Totalamuto: holaaa
Ciel: Wow, didn't you disappear from Fanfiction for months?
Totalamuto: Yup
Ciel: Why?
Totalamuto: Thats a secret
Sebastian: She just wanted to avoid continuing her Shaman King fic
Totalamuto: ...


Ciel's eyes narrowed at the blond boy in front of him. This thing had taken over HIS show! "You stole my show!" Ciel hissed, "You no good copycat with a failure demon as a butler!" Alois looked up at Ciel and smiled with that goofy grin of his, "Hmm? You shouldn't accuse people like that~"


"That's great!" Alois gushed. "WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT A BOY THAT WEARS SHORT SHORTS, IS SCARED OF THE DARK, AND FLIRTS WITH OTHER MEN?" Ciel screamed. Alois looked at Ciel with a confused expression, "You had some moments with Sebastian too!"

Ciel looked away when he felt his face get hot. "W-well, those times weren't on purpose! You told Sebastian that he smelled nice the first time you saw him!"

"Ohhhhh, I see what this is about!" Alois said. "Your jealous that all the demons are in love with me! " "W-what? This is about you stealing my show!"

Suddenly, Sebastian popped out of nowhere. "I'm not in love with you." He stated plainly. He looked at Ciel, "Because I'm in love wi-"Sebastian was cut off when the room's window was shattered and a certain red jumped in. "BECAUSE HE'S IN LOVE WITH MMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Sebastian almost barfed when he heard that. "Sebby loves me so much that he visited me in the middle of the night once!" Grell ranted. Ciel looked over at Sebastian who didn't say anything, "Your not denying it?"

Sebastian looked down at Ciel, "I can't lie to you Bocchan. I have visited Grell once….to try and get rid of him before his obsession with me went overboard….but he woke up and tried to do….things…so I left trying to get away…." Ciel looked at Sebastian seeing him lifelessly recalling the memory.

Hearts popped up in Grell's eyes, "You remember so much about me! I love y-'' BOOM! Everyone turned to see Ciel put his gun back in his pocket. "Oops, my mistake. My gun just went off" he said with a straight face.

"MUDERER!" screamed Alois who tried to find an escape route. "He won't die from that, sadly." Ciel said, "But you will." A big smirk was evident on Ciel's face. "EEEEKKKKK!" Alois screamed like a little girl, "CLAUDE! HELP MEEEE!"

Claude appeared out of nowhere just like Sebastian, "Yes your highness. But first." Claude started tap dancing like a weirdo while Sebastian just stared at him. "This is my routine!" yelled Claude. Ciel ignored Claude remark and took out his gun and shot Claude. It missed when Claude ducked down but scraped off the middle of his hair. It was like the opposite of a Mohawk! Now he wouldn't be able to go back to the show until his hair grew back!

Ciel shot again and it hit Claude in the shoulder and orange juice poured out of the wound. "MY BBBBLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOODDD!" screeched Claude. "Sick, I don't want this thing's 'blood' in my mansion! Sebastian, dispose of these three!"

"Yes my love." Sebastian said. "W-what?" stuttered Ciel. Sebastian said nothing and grabbed the bodies of Grell, a crying Alois, and a tap dancing Claude. "Muffins are good for the skin," Sebastian said while leaving. "if you know what I mean."

Totalamuto: Total crack
Ciel: ...
Sebastian: !