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Chapter 17:

"Serena"… "Serena"…. The voice called out in her slumber

Serena to her amazement was back in the palace and she looked down to see that she was wearing the same beautiful white gown as before

"Queen Serenity?"…. She called out in question to the voice that was calling her and a bright radiant light appeared and before Serena stood the Queen

"I'm happy that you choose to remember me."… the Queen responded

Serena smiled… "I knew that in my heart you were more than a dream, my heart told me so"

The Queen gave an inner smile and bowed… "I can tell by your inner light that you are in a happy place and that makes me even happier."… the Queen stated

"Yes, I'm happy because Darien found a love for me that wasn't forced upon him but one that he was able to choose to find on his own"… Serena replied

"I'm happy but Serena I brought you here because now that your love is united again there is an evil that has been awakened and I am afraid that in the current state that everyone is in, the evil will awaken and there will be no one to stop it."… the Queen said with a sadden heart

"What do you mean?... An Evil?"…. Serena said in confusion

"Yes, an Evil that was sealed away for only a time Serena, it senses the great love that is created between you and Darien and it fears that it will lose its strength once you marry, there is only one way to prevent this evil from destroying the world"…. The Queen stated

"Something in my heart tells me I don't want to know"… Serena said with a sad heart

"When you return to your reality again your scouts that were sworn to protect you will find you because I will awaken their memories and they will know what to do."…The queen looked at the sadden features of the fragile girl that stood before her… "I am sorry Serena but true love always finds away"… the Queen said, trying to comfort the solace look that Serena was displaying

"Will Darien remember anything?"… Serena looked to the Queen who shook her head in a negative response

"No, only the scouts will be awakened and once the process of renewal is complete none of you will remember this life that you have lived. You will all find each other again because you're all destined to be together."… The queen smiled thinking about even if she didn't want them to meet again, that she could make it happen, but what would life be like without Raye, Mina, lita, and Amy…

Serena looked a bit puzzled… "You mean that you're giving us a new life?"

"Yes, It is the only way to seal the evil again and prepare the scouts to take on the negaverse and all that may come against earth, if I don't do this then the evil will come and the lives that you have all lived will not have prepared you for the dangers and perils that you will face."

Serena nodded… " I understand"

"Goodbye Serena, until we meet again as one person… I am always here waiting for you to call upon me… always trust in your heart it will never guide you wrong"… The Queen said as she slowly faded away

When the Queen faded away Serena was brought back to her reality and she slowly opened her eyes to see that she was still in Darien's arms. She grew sad at the prospect that they had only started to find their true love for one another… but she remembered what her inner self told her "that true love always finds a way"… Serena tried to find comfort in those words but there was a deep whole starting to open in her heart

She rose from his arms and dressed, the sun was not up yet and she knew that her protectors would not come for her at that moment but there was something that she needed to retrieve

When Darien awoke the sunlight was brightly shinning and birds were chirping and everything seemed perfect but when he looked to his side he realized that she wasn't there, his heart panicked and he immediately arose and searched his pent house looking for her

He searched in the bathroom fearing he would find her there again but she wasn't there… he ran to his cell phone but as he dialed the numbers the door opened and in came the beautiful blond with two cups of hot coffee, Darien about choked and he jumped up and gripped her into a powerful hug

"I UH missed you too"… Serena choked out while trying to breath

Darien sternly looked at her… "Don't ever just leave without telling me. I didn't know what happened…."

Darien continued on in his babble and Serena only smiled at how protective he was of her and she would miss it…. "I was getting coffee… come and sit with me and have coffee"

Darien just looked at her while she looked at him… her eyes were different… she was there physically but Dairen could tell that her mind was somewhere else completely…. "Is everything alright Serena… are you feeling okay?"… he touched her forehead

Serena nodded… "I just want to savor this morning… will you please just have coffee with me?"

Darien could no longer pry, he just wanted to make her happy and so he obliged and sat with her. She sat in silence starring at him and Darien felt odd… "Why are you starring?"

"Why? Can I not stare?"… Serena asked in sarcasm

Darien smiled and sipped his coffee… "Are you sure everything is okay?"

Serena finally let out a heavy sigh… "I'm sorry that I left today without saying anything but there was something that I needed to get from my apartment"

Darien listened intently and then saw Serena reveal an old trinket that took Darien's breath away… "You still have it"… he said in a low gasp

Serena smiled and opened the star shaped locket and let the melody play and fill the silence that was sitting between them… "This locket means so much to me. You gave it to me to fill the gap that would be between us, something that I would remember you by and it did but every time I heard the melody I felt a longing and until now that longing disappeared"… Serena fell silent as tears threatened to spill forth

Darien reached forward… "Serena what's wrong?"… Darien said in the most sincere concern as he listened to Serena finally revealing some of the pain she felt when he had left…

Serena looked up at him with sparkling eyes… "I want to do the same thing Darien"

Darien didn't understand until she opened his hand and dropped the locket in his hand and he looked at her… "I gave this to you"

"And I'm giving it back to you, to remind you always, that our love is fated, that nothing will separate us, not even death… I will always be yours and you will always be in my heart. Darien take this locket and let it be a sign of our enduring love"… Serena closed his hand around it, stood and walked out to the balcony, and Darien was left there wondering if this was her way of saying she was dying but it seemed much deeper

He went to join her and held her and Serena let him embrace her and they stood on the balcony till the busy streets were full and Serena looked at Darien…. "They're going to come and get me and when they do just remember what I told you"…

"What are you talking about?"… Darien said in an upset voice … "Who is coming?"

At the moment there was a knock at the door and Darien's eyes went big and looked at Serena… "Stay here".. he commanded

Darien went to open the door and when he did there was no one there… he felt a sudden pain in his heart and a very deep concern for Serena but when he walked back to the balcony she was missing… "SERENA!"… He yelled looking over the balcony fearing she had jumped or fallen, then he hurried back into the pent house yelling for her and on the opposite roof she watched in sadness

She looked back to the four women dressed in weird outfits that had come and retrieved her… "I'm ready"…

Her protectors looked at their sad princess and the one in orange came and touched her cheek… "If he loves you he will never stop looking till he finds you"

Serena smiled knowing he wouldn't stop till she was his again and there was comfort in that

They took her hand and they raced off to a temple where they all gathered in a circle and with all of their hands held together the one in the orange started an ancient chant and before them stood a beautiful women in purple, her outfit like the others but different and in her hand she held a scepter

She looked at Serena with sadness in her eyes and Serena felt a remorse for the women but felt in her heart that she knew who she was but the thought was drained from her mind as a portal opened and all the girls stepped through, the last being Serena, who only looked back once to say goodbye to the life she loved and cherished… "No regrets"… those were her last words before she stepped through and the gates of time started to change


Serena's wail could be heard throughout the house as she raced to get ready… "MOM! Why didn't you wake me?"…. she screamed

"I did dear but you said you'd be up in ten minutes"… Serena's mother called out

"AN YOU BELIEVED ME!"… Serena answered back running out the door and off to school… "I am going to be sooo late again and this is the third time"

Serena was so preoccupied with her own thoughts that she never noticed the young college student in front of her that she collided with

When she bounced off of his chest and hit the pavement on her butt she looked up and grunted… "It's you!"… Serena exclaimed

The young college student rolled his eyes…. "Don't you ever look where you're going? You could have caused me bodily injury"

Serena got up rubbing her bottom resenting his statement… "Really ME cause YOU bodily injury… I don't see anything wrong with you Baka"

Darien only smirked… "Well it was nice chatting with you Meatball brains, as always, but I was on my way to class, as I think you were going!"…. the school bell rang out

Serena's eyes bugled out remembering her tardiness's… "AAHHHH… IM SOOO LATE!"

She took off running and Darien only stared at the strange girl that had just popped into his life one day. No matter how much he thought she was childish or immature there was something about her that he was too intrigued with to leave her alone… "See ya around Serena"… he whispered before walking in the opposite direction

Serena stopped and turned and looked at the Baka walking away and as much as she hated his taunting and remarks she knew that there was something about him that she just couldn't leave alone… "See Ya around Darien"… Serena whispered before returning to her sprint to her class

The end

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