Lyra was in the middle of the water route numbered 40 as she was surfing on her female Lumineon, with Jessie, James, and Meowth following her in their Magikarp submarine.

"Imagine how much that girl weights," James remarked as he noticed that Lyra's Lumineon was somewhat depressed, shaking his head. "That poor Lumineon must have it bad."

Meowth rolled his eyes as he shook his head. "When you have a gassy goil with a big butt like that farting constantly on you with loud and smelly fumes, you'll be depressed, too." He remarked.

Jessie was at the front, viewing Lyra and her Lumineon with the sub's binoculars. "Never mind. Let's just plan to strike."

Lyra hummed merrily as she moved her butt cheeks back and forth, letting out loud, deep pitch poots that echoed throughout the route as she giggled at her tuba like flatulence, each toot getting deeper pitched. Her Lumineon sighed in annoyance as she tolerated Lyra's loud flatulence, as well as stomaching the foul smell that emitted from Lyra's butt. The pair suddenly arrived at the northern most isle of the Whirl Islands, with Lyra pressing her body forward as her gassy butt was in the air, letting out an extremely long fart in astonishment as she took in the view.

"Wow!" She exclaimed, talking amongst her inhumanely long fart, "The Whirl Islands! These look like a fun place to explore!"

Lumineon sighed as she surfed towards the shore of the north island, with Team Rocket parking their Magikarp sub behind a set of rocks. Lyra farted her way off of Lumineon, purposely landing on her butt and making a muddy mess in her blue overalls as she returned Lumineon, kissing the pokeball containing her. Standing up and smiling at the brown stain that appeared on the back of her overalls, Lyra hummed merrily as she skipped into the cave, with Jessie, James, and Meowth following behind her.