Waluigi gasped as he realized what the black winged Pit was attempting, charging towards 'Pit' as the bow landed on him, pinning him on the roof of the red train car. Waluigi looked up as the bright, yellow sun was being covered up what appeared to be a moon. However, that was no moon... it was the Death Egg 4.0!

"Oh snap!" Toon Link exclaimed as he gasped, riding on a small red kart as he jumped off, climbing the ladder on the train and jumping on the red roof, breaking the bow with his sword. "Don't worry, Mr. Waluigi, sir! I'll get you out!"

Waluigi patted Toon Link on the head as the two ran towards the front of the train. The train was going faster, as Pit already reached the front, and it was heading towards an unfinished bridge. Toon Link gasped in horror as he spotted 'Pit' laughing evilly at them, flying over the ground with his wings.

"Have fun, losers!" 'Pit' laughed as he fired off several arrows at Waluigi and Toon Link, firing every precious shot. "This is for the Hot Topic Krew!"

Waluigi and Toon Link both screamed as they flailed their arms in the air, trying to avoid being shot. Just as the train was approaching the bridge, everyone's favorite robot, the Robotic Operation Buddy, appeared out from the ground and used his red lasers to blast 'Pit', burning the black wings with relative ease. 'Pit' screamed as he tumbled on the ground, with R.O.B. hovering above the ground. Looking at each other, Waluigi and Toon Link jumped on ROB, with Waluigi holding onto the back as Toon Link comforted himself in the arms of the Robotic Operation Buddy. ROB hovered over 'Pit', who got back up, screaming at them. As Waluigi and Toon Link laughed, the three characters were blasted by a copy of Sonic 3D Blast from Yanmega.

"Har har har! Did you think I was going to leave you alone?" Yanmega teased as he rammed into Toon Link, "Try again, you brainless moron!"

Waluigi quickly pulled out an empty document and chucked it at Yanmega, who split the pages with ease using his wings. Waluigi's eyes widened as he sweat dropped nervously, falling off of ROB as the robot accidentally crashed into a random brick wall installed by an Engineer. Yanmega laughed as Toon Link tried attacking the dragonfly, but he was kidnapped by 'Pit', who wanted swift revenge. Waluigi pulled ROB up as the two watched Yanmega and Pit taking off in a purple-colored car that was similar to a standard Honeycoupe, the two laughing evilly as Toon Link, in bondage, screamed to be rescued. Waluigi and ROB were about to give chase, when they turned back around, gasping in shock as the train full of children fell off the unfinished bridge.

"No!" Waluigi yelled in shock, trying to build up some suspense for the cliffhanger of this chapter.