Chapter 22: Idiotic Happiness

That night Harry was laying in bed and was on the verge of screaming as Severus and Tom lay on either side of him but absolutely refused to touch him. They had been in bed for nearly three hours, no contact at all, no good night kiss, nothing. He actually felt a small piece of him break as if they were rejecting him noiw that they had time to think about the babies.

Sitting up he glanced sideways at the two of them before getting off the bed and leaving through the door, when they followed him, he lead them to his old bedroom and stepped in the room before turning to look at the two of them, "You're both idiots."

"What did we do?" Tom asked quite confused before getting a glare and Harry to close the door in their faces.

The two shared a confused look before darting down the hall to the fire place in the study to fire call Lucius, he was the one man they thought who could explain why Harry would act like he was, as he just happened to be married to Narcissa. Both men remembered how crazy she had been when pregnant with Draco, which is one reason Lucius refused to get her pregnant again. When they explained what Harry did the blond man sighed and flooed over.

Hearing a knock Harry glared at the door thinking it was idiots before opening the door and seing Lucius Malfoy, "Oh…um…hello?" he was unsure why the blond would be at his bedroom door at one in the morning.

"Three quick questions," Lucius spoke calmly he needed to keep Harry calm to get the answers he knew this from Narcissa, his answer was simply getting blinked at before the green eyed devil gave a small nod, "You're their pregnant lover who also happens to be the one who killed Dumbledore?" getting another nod he blinked some before asking, "You love them completely both of them right?" another nod and a slight blush for that one, "Did they do something stupid or is this hormones?"

"Stupid…and possibly hormones…I don't know, can the babies be effecting my hormones already?" Harry seemed truly startled for a second, eyes wide and hand flying to his abdomen as if wondering if his twins could cause hormones already,

"Hmm," Lucius gazed at him for a long moment before frowning, "I'm not sure if your hormones would be out of whack yet, what did they do that was stupid?" he got a blank look and realized Harry was not going to tell him with the other two right there, "Might I come in so we may talk?" getting a nod he was let in the room.

When Severus and Tom saw the blond again he looked angry about something, "So?" Severus said stupidly which focused those grey eyes of fury on him, "Uh…"

"He is pregnant he is not some breakable doll you can touch him still, you both made him feel as if you hated him due to the babies," Lucius snapped at them, "You hurt his feelings now you two find a way to apologize to him!"

Harry was sitting on the foot of his bed watching as Fawkes trilled ideas on how to kick the other two in the ass for hurting him when a knock hit the door, he glanced at the door and said nothing. He knew that knock it was Tom, another knock, it was Severus. Blinking once, twice, three times, he glanced at Hedwig who flew over and pulled on a small sring he had set up so the birds and snake could open the door. Both men were standing there and he blinked before they held up a small kitten.

"Oh…" Harry's eyes softened some the kitten was adorable and he instantly loved it, "Is that for me?"

"Yes," Severus said and he set the kitten down which mewed and walked into the room cutely, "She was meant for your birthday…but we think maybe she will show you we love you and the twins."

"We didn't touch you because we…we're afraid of hurting you or the babies," Tom said and got a smile from Harry, "I want you to know that while me and Severus have been lovers for awhile now, we were not complete until you came to be with us."

"Without you we would not be a family," Severus whispered and watched Harry look away as if thinking, "You are our troublesome little lion and we love you for it."

"I was thinking maybe we can convert this room into the nursery?" Harry said softly and laughed as they both hugged him close, "Mm," he relaxed into them both before saying, "I love you both as well."

"I would certainly hope so," Severus said before getting Harry to pick the kitten up after kissing both their cheeks, "Should we find a different house for our family?"

"Maybe, we'll talk this through later," Harry giggled kissing him softy and glancing around at his family including the animals, "I…I have never felt so happy."

"Neither have we," they admitted very softly.