By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Too lazy. Enjoy.

Disaclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo.

A peaceful scene in a random grassy meadow presumably near the action of Nintendo City. All was well, except...

"Bwa ha ha! I'm the evil Yanmega, and I am going to have this train crash!" Yanmega evilly exclaimed, having a bag of money behind him as he had the train heading for an off course. Yanmega was on the roof of a red train car, looking down to see the worried face of young children. Yanmega continued laughing as he planned to jump off.

"Not so fast, Mr. Yanmega..." Said a deep toned, determined voice as a tall, skinny shadow appeared, facing Yanmega. It was Waluigi, everyone's favorite Mario character who was still tragically not playable in Smash Bros.

Yanmega gasped, legos pouring out of his mouth as he easily identified the new human being. "Lego gasp! It's the hero!"

"That's right! Waluigi time, fool!" Waluigi exclaimed, adjusting his purple colored cap briefly as he did a heroic pose. A laugh track played in the background.

Yanmega scoffed as he stuck out his gigantic red tongue at Waluigi, teasing him. "You're not getting me alive!" He fired off several copies of Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric at Waluigi, as the lanky man dodged the attacks, heading towards Yanmega. Yanmega sighed as he tackled into Waluigi, knocking the tall, lanky man in purple back down as he laughed. "Try and save this train now!" He jumped off as he flew towards the western direction, laughing as he held the loot on his back.

Waluigi got back up, looking over the track as the train was full of different species of young kids, the train heading northward towards a bridge, where there wasn't any path.

"Oh, I hope I don't lose my cheesecake!" Exclaimed one of the young kids, with it blatantly being Pichu as she was holding on tightly to her piece of cheesecake.

Waluigi gulped as he slapped himself, getting up and running as fast as he could as he tried to stop the train. However, he slipped on a banana peel, looking up to see Pit, who was laughing at him. The angel had black wings, notably.

"Hohohoho! Try saving your precious princess now!" 'Pit' exclaimed as he fired off a bow in the sky, heading towards the front of the train to make it go faster.

Waluigi gasped as he realized what 'Pit' was attempting, charging towards Pit as the bow landed on him, pinning him on the roof of the red train car.