Lunar Chapter One

Ash sat in the locker room not moving a muscle. He was silently thinking to himself. Mentally going through every tactic, strategy, and counter attack that may be needed to use in this battle. His heart was pounding out of his chest. It was beating a lot faster than usual before an important match. Ash was always excited before a battle sure, but this was different. Much different. He was terrified. Absolutely everything he's done up until this point would go down the drain if he lost. This battle is one of the most anticipated, most talked about battles in history. Nothing in the last decade had come close. For the past month he's had reporters at his door looking for insight and comments from him. Everywhere he went he was surrounded by fans inquiring about the battle and giving him support. Every hour spent training his body, his pokemon, his mind was for this battle alone. This was it. He would show what he was made of today. His mind was flooded by the pressure that this battle presented.

"I'm losing focus." He cursed himself. He looked at the clock. Twenty five minutes until the battle began.

Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. How did anybody get through security? He gave specific orders to be left alone.

"Who is it!" He asked, clear annoyance engraved in his voice.

"Ash it's me." The familiar voice said.

Professor Oak?

Ash opened the door for his professor.

"Hello Ash. Do you have a moment?

"Only because it's you, Sam." Ash smirked knowing how the professor disliked being called by his first name."

"Funny…may I come in?" The professor asked impatiently.

"Oh of course. Sorry about that." Ash led the professor into the locker room to some leather arm chairs.

"They sure keep you comfortable in here don't they?" The professor said as he looked around. The locker room had some cherry red wood lockers for ash with a plasma screen at the end of the room. A paused dvd on the screen showed Ash's opponent during one of his battles at the Kanto Pokemon League tournaments. Professor Oak pressed one of the buttons on the arm chair and his legs were slowly lifted and his body inclined. "I could get used to this," he chuckled.

"Professor…I don't mean to be rude, but what did you come here for?" Ash asked carefully. "You're not one to give me pep talks or try to pump me up before a match."

"Oh that's right," Professor Oak laughed. "Forgive me, must be my old age. Starting to forget things you know."

"I have only twenty minutes before my match starts…"

"Sorry sorry...I will be expeditious. Now Ash, I just have one thing I wanted to talk about. Well…give you as a matter of fact." The Professor reached into his white lab coat and pulled out a small black box and handed it to Ash. "Very simple instructions, Ash. Open this box only if you win today's battle."

And with that the world renowned Professor stood up in a hurry and walked out of the locker room, closing the door behind him.

Ash stared at the little black box a bit dumb founded. That was weird. He wondered what might be in it. As he inspected the box he noticed it had a key hole. "How am I supposed to open this if I win?" Ash quickly put the box into his backpack. He would worry about that later. He had a match to win.


"Well alright ladies and gentleman! The match starts in about ten minutes! Please stay tuned in for the exciting battle between two of the best trainers in the world!" The announcer screamed through the television.

"C'mon Ash. I know you got this."

Brock sat in front of his television waiting for the match to begin. He had not been able to attend because of his obligations in Sinnoh, where he had opened his own company selling the highest quality pokemon food. All his private recipes of course.

Chips? Check. Sandwhich? Check. Beer….

"Ugh. In the fridge…" Brock reluctantly stood up to find his beverage before the match started.

Tap tap

The sound startled Brock. He froze and looked around his apartment. It seemed to be come from the window.

"But I'm on the 5th floor.."

Brock began walking cautiously toward the window, wondering what could have made that sound. As he approached it he heard it again. Tap tap. "What the hell is that?" He whispered to himself. He got to the window and looked out carefully. There was nothing there. He chuckled to himself. That had actually gotten his heart racing. "Must've been my imagination I guess." Then he turned around.

"Get your hands up." A man growled at Brock who was standing in the middle of his living room.

Brock jumped back shocked. The man was holding a hand gun and pointing right at him. Brock was frozen, not knowing what to do.

"I said get your fucking hands up!" the man hissed as he cocked the gun.

"Okay okay!" Brock said as he raised his arms slowly. "What do you want?M- Money? My wallet is in my briefcase…."

"I don't want your money." The man said slowly. He wore a complete black outfit. His pants, shoes, jacket, hat…all black. Then Brock noticed a small red R on the left side of the jacket.

"Team Rocket…"

"So you've heard of us." The man smiled at him, still holding the gun right at Brock's head. "Yo 'Ness. Do your deed."

Brock gasped as he saw a beautiful woman in the corner of the room. She had black hair and pale skin and just about as tall as Brock. She was wearing a Rocket uniform too. Brock couldn't figure out how he didn't notice her before, or how they even got into his apartment.

She walked slowly to Brock, eyeing every inch of him. She held a syringe in her hand.

"What the hell is that for?" Brock asked, startled as he jumped back from the woman.

"Didn't I say not to move? You move one more time and this bullet is going right through your head." The man growled. "She's going to inject you with that. Stand still like your life depended on it. Which it does."

The beautiful woman moved towards Brock and lifted the needle to his neck. She looked at Brock with her black eyes as he looked at her with his full of terror. A drop of sweat rolled down the side of his face.

"Goodnight." She said softly as she injected Brock. He slowly closed his eyes and fell into a heap on the floor.


The double doors on the opposite side of Ash's locker opened up. A man with a black suit smiled at Ash.

"Are you ready, champ?"

Ash looked up as he got pulled from his thoughts by the man's question. Standing up slowly, he walked up to his locker and grabbed six poke balls. He clipped the poke balls to his belt, one by one. Ash was wearing black khaki's, black shoes, a white shirt and a black jacket that was given to him by his mother on his 20th birthday. He kept his hair a bit shorter these days, but still had his trademark straight out of bed look. He walked by the man at the door.

"I'm not the champion." Ash told the man without looking at him as he walked into the tunnel which led to the battle field in the Indigo stadium. He could hear the roaring crowds already as he counted his steps. What Ash had told the man was true. He was not the champion. Though he had beaten three of the four champions already. This was Ash's final mission. His dream of becoming a Pokemon Master was about to come true or be shot down in the next hour or so. Ash had almost completed all the requirements to be given the title and honor of being a Master. To become a Master he has to beat the Elite four of each region including the champion, the tricky part being that once he beat a champion, he had to relinquish the title if he wanted to go for a master title. The closest he has come to losing was against Cynthia in Sinnoh. He's now conquered three regions with one to go. Kanto. Ash was able to get through the Kanto's Elite four, and now only their Champion remained in his way to become Master. The last person ever to complete the requirements was about twenty years ago.

The whole world had been watching his ascension and now it was time. Ash came out of the tunnel and looked up the crowd. His adoring fans roaring away as he walked to his trainer's box.

"Ash Ketchum is ready to go!" The announcer yelled as the crowd went into another frenzy.

Ash saw a figure walking into the stadium from a tunnel from the opposite side. A tall, intimidating man wearing a cloak around himself.

The crowd went crazy as they caught a glimpse of him. A deafening roar of fans screaming at the top of their lungs.

"Ladies and Gentleman! Introducing Kanto's Champion trainer! Lance!"