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1 - Name

As Lucario closed his eyes and vanished, his aura was joined with another, and the spirits floated to the Tree's core, disappearing from the air. Nobody saw the spirits float out and away, somehow guiding themselves on. Very far away, the spirits finally settled down, finding a new place to stay...

...And Sir Aaron opened his eyes.

The misty sky was all that he saw, and Sir Aaron frowned, wondering where he was. He sat up, propping his body up with the help of his arms. It took some effort to move upright - his body felt stiff, as if he was asleep for a long time. Now, at this angle, he saw that the ground under him was a large platform made out of plated glass, which was floating on its own without support above somewhere that looked like a collapsed palace. Those ruins below had broken pillars sticking out of the ground, most of them sharp on the top, like spears. Sir Aaron stared down there, very confused. He felt as if he knew this place, yet it wasn't somewhere he had ever been to during his life...and speaking of life...why was he alive?

His memory was coming back to him slowly as he awoke, and started to remember his life from before. The man raised his hands into vision, staring at them questioningly. Either he was really alive, or this was the afterlife. He noticed that his clothes were a bit different as well - he was wearing something like a blue suit, with a black turtleneck underneath it.

Where am I...? he wondered, scanning the glass platform. There was a shape lying next to him, a Pokemon, that he vaguely recognized...Suddenly, his memory sparked as everything came back to him.

"...Lucario...?" he asked softly. The Pokemon was unconscious, lying limp on the floor, with his back to Sir Aaron. He shook the Pokemon gently on the shoulder, and Lucario was rolled onto his back, facing the sky. He showed no sign of awakening. Sir Aaron suddenly felt alarmed. "L-Lucario!" Through his slight panic, he accidentally sent a small current of aura through Lucario's shoulder, and the Pokemon finally stirred.

Lucario's red eyes blinked open, clouded slightly with daze. They were unfocused, but as he blinked again, they started to adjust. Sir Aaron sighed with relief."You are unharmed..."

As he got his bearings, Lucario's eyes widened in shock from seeing the familiar face. 'M...Master...?' He raised a paw towards the man, not believing what he saw. Sir Aaron caught the paw, holding it lightly, and smiled down at the jackal Pokemon.

"Old friend...I thought that I would never see you again..."

'Sir Aaron...it is you...' Lucario suddenly sat up, and to Sir Aaron's surprise, hugged the man. 'Forgive me...I had doubted you...'

Sir Aaron relaxed, staring at the Pokemon. He had expected that Lucario would have been infuriated after what he had done to him, but it seemed as if Lucario had learned of why the man did what he did. The aura guardian pulled away, placing a hand on the top of Lucario's head. The warm aura on his palm calmed the Pokemon slightly.

"No...I am the one who should be apologizing," he sighed. "I did not want to imprison you...it was the only way that you would have lived on."

'Yes...I understand, Master,' Lucario replied. His eyes flashed with loyalty. 'I will never question you again...you will always be my master...and my friend.'

Sir Aaron smiled softly. "Thank you, Lucario...however, I really am not your master anymore. I have taught you well, and I do not have such a right to own or control you. You are free to do what you wish, and to go on living freely." Lucario looked at the man, and Sir Aaron saw a firmness in his red eyes.

'If I am free to do what I please...then I choose to stay with you. To help you as a friend.'

The man contemplated Lucario's words, staring at the Pokemon. "...If that is what you wish to do, then I must not object...but are you certain that that is what you truly want? You can have a life of more freedom and happiness if you return into the wild..." Lucario shook his head immediately.

'I have made my decision,' he said with great certainty. Sir Aaron hesitated, then smiled slightly, suddenly content.

"Then...I will respect it." He stood, lending Lucario a hand. Lucario stared up at the man admirably before he smiled, taking his hand. When the pokemon stood, he was finally aware of their surroundings.

'...Where are we?' he wondered, peering down at the transparent glass platform. Sir Aaron laughed softly, as he asked himself the same question a little earlier.

"I do not know..." he admitted, though was strangely calm in this situation. There was no way to get off of the glass platform unless if they jumped, and that would be suicide seeing how far they were from the ground. "Although...I feel as if I recognize this place..." Lucario glanced at him questioningly, and the man closed his eyes, thinking. This place...a glass platform...pillars shaped like spears... Finally, something clicked in his head, as he remembered a legend that he once read in Cameran Palace's library. He looked up in wonder. "This is...the Hall of Origins?"

'...Correct.' A sudden voice boomed from behind the two, and they turned with alarm to see a giant Pokemon standing there on the glass platform who was definitely not there a moment ago. He stood calmly on his four pointed legs, staring down at the man and jackal.

"L...Lord Arceus..." Sir Aaron gasped in awe.

'The Original One...' Lucario seemed just as stunned. Both of them then remembered their manners and bowed to the pokemon respectably.

'Welcome, valiant knights...' The giant Pokemon took a step forward, green and red eyes flashing brilliantly.

"Lord Arceus...have you summoned us?" Sir Aaron asked, though not looking up to make eye contact, staring at the glass below him. Arceus let out a quiet sigh.

'Yes...I realize that your quests have ended. You both deserve the slumber that you had entered...however...I must call upon you to ask of your assistance once more. There is a great peril...so great that it may destroy this world that I have molded...'

"Destroy it...? Who would do such a thing?"

'Some being who is hungry for power...who seeks a creation of a new world...and to rule under it with supreme power.'

'Such a selfish motive...' Lucario spat, with a small flash of anger. This was why he used to hate all humans...that is, until he met his new master.

'Indeed it is...' Arceus agreed grimly. 'However, it is a nature that we all have, buried deep inside of us - selfishness. It is quite unpredictable to know if one decides to take that dark nature and put it into use as their motive...'

"But...why have you summoned us to assist you?" Sir Aaron asked. Arceus turned his gaze to him.

'You both are of the few purest souls that I had ever created...you are the beings that I trust the most. I knew, beyond reasonable doubt, that the two of you were the best souls that I could assign this quest to.'

Both Sir Aaron and Lucario had to look up after that statement, staring with stunned expressions at Arceus. The Original One looked as if he was smiling, though that wouldn't be possible, seeing that he had no real distinctive movable mouth.

"For me to be so trustworthy to the Original One...it seems like too much of a praise," Sir Aaron admitted. He didn't feel as if he deserved such honor from a figure who was the creator of everything. Lucario seemed to think the same way about himself, gazing at Arceus's feet with disbelief.

'It is not,' Arceus objected immediately. 'Valiant knights...you have more ability than you believe. But you have yet to discover your true potential...you shall see, after you have completed my request.'

'What exactly is your request, Lord Arceus?' Lucario asked.

'Ah, I have not yet explained it clearly, have I?' Arceus sighed. 'Very well, my assignment for you is this: to discover the threat of destruction and to attempt to eliminate it...it is much to ask of you, and you have the right to decline. If you refuse, then I will place you back into your endless slumber, and you may be at peace...however, this may put this world in great danger...though if you accept, then you may be able to prevent this world's fate, but the burden will be great...' The giant pokemon made eye contact with the two. 'So, what is your decision? Do you accept or decline?'

Lucario looked to Sir Aaron. 'Master...you may decide. What ever your choice, I will follow you to the end.' Sir Aaron glanced at the jackal silently, and then looked down at the glass platform, closing his eyes as he thought.

"To protect all those who are living...to create harmony and balance between pokemon and mortals...that is the responsibility that I bear - that all guardians of Aura bear," he said after a moment. "I will not do nothing while these countless lives are endangered..." As he looked up at Arceus, his aura emitting from him flared with determination, becoming so strong that it was visible. His eyes were glowing slightly with bright blue energy, making his usual soft blue eyes piercing with intimidating power. "Lord Arceus, I accept your request! If I do not, then I am violating my own code of life." Lucario smiled knowingly at that, as he lived by the same code.

'I too, will have to agree. I shall accept as well!' the jackal growled, his aura filters rising up as his own aura emitted as his spirit rose. Arceus stirred slightly, his red pupils growing brighter.

'I suspected as much from the two of you...' he said with a slight air of pride. 'Then, I wish you luck, knights, on your mission...' He paused for a second, then added, 'You must keep a low profile, however. Beings of this new generation seem to be very skeptical...Lucario, you have seen it, this new world...'

'Yes...' Lucario bowed slightly. 'We will be careful.' Arceus nodded in approval.

'Very good...' Arceus's eyes flashed, and suddenly something small materialized in the air front of Sir Aaron. The man lifted his hands to it, and examined it. It seemed like some kind of strange flute. 'When you are finished in this world, return to the Spear Pillar,' Arceus continued, 'play the Azure Flute...and you will find this place again. I will be waiting, to return to you the peace that you were in.'

"And when shall we know when we are finished in this world?" Sir Aaron asked.

'I will not order you to return immediately, but you will know...when the time is right.'

Both Lucario and Sir Aaron nodded at this. "Understood."

'Now, I have finished. You may go now. Again, the best of luck to you both.' As Arceus said this, a floating glass stairway appeared from the edge of the glass platform behind them. Lucario bowed to him and started to walk towards it, but Sir Aaron stayed, hesitating a little. Arceus looked to him. 'Yes, sir knight?'

"Lord Arceus...do you have any clue who is causing this peril?" the man asked. It would be helpful for a lead. Arceus nedded slightly.

'I do...they go by the name of "Team Galactic." They are working for this human...though I do not believe that they understand his true motive.'

"I see..." Sir Aaron replied thoughtfully. This might be helpful information... Arceus was walking towards him, and the man looked up at the pokemon, who looked even bigger and more intimidating close up. The pokemon was only about a foot or two in front of him, and raised a tipped leg to touch the man's collar. Sir Aaron didn't flinch away as the contact was made, but then, Arceus's aura sent a shiver down his spine. Then, as quickly as Arceus did this, the pokemon moved away, backing up a little.

'...You have my blessing.' Sir Aaron noticed that there was now something hanging from his neck. He looked down to see a golden pendant at his collar, shaped in a simple design. He touched the metal in wonder. The pendant bore the symbol of Aura - the same symbol that he remembered was on his old gloves that he left at the Tree of Beginnings. Seeing it seemed to feel cleansing.

"...Thank you, Lord Arceus," the man said quietly.

'You are welcome. It is a gift...keep it safe,' Arceus responded. Sir Aaron looked up and found that the Pokemon was slowly becoming transparent. 'I must go now. I will await for your return... ... ...until next time...'

With that, the pokemon completely vanished, and Sir Aaron stood there alone for a moment. The name that Arceus just addressed him by...was not his name...or was it? Not pondering any further, the man walked to where Lucario was waiting, by the stairs.

'Master...shall we go?' Lucario suggested. The man shook his head slightly.

"I have already said to you...I am no longer your master...I am a friend," he said kindly. Lucario nodded, understanding.

'Then, let us go, Aaron...'

"No..." Lucario turned and gazed at him in confusion. The man looked back at the glass platform, where Arceus stood before. "My name...is not Aaron...not in this life..."

He turned back to Lucario with a calm smile.

"...I am Riley."