enjoy a bit more of her delicious blood first. No one would know. I would take just enough so that I could mask the red in my eyes with one deer. Her blood loss I would simply blame on was a fool proof plan – no one would know the truth. Except Alice – shit. How do I get around her? Fuck it – who cares; she won't rat me out anyway.

Pulling off into a secluded area, I pulled her from the back seat and ran us into the forest a ways. I laid her across my lap as she stared at me with those wide brown eyes. She really is beautiful, I can't wait to see how she looks after the change; her beauty will rival that of Rose. Tilting her head to the side, I lowered my lips to the wound James had left. It would be so easy to simply line my teeth up with his mark so that she would only carry the one scar...but I found that I wanted her to carry a separate mark – my mark on her beautiful neck. I moved my lips higher, above the wound, and was about to bite when I decided that simply wasn't good enough. No, I wanted my mark distinct. I pulled back and tilted her head the other direction and gazed at her perfect unmarked skin...yes, she would wear my scar right here for the rest of eternity. The thought was like a shot of adrenaline coursing through me and I found myself hardening in my pants once again. I shifted her so she wouldn't be pressed against me – I wasn't that kind of monster.

I bent my head once again and pressed my mouth to her pretty blue blood vessels and cut through her butter-like skin with my teeth, sinking them in deeply. Once my teeth were situated, I paused, just enjoying the feel of her blood rushing over them before I took my first pull of her blood, filling my mouth with the delicious liquid. The taste was so amazing, and as I swallowed it down, my cock twitched in my pants and my body tingled everywhere as it filled me. doesn't get any better than this. Taking another big pull and swallowing it slowly, I could feel a familiar tightening in my abdomen – the tell tale sign that I was going to come. I'd never had an experience like this – never found this arousing before, why now? I found I couldn't care enough to debate it further at the moment, however, and took the last deep pull of her blood that I would be allowed to have. My body shook as I swallowed and my cock pulsed violently as I came hard and shot my cum into the confines of my boxers. I pumped my venom into her then, and it seemed to prolong my orgasm. I pulled my teeth from her and swiped my tongue across the wound a few times before nuzzling my face into her neck and moaning as the last remnants of my orgasm swept through me.

She moaned in my arms and I clutched her tighter. This girl...this beautiful girl had made me come harder than anyone had ever done before from simply the taste of her skin and blood. It was a shame she would no long carry that blood after her change. But if she could bring out responses like that from me...maybe there would be other things we could enjoy together. No, I can't do that – fuck! Wife, mate ...Alice. Fuck my unsatisfying life.

The girl began to writhe and scream in earnest now, my venom speeding her change along as it should be. I scooped her back up and placed her once again into the back seat of the car. I dashed through the forest and quickly snatched the first deer I came across. It was a shame to have to cover the sweet taste of her on my tongue, but necessary, so they wouldn't see her blood in my eyes. Once done I dashed back to the car and drove us the rest of the way to the house.

Alice was waiting for my arrival on the front porch – of course...damn it.

I stepped out of the car hesitantly and she was in front of me in a flash. She didn't seem angry though...huh. The girl screamed then and Alice's eyes grew large as she shoved me aside and peered into the car.

"What did you do?" she gasped. "I told you we couldn't kill her, Jasper. How could you do this?"

"What are you talking about, Alice? I saved her from a nomad...well, I tried to save her. He had already bitten and was draining her when I arrived. I told him to leave and that he was too close to our territory but he refused, so I disposed of him," I explained quickly.

"Oh god, she's changing?" she asked rhetorically with wide eyes.

"Yes," I replied simply. What was the big deal, we can hide her away in the cabin in the woods or something – she'd be secluded enough there, we wouldn't even need to move.

"Do you not know who this is, Jasper? Tell me you know who this is!" she demanded, her hands poised on her hips as she stared me down incredulously.

I took another look at the girl writhing and screaming in the back seat. She really did look vaguely familiar.

"That's Isabella Swan, you dumbass!" she stated angrily, pointing into the car.

"Who?" I asked clueless. Was I suppose to know that name...I'll admit it too sounded vaguely familiar.

"Bella Swan," she said coldly. "You know, the one your brother almost killed today, but ran to Alaska in order to save her life," she growled at me, poking her little finger into my chest.

Bella Swan...well fuck me. What are the odds? Who attracts two vampires in one day? - make that three I suppose.

"I didn't recognize her, sorry," I said with a shrug. "Besides, this solves the problem, does it not?"

She shook her head in exasperation and pulled her phone from her pocket. Dialing as she glared at me.

Well shit, I guess it's a good thing I came so hard earlier, because I don't think I'd be getting any from her for awhile - not that it mattered.

"Carlisle," she chirped.

"What's wrong, Alice? Is it Edward?" he answered.

"No, but you need to come home. Jasper... just come home," she stated, increasing her glare.

"Is everyone okay, Alice?" he asked worriedly.

"Yes – No...just...hurry," she said cryptically.

"I'm on my way," he stated.

The line went dead and she shut off her phone, before opening the car door and scooping Bella out of the back seat. She dashed into the house with her and I followed silently behind her.

Placing her on our bed, she sat down next to her and shushed Bella's cries.

"Didn't you see any of this happen, Alice?" I asked her. How could she not see this... I was glad she hadn't, but still.

"No, I've been concentrating on Edward...his mind keeps flipping through different scenarios and it's giving me a headache," she explained, running her fingers through Bella's hair.

"Well you can tell him to bring his ass home now. Crisis averted," I told her smugly.

"If you think he's going to be happy about this, you are mistaken, Jasper. He wouldn't want this for her," she replied shaking her head.

"Why...what does that mean?" I asked thoroughly confused.

"He was...attracted to her," she said. "For more than her blood," she added hesitantly.

"What?" I gasped. "You mean Edward finally got a hard on for someone?" I chuckled.

"It's not funny, Jasper! You know he'll be upset about this," she sneered. "And he didn't know at the time it was more than her blood he was attracted to."

"Woah there...isn't this a helpful thing then? I mean if he was attracted to's not like he could be with her when she was human," I defended myself.

"He won't see it that know he hates what we are," she scoffed.

"Yeah well, he needs to get over that bullshit. It won't change anything," I stated rolling my eyes.

The thought of him with her was making my skin crawl. I didn't like it. What the fuck should I care who he was with...or who she was with for that matter. I have my mate – I should be happy if he's found his...maybe his emotions will become more bearable. It was a good thing – yes, it's a good thing. Now why do I feel like I want to tear him apart for it?

Carlisle came rushing into the room and took in the scene before him, and then looked angrily at me. Of course, blame me – typical. So what if he was right this time...I did have good intentions. Originally, anyway.

"I saved her," I stated quickly. "There was a nomad draining her in Port Angeles and I stopped him."

His shoulders sagged at that information and he walked over and patted me on the back in a wordless apology for accusing me.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed. Forgive me, son," he said apologetically.

"Already done," I replied with a nod, because it was true. I knew he couldn't help his suspicions – I'd done worse before. I did worse this time too, but they didn't need to know that part.

"We'll need to move her to the cabin," Carlisle sighed.

"'s Bella Swan," Alice told him.

His eyes widened comically and he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Alright, I want everyone downstairs in the dining room for a family meeting immediately. Call Rose and Emmett. I'll get a hold of Esme," he ordered.

We nodded our agreement and he turned and left the room. Pulling my phone from my pocket I called Emmett.

"Hey bro!" he answered.

"Em, you and Rose need to come back to the house A-sap for an emergency family meeting," I told him.

"What happened? Edward try to off himself?" he teased. Or at least I think he was teasing – I wouldn't put it past Edward to try something like that.

"Not exactly. Just get back here – now," I replied.

"Okay, we'll be there in ten," he stated before the call ended.

Carlisle walked back in the room and informed us Esme would be here in five minutes and I told him Em and Rose were on their way as well.

We all gathered in the dining room waiting for their arrival as Bella's screams and shrieks of pain filled the house.

I cringed at the emotions she was putting out and attempted to send her some calming waves. It didn't seem to get through to her though. Hmm.

"I can't use my gift on her," I stated out loud. More so thinking to myself than telling them.

"Edward couldn't read her mind either," Alice informed us.

Carlisle's interest peaked at that. "Interesting," he breathed.

"She must have some sort of gift. A strong one if Edward and I can't get through when she is still human" I said.

"Yes, it would appear so. A shield perhaps?" he offered, rubbing his chin in thought.

"That would explain it," I agreed.

"Eleazar would know more, I'll call him after this meeting and get his take on the situation," he added.

Rose and Emmett entered the dining room, completely disheveled with leaves and dirt in their hair and their clothes ripped and torn.

"Can we have a minute to clean up?" Rose asked, gesturing to her body.

"No, this can't wait. Sit down – both of you," Carlisle said, gesturing to the empty chairs.

Rose and Emmett glanced curiously at each other before doing as they were told. Bella let out a piercing scream and Rose gasped.

"Who the fuck is that?" she demanded.

"Bella Swan," I answered.

"And what the fuck is Bella Swan doing in our house, screaming in pain?" she asked incredulously.

"Changing," I replied simply.

Carlisle cleared his throat to gather our attention but Rose wasn't having it.

"You fucking changed her, Jasper? What the hell were you thinking? I thought you said we'd make it look like an accident – not change her!" she shouted.

"Rosie, calm down – it's already done apparently. Let's just hear what they have to say," Emmett tried to reason with her.

"No, fuck that! How could you do this to her? Damn her to this," she asked, once again gesturing to her body.

"So what, killing her in an 'accident' was acceptable but this isn't?" I asked glaring right back at her.

She was beginning to sound like Edward with his whiny self-loathing and I didn't like it.

"Yes, she'd be better off really dead," she stated not backing down.

"That's enough!" Carlisle yelled, standing up. Esme gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. It was clear the sight of us fighting was distressing to her...ever the peace makers the pair of them are.

"Sit down, Rosalie," he ordered.

Rose sat down with a huff but wisely kept her mouth shut. I threw a smug grin her way and she gritted her teeth – her anger hitting me full force and causing me to crack the table.

"Fuck," I groaned. "Sorry Esme," I told her.

"It's alright, dear. You didn't mean to," she stated, giving Rose a reproachful look.

"Yes, Bella is upstairs going through the change. But Jasper isn't the reason and it would be wise not to judge so quickly next time," he scolded, with a pointed look at Rose. Interesting because he did the same thing – everyone's a hypocrite I guess.

"Jasper attempted to save her from a nomad but was too late," Carlisle informed them.

Rose eyed me curiously...she knew there was more to it than just that. I diverted my gaze guiltily – a fact that didn't go unnoticed by her. She would have more words for me later, I'm sure. No one else caught our exchange thankfully.

"The reason for this meeting is not to lay blame, but to decide how we proceed now. We can place her in the cabin and she should be secluded enough out there...or...we can move," Carlisle offered.

"I don't want to fucking move! We just got here," Rose groaned.

"I think that we should move," Alice said quietly.

I looked over to her and she wouldn't meet my gaze. "Why?" I asked her.

"Because her father lives here, and if she wakes up here...she will want to see him," she explained, still not looking my way. Instead she was looking to Carlisle.

"That's a good point," Carlisle said furrowing his brows.

"Speaking are we explaining all of this to her father?" Emmett questioned.

"Car accident?" I offered. "If I can find out what vehicle was hers at the bookstore I could stage a crash."

"She drives an old rusted out behemoth of a truck," Alice said exasperated. "Really, Jasper, do you not pay attention at all," she huffed.

"Well excuse me, Alice, if I don't find the human kids at school interesting enough to care what the fuck they drive!" I yelled getting pissed at her attitude.

"Or who they even are, apparently," she scoffed.

"Fuck you, Alice. You know what...this is bullshit and I'm sick of it," I said standing up. "I'm going to Peter and Char's for awhile," I stated.

I walked out of the room despite their protests – I couldn't deal with this shit anymore. Our marriage felt like a big fucking sham. I honestly didn't want to be with her. I wanted what the others had...a loving supportive wife/husband. None of them argued this way – sure Em and Rose had their share but they were always stronger in the end because of it. Char and Peter argue constantly and yet the love pours off of them...Char says they are true soul mates. Whatever, I just want a fraction of what they have. With Alice and I...I feel like I'm losing myself more and more. I just needed to get away and think.

I walked into our bedroom, the same room Bella was writhing around on the bed in. I made my way over to her and tentatively brushed the hair from her face. She moaned and leaned into my touch. I leaned down and placed a small kiss to her forehead with the intention of pulling back, but something was drawing me to her...and I found myself placing a small kiss to the mark I left on her neck as well.

I pulled back then, confused at my actions, and quickly gathered my things, stuffing them into a bag. Once finished I turned to leave only to find Alice standing in the doorway, gazing at me sadly.

"You're really leaving," she stated not asked.

"Yes...I need some time away – to think," I told her honestly.

"To think," she repeated, looking down to the floor.

I sighed heavily and stepped closer until I was standing in front of her. I lifted her chin up to look at me and gazed into the eyes of my wife and mate. There was no draw – nothing tethering me here to her. If I was honest with myself – the only draw I felt was coming from the bed behind me, attempting to pull me to her. It was all very confusing – and exactly why I needed to leave.

"I'm sorry, Alice. I think you know we haven't been working out for quite some time, though," I said sadly.

"I know," she whispered, her eyes filling with venom.

"Have you seen something, Alice?" I asked her, stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"We aren't together," she whimpered, closing her eyes and letting out a tearless sob.

I pulled her into my chest and clutched her to me tightly. It was what I had expected. It's been a long time coming – we both knew it.

"I'm sorry," I repeated, placing a kiss to the top of her head.

"I know," she repeated, placing a kiss over my un-beating heart.

"You'll be back," she stated knowingly.

"Will I?" I asked, not so sure she was right about that. Without a tie to her, there was nothing holding me here anymore. I wasn't a true Cullen like the rest of them. I was always on the outside looking in.

"Yes. But, go easy on him when you do, Jasper," she said cryptically.

"Who darlin'? What are you talking about?" I pulled back and gazed at her questioningly.

"It's not important right now - just - remember what I said. Promise me," she demanded, tracing my lips with her fingertip.

"Okay," I breathed, "I promise."

She pressed her lips to mine and I pulled her closer. She pulled away and stepped aside and I walked out of the room, down the stairs, and out the front door.



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