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It was a night unlike any other….

In the sky sat a pale new moon and on the street of Tokyo the winds were blowing in an uncommon manner that announced a coming change, something that wasn't destined to happen but what fate was testing….

Down below on the street of Tokyo was a bright eyed blond with long pig tales fighting her way through the winds. Her destination was to a lofty uptown condo in the center of Japan where music could be heard.

At the Condo there was chit chattering everywhere and the crowd was diverse with college students and high school students mingling, laughing, crying, joking…..

… tonight was the last night that Darien Shields was set to spend in Japan.

Chapter One:

Darien scanned the room, removing his eyes from his circle of friends obviously looking for "her" and his friends stared at one another, all in quiet agreement that he was looking for "her"

Darien's mind was not at ease.. 'She better come tonight'... his mind was wondering if she even wanted to come. He was jolted out of his thoughts by a firm hand touching his shoulder

"Hey buddy, I told her to come."..Andrew said to his long time best friend

'I must look desperate'… Darien told himself looking at the way Andrew was looking at him so Darien smiled…"I know it's just getting late and I want to talk to her before I leave.".. it was a worthy excuse to avoid his true feelings of desperation to see her one last time… one last look into her eyes… those blue cerulean eyes that he so often got lost in

Andrew looked at his ultra conservative best friend. He was looking for "her"…Serena …

"She said she would be late but that she would make it. She had to work late but she wouldn't miss it for the world.", Andrew shouted into his best friends ear, trying to talk over the loud music

Darien smiled at his blond haired male friend.

Dairen was going to miss him and felt a deep sorrow for leaving his world behind to go to America. He nodded at his friends words and went back to listening to everyone share their moments they remembered about their times with him but his mind wondered to when his life had really changed…

It was early one morning when Darien received a phone call; it was the day after his twenty first birthday. He listened intently to the person who had called him, it was a man from America telling him how his parents had a company in America "One HE knew nothing about!"…. his mental voice chimed in….but they were contacting HIM to come to America to take over, because he was the heir to the company after his parent's death and he had come to age to take over officially.

As much as it had excited him it also made him confused, he would have to leave Japan to go and live in America because for Darien Shields this wasn't exactly where Darien Shields life changed, this is where it came to a cross roads…. NO the real change happened six months prior to this call but now his life would change in a different way.

Six months prior to this point in his life he wouldn't have cared but he had something now that he didn't have then…He had "HER" and they were just starting to get to know one another. He smiled at the thoughts of "them".

Serena had never been his type, from the moment that they met, when she threw her test at him, he had set in his mind that she was a childish klutz but somewhere between her age of 14 and 16 she grew on him, something happened he hadn't expected…. Her loves for life, her friends, and her light that just radiated to others… it finally pierced his darken heart and made him see her in a different light. She had become a rare beauty to him

Somewhere along the way there bickering turned in conversation and a close relationship developed between them. She confided in him and he confided in her and they were seen every day at the crown arcade sitting together, rather than the bickering… even Andrew almost passed out from shock when he saw their cordial manner with one another.

She would drink her milkshakes and he would drink his coffee but after a few weeks Darien found himself devouring chocolate milkshakes with her. People had started to even believe that they were a couple because the way Darien lit up when he was around her. He was never that way and Andrew saw this and knew that it was only a matter of time when Darien realized that he was in love.

Darien's smile was something never seen and Darien's friends had started to compliment the change that they saw in him and Darien knew why. It was her…. She had made him feel alive and he couldn't leave without telling her that.

His life was forever changed by her, she had brought him out of the dark despair that he lived in, thinking that no one could genuinely love him the way he was…. but she did…she accepted every flaw of perfection that he was and she treated him like a regular person

She didn't listen to him just because he was "Darien Shields" or gock over him like the other females did, she regularly gave him a reality check. She had changed him and for once in his life he saw a future that was bright but that was before the call

Now his future was planned and childish things like becoming a Doctor and falling in love would be put away. He had to run his father's company like it was always suppose to be… but he had to live his fantasy moments with her one last time before he left to America….

Darien was suddenly drawn out of his thoughts as a pair of delicate hands wrapped around his eyes.. "Guess Who?"

His friends smiled at the way Darien's shoulders slouched a little, his tense posture changed, she had arrived and along with her presence Darien's concern for conservatism went out the window, what they all knew even if Darien wasn't aware of it yet was that she made him free to live.

"UMMM"… Darien placed his finger on his chin… "is it Diana?"

"NOOOOoo"… serena playfully rolled her eyes

"Is it Stephanie?"

"NOooo."… Serena slapped him on his shoulder and he turned around to face her

"OH! Well, you were going to be my next guess."… He smiled at her and lifted her in his arms and twirled her around to face his friends, she kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around his mid section….

She smiled at them "Good to see everyone again."

Darien looked down to see her still draped around him and it wasn't awkward or strange but comforting... He looked to his friends… "I'll catch up with you later."… he took Serena's hand and lead her away to a quite place so they could talk, she waved goodbye to his friends and winked at Andrew

Darien led her to the balcony and closed the sliding glass door and they leaned against the balcony railing looking up at the moon and stars and he glanced at her .. "You look pretty tonight."

She smiled at him "You don't look too bad yourself" but she knew there was a reason he brought her out there.. "So what's up? You needed air?"

Darien took a deep breath, he was nervous.. "We've come a long way and I know a lot of people think it's strange that I hang out with a young girl but I don't see you that way, I see you as …"… Darien fought hard to find the right words but he was holding back.. " a real friend."

Serena smiled brightly but her inner light dimmed a bit, she thought of him a lot more than a friend, she was in love with him.

"Thanks Darien."

Darien knew something deep down inside of him was yelling at him… "COWARD"... but he took another deep breath and reached into his pocket.. "I want you to have this."

He held it out in his hand and he saw the sparkle in her eyes…

"Darien it's beautiful."... She looked into his eyes and he slowly placed it around her neck and stepped back to look at it on her….

"It was the only thing that was found on me when I was sent to the hospital after my parents were in the car accident."

She gazed at it and held it in her hands, it was a sterling silver star locket attached to a long silver rope chain (Sorry guys I don't like gold)

"Darien, I can't accept this. It's the only thing that you have of your parents."… she looked at him with glistening eyes

"Please accept this Serena. When my parents died I would hold this locket and I felt safe, like they were right next to me and I wasn't alone but you know what Serena?"… He held her hands... "You made me see that I don't need a locket any more to make me feel like I'm not alone because I found a friend like you and I want you to have this because I want you to know that even though I'm in America, I'm still here with you."

Serena held his hand and squeezed tighter at his every word that she knew were from the depths of his soul, she would treasure it for all of her life.

She flung herself into his arms and they tightly held each other and in that moment Serena knew that she would never be able to let him go…. She loved him deeply… it was to painful to think of life without him in it but she knew that keeping him from leaving would be a selfish request… He obviously thought of her as only a friend and he was right, he would still be a part of her life but part of her was darkened to know that they would be nothing more than friends… two worlds apart

They parted… "I'll miss you Darien."

Darien heard the brokenness in her voice, that signaled she was crying, and he was about to tip up her chin but she ran back into the condo and he followed only to be taken back by a huge crowd singing HE's a Jolly Good Fella and huge cake with hundreds of candles upon it, that obviously needing to be blown out, he stayed and smiled before his friends as he blew out his candles

Darien never got to see Serena after their moment on the balcony, she disappeared into the crowd and left but Darien told Andrew he would call her and they would talk, like friends.. and he knew from that moment that what he said he wanted to mean but who was he kidding, he was going to America to run a multibillion dollar company, when would he have time to be pen pals with a teenager.

He settled into his seat on the plane and watched the buildings become specks in his view and closed his eyes on his old life, when he would awake he would open his eyes to his new life… In America

To be continued….