This will be a SS/HP/LV slash and sort of odd, takes place right before Harry's sixth year. I own nothing all rights are JKR's.

Chapter One: Guilty Arrest

The two sat in the Headmasters office listening to Albus Dumbledore speak calmly. Severus Snape was practically snarling while Harry Potter stared at a spot on the floor not sure how to react. Severus could not believe the news he was hearing while Harry was conflicted between enjoying the idea and despising it. Albus had been talking for almost an hour, explaining that because of certain issues Harry was not to go back to the Dursley's and he only trusted Severus to watch after the young man.

"Now I know you two would rather not have to spend the summer together," Albus said in a strong, 'obey-me' voice while smiling kindly and allowing his eyes to twinkle in his insanely grandfatherly manner, "But Severus you may be able to teach Harry Occulmency-"

"I've learned it," Harry said softly, speaking for the first time in the hour. Looking up he said, "I've been able to block almost everything…" he looked down when he suddenly felt very guilty. The one image he had not been able to block was the one that got Sirius killed. And he had been beyond frustrated that day, "I can practice on my own."

"See the brat doesn't need me," Severus sneered. He was going over a million and one ways that this plan was a failure already. He refused to look at the boy and simply glared hatefully at the Headmaster.

"Might I test you then Harry?" Albus asked. Getting a nod he attempted to break into the teen's mind with direct eye contact and found himself facing a large cavern like wall. Pulling out when he heard hissing he asked, "You have snakes protecting your mind?"

"Among other things," Harry said looking away again. "The snakes are for everyone else to stay out," he explained before simply diverting his eyes from the floor to the perch Fawkes sat on. The phoenix flew over and sat on his head, "Fawkes get off." The bird trilled at Harry and simply sat there lowering his head to nudge the teen's cheek. "Look I've got nothing for you to eat," he got another trill and sighed before conjuring a small mouse which the phoenix took happily before jumping down to sit on the ground at Harry's side slowly eating his treat.

"You spoil him," Albus chuckled. Every time Fawkes noticed Harry was in the room lately the bird would stay with the teen; it almost seemed like the bird wanted Harry to be his Master. With that thought Albus said, "Since I'm certain you'll need something to tell your problems to and you have a thing against keeping a journal why don't you take Fawkes with you to Severus's house?"

"Why don't I just stay at the Potter Estates? I know where they are; the bank sent word with my last account statement," Harry said which made the two men look at him startled, "What?"

"You're not even sixteen why is the bank sending you statements?" Severus said obviously thinking the teen was flat out lying to them about being able to do his own banking, "You've not come into your fortune."

Blinking Harry summoned his last statement and held it out for the Potion Master to see. "The Goblin's like me," he explained before Fawkes nipped his hand, "Yes I know. I know you like me too."

Taking the paper Severus read through it and blinked, 'He has investments with some rather shady companies – Heck the Deatheaters run this one, and that one…' he thought before Harry snatched the paper away, "That was rude I was reading that."

"I summoned it for you to see it not read it, my personal matters are not your concern," Harry said in a voice that screamed 'wise-beyond-my-years' at the man. Folding it he slipped it in his inside pocket and went back to stroking Fawkes on the head.

"It seems you do have access to the estate however for your own protection I would rather you spend the summer with Severus," Albus said in a voice that made it so the two knew they had no actual choice in the matter. As he sensed them caving in the old headmaster smiled, "Would you two care for some tea?"

"No," Severus said rolling his eyes. He was not stupid enough to drink tea from the old man who probably laced it with relaxation potions and truth serums; he was startled when Harry did not accept the tea either.

"Some other time Headmaster," Harry said as he stood up growling slightly as Fawkes landed on his shoulder, "I have finals to study for."

"More like mayhem to cause," Severus said before his sneered slightly, "Oh wait you've done that already this year, what with killing your godfather and all," he had expected the teen to yell, scream and throw a fit proving how childish he was but the teen just frowned.

"Good night Headmaster, Professor," Harry said as he turned and walked from the room, the Phoenix trilling a sad song at him as they left. He felt his stomach turn and could not help but think, 'I know I killed Sirius, why must he bring that up and so soon…does he not realize just how guilty I feel…he probably does and was being a prick just to get to me,' with that thought he wandered off up to his room. He avoided his roommates and went to his bed where Fawkes settled on his Headboard.