Chapter 21: Wise Words

When the two finally came around Harry was calmly watching them a concerned look on his face, "Are you both alright?" he asked before Tom broke into a panicked laughter and Severus stared at him in wonder, "Um…you guys are worrying me a little…did…did you hear what I was talking to the animals about?" getting a nod from them both he paled some and licked his lips, "Oh…so?"

"You…you're pregnant, with twins," Tom finally said after a long moment getting a nod he nodded as well before asking, "How is that possible?"

"I haven't got a clue," Harry simply said before looking at Severus who was laughing now, "Sev?"

"I know how it happened," Severus said laughing some more before calming and saying with a straight face, "We had a hell of a lot of kinky sex," before he burst out laughing again.

Harry turned to Tom who nodded as well both thought Severus had broken due to the news, both just watched as the man finally calmed before pulling Harry close and holding him close suddenly shaking some, "Sev?" Harry petted at the man's hair some as he realized he was having some sort of panic attack, "What's wrong?"

"You're so young…" Severus said suddenly before looking up and kissing the young man's forehead, "You shouldn't have to give up your childhood so soon."

"Childhood…" Harry said slowly before standing and walking away from them he went back to the room his animals stayed in and settled at the desk. He was alone for a few hours until Tom went to check on him, "Am I a child?" he asked the man before he could speak, parchment after parchment was in front of him as if he had been writing the whole time.

"Technically to most the world you are still a child," Tom said before tracing the others cheek, "But to us you are a young man who has seen more than most twice your age have seen," getting looked down he touched his cheek some and whispered, "Severus didn't think before he spoke, we love you and that will not change ever darling. He just meant that because you are so young he feels bad that these children have come so early in your life, and this relationship."

"I want a family, I want to be with you both and I want these children," Harry said a stubborn look to his eyes, "This is not where I saw myself being at this point in my life but I would not change a thing," he held a parchment out to the man, "Please read this."

Taking it in hand Tom began reading, 'What makes an age? An age can be seen as many different concepts, one such concept it a mental age, another is emotional and yet another is physical. Someone can be of a younger physical age yet have the mental and emotional age of someone completely different, as where someone of a higher physical age might have the capacity of a younger mind and emotional state. To be a parent one only needs to have a strong mental capacity to handle stress of raising one or even two small children, the emotional flexibility to be both loving and strict when needed their physical age may not matter in some cases so long as their mental and emotional ages are properly proportioned.' When he finished reading he glanced at Harry and realized he sounded insanely wise with that paper and drew him into a soft kiss.

Separating Harry smiled some and was kissed softly again before Tom whispered, "I love you."

"And I love you," Harry said softly before smiling before hearing two thuds and a scrapping sound, "I think we have company."

"You said what!" came a shout from someone they both knew, it was Remus.

"Perhaps we should go help our other love," Tom suggested and got a smile before they headed down to see Moody holding Remus back who was snarling and trying to reach Severus who was hiding behind a table which had been upturned, "Hmm…What did you do?" he asked Severus who went to say something but let out a whimper instead as Remus got closer.

"Moony," Harry moved and hugged the man who calmed and held him close, "It's alright he just misspoke is all, I have big news though do you want to hear it?" getting a nod he smiled some, "I'm pregnant with twins," and then he squeaked and the man gave a nervous laugh and collapsed into him, "Help, heavy," and Tom and Severus helped Remus to a couch and Harry turned to see Moody staring at him, "What?"

"I think I'm going on a vacation until after your pregnancy I really, really don't want to be around when you get hormonal," Moody said and got a slight glare from Harry, "What I can barely stand up to you in an argument now, add triple hormone intake due to the babies and I'll most likely end up slaughtered due to annoying you somehow."

"Or I'll snap on the men who are responsible for me being pregnant and you'll miss the chance to see them cower or panic over me possibly crying," Harry said and the man paused before a wicked smirk crossed his face, "No provoking those emotions from me when I get like that alright I would like my children to know their fathers."