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This story starts off fast and spice. Warnings: If you do not like Yaoi, don't like two men going at it. What in the world are you doing looking this far LOL! Explicit Sexual scene follows. If that bothers you please do not even start reading this fic. You've been warned.

Chapter One

Jou lit the fifth candle on the table behind him. The room was dark except for the soft glow of the candles and the blue light coming from the laptop sitting on the desk directly in front of the bed. He smiled awaiting for the message to appear on the screen indicating that his beloved has accepted his conference invitation. He knew that Seto would be in a meeting until nine o'clock his time tonight. He had a very early morning meeting with the artists to set up the designs for his newest theme park. He missed Seto. It had been two months since he left for America. Jou knew that this park was important to Seto, but he couldn't help but crave the burnet's touch. Seto was due to come back in a few days and he wanted to make a special prelude to what he was planning for the billionaire's return home.

Jou reached towards the nightstand and opened the bottle of oil before smearing it over his chest. He wanted the light off the candles to cause his chest to sparkle. Smiling to himself, he looked up in time to see Seto's screen name enter into the private conference room. The video of his beloved's sapphire eyes caused all his nerves to stand at attention. "Hello, Beloved Dragon."

"Has my puppy been good today?"

Jou shook his head. "He's been very bad and needs punished the second you get home. I believe your long absence as caused him to act irrationally."

"Is that so?" Seto's eyes sparkled with a longing lust. "Bring him closer in the light. Maybe if he sees his master he'll behave."

Jou smirked, sliding seductively off the mattress and revealed his bare chest along with the tight leather pants. He heard Seto sharp breath as he moved closer towards the laptop only to sit down backwards on the chair in front of the desk, spreading his legs around the wooden back and slowly rubbing his lower half along the hard surface. Seto was speechless, never had he dreamed his lover would plot an event like this. He was thankful that he didn't have a meeting until much later and was alone in the hotel room. "Do you think he'll behave now?"

"Katsuya," Seto moaned. He was having difficulty controlling himself and desperately wanted to take his jet back to Jou and ravish every part of his body. His beige slacks became extremely tight as he stared at the image in front of him. Every twist Jou made, every small hump against the chair turned Seto on more. Words continued to elude him as he quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing member out.

Jou instantly noticed the inpatient movements of his lover. "Not so fast, Seto. I want you to enjoy this." Jou flipped the chair around and sat with his legs still spread before reaching down and taking one of the ice cubs out of the bucket directly in front of him. He glided it along his heated flesh, shivering from the sudden cold as he ran the ice across his neck and down around his nipples. Seto's movements ceased as he stared hungrily at the screen. Everything Jou was doing caused his heart to beat rapidly in his chest. He wanted the blond beauty badly. He slowly began to stroke himself as the last of the ice melted along Jou's chest. Jou took another ice and began slowly melting it along his skin just like the other one. He tilted his head back, enjoying the shivering sensations rolling down his spine. In Seto's absence, Jou found several things that he could use to mimic his lover's lips and fingers. Ice was one of his more pleasurable items to use. He slid the remainder of the ice down towards his navel and left his fingers to linger there as he slowly caressed his navel.

He reached down with his other hand and slid his index finger from the base of member still hidden in the leather pants all the way up to the head. His lower half arched and met the teasing finger. "Seto," Jou moaned. "I need you."

Seto growled and bit his lower lip. "Two more days, Katsuya."

"I need you now," Jou whimpered, losing himself to lust.

"Close your eyes and image my fingers slipping into those tight pants and my lips sucking on your neck. That will only be a start of what I'd be doing to you when I return." Jou moved his fingers further up his naval as he gripped the edge of the pants and lowered them. Seto closed his eyes, listening to his lover's pants that neither one of them noticed the quick flash on the screen or the unwelcome quest in their chat room.

Jou wrapped his hand completely around his leaking member and pumped himself quickly. "I'm so close, Seto."

"A few more minutes, Puppy. I'm almost there." The two lovers continued to pleasure themselves, using each other's lust filled breathes as added stimulus to their own actions. Jou finished first, screaming his lover's name.

The sudden cry of his name sent Seto over the edge. The unwelcome guest quickly signed off with another flash before the two lovers opened their eyes, riding the wave of their climax. "I love you," Jou whispered. "Hurry home."

"I will. I'll leave as early as possible on Friday. Next time it'll be my fingers guiding that ice cube." Jou smiled and yawned. "Get some sleep, Katsuya. Before you know it, I'll be in your arms again."

Jou leaned up and kissed his lips against the screen. "Good night, sweet Dragon."

"Good night, Puppy." Seto exited the conference last, watching as Jou forgot to shut the camera off and climbed into the bed behind him. The billionaire chuckled and signed onto the remote desktop, hacking into his own system. Quickly moving through the prompts, Seto shut the camera off and turned Jou's laptop off. He was grateful for the long range of knowledge he had with computers. He would hate to have someone accidentally find their way into their conference and watch Jou while he slept. He was the only one allowed to do that. Signing his own session off, he realized that he didn't put his usual firewalls up before entering the conference. He frowned, but knew that they weren't on too long and someone wouldn't have noticed. Seto rose from the seat and walked into the bathroom for a quick shower. Their quick act left him empty and unsatisfied, but he knew that it was only a matter of time before he could curl up in those soft arms, caressing that smooth skin.

Seto washed his own semen off himself before walking back into the bedroom. He set the alarm on his phone for a hour before he next meeting. He was meeting with the management staff of the new park later on that day and then with the entire staff the next morning. Then there was the grand opening and the after party. After that he'd be on the jet first thing on Friday flying home to the open arms of his lover. It had been a long two months and vowed never to do that again. The next time he'd be away for so long he was taking Jou with him. It wasn't just the sex he missed with his lover, it was the cuddling and the mere presence of him that soothed his soul. Curling up on the cold bed, Seto know that it was only a few more hours before everything in his life was back to normal.

The next few days went quickly for Seto. Each hour that passed made the butterflies in his stomach swarm faster. He could hardly wait to go home, and he felt foolish like a school girl waiting for her first date. Luckily his weakness went unnoticed by the staff that came to the after party. Even though he wanted to leave early and fly home that night, he knew that it wouldn't look to good in the employees' eyes if their CEO left their celebration early. Fighting his nerves more and more, Seto realized that he wouldn't be able to sleep that night. Friday morning he found himself seated on his private jet on his way back home. He would land just in time for Jou to get off work and may even make it home before his blond lover did.

The jet landed early, giving Seto more happiness then he had. He should have known that his pilot would have been flying as fast as possible. He smiled his thanks to him before entering into the awaiting limo. His staff knew of his relationship with Jou even though they never mentioned it to anyone. They were delighted to finally see the smiles brought back to their once cold employer. Even though the press was constantly hounding over the reason for the sudden change in Seto, none of his loyal staff ever spoke of the blond that no one noticed leaving and entering the mansion. He looked too much like one of the staff members. Something that Seto teased him about constantly.

Seto wondered if Jou would be bring something back from the bakery that he worked out. He knew that he would love to taste one of those famous cakes that his lover bragged about constantly. The limo stopped a few feet from the front door as Seto walked up and through the door. The second he entered, he was greeted hastily by his butler. "Mr. Kaiba, it's very good that you're home. I have a question if you don't mind me asking."

"What is it?"

"Mr. Jounouchi wasn't suppose to go somewhere for the past two days, was he?"

"No. Did he go to work?"

"On Friday morning he did, but he never returned home. Then his work called this morning asked if he was in the house."

Seto's heart skipped a beat. "Why wasn't I notified immediately?"

"You were in flight. The pilot said that you were on your way back to the mansion when we finally got in contact with him. I'm very sorry, Mr. Kaiba."

Seto sighed and took several deep breaths. He knew that his staff would do anything to contact him, but he also knew that Jou wasn't necessarily in trouble if he didn't return home right away, but two days was making Seto worry. "Call Katsuya's friends and see if they've seen him since Friday. If none have, call the cops. I need to make a report then. Get Roland to the house." Seto walked over to the mail that was piled up on the table by the door. A brown padded envelope caught his interest. There was no return address, but he removed the letter opener to unseal the flap without thinking about what could be inside. A postcard was inside, and he wondered who would sent him something like that and nearly dropped it as he stared at picture of his lover tied and gagged to a chair. A dark figure stood beside him holding a dagger. "Sebastian, wait!" he called, catching his butler before he dialed Yugi's number. "Just call Roland. We have a problem. Tell him to meet me in my office." Seto walked quickly up the stairs and into his lover's room to fetch the laptop. Someone kidnapped Jou, and they were going to pay dearly for it. No one stole from a Kaiba much less a dragon.

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