Sleepless In Seattle

"Mummy got sick. It happened just like that. And there's nothing anybody could do. It isn't fair, there's no reason. And if we start asking why, we'll go crazy" sighed Puck, tightly holding his 3 year old son's hand. Drake choked back tears as they walked away from Sabrina's hospital room, where she lay unconscious.

He bit his lip as he nodded to Mustardseed who walked past them, holding a bag of forgetful dust and walking towards Sabrina's room.

"What he doing?" asked Drake, looking up at his daddy.

Puck breathed in, "Saying good-bye to Mummy"

"Oh" said Drake quietly, "Carry!" he said, stretching his arms out.

Puck sighed and picked up his son, letting him bury his face into Puck's shoulder and to sleep. It had been a long day and Puck didn't blame his son for wanting to sleep.

Puck and Sabrina had been together for nearly five years, as man and wife. They had married a year after they had gotten back together (You've Got Mail) and had a son, Drake. They had lived happily for the last four years until Moth had come back for her last revenge. Moth had concocted a potion that when Sabrina drank it, she had lived in a nightmare.

In Sabrina's eyes, she had seen her family die over and over and over again. At one point, it had gotten too much that Puck had seen Sabrina almost pierce a knife into her heart, with tears in her eyes. Puck had panicked and grabbed the knife from Sabrina who dropped down into the floor, sobbing her heart out. Puck called the Grimms and his family; both families came to their apartment in New York immediately, with Granny present through a sort of mirror (not Mirror).

Daphne came with her boyfriend Max, Sabrina's parents and Uncle Jake. Oberon, Titania and Mustardseed had come as well.

Mustardseed told them that Moth had been caught as she was fleeing and was sentenced to death. Sabrina was still sobbing on the floor, Daphne and Veronica Grimm cried as they watched Sabrina. Veronica tried to calm Sabrina down but when she looked into Sabrina's eyes, Sabrina's eyes were black and she cried even more. Unable to take it anymore, Sabrina was knocked unconscious by a tearful Henry Grimm.

They decided to put her in the hospital until a solution was made. That solution was to erase her memories and to tell everyone but the Grimms and Puck's family, that she was dead. Her memories would be erased up to the point where Puck had left her at their almost-wedding, nearly ten years ago. Puck had argued but Mustardseed had said that it was better this way, so that she would have no feelings for Puck and there would be almost no chance of the dreams re-appearing. It hurt to hear it, but Puck decided that this would be better.

"Ten years of memories, gone" whispered Puck to himself. He reached his car, their car, and put Drake in his car seat. Puck started the car and his eyes teared up again as he caught a glimpse of Mustardseed erasing Sabrina's memories with forgetful dust.

"Okay, I've prepared six big bowls of food for you and Drake. Five minutes in the microwave, each. Then it's ready to eat. Do you know how to make juice?" asked Jenny, Mac's wife. She and Mac looked towards Puck who was leaning against the window, looking outwards. "Five minutes in the microwave" replied Puck, absent-mindedly.

Mac sighed and put his hand on Puck's shoulder, "I'm sorry, Robby, I really am. I know how special she was to you"

"Thanks Mac" mumbled Puck, looking down at his shoes.

"Here, call my shrink" mumbled Bob, placing a card on Puck's desk, Bob was the assistant cook. It had been a week since Sabrina's memories had been erased and Puck was still mourning. He was tired and was getting really annoyed at the amount of shrinks and clinics that he had been offered.

Puck sighed and pulled out a pile of cards from his desk in Goodfellow's Orphanage, "Loss of Spouse Support Group. Parents without Partners. Partners without Parents. HUG Yourself. HUG A Friend. HUG A Shrink. What I'm following right now is, WORK, and WORK hard! WORK will save you!" exclaimed Puck, tossing each card that he read out on his desk, Bob gulped.

"Don't mind me, I'm just a guy who lost his wife" mumbled Puck

"If you don't mind me saying, I think what you really need is change" said Bob

"Good idea" mumbled Puck, looking through his emails

"Take a couple of weeks off, take Drake fishing or something…" suggested Bob

"I can't. Everywhere I go, I went with Sabrina, so I'll just be reminded of her. Maybe I'll move to a new city…" said Puck

"Okay then…" Bob furrowed his eyebrows, "Where are you gonna go?"

Puck looked at his employee, "I was thinking about Seattle"

"But Seattle's at the other side of the country!" said Bob


"Have you got everything? Wallet? License? Passport?" nagged Jenny

"Yeah Jenny, thanks we've got everything" Puck smiled weakly

"You know, don't worry! In a few months you'll meet someone new and you'll get together and…" encouraged Jenny, ignoring Mac's warnings that she was going too far.

"Yeah! Maybe in a few months I'll grow a new heart!" said Puck, sarcastically.

"Oh snap, I didn't mean it that way" said Jenny

"It's okay Jenny. Puck, we're here for you, man, if you ever need anything, just give us a call, alright?" said Mac, stopping his best friend in his tracks.

Puck sighed, "Thanks Mac. Bye Mac. Bye Jenny. Drake say good-bye"

Drake waved good-bye as he and his daddy went to enter the plane to Seattle.

This chapter is more or a prologue, an explanation of what happened.

Yes, this story is based on Sleepless in Seattle. Another movie by the gifted Tom Hanks and the gifted Meg Ryan, this movie was shot before You've Got Mail; which is ironic because this is the sequel to my story You've Got Mail. But the real movie, You've Got Mail, is not at all connected to Sleepless in Seattle.

Again, this story will be written while I am watching the movie.

I hope you like this one as much as you liked You've Got Mail!