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Dear Hong,

I am really glad that you finally back to join our class. Don't worry about your marks, I am sure you can catch up soon since you are diligent. I can give you more exercise than others, so you can get familiar to the new topic faster.

I cannot tell you what to do. You have to choose what you want. Do you think that they would leave you, let say, if you say 'thank you for the cake'? Do you think they would get angry if you want an ice cream? Did they ever?

Hong, There is so many cases of adopted family turned into just as good as a real family, if not, better. I can see how your parents love you. Look at them, ask then, tell them. I am sure they are as afraid as you, and all you need is time.

Just ask yourself, do you love them? Because what you feel is the same as what they are feeling now. Believe in them, and if anything happen, tell me.

Hong Kong stopped in front of the front door. He read his teacher's answer while walking back home, for he was too eager for the reply. He hesitate and put the book inside his bag.

He looked at the door in front of him.

Suddenly he had the courage to shout.

"I am home!"

The trial was held six weeks after the court received their appeal. Norway has prepared everything and pile the case, while England and China carefully rehearse Hong what would happen. The suspect, Spain, was called to the court. He asked for appeal, but Norway made sure it was rejected.

The day the trial started, Hong was standing behind the thick door of the court.

China stood beside him, clutching his shoulder tight.

"Hong, remember, don't be afraid to tell the truth. Because we are on you side and protect you. Just be honest."

Hong Kong nodded. China kissed his temple.

England smiled and rubbed Hong's hair. "You are my pride."

Hong beamed back.

The jury were amused, but in a negative way. Because when Norway presented the case, he showed so many evidence for what Spain has done to the children in his elementary school sexually. He has preyed on three students, two of which suffered depression/mental retardation and man-phobia after the incident. Both of the students' names were not said, because of privacy, but Hong Kong's case was the one who was used as the main witness.

The case caused an uproar, because the elementary school was quite famous. The trial continued rather long, until its fifth day, and Hong was called as a witness. They were almost win, but Spain's lawyer, Francis, was too hard to bring down and always flipped the evidence into something unimportant, making the jury held their decision.

It was when the help came. The family whose child was victimized suddenly came as witness and told their stories too. The children's names were Chibitalia and Mexico. With so much new evidence, France has no choice but to surrender and make another appeal. Finally, after the week, the jury decided that Spain was guilty and he got sentenced 10 years of jail. The case was closed and Hong Kong watched his school's vice president walked in handcuff between police officers.

The man caught Hong's eyes and suddenly shouted, "Didn't you remember what I told you? If you told this punishment, they will get divorce! You are a bad child!"

His roar alerted the guards and he was pinned down. England and China hugged their son tightly, trying to protect Hong from harm.

But the boy didn't flinch when he answered,

"I believe in my parents, teacher, they told me they won't get a divorce and love me no matter what. And I believe them. I don't need the punishment anymore."

Somebody suddenly clapped their hand, and in no time, the whole court joined to clap their hands loudly. Ever since its publicity, the case has been so popular since every parents in the town want to make sure their child was alright. So the room was filled with people and the clapping sound made a huge impact on the room.

The small family smiled to each other and Hong went home hand in hand with both his father and his mother. Happily.

Hi, my name is Hong Kong.

I am eight years old.

The semester ends soon. Soon I will be in third grade. But before that, there is holiday and I am so excited about it! Father and mother ill take me to Hong Kong (just like my name) for holiday. I want to go to Disneyworld so much!

The fame finally calmed down. I don't like how the other children pointed at me and called me as 'that'. I don't want to be famous because of this case, I want to be famous because I can eat seven swords in my mouth! What a cool thing to do if I can!


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Father and mother are still fighting—just like them, but I know they are angry because they care, because every time they fight. It will end up with them breaking up the bed and get embarrassed and give me a new Wii game. So childish.

By the way, teacher, can you believe it? I am getting a little brother! Father and mother decided to adopt another baby and the baby is so cute! His name is Sealand, and he is two years old! I am so happy when I look at the photo and I pray he comes soon into our home.

Thank you, teacher.


Hong Kong, 8 years old.

Hong gets the fifth place in his class rank. Such a smart boy.

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