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Freddie's phone went off in the middle of class. He fumbled around, reaching in his book bag, searching for it. By the time he found it, the whole class was staring at him. He blushed and read the text, making sure to put his phone on silent.

From: Princess Puckett

Hey, Frednub.

Freddie glared at Sam, who just shrugged innocently.

To: Princess Puckett

What in the world? I could've gotten my phone taken, you know.

Thankfully, although everyone else in the class had heard, old Mr. Howard (with the 'ears like a hawk') had finally begun to lose his hearing.

From: Princess Puckett

How was I supposed to know ur phone was on max ring? Ya know, I always keep mine on vibrate.

Freddie's phone vibrated silently this time, and he breathed a quiet sigh of relief as he began to type his reply.

To: Princess Puckett

Too bad we can't all be as perfect as you, PRINCESS. Anyway, y are you txting me if you're RIGHT BESIDE ME? U could just whisper to me or sth.

He smirked as he sent the text, and watched Sam's face as she read it. His heart beat faster as he pulled out the phone to see what she'd put back, though he didn't know why. Maybe the thrill of the fight?

From: Princess Puckett

Ya, I know, since u r so dorky and I'm so awesome. Anyway, I don't wanna get in trouble 4 whispering.

Freddie had to sigh as he read this. For a girl that was a mastermind when it came to picking locks, creating evil plans and such, Sam could be so clueless sometimes.

To: Princess Puckett

Wouldn't we get in more trouble for texting during class?

He glanced over at Sam, who, since she was texting pretty much all the time, had the art of texting down. Her fingers flew (discreetly) over the keyboard, and then they stopped. Seconds later, Freddie's phone vibrated.

From: Princess Puckett

Nah, txting's less obvious. Anyway, I wanted to talk 2 u privatelyyyyyy….;)

Freddie felt his face go red, as Sam probably knew it would (it was made even more obvious by her smirk). Freddie's embarrassment was heightened when the girl next to him gave him an incredibly weird look. Furious, Freddie typed again.

To: Princess Puckett

What the….what do u mean? What do u need to tlk w/ me privately about? And couldn't it wait till after class?

Freddie's face was still red as he waited for another text to pop up.

From: Princess Puckett

No, I didn't think it could, but since u said that, I'll wait till after class. *smirk* Cya then, Fredwardo!

By this point, Freddie was all but slamming his fingers on the delicate touch-screen of his Pear Phone. Finally, Mr. Howard noticed.

"Freddie Benson, is that a CELLPHONE you have there?" he asked, glaring at the boy.

Freddie almost gasped. "What? NO!" he lied. However, Freddie was a horrible liar and he immediately turned red.

"Give it here," Mr. Howard demanded, waggling his fingers in Freddie's face.

Freddie reluctantly gave up his brand new, expensive Pear Phone, wincing as it touched Mr. Howard's wrinkled flesh. He could almost feel Sam's smirk radiating off her face.

"Who were you texting?" Mr. Howard asked sternly. Out of the corner of his eye, Freddie saw a worried expression on Sam's face.

"Someone in another school." Freddie lied once again, yet this time he was able to pull it off, him knowing how Sam felt about her phone being given up. Sam had more private texts to Carly, texts that Freddie didn't have.

Mr. Howard scowled. "Well, let's see about that." He pulled out Freddie's phone, and with reluctant, forced direction from a guy they didn't know well named Ryan (Ryan was threatened with ten detentions) he managed to pull up Freddie's Inbox. "Hmm, Princess Puckett, Princess Puckett, Princess Puckett. Who do we know with the last name PUCKETT?" His eyes flashed to Sam.

"My twin sister Melanie, she's pretty much a pink princess." Sam smiled sweetly and innocently. However, Mr. Howard knew her tricks all too well.

"Well, let's see about that." He somehow managed to hit the right button to call the person who sent the message, and Sam's phone began flashing with "Incoming Call: Freddie Benson". She quickly hit End, but it was too late. Mr. Howard had already seen.

"Fredward Benson and Samantha Puckett, you both have a week of detention for texting during class and lying to A TEACHER!" Mr. Howard screamed, the gross veins in his neck pulsing. The bell rang then, and Mr. Howard calmly said, "You are all dismissed. I will see most of you in class tomorrow, and Fredward and Samantha, I will see you in DETENTION in my room tonight."

The class all leaked into the hallway and Freddie immediately cornered Sam. "SAM! What the heck was that all about?"

"I was bored," Sam shrugged. "I needed somebody to text, and you were the only person that came to mind. You got a problem with that, Freduchini?"

"Well, I just got detention, so yeah, I have a problem with that," Freddie scowled.

"Eh, who cares?" Sam shrugged.

"I do," Freddie rolled his eyes. "Anyway, what was SO IMPORTANT that you just had to tell me in the middle of class?"

Sam grinned. "I'll tell ya in detention, Freddly.

Freddie groaned. "What? Sam, you wanted to tell me SO bad in class!"

"Too bad," Sam growled, turned and began to walk away. Suddenly, she stopped and turned to face Freddie once again. "Uh, I don't say this often, so listen. I'm kinda….uh….sorry I got you detention, okay, nub? But thanks for sticking up for me anyways."

Freddie's scowling face turned to a slight smile. "Yeah, you're welcome, and I forgive you." He said. Then he added, "And sorry I got you detention too, I guess."

"Nah, I'm used to it." She then patted his face softly. Whether it was a loving or teasing gesture, Freddie didn't know. "Nice lie, by the way. You're getting better."

She turned and walked down the hall, grabbing her backpack. Freddie was left there to wonder what she was going to tell him in detention.

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