Following Hidden

Author: I own nobody. Unfortunately. My only ScarlettxSnake fic.

"This Firefly guy reminds me of Tunnel Rat." Jynx said as she walked alongside Scarlett.

The red head sighed and said, "Unfortunately. I can barely handle one of them, the world doesn't need two." The young ninja sent a small smile in her teammates direction.

"I bet Sensai wasn't happy with him." she guessed.

Scarlett laughed and said, "He was plenty mad, especially when Firefly was trying to sweet talk me." It was a well known fact within the team that Snake Eyes and Scarlett were dating. But nobody understood how they even had a relationship, when he would never take off his mask or speak. Long Range knew better. The marksman alone had realized that when it was just them, he abandoned the mask and his silence.

"What about Stone?" Jynx asked.

"He's good man, by the book. But much more strict than Duke." she told her.

"Really, is he going snap the whip at us?" she whispered.

"I don't think so. He doesn't have the right to do that anyways. We're Duke's team, not his." Scarlett said. Jynx nodded, feeling a bit more reassured now. "What do you think of them?" she asked.

"I think they're all okay. Take a bit of getting used to." the young ninja admited. Scarlett wrapped an arm around her shoulder and led her inside the ship, christened the Sea Titan.

Long Range waundered through the battle ship, taking in every detail.

"Well, I'll give them this. Es muy bueno." he said, reverting as always back to his native tongue.

"I was wondering where you ran off to. Long Range is it." He turned to face Stone, a man whom he barely knew, but was starting to like.

"Si hombre." he said.

"You'll have to forgive my lack of spanish." Stone told him.

"Yeah." he translated. They headed down one of the halls.

"What do you think of her?" he asked. Long Range knew all too well that it was old habit for men to talk about ships like they were women.

"It's amazing." he said.

"A quick answer, but leaves quite a bit to be wondered. I took you for a man of that sort." the British man told him. A heavy silence lingered over them, broken only by voices from one of the rooms.

"Three queens."

"Full hou'!"

"Try a bigger full house bro."

"I believe they're playing poker." Stone said.

"Firefly, Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty." Long Range added.

"Speaking of Firefly. He seems to have upset Snake Eyes a bit by taking an interest in Scarlett." he said.

"Snake Eyes and Scarlett are dating amigo." he told him.

"I thought Duke had mentioned something along that line." Stone said. More silence, aside from their footsteps and the swish of Long Range's trenchcoat. "You and he are old chums am I correct?" Stone asked.

"Snake Eyes. Yeah, we've known each other for several years. You and Duke." he said.

Stone chuckled and said, "For several years."

Snake Eyes ran a sharpening stone over his kitana. It didn't need it, he knew, but he needed something to do. It was either occupy himself or go hunt down Firefly and vent his anger on him. But, as tempting as it was, it out of the question.

"Sensai?" Komakura asked softly, as he sat on the floor behind him. Snake Eyes glanced over his shoulder at him and put away his kitana. The stone he placed in his duffle bag, before turning to his apprentice. They sat in silence; Komakura reading his master's body language and the ninja: the young man's eyes. "Did I come at a bad time?" he asked. Snake Eyes didn't move, a sign that he did. "Do I need to leave?" he whispered. He shook his head. "Were you waiting on Scarlett?" he asked, relaxing a little. He nodded. "I'll stay until she gets here." Komakura told him. Shadows hid Snake Eye's unruly hair and the scar under his eye. He nodded and relaxed, a sign that his apprentice was to also. "I don't trust Firefly. Something doesn't feel right about him." Komakura told him.

"I know. But we must attempt to get along with him, not for sake of our tempers but for our cause. To fight amongst ourselves is to give Cobra the amount of leverage that could destroy the team completely." he said.

"Just like the saying the smallest pebble can divert the mightest river?" the younger man asked.

"Yes, exactly..." he agreed, trailing off as the door opened.

"Did we interrupt?" Jynx asked.

"No, I was going to leave." Komakura said, before lowering his head to Snake Eyes respectfully. Scarlett walked in as he left, shutting the door. Snake Eyes got up to greet her. She hugged him and kissed his cheek.

"What do you think of this place?" he asked.

"I'll learn to live with it, but not Firefly." she told him. A sound near a growl began in his throat. "You don't like him either." she said.

"I don't trust him and neither does Komakura." he admited.

"I thought it was because he was flirting with me." she teased.

"Partly it was, but I fail to see how Stone trusts him." Snake Eyes told her.

"Stone seems like a good man, but I don't like Firefly." she said. He nodded. "Don't do something you'll regret." she told him.

"What I do to Firefly won't be something that I will regret, but instead it will make me as bad as Cobra." he thought. "Fine." he muttered. She kissed him gently.

He pulled away as footsteps stopped outside his door. A knock came on the door. Scarlett turned to answer it. Long Range and Stone stood on the other side.

"Forgive us for interrupting." Stone said.

"It's alright." she said, nodding back to Snake Eyes who had pulled his mask back on quickly. Long Range felt her brush past him, before he turned his attention to the ninja who stepped out to join them.

"Snake Eyes." Lt. Stone said by way of greeting. He nodded as Tunnel Rat's door burst open and Firefly stumbled out.

"I do not cheat!" he shouted.

"We'll get someone to frisk ya next time!" Heavy Duty called back.

"Nobody's frisking me unless it's Scarlett!" he joked. Snake Eyes reached for his kitana in his anger. The marksman grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

"He's not worth it Snake Eyes. Scarlett would never fall for someone like him." he said in spanish. The smaller man considered what he had been about to do and dropped his arm. Luckily for them Lt. Stone didn't speak spanish and Firefly wasn't paying attention.

Firefly looked at Long Range who still was holding onto Snake Eye's arm. The ninja seemed calm but the fire in the marksman's eyes were stilling burning.

"What's up guys?" he asked. "One wrong move around Scarlett and he will make you regret it. One word againest her and I will make you wish you had never been born." Long Range growled in spanish. He blinked at them in surprise. The marksman turned and walked away with his trenchcoat flaring behind him. Snake Eyes stared at his retreating back. He had known Long Range was protective of Scarlett but never like this.