Chapter Twenty – "The End"

The Ties that Bind

Dr. Mike Newton

A year ago, Isabella Swan, known to her friends as Izzie, daughter of the chief of police, snapped. Raped by her boyfriend, she turned to violence and sought refuge from her pain within the confines of her own mind.

She created two new personalities, Paul, her protector, the actual killer in Izzie's mind, and Bella, a shy woman who supposedly fled to San Francisco after the rape where she found out she was pregnant with Riley's child, married another married whom she subsequently divorced, and moved back to her hometown of Forks. Once back in Forks, Bella fell in love with Jake, the chief of police. In her mind, she was happy, her life – while traumatizing – was good. She was relatively happy and in love.

It has been six months since I've heard from Bella. Paul says that she has found a way to block me out. He believes that she believes I was sent back to jail, as that is the way she blocked me the first time.

Izzie remains in an angry, teenage state of mind. She is still hostile and violent; she still refuses to talk about what happened the night of the homecoming dance.

Paul remains ever vigilant. Most of my sessions these last few months have been with him. He says that it is easier for everyone if he remains in control at all times. Admittedly, sometimes he slips and Izzie will wake up screaming at the top of her lungs for us to free her from the ties that bind her. However, for our safety as well as hers, I have advised the nurses and orderlies not to free her. It is a risk that is too great.

Chief Swan, consumed with grief and guilt, has since retired from the force in Forks and relocated to Seattle to be closer to Izzie. The only time we have allowed him to visit his daughter is when she is heavily medicated, and therefore unresponsive. It saddens me that the only way this man can see his child is when she is heavily medicated; however, it is for his own safety.

When he came up a week ago, he told me that the state of Washington found Izzie guilty of the murders, and sentenced her to life in a state run mental health facility. She will be seventy years old when her sentence is served.

For the rest of her life, Izzie will float through various stages, teenager, middle-aged mom, angry, violent man. She will run the gamut of these personalities until either her mind snaps or one of them die. No one wanted to see it come to that, all of her doctors wanted to see her accept help and travel down the path of healing. Whether or not she chose to get better was ultimately Izzie's decision.

She would have to decide, light or dark, life or death, and it was a choice that no one but Izzie could make.


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The End by Kings of Leon