Author: My weird idea of how the team came together. And I know Hi-Tech and Duke aren't brothers, but so sue me. Wait don't plz. All characters belong to their owners except for Hatchet. 4give the length.

A young man leaned back in his chair in his quarters. He ran his hand through his blonde hair. A knock came on his door. "Who is it?" he asked.

"Hawk." the voice outside answered.

He smirked and said, "Come on in." The older man entered. Hawk smiled warmly at the younger man.

"Morning Duke." he said. Duke nodded, his blue eyes barely open. Both men were well-built and tall, but Hawk was much older than Duke, perhaps even old enough to be his father. Duke was indeed young, still in his early twentys. Even though he was young, he had enough experience to tell when something was bothering a person.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Have you heard of a top-secret organization called Cobra?" he asked.

"They supposively don't exist." Duke told him.

Hawk nodded and said, "They exist. And the military wants me lead a highly trained team to combat them." He watched the younger man with an interest.

"Alright." he said.

"I want you to recruit members of the team. And be on it yourself." Hawk told him. Duke eyed him.

"I'll do it." he said.

"They want people of varied backgrounds and ecthics. With skills as a pilot, marks-man and also someone who's very good with computers and electronics. Anyone else you can find who's highly skilled will work." he said.

Duke sat there for a few moments after Hawk left, before turning to his computer and pulling up records for everyone at the base.

"Okay, now there was someone here on base who was good with recon." he whispered, typing. A small list of names came up on screen.

"Spirit." he said, looking at his profile.

"Trains birds of prey to do recon work. I forgot about that." he muttered. The blonde got up and walked out the door. A few minutes later, he knocked on another door.

"Come in my friend." The voice was warm, which meant that he knew who had knocked. Duke carefully opened the door. A small falcon fluttered to his shoulder. "Billy is glad you came." Spirit said. He handed the bird back. Duke had known Spirit for years. The older man was taller than he was and much darker toned. He had eerie hazel eyes and greyish black hair. Spirit was heavy built like he was. Though not many people completely understood him, they all knew that Spirit was very proud of his heritage.

"Have you heard of Cobra?" he asked. The indian man nodded as Billy fluttered to his shoulder.

"Hawk has asked you to put together a team to combat Cobra." Spirit said. It was Duke's turn to nod. "If you need someone for recon, Billy and I will gladly join this team." he told him.

"I'm glad. I wouldn't want anyone else." Duke said.

Two weeks later Duke was on a plane about to land on a military base in Georgia. He looked down at the file in his lap.

"Why do this things come with just a small amount of information and no picture?" he muttered. His stomach jumped into his throat as the plane landed.

"Sorry." the pilot told him as he got off. He stepped into the hanger and looked around.

"All these planes and no pilots." he said.

"That's because they're all out." A young woman jumped down.

"Except you." Duke told her.

"Yeah, because I heard there was a guy who supposed to come in looking for a pilot." she said.

"You're Shanna." he guessed.

"Just Scarlett." she told him. After a few minutes, he was leaning up againest the outer wall of a plane and she was sitting on it's wing. "So what's Cobra trying to do?" she asked.

"Take over the world." he told her.

She laughed and said, "Couldn't they have thought up something original. Every group of bad guys wants that."

Duke smirked and said, "Cobra's been influenced by too many movies."

"That's true." she laughed.

Hawk was waiting on them when they flew back to the base.

"Who's this?" he asked Duke.

"The newest member of the team." he said.

"Scarlett." she told him.

"Nice to meet you miss. And there's been a little complication since you've been gone Duke." he said.

"What?" he asked.

"We've got somebody inside who somehow knows about Cobra, but has never been in the military." Hawk told him.

"How?" Scarlett asked.

"He says that he's got a very reliable source that told him." he said. Duke looked over his shoulder at her. She gave him a brief smile. They walked into a hallway where they found Spirit looking inside through the one-way mirror.

"Welcome back." Spirit said, not turning his gaze from the room. Inside sat a heavy built and very tall black man dressed in camo.

"Who is he?" Duke asked.

"He won't say." Hawk said.

"Did he come in on his own?" Scarlett asked.

"We're not sure yet." he muttered.

"I'm going to go talk to him." Duke said. Billy flew after him as he walked into the room. The man inside glanced up at him. "I hear you know about Cobra." he said, leaning againest table in front of him.

"I've heard of them. Someone's probably already told ya I've got a reliable source." the man told him.

The blonde sighed and muttered, "You have a name?"

"All I give out is my codename." he said.

"You've never been in the military." he reminded him as the falcon landed on his shoulder.

"I picked up a few things. But it's Heavy Duty." he said, very calmly.

"Duke." he told him. Heavy Duty looked him over fairly quickly. Billy screeched and flew to the other side of the room. Spirit watched the falcon fluff up and click his beak angerly.

Before either of them could react a panel on the ceiling caved in and fell between them. With it came a man, who apparently had been up there the whole time. Outside the room Hawk, Spirit and Scarlett went for the door. Duke waved them off, before they could storm in. "Hey ya H.D." the man said, picking himself up. The man was skinny with shaggy red hair and pale; he was dressed in shades of brown and tan. On his back he wore a backpack of some sort.

"You two are friends." Duke asked.

"Tunnel Rat's t'e name, infil'ry and 'xplos'ves t'e game." he said. The blonde smirked as he looked towards the half-open door where Scarlett, Hawk and Spirit stood. Hawk sighed, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

"You are a magnet for team members my friend." Spirit said, as Billy flew off with Tunnel Rat's bag, which he had just set on the table.

"Hey, give me that. Thievin' bird, come back." he said, chasing him around the room. Billy landed on the table and shoved his head into the bag. "Get outta ther'." he said, pulling the bag away from him. The falcon dropped something on the table and spread his wings over it. "It stole m' burger!" he snapped. As Billy dug into his meal, Duke smirked at Spirit.

Hawk watched as Duke shifted through a few files.

"This is the guy." he told him, handing him the file.

"He's in Spain." he said.

"No, he's from Spain. He's in Maryland right now as part of a group that brings in highly skilled individuals from all over the world to the US." the blonde said.

"First Georgia, now Maryland. Got plans to fly out of country, too?" Hawk asked. Duke shook his head. "Have fun." he said. The next day he landed at the base in Maryland.

"It's colder than Hawk said. Good thing I listened to Spirit instead." he said, zipping up his furlined jacket.

"You must be Duke." a man said, as he walked in the door.

"And you're Hatchet." he muttered.

"Come on in. Spirit said you'd be around soon." Hatchet told him.

"You know Spirit?" he asked.

"I used to work with him." he said. He led him through the halls. "What do you know about Long Range?" he asked Duke.

"He's an excellent marksman, trained by some of the best. He's also from Spain and came to America about a year and a half ago." Duke said, taking off his jacket.

"He hates Cobra to an extreme and can be moody sometimes. Just don't ask why he hates Cobra. This is his room." Hatchet said.

"Thanks." he said.

"He might have company." he warned him.

"Like who?" he asked. The older man didn't answer.

The door opened and two men looked up. Duke glanced at them. One wore a full body suit in shades of black and grey. The other was a white tank top, black pants and com-bat boots with a toothpick in his mouth. A silver trenchcoat lay over the chair.

"That's the marksman." Hatchet said. Duke walked in and stopped in front of them. Both men were watching him carefully.

"Long Range?" he asked, trying not to take his eyes off the other man.

"Yeah." he said, glancing him over.

"Name's Duke. I'm pulling in recruits for a very top secret team. I've got some people already, but I need a marksman." he told him.

Long Range twirled the toothpick in his mouth and said, "You heard what Hatchet said. What's this team for?"

"To defeat Cobra." he said. Long Range and his friend looked at each other as the one in the full body suit turned his head slightly.

"You came to the right place for a marksman amigo. But what would you say to going back with a ninja too?" he asked. Duke looked over at the other man. "Snake Eyes doesn't talk. But, he's the best ninja in the world." Long Range told him.

"I can get you on the team." Duke said.

"His brother too." he added.

"Brother?" he asked. A ninja in white came in.

"Storm Shadow." Long Range said. He nodded and walked off.

"The legendary Snake Eyes. This is awsome." he thought. Snake Eyes lifted his head, sensing Duke's amazement.

A few moments later, he stepped outside and took his cell phone out of his pocket. "Pick up Hawk. Before I freeze out here." he muttered.

"Hello?" a very sleepy sounding voice asked.

"It's snowing up here." Duke told him.

"I bet you're without a good heavy jacket." the older man said.

"No, because I listened to Spirit. So I brought my furlined jacket and I'm still cold." he muttered.

"Why would I want to know that it's snowing?" Hawk asked.

"Because I'm bringing a snow ball back with me and going to hit you with it when you least expect it." he said.

"Um hum. Did you find the spanish marksman." he said.

"Yeah, I found him and I'll be back later maybe." the blonde told him. The phone line went dead as a snow ball hit him in the back. He put the phone in his pocket and turned to face whoever had thrown the snow ball. Long Range smirked as he threw a second snow ball, this one hitting Duke's arm. "I see you, what?" he asked.

"We're packed and ready to leave amigo." he said.

"Okay. Give me a few minutes." Duke said, heading for the plane.

"You got a cold compartment in here?" he asked the pilot.

"Yeah, under the seats." he said. Duke jumped out and grabbed plastic bag from inside the building.

"What are you doing?" Hatchet asked, appearing in the door way.

"Gonna take a few presents back with me." he explained. A few moments later, they took off headed back to Arizona.

Duke grabbed his ice chest. "In here." he said. The three newest members of the team followed him into a room.

"You didn't say you were coming back with three." Scarlett said.

"I didn't know I would be, but I got a marksman and a pair of ninjas." he said, opening the ice chest carefully. He pulled out a snowball and threw it at Hawk, who jumped three feet in the air. Another hit Spirit on the back of the neck. A third hit Tunnel Rat in the face and another hit Heavy Duty's shirt. Scarlett got hit in the back. Another hit Snake Eyes in the arm and Long Range got hit in head. Storm Shadow took the snowball in the wrist.

"You brought us a marksman, ninjas and plenty of snowballs, anything else?" Hawk asked as he laughed.

Duke got up and said, "I'm expecting someone who's good with computers and electronics."

Spirit took him by the arm and whispered, "He is already here. I've asked him to stay in your quarters for the time being."

"How long?" he asked.

"Billy told me of his arrival half an hour ago, just before his plane landed on the base." he muttered.

"Give me a few minutes." he said, walking out.

He opened the door to his room and stepped inside.

"Hey Conrad." A young man came up to him. He was about Duke's height, but not as built, though he had the same blonde hair and blue eyes as him. Duke gently ruffled his hair.

"You saw Spirit and Billy." he told him.

"The bird's name is Billy?" he asked.

"Yeah, let's go let you meet the rest of the team." he said. They walked down the hall and into the room where the rest were waiting for their return.

"A kid?" Tunnel Rat asked.

"I'm not a kid." the blonde muttered. Hawk looked him over as Storm Shadow and Long Range shared a curious look.

"Meet my little brother." Duke told them. All eyes fell on the young man.

"This Hawk, Scarlett, Tunnel Rat, Heavy Duty, Long Range, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. You know Spirit and Billy." he said. The younger man nodded. It didn't take long for any of them to notice that he was nervous.

"Got a name?" Long Range asked.

"Jesse Hauser, but I'd rather go by Hi-Tech." he said. Duke glanced at him. Hi-Tech meet his eyes carefully and then looked at Hawk.

"How good is he with electronics?" Scarlett asked.

"I know that all the cameras are on a single network that runs a seperate power source from the rest of the base." he said. Everyone, even Duke, looked slightly shocked. "I hacked into the system just before Conrad came in and told it to shut the power off.. about now." he added. Then the power went out.

"I'm impressed." Hawk said. Duke patted his brother's shoulder

The power flickered back on to reveal Hi-Tech grinning from ear to ear.

"I say we keep 'em." Tunnel Rat said.

"I'm not a dog!" he snapped.

Duke shook his head lightly and muttered, "We know. He meant keep you on the team." Hawk glanced at Duke and then Spirit. Duke stared into both their eyes, pleading with them to let him stay. Spirit looked at Hawk, sending him a meanfully look, but one Duke couldn't read.

"Alright. We'll keep him on the team. He's the best with computers that I've ever seen." Hawk said. Hi-Tech jumped into the air once, before Duke grabbed him and held him down by his shoulders.

"I just got an idea." he said, looking at him.

"Really." Hawk said.

"Yeap. It'll take me a day or two to make, but I'll pull it off." Hi-Tech told him.

"Alright, Mr. ex-FBI. Get your brother into a spare room and then make sure he has whatever he'll need for this project of his." he said.

"You were a Fed?" Hi-Tech asked Duke.

"At one point." he said, leading him out of the room.

"Did Duke have anyone else picked out?" Spirit asked.

"I hope not. This is a good sized team." Hawk said, glancing at the members still in the room.

Spirit sighed and muttered, "Though I doubt this will be most members this team will get." Hawk glanced over each of the team members thoughfully and then looked at Spirit.

The next day, Snake Eyes walked into what was becoming the team's conferan-ce room, but he didn't return alone. With him, were two younger figures. One was a young woman with long black hair in numerous ponytail holders with chopsticks shoved in her hair. The other was a young man who dressed in a dark blue suit similar to Snake Eyes.

Hawk looked at Spirit and said, "You said we'd be getting a few more members." The young woman looked at Snake Eyes, who nodded.

"We're his apprentences." she said.

"Cool. Got names?" Heavy Duty asked.

"Komakura. She's Jynx." he said. Long Range looked at the two young ninjas.

"Why the' call ya Jynx?" Tunnel Rat asked.

"Because I'm like a black cat. It's bad luck to cross my path." she said, eeriely. Tunnel Rat started to twitch and backed away carefully.

"Welcome to the team." Duke said.

"Anybody who can shut up T-Rat's cool." Heavy Duty agreed. The pair of young ninja's looked at Storm Shadow.

"Jynx. Komakura." he said, nodding to each of them.

"They can stay, but they're your responsibility Snake Eyes." Hawk told him. He didn't speak, but nodded.