Heat Activated

By: Cucumber07

Chapter 1- Twice the Spice.

Heat Cycle.

It was a term Leah Clearwater had come to despise over the past year. Becoming the only female wolf in history had it's perks at first, in fact, she'd rather enjoyed it. The freedom, the excitement. It was something that she needed. Something she craved. Until that first cycle hit. Every two months she spent an entire thirteen days locked under her mother, her brother and Billy Black's attention. They watched her every second of every day. Seth patrolled with her. Seth ate with her. Seth watched TV with her. It was sickening. She was twenty one years old, with a live in baby sitter that just so happened to be her younger brother. She wasn't allowed around any pack members from either pack under any circumstances. Sam was the only one with an imprint, but apparently someone getting a hold of her during this said cycle would have been a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Says Sue. Leah could understand in ways. She was sure her mother didn't want to know that for thirteen days out of every other month someone would be fucking the hell out of her daughter, but then again, it was just sex. The mere thought of them repulsed her, but still, if it happened… so what?

It wasn't as if it would be a permanent thing. It was just a part of being in a pack of wolves. That's what happened in a normal pack, right? Did they really expect her to stay locked up for thirteen days every other month for the rest of her unnatural life? She was bound to get antsy sometime. She was bound to get sick of being a prisoner in her own home eventually. They were going to have to let her out, even if that meant a run in with one of the other wolves. How did they even know that they wouldn't be able to control themselves? This had never been thought of before. She was the first female wolf in history. Not just in the La Push pack. It wasn't like they could really anticipate what would happen if she did accidentally stumble upon one of them in the middle of a cycle. For all they knew she could do what she always did and just beat them until they backed off. Or maybe, because they were in human form, it wouldn't affect them the way they thought. At this point, she could care less.

Leah sat brooding and contemplating her thoughts of how wrong they could actually be, staring blankly out of her bedroom window. The forest looked so inviting. It was the perfect time of day for a run. The sun was still out and bright, but the humidity was gone. She could just feel the light breeze coursing through her fur. It was her favorite thing to do, the best feeling she'd ever experienced. She would have given anything to just jump out the window and take off, but Seth would be home any minute. He'd never let her get far. She'd tried before, and it ended with her on full lockdown for the rest of her cycle. She hadn't tried since then.

She knew her mother thought it was best, but how could this be best. She wasn't literally a fucking dog. They couldn't expect her to stay away forever. Eventually, someone was going to fuck up and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The past year had been hell. Thirteen days had never seemed like a long time, until she was locked in the house. She'd tried to keep herself occupied. She'd organized her closet by color, size, style and season. She'd taken to cooking every meal. She cleaned for countless hours on end. And somewhere along the line, she'd even learned Origami. It was pathetic. Had her patience not slowly been wearing down with each passing day, she may have learned to play an instrument. But, as it was, she had the attention span of a rock. All she could focus on was getting out.

Leah immediately felt Seth's presence, and heard the loud goodbye her mother shouted up the stairs. She didn't bother responding. For a moment she thought that Seth would just take her scent as enough to know she was there, but of course, she wasn't that lucky.

"Leah!" He bellowed through the door, following with loud knocks. "Unlock the door!"

Leah huffed and moved to the door, slinging it open. "What?"

He smiled. "What's for dinner?"

Leah halted the snide remark that immediately tried to escape her, and gave him her best smile. "Me and mom made a turkey today."

Seth's eyes exploded. Turkey was his absolute favorite. Before she could say anything else he turned and almost jumped the entire staircase, and was already at the table when she reached the kitchen. Leah removed the turkey from the oven and cut him a huge piece, knowing it would probably be easier to just hand him the whole thing. She chunked some mashed potatoes on what was left of his plate and placed four dinner rolls strategically around the edges, then proceeded to cover the entire meal with gravy. There- she thought - exactly the way he likes it.

While placing the plate in front of him, she couldn't help the bubble of excitement, maybe hope, that filled her stomach.

"You're not hungry?" He asked through a mouthful of food.

She smiles. "I already ate."

Seth nods and continues on his mission. Leah sits patiently, watching him as he gets up and makes another plate. By his third, he was slowing, but she knew he was far from done.

"You sure you're not hungry?" He asks again, his intentions becoming clear.

"You can have it all, Seth. Me and mom already had ours."

She wasn't even finished speaking before Seth was up and back at the stove, fixing himself another extremely large helping of food. She watched him for several minutes as he repeated the process, piling his plate high, then quickly cleaning it. She couldn't help but laugh at his desperation, they both knew that he was the only one there, nobody was going to take it from him. But he continued on acting like a starving animal. Like he always did. Not so long ago this little act of kindness may have been considered odd between Leah and her little brother, but ever since he'd become her unofficial warden, she had taken to being a little nicer. She may have hated being stuck in the house, but he and Sue's outside activities were limited because of her too, it was only fair to try and be pleasant around him. Try - being the key word.

"Man… that was amazing." Seth breathed, holding his now bloated stomach. "Thank you so much, Leah."

"No problem.." She tossed his plate in the sink. "You wanna watch a movie?"

Seth nodded and the two shut off all the lights and settled comfortably into their respectable couches. The opening scene for Pineapple Express came on and Seth was immediately zoned. Neither spoke for the first twenty minutes, and Leah noticed as soon as Seth started dozing off. She smiled and turned her attention back to the screen, only being pulled from her favorite movie when Seth's light snores filled the room. She waited about twenty more minutes before getting up and slowly tiptoed over to her sleeping brother. She had to be sure he was really asleep. She shook him, nothing. She tried again, a little harder, nothing. Leah grinned and stuck her index finger in his nose. He startled her with a loud snort, and she quickly jumped back. She watched him carefully as he turned and dug himself further into the cushions of the couch, his snores becoming louder and more distinct. She sighed, relieved.

She left the movie playing and crept her way through the kitchen to the back door. Her hand hovered over the doorknob for a moment, a little unsure of her timing. She knew that he'd eaten more than enough to fill him up, probably more. The movie only had about fifteen more minutes so it'd had about an hour or so to settle….yeah… the ITIS was surely set. He'd be out for a good three or four hours before he even moved again. Her little brother was more than predictable. She did this to him all the time. But she'd never left before tonight. After debating for a few seconds, she cut her losses and eased her way out the back door. As soon as she was outside every ounce of doubt was gone. She sucked in a deep breath of the amazingly fresh air, and took off through the backyard into the safety of the forest. She ruled out phasing, someone would be out and she refused to get caught after finally escaping unnoticed. She felt like a prison escapee, like she could actually get into some sort of trouble for being outside. Aside from her mother's 'maternal instincts', she really had no reason to believe that anything would happen.

So, Leah decided to rid her mind of anything and everything that could possibly stress her, and began her walk to nowhere specific. She was determined to enjoy her time outside while she had the chance, once Seth woke up, it was back to normal. Maybe she could make this a once a week thing every other month. If all went well, she'd have no reason not to. She was a firm believer in the phrase, "what they don't know, wont hurt them", and at this point it suited her perfectly. Although the last year had been somewhat of a downhill spiral when it came to her fucked up cycle, it had been a year of healing in most other areas. She'd somehow found a way, with the help of a few choice friends, to rid herself of a good amount of all the negative and hateful feelings she had towards Emily. Sam was still a sore subject, and in many ways, she still felt as if he betrayed her, but she was slowly easing her way into a neutral space when it came to her ex. She felt as if a lot of the bitterness she'd once maintained had left her, and although she was nowhere close to who she was before, she was honestly content with herself. She liked being strong, being trusted by those around her to protect their families and people. Jacob treated her as an equal in his pack, had even made her his beta, and for that she'd be eternally grateful.

The others, Embry, Quil and Seth all looked at her so much differently than they had in Sam's pack. She held a place of authority, and they listened to her. When it came to pack related things anyway. When it came to everyday, they were still as clueless as ever. And for the most part, they all still couldn't stand each other, for different reasons, but everyone was slowly piecing everything together. All in all, aside from her bi-monthly cycle, Leah was alright. A feeling she hadn't been familiar with in quite some time.

When she reached a break in the trees, she decided to burn off some of her excess energy, and upped her brisk walk, to a steady run. She blew past the trees and brush with ease, her senses making it more than easy to see and feel things before she was even close to them. This was where she felt she was supposed to be, out here is where she was most comfortable. She could have stayed out here forever at that exact pace, her heart pounding, her breaths sharp and deep. It was exhilarating, and the most at ease feeling in the world to her. She wished she could phase, her wolf able to carry her to places her human body was incapable of reaching. But, at this point, she'd take what she could get.

After making good distance, Leah stopped inside of a small clearing to catch her breath, flopping down to the ground carelessly. She rolled to her back and stared up at the sky, the stars and moon gracing her with their illuminating presence. She reveled in the feel of the soft blades of grass surrounding her, the cool touch of night carried over her by the light breeze. The air was so fresh, so clean and untainted. It was almost a type of paradise for her, and she couldn't even fathom leaving. Seth would be asleep for a few more hours, why not enjoy this peace while it was present? She nodded to herself and closed her eyes, her body relaxing completely into the earth, her skin sinking into the shallow dirt beneath her. Her hair was sprawled around her, creating a blanket of black silk surrounding her head and shoulders. She felt herself slowly drifting, nothing but calm enveloping her. It was perfect.

Her peaceful silence was suddenly broken. Leah could feel the soft vibrations pulsing through the ground, someone's pace quickening and heading towards her location. She immediately thought of Seth, and felt the growing knot in her stomach at the thought of having to explain to him how she'd planned her escape and deceitfully used his favorite dinner against him. The sound of four paws stopped a few yards away, still shielded by the trees, and the distinct sound of someone phasing rippled through the silent air. She jolted upright and turned her head slowly, anticipating Seth's reaction. The footsteps approached almost too slowly, the sound suddenly seeming too calm and heavy to be Seth. Leah had to hold back a breath of surprise as Paul slowly made his way out of the trees. She immediately jumped to her feet, not allowing any of her nerves to show in her body language. It was just Paul… right?

As he stepped further into the moonlight, Leah had to force herself not to take a step back. He was tense, his entire body flexed and hardened. His chest was jutted out, his nostrils flaring and wide. She watched him intently as he stalked forward, his naked frame seeming to only get more and more anxious with the closing distance. The look in his eyes unsettles her, the large black pools radiating under his stony brow.

"Paul!" She half yells, allowing herself to take a few steps back.

He sucks in a breath and nods shortly, a lustful grin spreading across his features. "Hey, Leah."

Leah, now annoyed with Paul's interruption of the only peace she's had in days, rolls her eyes and sighs. It would be Paul to ruin the only good thing that's happened recently. She finally manages to make a run for it, successfully at that, and he has to ruin it. She wanted to slap that stupid, cocky smirk off his face. But, knowing he would most defiantly fight back, and knowing she'd be unable to explain the marks to Seth, she tosses her head up in a farewell and turns to leave. She can hear him growl behind her, but ignores it. Once she hit the trees she'd phase and take off, she could outrun any of them if it came to that… right?

No sooner than she'd taken her eyes off of Paul, was she faced with another startling sight. Leah nearly yelped when she turned and spotted Jacob's large russet figure stalking around behind the shade of the large trees, his eyes mirroring Paul's. Dark, desperate almost. He phased to his human form, like Paul, standing completely naked before her. He slowly emerged from the dark wood line and immediately locked eyes with her. She didn't say anything, or move. She couldn't. He had the same demeanor as their other fellow werewolf, tense, hard. Leah watched him as he moved closer, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Leah." He breathed out huskily, his deep voice almost rumbling through the small clearing.

It was then she noticed him sniffing the air, his eyes moving from her, to the man standing behind her. "Paul.." He growled out, a clear warning in his voice.

She glanced over her shoulder, able to watch as Paul squared his shoulders defiantly, shaking his head at the alpha before him. Paul looked between Jacob and Leah, silently letting Jacob, and Leah, know that he wasn't going anywhere. Jacob's loud growls ripped through his chest, anger and frustration lining them heavily. Leah looked in between them, both of them growing more and more impatient with the situation. She suddenly felt insanely regretful for ever leaving the house. Maybe Sue was right… well… Sue was right. The two of them were overflowing with lust and desire, neither of them willing to turn the other way. Jacob's hand yanked her from her thoughts, his warm, calloused fingers tracing a line down her arm to her hand.

"If you want to run, do it now." He said, the same warning he'd given Paul clear in his tone.

Ten seconds ago, she would have jumped on the opportunity. But now, all she could think, feel….or even breathe was his hand on her. His heat was pulsating off of him, his scent invading each and every once of her senses, his breath washing over her and sucking her into this strange process. She closed her eyes momentarily, barely noticing that he'd pushed her behind him until his hand was gone. Leah's eyes shot open at the loss of contact and she watched as he moved himself into the direct line between her and Paul.

"Go." He said firmly, his attention placed solely on the other wolf.

Leah shook her head at his back and moved closer to him, pressing her front into him softly, hoping to gain his attention. She wasn't sure why she wanted it, a few minutes ago she was willing and ready to run, but he was right there… and so warm… she could feel his muscles constricting under her, his body reacting harshly to her touch. She welcomed the reaction, and wanted desperately to push for more, but Paul's loud and frustrated growls pulled Jacob's attention back to him.

"Paul.." Jacob bit out. "Just leave."

Jacob's voice was strong, and full of a mixture of so many different emotions. She looked between the two, noticing instantly when their bodies arched forward and began to shake. She didn't want anyone to get hurt over her, maybe even killed. Paul didn't stand a chance, all three of them knew it. But everything in him was telling him to fight for her, to make her his, so he was going to try. Even if that meant taking on an alpha. Jacob sensed Paul's advance and was more than ready to retaliate, but Leah wasn't having it.

She stepped forward and placed a hand on Jacob's chest, holding her other out, halting Paul. "That's enough! Both of you, stop it."

Jacob moved closer to her, everything about her drawing him in. She felt herself easing into him as he lightly grazes her hip with his fingers, their actions forcing Paul forward, his chest now pressed against Leah's other hand. Their heat was driving her mad, both of their scents pushing her body into overdrive. Paul's presence pulls Jacob closer, he pulls her to him by her elbow, erupting another series of growls from Paul who, in turn, pushes himself into her back. Leah finds herself, literally, sandwiched between the two. Both of their, what she now notices to be hard ons, pressed firmly to the front and backs of her thighs. The feeling does nothing for her thought process as she finds herself losing touch with what's going on, and falling victim to her own lust. Their growls bring her back quickly, and as she looks down upon the three of their bodies, an idea strikes her. She knew what they were both there for, and she knew that neither were going to just let her walk away, not now that they've been so close. Jacob had given her that opportunity, and she'd royally fucked herself over on that one. She looked up at Jacob and caught his eyes darting back and forth between her and Paul, obviously debating on what to do.

It may not have been a full proof plan, and it could easily have blown up in her face, but it seemed logical enough. A win-win-win…

She slowly slides her hands up Jacob's torso, taking feel and complete appreciation for his defined abs and chiseled pecks, finally wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body into his. She can feel his heart begin to race as she brings her lips to his, kissing him softly, nibbling at his bottom lip. He leans into the kiss, forgetting all about Paul, her mere touch sending his mind reeling into a state of unresponsiveness. Paul growls and grabs her arm, pulling her away from Jacob and into him. She grins, amused with how easy they were making it. She halted Jacob before he could react with her hand back in his chest, and slowly presses her lips to Paul's. He reacts more impatiently, trying desperately to deepen the kiss, but Leah holds him steady, breaking the kiss and turning to Jacob with a confident smirk. He catches on and immediately shakes his head, his body beginning to shake at the mere thought of what she was suggesting. Jacob pulls her away and shoves Paul roughly, a look of pure shock gracing his face when Leah growls her objection.

"Look, this is how we all get what we want." She says calmly. "Nobody gets hurt, everyone is satisfied."

Paul folds his arms, giving her his silent approval, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth. Jacob continues to shake his head, his grip on her arm only tightening. Leah, who is beginning to realize how much control she really has over them, turns to face Jacob. She slowly traces the defined lines of his abs, making her way up and in between his Pecs, then wraps her arms around his neck, pressing herself into him.

He growls lowly and nuzzles her neck, gripping her hips. "I'm not sharing you with him….or anyone else."

Leah has to fight to maintain control of herself, his hot breath on her neck melting her resolve. "Just once…" She whispers. "…and then I'm yours."

His chest rumbles heavily. "I'll make sure of that."

She closes her eyes as he speaks, feeling herself falling into him at an alarming rate. She should be objecting, running even, but she cant pull herself away. Instead, she runs her fingers roughly through his hair, pulling his face up to meet hers, their noses touching briefly before she pulls his lips down to hers. Leah breaks the kiss and nods to Paul the okay to move in. He does so, slowly, pressing his erection softly into her thighs, then her ass, eager to see how she'll react. Leah moans quietly, rolling her hips into him, accepting his advances. He grins widely, gripping her hips and pulling her closer to him. He begins placing kisses up her back, ghosting his hands up to her shoulders.

Leah opens her mouth and grants Jacob access, his tongue clashing with hers, both fighting for dominance. His hands move up her back, Paul's following under his to massage her hips and sides. Their dicks only seem to grow more impatient with all the contact, both of them prodding her from front and back, their presence keeping her attention. Leah breaks the kiss with Jacob, gasping for air as he moves to the other side of her neck, sucking and nibbling at her skin. Jacob moves his hands to the hem of her shirt, slipping them under and rubbing his way up her stomach. Paul guides Leah's face to his, capturing her lips in a rough kiss, growling loudly as she bites and sucks on his lower lip. He pulls back slightly, allowing Jacob room to pull her shirt over her head, breaking their contact for a moment. Paul brushes Leah's hair to the side as he blazes a trail of hot, open mouthed kisses from her neck, to her shoulder, down to her shoulder blade. He continues to kiss down Leah's spine, as his fingers slip into the waistband of her shorts, gripping them tightly and tugging, he pulls her ass closer to him.

Jacob, after having removed Leah's shirt, leans back in, burying his nose in the crook of her neck, inhaling deeply. Her scent is simply intoxicating, it's presence over the last year being pure torture every time he'd pass her house during a cycle, knowing he was unable to touch her. His hand reaches up, cupping her breast, and he begins kneading it, pinching her nipple as he leans forward and takes the other in his mouth. Leah moans heavily, feeling Jacob's mouth on her breast and Paul's hot tongue licking the base of her spine, keeping the tight grip on her shorts. Bringing his other hand up, Paul slowly pulls the shorts down, sucking and nibbling her hips. All of the sensations from the two men's hands and mouths only make her wetter, her temperature seeming to rise a few degrees. She feels her shorts drop around her ankles and gracefully steps out of them, keeping her close position with both wolves.

"Jake.." She moans softly as he releases her nipple and blows on the hardened nub.

"You smell so good.." Paul growls out behind her as he kneads her ass, placing hot kisses along her cheeks.

Spreading her cheeks, Paul eyes her puckered asshole greedily.

"Paul.." Leah gasps as she feels tongue run across her asshole, and begins circling it. He drags one of his hands roughly down her cheeks, he rubs his finger across her wet pussy.

"So wet too, you've needed this for a while, haven't you?" Paul asks as he presses his thumb to her tight hole, and slides two fingers inside of her.

Leah moans loudly as Jacob kisses down her stomach, a hand still massaging and kneading one breast while the other squeezes and massages her thigh. She continues to moan as Paul moves his fingers in and out of her and she watches Jacob's mouth move further and further down, making his way in between her legs. She gasps when she feels his finger rake over her clit, kissing inside of her thighs painfully slow. He trails the kisses up until he reaches her hot lips, slowly dragging his tongue around them. She feels him move his hand up her thigh, he slides two fingers in along with Paul's, both men stopping with the contact. Jacob growls roughly, shifting his glance to the other male. Paul thinks better of fighting it, completely content with this compromise, and begins to back away. Leah tugs on his arm, urging him to stay, looking to Jacob for the okay. Her alpha continues to ruble lowly, but turns his attention back to her. Leah's scent and how close he was proving to be more than enough to keep him distracted.

The two curl their fingers in opposite directions inside of her, slowly removing and reentering, before setting a steady pace. Jacob begins licking and sucking on her clit, both sensations sending her into a blissful fit. Feeling her hips and legs trembling, Jacob pulls one of her legs up and throws it over his shoulder, giving both men easier access, and relieving some of her weight. They both feel when she's reaching her limit, her hips and thighs shaking, bucking. Her loud moans and yelps fill the air, her voice all either of them can hear. Everything else is dead to them at the moment. Her skin, her touch, her smell; it draws them in, and refuses to release. Both can feel their own lust growing, their cocks swelling with her eager movements, the slick feel of her juices on the inside of her thighs and lips. She closes her eyes and grasps at Jacob's hair for support, her other hand dragging her fingernails roughly into Paul's shoulder. Why had she thought this was a mistake?

As soon as she cums, her orgasm still barely over, Jacob removes his fingers and pulls her to the ground on top of him. He feels his patience wearing thin, his need to take her rising above any and all other thoughts. Jacob cups her face, tracing his fingers into her hair as she catches her breath, his eyes sucking her in. She melts with the contact, with the sudden feeling of sentiment his fingers brushing through her hair has brought. And his eyes. They were burning, scalding even, with desire and emotion. The black abyss changing from intimidating, to comforting within a matter of seconds. She was pulled from her trance feeling Paul's fingers tracing around her asshole, using her juices to lubricate. She suddenly felt anxious, almost nervous. Jacob eases his cock into her, allowing her time to adjust to his size, the sudden motion causing her to gasp. She rests her forearms on each side of his head, placing their faces only an inch or two apart. He stares at her and waits for Paul's next move.

He takes Jacob's hesitation as his cue to go, and slowly eases one finger into her tight hole. She pinches her eyes closed, awaiting the next, and whimpers slightly when she feels it. Paul moves his fingers slowly, stretching it as he pushes deeper, testing how difficult it was going to be. She stays completely still, as does Jacob, until Paul nods for him to continue. All rational thought leaves him as he begins rocking in and out of her, her soft moans only feeding his anticipation. She slides her arms to press against his head and traces her fingers tightly into his hair, her body quickly reacting to the motions. She could feel another orgasm building, each thrust becoming harder, every movement becoming rougher. He gripped her hips and began pushing them to meet him, ignoring Paul's fingers still working to stretch her enough for entry. Paul began moving his fingers in and out of her ass, meeting Jacob's pace to keep her focus away from it. Deciding to test how close he was, he pushed a third finger in with the next thrust, immediately catching her attention. She cries out and tries to halt all movement.

"This is what you wanted, remember?" Jacob whispers, bringing her face down to his.

He kisses her softly, rolling his hips into her, his cock still planted firmly inside of her. She breathes into his mouth as he begins slowly moving in and out of her, watching her face as it scrunches with pleasure. He grins, and moves a little faster, enjoying the reaction he is receiving. She sits up slightly and begins meeting his pace, matching him trust for thrust. Paul keeps all three fingers in place, waiting until she and Jacob have set another steady beat before beginning to move with it. She responds to the mix of pain and pleasure, riding Jacob a little faster, pressing down a little harder. When he's sure she's adjusted, Paul removes them quickly and replaces them with his dick, able to slip in without disrupting their pace.

With Paul added, Leah is sent reeling. She releases the most delicious sounding scream either have heard as they both begin pumping in and out relentlessly, all tenderness forgotten. Her body is wracked with nothing but heat, all three of them slicked with sweat. Jacob and Paul's grunts begin playing with her own pleasure filled moans and screams, the clearing now filled with the sounds of their bodies and heavy panting. She feels her stomach tightening, burning, urging her release as they continue. Jacob sits up and she wraps her arms around him, relieved at the support he was offering. She nuzzles his neck and begins sucking and nipping along his jaw line, meeting his lips with a body numbing kiss, both of them barely able to focus on whose tongue was winning, and whose was being dominated. Neither could really care. Paul tugged on her hair, pulling her back to his chest as he kisses along the back of her neck, exposing her breasts to Jacob. He dips his head between them and catches a nipple in his mouth, sucking roughly as his hands grip her hips tightly.

"Ja-c-ob…" She breathes, her voice jolted by the rough motions of both men.

Jacob doesn't bother to acknowledge the low growl that escapes Paul when she says his name, he only pulls her back to his chest and listens to her ragged breaths and involuntary moans as she pushes towards her second release. He can feel her edging forward, her muscles spasm, her eyes roll to the back of her head. She digs her nails into his back and pulls, desperately grasping for some relief from the intense and almost painful delectation she was experiencing. She received none. They push her over once more, her screams fill their ears, a gush of wet slicking them as they close in on their own releases. Paul's motions break frantic, his hands grasping her sides with bruising force as he follows her and topples over, filling her ass to the brim with his warm cum. She stays hooked around Jacob's neck as he draws near, Paul's exit leaving her more relaxed. She hears him fall to the ground with a thud and a grunt, his breathing still loud enough to hear over Jacob's pants and growls. Leah feels her body restarting, another orgasm beginning to build as Jacob's pace quickens, his motions becoming more desperate, his hold on her becoming almost painful. He presses his forehead into hers and they make eye contact. His hands move from her waist to her face, holding her face in place as he inches closer.

As he brushes her cheeks lightly with his fingers, she can feel the immense effect the small tender act as on her body, her hips buckling immediately. His hands move behind her head and he fists two handfuls of her sweat soaked hair, pulling her face immeasurably closer to his. Watching him as he reaches his breaking point only seems to knock her far beyond hers. His face tightens, his brows furrow…

"Fuck, Leah." He groans, moving faster, harder. "Cum with me…. I need you to cum with me.."

He's in her ear now, panting and breathing his words out huskily. "You feel so fucking good…"

She closes her eyes, now gasping for air. "Harder," she pleads, "ha-r-er-der.."

He grins and obeys, feeling her body responding just the way he'd hoped. As soon as he feels her let go, as soon as she's soaked his dick with another wave of hot, sweet orgasm, he's through. He pulls her down onto him one last time and drives ball deep, his seed shot deep inside of her. He holds her there for a moment, hoping to regain his breath. He's not finished with her. But as soon as his back hits the ground he knows he's not getting up. Leah nuzzles herself deep into his chest and side, allowing herself to be completely surrounded by him. He peeks over to Paul who has already passed out a few inches away from her, his soft snores echoing in the now silent clearing. She continues to breathe heavily but her eyes close, her body still trembling from the dramatically pleasurable assault. Never in her life had she thought an experience like that possible. Something so stimulating and absolutely amazing. She could still feel the tingle riding through her body. Jacob's body pressed to hers doing nothing to ease it. At that moment, she honestly could care less how long her heat cycle lasted. As long as it involved something resembling the night she'd just had.

All thoughts of Seth and or Sue had been forgotten. She was lost in Jacob. In his scent and body. His arms that now closed around her. His mouth that was peppering kisses along her forehead and in her hair. His fingers that were tracing clam circles in the small of her back. His breath that covered her face and neck. His warmth that covered every inch of her body. Jesus Christ, where had he been over during the last year? Where had any of them been? Although her head was swimming with thoughts, she didn't last much longer. Jacob felt her slowly slipping, her body easing further into him, her breath calming and setting into a slow and steady rhythm. As he felt her finally doze, he immediately followed. The only thing on his mind when he fell asleep was her, and what he planned on doing with her next.

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