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Chapter Five

Jou stared at himself in the large mirror directly in front of him. He ran his fingers across his chest where the word "whore" used to be carved. It was hard to believe that only a year ago it was there. Now, nothing was left. No white pieces of his flesh from the skin healing over itself was left. His chest look as if nothing happened. The events of a year ago still burned fresh in his mind, but he felt it was time to finally let go of them. He never left the mansion without being escorted by one of Seto's guards. He no longer worked at the bakery and found himself bored within the walls of the house he once used to love. Seto never returned to America to check on the new theme park. He would spend eight hours at work and then return to the office downstairs to work some more. He would spend time with Jou during dinner before rushing back to the office.

Jou sighed as he sat down on the bed. The bed held so many memories of intimate acts between the two lovers. A tear rolled down Jou's cheek. Ever since he left the hospital his Dragon didn't touch him. They still slept in the same bed, but with it being so large, Seto never cuddled with Jou. For the first few months he was grateful for that, but now that he was craving his dark lover, he needed his touch. He wanted Seto to run his fingers through his hair and rub his hands up and down his arms. He wanted and needed the love back in his life. The psychiatrist mentioned that it could be Seto's fear of hurting their relationship that was keeping him at bay. She suggested that Jou do things to make Seto notice that he was ready for the intimacy again.

Every time Jou would try, Seto would brush him off and said he had work to do. Tonight he was going to confront his lover. He needed to know what he was thinking. He didn't think he could live in a house with someone that didn't love him anymore, nor could he think of leaving the house he felt so protected in. He needed the answer even if he wasn't prepared for it. He heard the engine of Seto's Porsche shut off. He knew that the CEO would come to the bedroom first and change before going down to his office until dinner. He witness it several times, but Jou was often in another part of the mansion when he returned home, choosing to ignore him.

Jou stood and wipe the tear away from his face as the bedroom door opened. "Katsuya? Are you okay?"

Jou nodded, wetting his lips as Seto began undressing. He was feeling uncomfortable with just his pants on, but he wanted Seto to see that nothing remained of those horrible days with that doctor. "Can I ask you something," Jou whispered, feeling too much like a girl and hating that feeling.

"Can it wait? I have notes I need to prepare for the meeting tomorrow."

Jou lowered his head a second before taking a deep breath. He wasn't going to play the girl anymore. "No," he said softly. "It's been waiting for months."

Seto turned to look at him as he slipped his blue button shirt off his shoulders. "Okay. What is it?"

"Do you still love me?" Jou asked quickly before turning away not knowing if he really wanted to know that answer.

Seto slipped a new shirt on and walked over towards Jou. "Of course I do."

"Why don't you touch me anymore? Am I disgusting to you? With all the times I tried to touch you or even cuddle with you, you just move away. I want to feel you again, but you won't let me!"

Seto's sapphire eyes soften as he wrapped his arms around Jou. "Don't think that," he whispered. "If I thought you were disgusting, I would think the same about me. You know what I went through with Gozaburo. I'm sorry that I haven't been clear with my feelings. I love you more than life. You are everything to me. I thought you still need more time, and I didn't want to lose myself and hurt you. I also didn't want you to cling to me. I wanted you stand on your own again. Your strength is what I love and admire. I didn't want you to lose it by relying on me."

"You jerk." Jou pounded his fists against Seto's chest, feeling the tears falling again. He was so angry with himself for not realizing what his lover was doing. He always claimed to know Seto so well that it would rival Mokuba's knowledge.

Seto gently wrapped his fingers around Jou's wrists and held them against his chest. "I should have known you were stronger than me," he whispered into the blond's ear. He gently licked his ear, causing shivers to run through his lover's body. He turned and kissed Jou deeply, showing him all the love he had for him. He wanted the doubt left behind. Finally breaking apart Seto leaned his forehead against Jou's. "I really do have to prepare notes tonight."

"Can I sit in the same room?"

Seto smiled softly. "Sure." The two walked quietly down to Seto's office, holding each other's hands until Seto reached his desk and sat down. Jou went over to the couch and curled up, watching his lover work. His fingers glided across the keyboard, making small clicking noises as he thoughts transferred to the word document he had open. Occasionally, he'd hear rapid loud clicks as his lover erased whatever line he was working on. The small noises soothed Jou enough to allow his mind to drift to sleep.

Seto glanced at the clock, noticing that it was almost time for dinner. One look at his lover made him want to call and tell them that they'll eat later, but he knew that they needed to eat something. He hadn't eaten since breakfast. Jou curled on the couch with his head resting on the soft black arm, sleeping peacefully. Out of all the times he would watch Jou sleep, he never seen him that peaceful after the events with Doctor Kinto. Seto regretted walking over to Jou and gently shaking him awake. He wanted him to sleep peacefully for as long as he need. The blond opened his eyes instantly and smiled at Seto. "Done?"

"Yes, and it's dinner time. I would hate to have my chef prepare something wonderful for us and we don't eat it."

Jou yawned and stretched. He was still a little groggy from the sleep, but his mind was quickly clearing as a thought ran through his mind. "Do you think we can sneak some ice up to your room after dinner? We never got to finish the game."

Seto stopped suddenly, causing Jou to run right into his back. "What did you say?"

"You heard me, Dragon. Maybe some strawberries and whip cream too."

"Are you serious?"

"Perhaps we could just skip dinner and go for dessert first," Jou continued as he opened their bedroom door, ignoring Seto's questioning look. He grabbed the CEO's arm and pulled him into the room just as Roland reached the top of the stairs to tell them that dinner was ready. He didn't even manage to say a syllable before Jou pulled his lover into the bedroom. He smiled and walked back downstairs to inform the staff that Jou and Seto would be joining much later.

"Katsuya, what are you doing?" he asked as Jou pushed him onto the bed and slid his body on top of the stunned brunet. He kissed Seto deeply before moving his mouth down to suck on the side of his neck. "Wait, Katsuya." Seto continued to try to move Jou off of him. He didn't know whether the blond was fully awake or not. He didn't want his lover to regret what he was doing. He was having trouble concentrating as their members grinded together. Finally able to wrap his legs around Jou, he arched his back and flipped them over. Jou groaned as his back collided with the mattress. The noise sent shivers down Seto's spine. How he wished he could take his lover right now and worry about the consequences later.

"We need ice," Jou whispered. "I can get it."

"No," Seto hissed, putting Jou's wandering hands above his head. "Slow down and think. Do you want to do it like this?"

"No, I want ice, strawberries, and whip cream to do it with." Jou chuckled.

Seto sighed. "And what do you plan on doing with all that?"

"Want to find out?"

Seto smirked. "If you want to go that far."

"I'm so happy you finally agreed." Jou got up quickly and took off down that stairs to the kitchen, ignoring all the staff's smiling faces as he loaded his arms with the cold whip cream and strawberries and grabbed a bucket of ice like he did the night he sat waiting for Seto's video conference. Of course this brought back horrible memories, but pleasuring his lover made it worth it. He returned quickly depositing everything on the nightstand. "Clothes off, Dragon." Seto smiled and began undressing as Jou took the stems out of the strawberries. Jou picked up the last strawberry, twirling his tongue around it before sticking it halfway into his mouth and sucking on it. He glanced at his lover staring at him. Seto smirked and moved over to Jou unbuttoning his pants since Jou didn't put a shirt on earlier. He slipped his hand inside of Jou's boxer, twirling his fingers along the Jou's hardening member. He leaned up, taking the other half of the strawberry in his mouth and sucked on it before he bit down and started to chew on it. The other half of the strawberry disappeared into Jou's mouth as he pushed Seto down on the bed for the second time that night.

Jou stepped out of his clothes before sliding his body on top of the burnet. Their members slid against each other, causing the two lovers to groan. In their long relationship, Jou never topped. He never had the urge to, but tonight, he wanted his lover to feel all the pleasure that he'd ever given Jou. Their lips connected as Jou's tongue dived into Seto's mouth. He knew that he didn't have much time for his plan with the ice melting in the bucket beside the bed. He distracted Seto enough to not notice him grabbing the spray can of whip cream. Shaking the can slightly, Jou squirted the white substance all over Seto's chest and member. Seto shivered from the sudden cold attacking his heated flesh. He knew he was going to be sticky later, but he didn't care. Jou was causing every nerve in his system to scream out in pleasure.

Slowly Jou leaned down and licked all the whip cream up from Seto's body, twirling his tongue along his member. The sweet, salty taste of his lover's body made his lust filled senses to take over. He grabbed an ice cube from the bucket and placed it in his mouth before using the cold substance to melt along Seto's heated flesh. He let the water wipe some of the sticky substance away. He glanced up at Seto, watching his reaction as his finger slid further between his legs and towards his entrance. Seto smiled and nodded. He never bottomed since Gozaburo, but he trusted and loved Jou. He was willing to do anything to repair their relationship and make it stronger.

Jou took another ice cube and slid it around Seto's entrance, causing the CEO to jerk from the sudden cold. He moaned and slid his legs further apart until they were completely wrapped around his blond lover. "Puppy," he mumbled as a finger entered into him. It felt uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt like all the times Gozaburo did it. Not even after a second and third finger was entered.

The ice cube was a whole different experience. He didn't know what to think of the melting ice inside of him, nor the liquid leaking out of his entrance. "When my hot cum leaks out of your ass, that's what it'll feel like, Dragon."

Seto groaned. "I love it when you talk like that."

Jou smirked as he pumped his lover until he was fully erect. "Breathe slowly, don't hold your breath." Jou entered into his lover's willing body easily without the use of the oil that he knew was still in the nightstand. The ice wet his pathway enough to slid in easy but not as gently as we wanted to. He regretted it as Seto hissed and his face turned to pain. "I'm sorry, Dragon. I'll get the oil."

Seto reached up and held Jou right there. "It's okay. Give me a second." The two lied their for what felt like the longest agonizing minute before Seto shifted and pulled Jou in deeper. Jou let out a low moan as he pulled out and pushed back in. He kept changing his angles every time he pushed in until he found Seto's prostate and thrust directly at it. The brunet released a loud moan that had Jou smiling.

Seto's passage was tight and he knew he wouldn't last long especially since he longed for this. Seto reached down to pump his own member in time with Jou's thrusts, but the blond was quick and pulled his arms above his head, pinning him there. "No," he whispered. "I'll take care of you." Several more thrusts later, Seto wanted to be touched. He was nearing the edge and just need a little more stimulus. One more push on his prostate or a touch on his member would drive him over the edge, but his lover's plan stopped him. Jou wrapped his fingers tightly along the base of Seto's member, preventing him from climaxing.

Jou finished quickly, shooting his load inside of Seto. The sensation was strange, but felt like the ice melting inside of him. Tears of frustration collected at the corner of his eyes. He tried to pull his arms away from Jou's grip to go down and finish himself, but Jou shifted and pulled out of Seto, before he knew it, Jou had Seto's member buried deeply inside of his own body. Seto groaned and nearly lost it with the swift actions. He quickly took over, flipping Jou on his back and thrusting in and out of Jou's willing body. He didn't know when Jou stretched himself, but the mere thought of it, drove him crazy. He watched Jou's member come back to life as he met every deep thrust Seto made. "Together, Dragon," Jou moaned as he wrapped his hand around his member and pumped it in time with the burnet's thrusts.

Jou released, spraying his cum over both of their chests. The walls tightened around Seto, drawing him over the edge. The two lovers lied there listening to the ice shift as it melted in the bucket. Seto finally withdrew from Jou, causing him to hiss. "Sorry, I shouldn't have stayed in there that long."

"It's okay." Jou smiled and reached up for a strawberry, chewing on it. Seto chuckled at Jou's growling stomach.

"Answer me one thing before we get a shower. When did you stretch yourself?"

Jou laughed so hard he fell off the corner of the bed and crashed with the floor. Seto blinked and stared at him obviously wanting a serious answer. "Well truthfully everyday before you would come home for the past week, but today I didn't until I was stretching you."

Seto groaned and felt himself getting hard again. "Next time I do it while you do me."

Jou smiled, glad that Seto would agree to a next time. He got off the floor and pulled his sticky lover towards the shower. "Round three and four in the shower? We have a lot of missed time to make up."

Seto smirked. "Oh do I have a new position for you in the shower. Thought of it after you decided to pleasure yourself with ice while I was in American. Come I'll show you." Seto walked further in front of Jou, pulling on him instead. He agreed. They had a lot of missed time and all eternity to make up for it.

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