A.N.: I'm going to warn you again: POST-TOY STORY 3! That means SPOILERS!

"Woody! Woody!" Jessie cried as she ran into his office.

"What is it, Jessie?" the sheriff asked.

"It's Doctor Pork Chop!" the cowgirl explained. "He's broken out of prison and headed up the mountain!"

"Who knows what kind of horrible thing he could be planning?" Woody wondered aloud. "Let's go, Jessie!"

They ran outside and jumped on the waiting horse.

"Ride like the wind, Bullseye!" Woody said. Bullseye sped off towards the mountain.

When they reached the mountain, there was no sign of Doctor Pork Chop.

"Let's ask one of the forest critters," Jessie suggested, walking over to a unicorn and a hedgehog. "Buttercup, have you seen Doctor Pork Chop?"

"He ran by just a little while ago," Buttercup the unicorn replied. "He yelled at us to stay away from the mountain's peak."

"So, that's where we're going!" Woody decided.

"You'll never climb the mountain in time," Mr. Pricklepants the hedgehog said. "It's way too steep!"

"Who said anything about climbing?" a voice from behind said.

Everyone turned around in surprise. "Buzz Lightyear!" they exclaimed.

Buzz activated his wings and grabbed Woody and Jessie's hands.

"To infinity…and beyond!" Buzz shouted. The trio flew up to the top of the mountain, landing right in front of Doctor Pork Chop.

"Reach for the sky!" Woody demanded. Doctor Pork Chop just laughed.

"You can't hurt me!" he cackled. "I have back-up!"

Suddenly, a purple-haired figure appeared next to Doctor Pork Chop.

"It's the witch!" Jessie cried. The witch began to chant a spell.

"I can't move!" Buzz exclaimed.

"She's using her evil magic on us!" Woody realized. "Fight it, guys!"

"Now, there's nothing that can stop me from carrying out my evil plan!" Doctor Pork Chop said, picking up a remote with a big, red button on it.

"As soon as I push this button," he explained. "The side of the mountain will explode, and a billion tons of lava will spill from the giant bucket onto the town!"

Jessie glanced down at the town far below in horror, then up at the giant bucket.

"You can't do this!" she cried. "There are innocent people down there!"

"I know!" Pork Chop laughed, moving to push the button.

"Woody, think of something, fast!" Buzz said.

Woody had an idea.

"Quick, Buzz, get—!"


"Bonnie!" Mom called. "Sophie's here to see you!"

"Coming, Mom!" Bonnie said, setting Woody and Buzz down on the "mountain" and running out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

A few moments later, Buzz sat up.

"So, what was I supposed to get?" he asked.

Woody laughed. "I have no idea. Bonnie gets more creative every day, don't you think?"

The bedroom quickly came alive as the rest of the toys started to move around.

"Can I come out now?" Rex called up from the floor. "I just really don't like the idea of getting lava dumped on me."

"The bucket's empty, Rex," Hamm said, rolling his eyes. "Where would Bonnie get a bucket of lava, anyway?"

"That was fantastic acting," Mr. Pricklepants said to Dolly as she dropped down off the bed.

"Thanks," she said. "It's interesting playing evil henchman instead of primary villain."

Jessie jumped to the floor near Bullseye. "Sorry that we left you behind," she said. "I guess Airline Buzz can only take two passengers at a time." Bullseye licked her face, having no hard feelings.

"Has anyone seen my ear?" Mrs. Potato Head called from the toy box.

"Here it is!" said Trixie, retrieving it from under the bed.

"…can I keep it in my room?" Bonnie's voice sounded from the staircase. There were footsteps.

"Places!" Mr. Pricklepants called. Everyone ran back to their previous spot. Buzz reached over the edge of the bed to pull Jessie up, and they lay back on the bed in their inanimate state.

"Of course, dear," Mom said as she entered the room. "But you'll have to be careful. It's not a toy, and it looks fragile."

"I'll be careful!" Bonnie promised. "I like it. It's pretty!"

"Now, what do you say to Sophie?" Mom prompted.

Bonnie gave her preteen neighbor a hug. "Thank you, Sophie!"

"You're welcome," Sophie laughed. "Consider it an early birthday present."

"Did you really make it yourself?" Bonnie asked.

"Well, I painted it."

"I'll put it on your dresser, okay?" Mom said.


Mom set the object in her hands down on the table. Jessie raised her head slightly, trying to see what it was. She got a glimpse of something tan before Mom turned around and she lay limp again.

"My parents would like to know if you'd want to come over for dinner," Sophie said.

"That sounds lovely!" Mom said. "What do you think, Bonnie?"

"Yeah! Yeah! Can I bring a toy, too, Mom?"

"All right, but just one."

Bonnie ran over to the shelf and grabbed her Totoro doll.

Mom laughed. "I tell her to bring just one toy, and she chooses the biggest one in the house."

"Let's go, Bonnie!"

The three humans left the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Jessie stood up and walked across the bed towards the dresser. The other toys headed in that direction, too.

"What's up there, guys?" Slinky asked, unable to see from the floor.

"I think it's a wolf," Buzz said.

"But it's tan, not gray," Woody said. "Aren't coyotes the tan ones?"

Sitting on the dresser was a golden-tan wild dog, its head tilted back and mouth parted as though it was howling at the moon. The fur on its chest was white, and its eyes were solid black.

Jessie jumped over to the dresser. "I think it's made of clay," she said, touching its side. "A ceramic."

"It doesn't seem like anyone's home," Buzz observed as he and Woody joined her on the dresser.

"Mom said it wasn't a toy," Dolly said.

"Neither was the lawn gnome, back at Andy's house," Hamm pointed out.

But the wolf remained silent and still, and the toys shrugged and moved on to other activities.

"Does anyone want to play Candy Land?" Peatrice called.

Buzz paused before he jumped off the dresser. Jessie hadn't moved from the ceramic wolf's side.

"Are you coming, Jessie?" he asked.

"I don't think it's just inanimate, Buzz," she said.

"What makes you say that?" Buzz walked back to her.

"Well, think about the lawn gnome. Besides, all toys start out inanimate." Jessie said.

"We do?"

Jessie nodded. "We just don't remember it. When Al brought in the Prospector, he didn't move or say anything. But I talked to him for a while, and eventually he responded. He remembered everything from the store, but not that he had been, well, not alive."

Buzz thought about it. "I guess it makes sense," he said. "Except that it didn't happen to me, or the other Buzz at Al's Toy Barn."

Jessie shrugged. "It might be because, as a battery-powered action figure, you were pre-programmed, or something."

She sat down beside the wolf. "Hi," she said to it. "I'm Jessie. Welcome to Bonnie's room. You need a name… Your fur looks like sand—I'll call you Sandy, okay? You know, I've never met someone made of clay before."

While Jessie kept talking to the wolf, Buzz jumped back over to the bed and explained Jessie's theory to Woody and Dolly.

Dolly nodded. "Yeah, that's how it was when Bonnie got Buttercup. If she played with someone right away, then they woke up, but Mom got Buttercup while Bonnie was at Sunnyside, so we managed to wake him early."

"Whenever Andy got a toy, he played with it right away," Woody remembered. "So being interacted with brings you to life?"

"Something like that," Dolly said. "Bonnie helped make me, so she was talking to me from the start. I think it's also why we freeze on instinct when humans show up."

Jessie waved at them from the dresser, still talking to the wolf. They came over to her.

"I think he heard me," she said. "I thought I saw him blink. Did you hear me, Sandy? I know it's strange here, and not like the store, but we'll have lots of fun. All of my friends are here. Buzz and Woody and Bullseye…"

The wolf stirred, lowering its head and shifting a leg.

"Sandy?" Jessie said.

The wolf turned to look at her.

"Yes," it said, trying out its voice. "You—Jessie?"

"Yes," Jessie said. "My name is Jessie."

"Wow," Woody said.

Sandy jumped, realizing there were others there for the first time.

"It's okay," Jessie said. "These are some of my friends."

"I'm Buzz Lightyear, and this is Woody and Dolly," Buzz said, holding out a hand. "Pleased to meet you."

"I…I…" Sandy stammered, backing away slightly.

"Be gentle," Jessie muttered to her friends. "He's never had to talk to anyone before."

Sandy glanced around the room, taking in everything. This room was small compared to the store, but it was much more colorful. He walked over to the edge of the dresser and looked down."

Realizing how high above the floor he was, he yelped and backed away very quickly, bumping into Jessie and yelping again.

"Easy, easy," Jessie said. "Nothing's going to hurt you."

"W-why are we so high up?" Sandy asked.

"This is the dresser," Jessie explained. "Bonnie's mom put you up here. It's easy to get down. Or, we could just jump over to the bed. Let me show you—"

"No!" Sandy exclaimed in alarm, staring at the gap between the dresser and the bed.

"…Okay, if you don't want to right now, that's all right," Jessie said. "But it's lots of fun down there… Well, we can have lots of fun up here, too!"

Sandy relaxed slightly, smiling at Jessie, and then at Woody, Buzz, and Dolly, who smiled back at their new companion.