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*** Please remember that these are scenes I had originally in the story to set up for a sequel or scenes I had already written for the sequel – which will not be happening now. It is like reading the ultimate cliffhanger, so please be warned if that's not something you wish to read!


Okay, so the biggest thing taking these scenes out did was change the story drastically for a certain character - Alice. I hate that it did that, but I couldn't find another way to get around it. These scenes are not in Jasper's point of view because they were scenes to let the reader in on information that the other characters would not be privy to. This first scene was taken out of chapter 19:

~ Somewhere in the cold, and very snowy, Alaskan wilderness...

"Go think, Alice. Think about your priorities. Money won't fix things, blah blah blah," Alice grumbled to the forest as she trudged through the heavy snow. "Fuck you, Carlisle!"

"And fuck you, stupid fucking snow!" she yelled as she looked down at her now ruined favorite pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, the loud sound of her yelling triggered a small avalanche. She turned her head in time to watch it rolling towards her. She easily could have moved in time, but she was so shocked she stood still as the heavy snow completely engulfed her.

Buried and cocooned under ten feet of snow, she stayed, unmoving.

Closing her eyes she wished her life was different. She wished that she had been the one to find her true mate and break Jasper's heart. How would he like that?

It was then that her vision blurred and focused. It was then that her vision began; a vision of a man. He was young with brown hair and a gift for the elements she noted, as she watched him manipulate the rocks surrounding him. The vision then changed and shifted. Forward. His head raised and his eyes met hers, she was standing in front of him, meeting for the first time. He was... he was...

Her mate. Her true mate.

She struggled to hold onto the vision, her body trembling beneath the snow with excitement at finally getting a glimpse of her mate...of knowing that he truly existed.

"Ben," someone called out to him in her vision. He answered them but his eyes never left hers.

The vision morphed once more, slightly forward in time. She was facing him once more but only to watch as Bella raced towards him. The sound of her body hitting his made Alice wince and burst her way out of the snow. Then in her vision she watched in horror as Bella began to tear Ben apart.

"NOOO!" Alice screamed, causing a larger avalanche that she moved easily out of this time.

"NO," she growled perched atop the nearest tree. "I won't let her take away another from me. I won't let her. I'll kill her first!"

"I will kill you, Isabella Swan," Alice vowed to the snow and trees.

And it was then that a plan formed somewhere in the cold, and very snowy, Alaskan wilderness.


This Alice scene was taken out of chapter 20:

Alice grinned smugly as her most recent vision faded.

It was all falling into place just as she planned. Jasper thought she was sincere in her apologies since returning – it was truly amazing what one could do when their own mate's life was at stake, even deceiving a skilled empath. And as for Edward, he wasn't even paying attention now that he had his own mate to worry about. It made things rather easy; much easier than she had thought it would be.

No one suspected her.

And no one would see her coming.


So you can see that I didn't originally plan for Alice to be sincere in her apology in chapter 19 before the battle. The reader would have known that during that scene but the characters would be left in the dark as to her true intentions going into the sequel.

This next scene is from chapter 20 and was originally going to be the ending of Major Desires. It was to set up the second plot line for the sequel which involved the future whereabouts of Marcus and Caius after they fled:

"Master," the boy bowed deeply, practically groveling at the ancient vampire's feet.

"Yes, yes. Be gone with you," the vampire motioned with disgust and contempt.

The boy scurried from the room, much akin to a rat fleeing a wielded broom.

The ancient vampire eyed his other guest thoughtfully before rising from his throne. He glided gracefully over to a table made of pure gold adorned with several filled goblets. Picking up a goblet of fresh crimson liquid, he turned to his guest.

"Caius, one would think showing up on their enemy's doorstep a foolish thing, but not you, no?" he inquired with a subtle hiss, though he was attempting to come across much more neutral.

"Enemies, yes, we were that, but I bring news that could align us this day, Stefan," Caius replied with a lick of his lips as he eyed the liquid now passing Stefan's lips.

"Hungry?" Stefan asked slightly more pleasant. "Please, do help yourself," he gestured to the remaining goblets. Caius strode quickly over to the table and began downing a goblet of blood.

"Tell me, what makes you think I need to align myself with you to get what I want?" Stefan asked smugly, sitting back down on his throne as he watched Caius drink what would be his last meal; he just didn't know it yet.

"You will need numbers, and skilled fighters without magic," Caius began to explain but was cut off by Stefan's raised hand.

"You always were a fool, Caius," Stefan growled, suddenly appearing in front of Caius' face. "And I'm finally going to end you this day."

Caius took a step back and eyed his surroundings fearfully. He hadn't planned for this outcome when he waltzed in there, that much was clear. Always so arrogant; it was a fatal flaw.

"But you will need help, Stefan! Information that only I have to give. You will not defeat them without it!"

"I already have a source for that...information," Stefan goaded, glancing over to the doorway as Marcus strode smoothly inside.

Caius glanced at his brother, shock and disbelief taking over his face. Marcus raised his chin higher as he continued further into the room, passed where Caius and Stefan stood and over to a smaller throne, positioned to the right and slightly behind Stephan's.

"You betray me, brother?" Caius choked out, as he glared at his brother.

Marcus said nothing, as though bored by his brother's very presence. Stefan wasted no time beheading Caius before he could react further. He tossed his head into the fireplace and kicked his twitching body to the side before taking his seat on the throne once more.

Stefan turned his head toward Marcus. "Now...tell me more about this Bella."


So you can see where that was going. I made the decision to make Marcus the villain simply because it seems like no one ever does. But he can't really be all that innocent having sat upon a Volturi throne all those years, could he? He wasn't always influenced by Chelsea and I wanted to explore that side of him more in the sequel.

This is a scene that I had pre-written for the sequel. It dealt with the third main plot – Bella's gift spiraling out of control. As it turns out, Eleazar wasn't completely wrong after all. In the sequel, Bella hides her struggles (and you get a first glimpse of that in chapter 20 when she changed the subject after Jasper insisted that Eleazar was wrong and she'd be fine. She also hints at her mind being dark). This scene was a pivotal one. It's when Bella finally comes to grips with the fact that she needs help. You might be surprised at who I had help her realize this, though:

She hissed as he approached her, her back facing him but her body tense and fully aware of his every movement.

"You shouldn't be here. Do you really have a death wish, Edward? I'd have thought finding your mate would have made your self-preservation kick in," Bella said as she turned to face him. He had sat down, but his eyes were focused and aware. He knew she was dangerous but yet there he was – why?

"You won't hurt me," he stated, his voice even.

Bella scoffed and sat down as well. "Do you know what I'm thinking about right now, Edward?"

Edward gave a small laugh at her ironic question but shook his head negatively.

"Right now, I want so badly to kill you. I can almost feel and see how it would happen...how good it would feel – for me - how satisfying," she said with a raised eyebrow.

Edward flinched minutely, shocked by her honesty instead of the act she was putting on for the others.

Bella sighed.

"You're supposed to be hunting," he accused.

"I am," she said with a raised eyebrow, gesturing to the surrounding forest and wildlife.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of evergreen and tossed it by her feet.

She breathed heavily before picking it up and running it under her nose. "You're going to tell them, then?"

"That you're out here hunting down a nomad to kill, you mean?" he asked, his eyes accusatory.

Bella looked away from him. She couldn't stand that look, nor the feeling in the pit of her stomach it caused. Guilt? Yes, that's what it was. And it wasn't enough to stop her, she knew.

"They could be a spy sent by Marcus or Caius," she argued weakly.

"I'm not going to tell them," Edward continued, not commenting on her bullshit excuse, nor that fact that it was obviously just a nomad since they had turned as soon as they caught the scent of other vampires.

"Why?" she asked, her eyes snapping back to his in surprise.

"Because that's not what you need. You need someone to help you, not condemn you," he answered, his eyes now showing compassion...pity.

A different feeling grew in Bella's stomach and this time she recognized it immediately. Anger. Her body shifted slightly.

"Do you know what it's like being able to read minds, Bella?" he asked, undeterred by her movements. "Did you know that I can hear everyone. I can hear everyone all the time. It's this constant non-stop buzz, and I can't escape it. Couldn't escape it."

Bella's head tilted. "Why are you telling me this?"

"It took me a decade after my change just to simply hone in on a single voice and put that one in the forefront so that I could somewhat ignore the others, but that constant buzz of other voices was still always there. It became maddening and well, I'd finally come to the conclusion that I would eventually end up like Alice had. Insane and alone," he sighed.

She stared at him, waiting.

"You already possess the power to overcome this, Bella," he said simply, standing up to leave.

Bella was blocking his path in an instant, her hand raised and almost making contact with his chest. Her fingers twitched and she pulled her hand back sharply to her side, balling it into a fist.

"Explain. Now. I don't do well with the cryptic shit, Edward. Don't play games with me. It won't end well for you," she growled.

"This path you are on, what happens to Jasper? What happens when you lose complete control and he is left to follow you?"

"We'll be together then, like Chelsea and Afton..."

"No. You won't. You'll be consumed in your anger and killing. Alive but not. And Jasper... he'll follow you. You won't be with him, not really. He'll be alone, Bella. Mourning a mate that is still alive for the rest of eternity," he told her harshly.

Her whole body trembled at the truth of his words and she slowly slid to the ground in defeat. "I don't want that for him. I love him, Edward," she pleaded. "But I don't know what to do! I don't know how to fight this darkness! It's too strong."

Edward crouched down in front of her. "Life with Bree has been very eye-opening for me, Bella. That day when I came back from Alaska to find you changing in Forks, I was so sure you had to be my mate, that you were the answer to my impending madness. But you weren't mine, and my true mate doesn't have any gifts," he paused, his mouth pulling up into a smile. "Meeting Bree has been the very best moment of my existence. I needed my time with her to be just us, so badly. And yet the background voices were still there, intruding. Until one time, they weren't. It took me a bit to realize that I had blocked them, not you. I blocked them because of the love for my mate. Bree needs me, Bella; as I need her. And I'm no good to her if I'm insane, am I?"

"But how?" she gasped.

"Love is a very powerful thing," he told her, standing once more.

"What do I do?" Bella asked, feeling helpless for the first time since her change. No vampire strength, gift, or combat skills was going to help her through this.

"Use it," Edward replied softly before turning and leaving.

Bella slipped her phone from her pocket. She held it in her palm, the screen black and reflecting back her visage. She hated that person staring back, hated her so much she could feel her grip on the phone tighten and the plastic and metal begin to crackle. She quickly released her grip before it broke.

Pulling up the familiar number, Bella paused before pressing the button. She still held the evergreen in her other palm. Opening her palm she brought it up to her nose and scented it once more. Her entire body ached with the need to hunt, to fight... to kill.

Bella quickly hit the button on the cellphone.

"Bella? Everything okay?" he answered.

"Jasper," she cried. "I need you."


Hmm, and there's that mention of Love being powerful again. It's almost like a theme or something. ;)

This scene was also from the sequel and was just for fun:

Char attempted to comb the pine needles out of her hair while she searched for her clothing strewn about the ground and trees. It seemed like their clothing was everywhere, but it had been oh so worth it.

Peter finally found his pants and started to pull them on when they began to ring...

Pookie bear...you're my pookie bear...my pookie bear...

Char's jaw dropped open as she turned and stared at Peter in disbelief.

Peter nonchalantly grabbed his phone out of his pant's pocket and answered... "Hey, Jasper, what's up?" He glanced up then to see Char's expression.

"What?" he mouthed in confusion, his hand covered the receiver. "It's Jasper." As if that explained everything.


Yes, Peter actually did make Jasper's ring-tone "Pookie Bear" (link is on my profile if you've never heard it). I had plans to have Jasper find that out at some point in the sequel. I wonder how he'd react? What do you think? lol

I thought I had one more deleted scene that had to do with Bella, but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. It appears it may actually be...deleted! Lol.

Well, anyway, there is a small peek into my writing mind! Scary, right?

Thanks again to all my readers and reviewers! You make my fingers itch to type! xoxo